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 FMW Lethal Injection RESULTS

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the nick bryson
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PostSubject: FMW Lethal Injection RESULTS   Fri Mar 23, 2012 9:39 pm

Reckless and Weary,
The truth has been buried,
Held down by the hand,
That refuses to carry.
The burden you built,
The lies, do you hear me?
The insult, the white flag,
You refuse to carry.

Quote :
Skyler: You resorted to having to put me through a table to get your win. Because you wanted it that badly. Well, I’ve got news for you. I’ve seen you at your best, but you… you haven’t seen me at mine.

Anwyl stares down Skyler, visibly balling up his right fist.

Skyler: And if that’s the best you’ve got, then well… I hate to burst your bubble but…

Anwyl pops the final balloon and jumps of the apron, just missing a clothesline from Anwyl.

Skyler: Your best… isn’t good enough. And at Lethal Injection, that title is going… to me.

Skyler drops the mic as his music plays. Anwyl holds up his title on the turnbuckle, screaming at Skyler, who simply motions that the belt is his. He walks calmly to the back as Anwyl throws the podium out of the ring.

I'm letting you go,
And all that you showed me.
I'm letting you know,
That you don't control me.
The feeling is cold,
And life is unfolding.
Reckless and weary,
I'm desperately holding on.

Quote :
Bryson: I'd like to believe that we are picking a star that fits the mold of what I was talking about. Someone who wants to strive to be as influential as us. Someone who can draw in viewers with talent and charisma. A man everyone knows...

There is a din over the crowd as Bryson pulls the red Jersey out, a large white number 1 stitched onto it. He holds it off to his side, extended for complete visibility.

Bryson: Ladies and gentlemen I give you the FIRST pick in the Expansion Draft!

Nevermore by Enemies of Reality blasts through the PA system as the first round pick enters through the backstage curtain.

Bryson: BOBINO!

YNG stand and applaud the first round pick as Bobino jumps up and down for joy, elated at his status. He walks over to Nick Bryson and reaches out his hand, shaking it and holding one side of the jersey. A photographer takes a picture of the two men as the crowd gives a very mixed reaction. Ashburn pats Bobino on the back as he happily puts the red jersey on.

So if you can't get a word in,
Its because I don't care what you think,
Don't be alone inside,
A world that's filled with make-believe.

Quote :
Bryson: However, there is a bit of... well lets just say unfortunate news. Well, not unfortunate for anyone here except Butters, honestly. See, we scheduled our Anarchy Ultraviolent Tournament and there have been four men in two matches but, this tournament really includes five. So, in the interest of fairness I have given one competitor a two round bye.

Smith: Say WHAT?!

Bryson: With that in mind, and because I’ve never been one to unfairly rob people of what’s rightfully theirs, you, Butters have earned the spot in the FINALS of the Anarchy Ultraviolent Tournament. right here, right now, against the fifth competitor.

Naaaaaa, na, na-na
Wait ‘til I get my money right.

The arena is bathed in white and blue light as “Cold (YNG Mix) by Burning Borders hits the speakers, and the crowd’s booing grows even louder as David GS steps out alongside Bryson.

Broke! Inside,
This life, you can never be reborn within,
I came this far erase my scars.
Fight! This time,
Inside, take a break from the lie you live,
I came this far, erase my scars.

Quote :
Hostyle: Levi taunting the crowd. He’s picking Smith up by his head… BICYCLE KICK!

Sound: Woah! Where did that come from?

Hostyle: Levi knocked back… ENZIGUIRI!

Sound: This guy has some moxy! I think he just knocked Levi’s brain loose!

Hostyle: Smith to the outside… and now to the top. POUNCE OF THE JACKAL!

Sound: Goodnight!



Find my control,
Find reasons to beat this,
Find truth below,
The lies and the wreckage.

Quote :
Abel attempts a running forearm smash to Doc on the apron. Doc ducks this and grabs his arm, tossing Abel to the outside by his right arm. Abel recoils immediately upon impact, grabbing at his right hand.

Hostyle: Great counter by Doc!

Sound: Steele is hurt. This isn’t good!

Hostyle: Will you stop? The only thing wrong with Abel Steele is that he’s an arrogant jackwagon, just as he’s always been. The doctors saw his scans… he’s fine!


Hostyle: Doc turns to the ring. Alex O is up… and he’s dazed. Doc grinning… he measures Alex… kick to the gut… OL’ NUMBER 7! HERE’S THE PIN… ONE…TWO…THREE! DOC WINS!

I can't let go,
I'm too close, too restless,
I'm letting you know,
I'm far too aggressive.

Quote :
Smith: Apostasy pulling the ladder back up. Whitt and Sharpedo are out! The slow climb starts…

Scorpio: He’s going to do it!



The cage is raised slowly. FMW personnel come down to uncuff Celt as Apostasy climbs back down with the briefcase. Futurism hits, as Apostasy pumps his fist in the air.

Scorpio: Apostasy is going to Lethal Injection!

So if you can't get a word in,
Its because I don't care what you think,
Don't be alone inside,
A world that's filled with make-believe.

Quote :
Sound: Both men down, but Levi is crawling his way towards the apron. That Deadend took a lot out of him.

Hostyle: Leviticus to the outside. He’s grabbing at that turnbuckle. He’s thinking about going up top.

Sound: I wonder what he’s got in store.

Hostyle: Slowly Levi climbs, the crowd is trying to will Leon Caprice back up.

Sound: He better hurry.

Hostyle: Levi is on the top. He’s standing… LEON KICKS THE BOTTOM ROPE! LEVI GOES TUMBLING!

Sound: That’s an unpleasant crotch-first landing, much like the one Leon had to endure just a bit ago at the hands of Crusoe!


Sound: Oh man, you know what he’s setting up to…


Broke! Inside,
This life, you can never be reborn within,
I came this far erase my scars.
Fight! This time,
Inside, take a break from the lie you live,
I came this far erase my scars.

Quote :
Celt gets to the ring and hands the belt to the referee. The music fades for a moment as the ref shows the belt to both Celt and Parkes before raising it high. As he reaches the peak, Been to Hell and Back by Hollywood Undead blasts through the speakers and the crowd thunders with boos for the arrival of Jeff Whitt, Crusoe, and Matt Dunn, members of GSW.

Whitt: Hey now, hold up, hold up. I know you two are excited to have this cat fight right here, but I have a bit of news I'd like to give to everyone, but mainly you in the ring.

Whitt holds his hand out and Crusoe places a piece of paper in it.

Whitt: According to this contract I have in my hand right now, I am the number one contender to the Ultraviolent Championship. As such, according to the contract, the only person who may recieve the next Ultraviolent title shot is me, and not polly prissypants in the ring there.

The crowd boos as Celt looks on angrily at GSW.

Scorpio: I have to admit that was wonderfuly played, if nothing else.

Smith: What an ass! This is truly ridiculous.

Whitt: Don't worry though, Celt. I just heard word we're scheduled for Lethal Injection and all, but that doesnt mean I wont see you next week. Have fun with this match, though. I'd hate to see you wind up hurt or something.

Five years ago,
My life was affected,
By years of hope and learning life lessons.
You let me know,
By leaving me helpless,
What then was unknown is now unprotected.

Quote :
Hostyle: Austin has Abel propped up in the corner now and is going to work, this is nearly over… After School Special!!!! Abel slumps on the mat, motionless except for a pitiful effort to protect his hand.

Sound: Just all around pitiful, really Hos.

Hostyle: Austin drags Abel up now by that hand and Abel looks like he is in agony.

Sound: This is all over

Hostyle: Class dismissed! Austin hits and slides in for the pin. The ref doesn’t waste any time with the count as Abel is not even resisting and even the crowd seem stunned at how quickly that match turned around.

Cherry: Here is your winner, via pinfall, Chris Austin!

I'm so!
Broke! Inside,
This life, you can never be reborn within,
I came this far erase my scars.
Fight! This time,
Inside, take a break from the lie you live,
I came this far, erase my scars.

Cherry: The following contest is an Open Battle Royal! The winner is the last person standing after throwing all of the other entrants over the top rope with both feet hitting the floor! The winner of this match will recieve the Eighth and final spot in the Lethal Injection Tournament for the Full Metal Championship!

The bell rings as Pop Bottles by Birdman blasts through the speakers. The crowd boos at the oncoming Christian Parkes who makes his way out from backstage as the first entrant in the battle royal.

Smith: Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Lethal Injection! We've been building to this one night of hopes and dreams and it kicks off with a Battle Royal for the final spot in the tournament. The prize for the winner? The Full Metal CHAMPIONSHIP!! Starting it off at the undesirable number one spot is no fan favorite, Christian Parkes!

Sound: This tool sucks.

Smith: Short but sweet. Keep it like that all night.

As Parkes enters the ring, harassing the fans along the way, his music fades and is cut into The Game by Motorhead as Paul Brooks makes his way out to a much warmer reception for the number two spot.

Smith: So this Battle Royal will feature combatants entering every twenty seconds until one person is left standing in the ring earning their opportunity at glory!

Sound: If this is the calibur of opponent someone in the tournament is going to have to face then Id rather watch them get a bye. These guys are going to be winded and beat down by the time they hit that tournament, what a disadvantage.

Smith: Possibly some signs of life from you?

Sound: No, winded guys mean crap matches, and I cant stand those.

Brooks slides into the ring and immediately Christian Parkes attacks him, stomping away at his shoulders and back.

Smith: Parkes showing his aggressive side here as he lifts Paul Brooks, the Anarchy draft pick! He whips Brooks off the ropes, running knee lift sends Brooks to the mat! Parkes moves through, SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT OFF THE SECOND ROPE!

Sound: Solidly started. Try doing that over four, five, or six other guys.

Smith: Parkes takes a few moments to showboat, but he forgot about the timer! Its already down to eight and the crowd is counting with it in anticipation! Who will it be!?

Sky is Over by Serj Tankinan blasts through the speakers as the crowd shows respect for the native american Kuruk, who storms from the back and down the ring, sliding underneath the bottom rope.

Smith: Parkes again back on the offensive, trying to stomp away at the man, but Kuruk is having none of it! Kuruk is quickly to his feet and Parkes is backing up- OH! He fell backwards over Brooks!

Sound: Wow. Anything good I ever thought about this guy is gone.

Smith: Kuruk stomps viciously on the chest of Christian Parkes! Hes- wait! Who is this!? The timer didnt count down yet and-

The crowd cheers as Paper Bag Man makes his way from the back and down the ramp into the ring. He fires himself up and plays to the crowd before charging at Kuruk

Smith: Thats Paper Bag Man!? What is he doing! Hes not officially a participant, he wasnt announced!

Sound: Hes being himself. An idiot.

Smith: He charges Kuruk! A blow to the back barely phases the bigman! Paper Bag Man stands stoicly with his arms at his hips like Superman- Woah! A recovered Brooks grabs Paper Bag Man by surprise and tosses him over!

Sound: Hes not eliminated because he wasnt announced, but here is the next announced opponent.

Sound of Madness by Shinedown blasts through the arena as the crowd is less than happy to see Pack leader Jack Eastwood make his way out of the curtain and move towards the ring.

Smith: Oh goodie, the Pack is represented now.

Sound: At least he's not GSW.

Smith: Eastwood is in and he quickly takes Brooks out with a clothesline! Eastwood runs through and jumps off of the chest of a still downed Parkes and blasts Kuruk in the face with a right! The man falls to the ropes and Eastwood tries to flip him over- No go! Kuruk with an elbow to the back of the head gets him just the second he needs.

The crowd counts down from five until the timer expires. Rhab by Down blasts through the speakers as Kraven Whiskeyjack makes his way from the back, throwing up his hands and storming the ring.

Smith: And here comes the debuting Kraven Whiskeyjack who-

Sound: Is hopefuly not a member of GSW.

Smith: I don't think he is, but he's looking to make an impact! He right away clotheslines Parkes to the ground, now Brooks! He helps Eastwood by blindsiding Kuruk! He and Eastwood lift Kuruk with a double suplex! They slam the bigman on top of Brooks and Parkes!

Sound: Well thats already a plus for him if he isnt-

Been Through Hell and Back by Hollywood Undead hits as the crowd boos the oncoming Jonathan King, FMW Television Champion and GSW member. King makes his way down the ramp briskly, and is immediately followed by Paper Bag Man

Sound: GSW. Does the G in GSW stand for gosh dammit?

Smith: I think its Gold.

Sound: Quaint.

Smith: However, here comes Paper Bag Man again! King slides in the ring and everyone pauses for a moment... THEY ALL GANG UP ON JONATHAN KING!

Sound: I support this.

Smith: Eastwood, Kuruk, Whiskeyjack, Brooks, Parkes, and even Paper Bag Man lift the beaten down Jonathan King! They all toss him over the top rope and Jonathan King is the first to be eliminated!

Cherry: Jonathan King has been eliminated!

Smith: And Paper Bag Man is celebrating and now theyre all looking at him! Parkes steps forward and tosses the vigilante over! Paper Bag Man is sent over the top rope! Brooks steps forward and PARKES IS OVER THE TOP!

Cherry: Christian Parkes has been eliminated!

Smith: Parkes thought he was great but he's out now! The timer is ticking down and we've got our next entrant!

Im Still Hot by Luciana plays as Sage Braxton enters from backstage.

Smith: And here is one half of the Braxton twins Sage, normally accompanied by her sister. Strange.

Sound: Who let her out here?

Smith: Sage casually makes her way down as the timer clicks! She's slowing at the base of the ramp but all the men in the ring are still brawling! Eastwood and Whiskyjack are at it! Brooks is taking on Kuruk and the counter is winding down!

Take Back the Fear by Hail the Villain blasts as Sage Braxton turns and looks in shock as John Andrews makes his way from the back, steel chair in hand.

Smith: Sage Braxton sees John and she has nowhere to go! She slides into the ring and bumps into Kuruk-

Sound: Probably a bad idea

Smith: Andrews is right in after her! He slides into the ring, he's got that chair! He swings hard at the first man he sees- WHISKEYJACK DUCKS! THE CHAIR BOUNCES OFF THE ROPE AND JOHN ANDREWS STUMBLES BACK AND OVER THE TOP ROPE!


Im Still Hot by Luciana hits the speakers as Santana Braxton makes her way out to the ring. She tries to move slow to avoid an irritated John Andrews and gets her opportunity to get separation when Paper Bag Man shoots out from the back again and splitting the two of them.

Smith: Paper Bag Man again comes out and gives Santana just a moment to escape John! They both go in the ring and PBM is right in the fray! Sage and Santana are still on the outskirts and- WAIT! LOOK AT EASTWOOD! HES ON A TEAR!

Sound: That guy is going ballistic in the ring. I hope he hits those women back into the kitchen.

Smith: Eastwood is throwing punches all over the place! Kuruk! Brooks! Whiskyjack! Eastwood is sending men over now! He rushes forward and lunges on Kuruk! He sends Kuruk over and keeps himself on the ropes- BROOKS CHARGES! NO! EASTWOOD DROPS HIM OVER TOO!

Sound: These guys are morons!

Smith: Whiskeyjack charges now! Eastwood grabs Whiskyjack and runs with him across the ring! Spinning suplex sends Whiskyjack over the top rope!

Cherry: Kraven Whiskyjack, Paul Boorks, and Kuruk have been eliminated

Smith: Paper Bag Man is trying to wail punches on Eastwood, but he's completely unphased! He grabs PBM by the throat! Chokeslam over the top rope and PBM is done... again!

Enemies of Reality by Nevermore blasts through the arena as the crowd rises to their feet for the returning Slegnadamus. He overlooks the crowd and charges the ring.

Smith: Eastwood is looking out at the oncoming Slegnadamus and- WOAH! BOTH GIRLS WITH LOW BLOWS AND LIFTS SEND EASTWOOD OVER! WHAT THE HELL!?

Cherry: Jack Eastwood has been eliminated!

Sound: Wow. Are you joking me? This is serious right now?

Smith: Slegna slides into the ring and he's facing both girls! He seems unenthused though as- WAIT! EASTWOOD SLIDES INTO THE RING!

Sound: Ok, now its getting good!


Sound: Even I will admit that was harsh to watch.

Smith: Eastwood slides out in frustration after staring daggers off into the women to scare them back but look in the ring and these two girls are in control! Eastwood's made it backstage and the twins are trying to figure out how to get Slegna up and out!

Sound: This is going to be fun to watch. Shoot me now, Smith.

Smith: Slegna is trying to fight them off but I dont know if he- hold on! WHO IS THIS! FROM THE CROWD!

Sound: Who just ran past me!

Smith: The twins havent seen this yet and- LOOK! CLOTHESLINE SENDS SAGE OVER! Santana is completely in shock and- OH MY!


Sound: What is this douche doing here!?

Smith: THATS T. EKSTREME! Ekstreme came from the crowd and helped even the odds and Santana can't believe it! You'd better believe it, Santana! Turn around!

Sound: You wanted to say toots didnt you.


Sound: Oh my lord...

Cherry: Here is your winner and final entrant into the Lethal Injection Tournament- SLLEEEEEEEEEEGGGGGNNNNAAAAAAAAAA!

Slegnadamus (3.8aps + 0.8avs = 4.6 total)
Sage and Santana Braxton (3.74aps + 0.7avs = 4.44 total)
Jack Eastwood (4.06aps + 0.3avs = 4.36 total)
Kraven Whiskyjack (3.67aps + 0.0avs = 3.67 total)
Paul Brooks (3.22aps + 0.1avs = 3.32 total)
Kuruk (3.16aps + 0.0avs = 3.16 total)
John Andrews (1.74aps + 0.0avs = 1.74 total)
Christian Parkes (1.62aps + 0.1avs = 1.72 total)
Jonathan King (0.18aps + 0.1avs = 0.28 total)

Smith: And the road begins early for Slegndamus and his quest for the Full Metal Championship! What an amazing way to begin the night!

Slegnadamus slides out of the ring and embraces his former manager T. Ekstreme. The two of them walk up the ramp as Ekstreme congratulates Slegnadamus. The fans chant for Slegna as he pauses atop the ramp for a moment before exiting backstage.

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the nick bryson
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PostSubject: Re: FMW Lethal Injection RESULTS   Fri Mar 23, 2012 9:49 pm

Some men who come through these halls are great.

Few, however. Few are legends.

Legends are not simply just born. They are bred. Created through an immeasurable mixture of determination, will, heart, cunning, hate, and admiration.

And for a select few, they will be known as legends....


The Full Metal Wrestling Hall of Fame Returns

”Grace” hits, as Leon Caprice comes out, his eyes narrowed to the ring ahead of him. He stops at the bottom of the ramp, kneeling and pointing to the sky as a burst of pyro goes off. The crowd cheers as he enters the ring, staring daggers to the entrance ramp.

Cherry: The following is a Full Metal Championship tournament match, set for one fall! Introducing first, from Perth…. LEEEEEEEEEEEEONNN… CAAAAAAAPRICE!

Smith: A rematch of sorts here. So many months ago, the deeply religious Leon Carprice lost the Abandoned Title to Apostasy, and lost the subsequent rematch at Ultimatum 3. But a win here would erase all that history.

Sound: We’ve seen a very intense side to Leon as of late. He’s been absolutely focused on the Full Metal Championship, destroying anyone in his way, including Harlequin!

”Futurism” by Muse hits, as Apostasy makes his way out, brandishing his replica Full Metal Championship with “interim” taped over the face. Apostasy slaps hands with the fans.

Cherry: And his opponent, from Cleveland, Ohio… AAAAAAAAPOSTASY!

Smith: What a run this man has been on. My former protégé won every match in front of him in 2011, aside from the Mount Vesuvius torch match, and qualified for this tournament by beating 2 members of GSW, and both the Abandoned and Ultraviolent champion in an absolutely brutal match.

Sound: I know that violence isn’t your thing, Edible, but this guy can bring it in just about every way. Arguably the best submission in wrestling today, he can survive and thrive in any matchtype. You’d have to consider him a favorite tonight…

Apostasy holds his fake belt high to the crowd. Leon Caprice comes in behind him and lifts him into a crucifix position.


Sound: He’s not messing around tonight!

Smith: Apostasy grabbing the ropes with his legs… Leon trying to spin… Apostasy holds on!

Sound: That could have been disaster, but great reflexes and ring awareness by Apostasy!

Smith: Leon up… Apostasy to the apron… guillotine!

Sound: And Apostasy is right in control!

Smith: Apostasy springboards up… RIDE ALONG! TRANSITION! APATHETIC CHOKE!

Sound: And Leon is in big trouble!

Smith: Apostasy rolls to the center of the ring… there’s nowhere for Leon to go! HE TAPS! APOSTASY WINS QUICKLY!

Apostasy (> -0.2 total)
Leon Caprice (0 APS + -.2 AVS = -.2)

Sound: And Leon Caprice is mad as hell, as Apostasy has earned a quick victory and advancement!

Smith: That’s more key than you might think. This tournament is all happening in one night. A little bit of saved energy can give you the advantage in the next round or two.

Sound: It’s amazing to me. Apostasy has this weapon… the Apathetic Choke, that can be pulled out from a number of his moves. It really only takes one misstep, and suddenly the match can be all over for one of his opponents.

Smith: That’s the technical mastery that I wish he’d use more. In any case, a big setback for Leon… and Apostasy is moving on!

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the nick bryson
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PostSubject: Re: FMW Lethal Injection RESULTS   Fri Mar 23, 2012 9:56 pm

We cut backstage to a shot centered on the Lethal Injection logo and backstage interviewer Veronica Cherrywood. The camera pulls back and in steps Jack Eastwood, Daniel Prideman, and Seth Rotunda. Collectively known as The Pack. Eastwood smiles for a moment before he pushes Veronica gently out of the shot and stares into the camera. He begins to speak.

Eastwood: You know, there is a lot of talk about the future of Full Metal Wrestling. A lot of attempts to make their mark on the pages of our history. Some men try to lay claim to being the best or the brightest, though most of it, however, is just talk.

Eastwood turns and smiles at Prideman, who nods to his mentor.

Eastwood: However, at the end of the day only the bold are the ones that make history and right now, the boldest are us. Now, I'm sure some of you might say thats ironic ,coming from the three men standing here today, but we have something that the rest of those naysayers don't and... well, I'll let my associate say the rest.

Eastwood reaches back and grabs Rotunda by the shoulder. He pats his teammate on the back as the young talent steps forward, taking the place at the head of The Pack.

Rotunda: You see, when you talk about what will make someone the best, you have to have something that nobody else has. You have to be the brightest, or the most cunning, or the strongest, or the most ruthless. Something that makes you stand out among the crowd as my good friend Jack here alluded too. Well, I've got something. Something that sets the pace for a standard.

Rotunda reaches into a pocket in his jacket and pulls out a small object. It shines briefly in the spotlight before becoming clear as he holds it up to the camera. It still shines, but its words are more legible now as he holds gently in his hand the FMW Gold Card.

Rotunda: What I have is a little bit of luck and a fantastic line of credit.

Eastwood: Don't leave home without it.

Rotunda: Consider this a warning to everyone. We're constantly watching you, so watch your back.

Eastwood: Can't say you werent warned.

The three men begin laughing outloud as they exit the shot, congratulating one another.

Gimme Shelter by the Rolling Stones blasts through the speakers as the crowd rises to their feet for the heroic veteran John Derrick. He casually strolls out as he acknowledges the crowd with a tip of the hat. Fans reach out for the man as he makes his way down the ramp.

Smith: Here comes one of the more respected competitors in FMW!

Sound: I think you mean relics.

Smith: Doc is still a champion at heart, Sound. He's got know how and ability-

Sound: Debateable.

Smith: And he could very well be walking out tonight Full Metal Champion!

Doc walks up the steps and enters the ring through the ropes his music fades. He waits patiently for a few moments in anticipation until a rousing chorus of boos rings out as Time is Running Out by Muse blasts through the PA system. Abel Steele makes his way from backstage and holds his hands high, displaying the brace wrapped around his wrist.

Sound: And how could FMW get away with forcing this man to compete tonight!

Smith: This guy is trash, Sound.

Sound: What do you expect with a near crippling wrist injury! He should be a favorite to win it all, but this? This is completely unfair! Im not one to just throw my opinion around but whatever Steele gets out of this, good for him!

Smith: Yeah, sure. Whatever you say, Dalby.

Abel Steele steps on the apron and demands the referee hold the ropes open for him, pointing at his wrist.

Smith: And this guy continues to milk it.

Sound: Not at all, and I'm slightly offended you'd say that.

The referee calls for the bell despite Abel's protests and the two men square off

Smith: These two rivals are facing off and it could be said that its never been bigger than now! This could be the next step in their journey to be champion and Doc lines up first! Headlock that Abel tries to squirm out of- HAMMERLOCK!

Sound: NO! Not on that hurt wrist! This is cruel!

Smith: Abel drops to the ground and sweeps out Doc's legs! Abel tries to get to a base and- oh! Doc with a stiff kick from his back right on Abels' wrist! Abel is rolling out of the ring and he seems to be in pain!

Sound I've been a sucessful performer in my day, like this man here. I know what its like to deal with these injuries. The internal frustration at not being able to perform.

Smith: I think that frustration is getting to Abel! Hes reached into his boot- HEY! Thats brass knuckles!

Sound: Look, if the man only has one good arm I think its fair we give his good arm an advantage. I'm all for this.

Smith: Doc is up and he doesnt know! Abel moves back towards the ring, no Doc! Doc leans through the ropes- OOOH!

The crowd lets out a collective gasp as Abel rears back and lands a vicious hook to Doc's face, the echoing of Abel's knuckles rings through the arena.

Sound: Yes, completely fair.

Smith: They heard that in the nosebleeds! Abel just totally crushed Doc's face! Abel's in the ring now and how has the referee not seen this!?

Sound: Because he sees things like I do-

Smith:Or maybe he just didnt catch it! Abel's not hiding those knuckles now! He's mounted Doc and is laying into him!

Sound: The ref's trying to get Abel to stop! I guess he isn't an open minded person!

Smith: Abel pushes the ref back! He's continuing to land blows to Doc! Doc's trying to defend himself but these punches are vicious! Abel's drawn blood! Doc's bleeding from the face! Here come more officials!

Blood splashes lightly across the ring every time Abel rears his hand back from the blows. After a few moments the referee is able to stop him from throwing more punches as the rest of the FMW staff rush the ring and pull Abel off of Doc. The referee looks over at Buster Cherry and speaks a few words to him privately.

Smith: Abel is rolling out of the ring, but look at the smirk on his face! Doc's trying to pull himself up but he doesnt look to be in a good condition!

Doc pulls himself up by grabbing at the shoulders and arms of the officials. Blood pours from the right side of his face from a large gash underneath his eye.

Cherry: Ladies and Gentlemen your winner by disqualification, JOHN DERRICK!

John Derrick (0.0aps + 0.1avs = 0.1)
Abel Steele (Disqualified)

Sound: WHAT! First they force him to perform! Then they deny him this clear victory!

Smith: Thats pure shenanigans Dalby, and you know it! Doc is up but he doesnt look-

Sound: Coherent.

Smith: He doesnt look solid. He's the winner of this match, but Abel doesn't seem to mind much. All I want to know is why!?

Sound: Some people are content with just sending a message, Smith. Get with the times, man. Abel Steele is going places!

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the nick bryson
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PostSubject: Re: FMW Lethal Injection RESULTS   Fri Mar 23, 2012 10:07 pm

The Celt enters the shot with his Ultraviolent title around his shoulder. The crowd pops as the warrior appears. He takes his place in front of the Lethal Injection logo as Sheila Blige positions a microphone in front of him.

Blige: Celt, tonight you defend your Ultraviolent title against GSW Representative Jeff Whitt. Now-

Celt: I'm sorry, Sheila, but you're already incorrect. I don't defend my title against Jeff Whitt. I defend my title against an arrogant, self-entitled prick who has done nothing to warrant his opportunity. He seeks to destroy that which I've bled to build and I-

The crowd boos as Celt is cut off by the entrance of Nick Bryson, Anarchy General Manager. The two men stare at each other for a few moments, Celt standing defiant and unwavering. Bryson smirks before he speaks.

Bryson: Actually, Celt. I feel the need to correct you there. He's not an arrogant, self-entitled prick, no, no. Really, he's just doing his job.

The Celt's body begins to rise with each breath he takes, seemingly straining himself to not hit Bryson.

Bryson: See, the reason why he is the number one contender to your title is because I wanted it that way. I paid for that contendership, Celt, and then I bought the services of one of the most chaotic groups in FMW to take care of you. Oh, sorry. Spoilers.

The Celt steps forward, going nose to nose with Bryson

Bryson: Let me guess. You want to know why?

Bryson steps back, a look of disgust on his face. He brushes himself off before he speaks again.

Bryson: Because I can, Celt. Because letting GSW run wild all over your ass really gets my blood pumping. Because I get great joy out of watching you get continually demolished by the odds, even when they're seemingly in your favor. In fact, watching you fall flat on your face from the likes of, well me and David GS, among others, is almost a hobby of mine. Because watching you fail is like watching that last bit of your worst enemy fade and die on the floor in front of you. Good enough for you?

Celt adjusts his Ultraviolent championship

Celt: Actually, I was going to let you know that when I demolish this anarchist and leave Whitt on the floor, digesting his teeth, I'm going to find you, and leave you in the same state.

Celt walks off the scene as Bryson watches him leave. The general manager looks at Sheila for a moment before exiting himself.

Buster: The following match is set for one fall, and will be contested under ULTRAVIOLENT RULES, for the Corruption Ultraviolent Championship!

Smith: I cannot wait.

Sound: This is going to be a technical classic. A truly unforgettable mat wrestling experience.

Smith: This is is going to be painful.

Sound: Extremely!

Buster: Introducing first, the challenger!


Boos erupt as Jeff Whitt, Crusoe trailing behind him, steps out onto the stage. He ignores the boos and walks to the ring, Been Through Hell and Back by Hollywood Undead playing. Crusoe however, shouts back insults at the crowd as Whitt slides into the ring.

Buster:Representing Gold Standard Wrestling and accompanied by Crusoue, he is TRULY TALENTED. JEFF! WHIIIIIITT!

Sound: Hooray, GSW. It's like the Pack but a bit better.

Smith: Such a shame, Whitt is indeed very talented technical wrestler. And he's being wasted with ultraviolent garbage.

Sound: Perhaps he won't win, and then Ammunition can get a good wrestler back instead of him being lost in a sea of blood.

Buster: And introducing THE CHAMPION!

"The Warriors Code" by the Dropkick Murphys hits as The Celt steps out onto the stage, the crowd going nuts for their hero. He holds his title up high and lets out a roar of manliness. He walks to the ring, staring Whitt down.

Buster: And his opponent! Weighing in at 214lbs, from Castlebar, Ireland! He is the Corruption ULTRAVIOLENT CHAMPION! Ladies and Gentlemen, THE CELT!

Sound:The Law is here. Has the irony of calling yourself the Law when your bread and butter is garbage wrestling been pointed out yet?

Smith: I'm quite sure it has.

Sound: Good, I can remind you.

Smith: Since David GS's betrayal, Celt has adopted an even harsher form of justice and has promised to ramp up his intensity in the ring. He'll have to if he wants to put down an actual technical wrestler like Whitt.

The referee holds the UV title up for everyone to be reminded what the two men are about to fight for. He then rings the bell and Whitt and Celt immediately meet in the middle of the ring, beginning to throw rights and lefts at the other's head to start.

Smith: And we start this match off with a straight-up slugfest!

Sound: There's no finesse here. Anybody can throw a punch.

Smith: Yes, but few men as well as our Ultraviolent champion! Celt goes for a German suplex, Whitte cancels it, Irish whip!

Sound: It's hard not to Sound like Joey Styles when you say that.

Smith: Filling your quota?

Sound: No, being genuine. Celt bounds off the rope, shoulder tackle into Whitt! More than two hundred pounds of force sends Jeff to the mat!

Smith: As both men recover, you have to wonder when weapons are going to come into play in this match... it wouldn't be an Ultraviolent match without them!

Sound: Savages.

Smith: Legal savages. Whitt to his feet first as The Law rolls to the outside.

Sound: And the Celt has a chair out from under the ring but he doesn't see Jeff making his way to the top rope!

Smith: Missile dropkick from the challenger! Picture perfect execution and he gets the bonus of booting Celt's face with that chair too!

Sound: Jeff puts the champion back into the ring, cover!



Smith: I'm not surprised, it'll take more than that to keep the Law down! Since becoming UV champ he's had memorable battles with the upper band of FMW, going hell for leather with them!

Sound: I wouldn't class Christian Parkes as 'upper band'...

Smith: Regardless, Celt proves his fighting spirit in that ring, even when the chips are down!

Sound: Like now.

Smith: Well... yes... Whitt setting Celt up for an Uranage, he hits, rolls through and bridges into the pin.


Celt bringing both men onto their feet! He spins... a wicked variant on a DDT there! Both men up again, the Law with a lariat to Jeff! Makes the cover!

Sound: Sorry Edible, I'll have to stop you... it appears we have a disturbance in the crowd...

Up and to the right, three figures can be seen making their way towards the center of the arena.

Smith: Nevertheless. Celt gets a two-count on Jeff, who is up to his feet with a rake to the eyes! And it's perfectly legal.

Sound: And it's why this style of wrestling is garbage.

Smith: Whitt getting the chair from outside of the ring, sliding in, but Celt in a blind fury curbstomps him!

Sound: You know those shadows are getting closer right?

Smith: I'm aware. Celt picks up the chair and wedges it in between the turnbuckles, what does he have on his mind here?

Sound: Potatoes.

Smith: What?

Sound: Well, he is Irish...

Smith: Anyway. Celt has Jeff by the chair, he turns around to drive Jeff into it – oh, no, not these three...

The camera pans over to see the Pack making their way to the ring over the guardrail. A chorus of boos hails down on Eastwood and his associates as the match continues.

Sound: You can't help but think Eastwood feels slighted after his match.

Smith: Yes, but what's his intention here Dalby?

The trio stand at ringside, motionless. Celt hits a DDT, rising to his feet and seeing them for the first time. He walks over to the ropes, yelling and gesturing for them to get out. Jack stares at his old adversary, smirking.

Smith: Look out, Celt!

Whitt is on his feet and rams Celt's head with a bulldog into the steel chair, before getting up, dragging Celt to his feet and hitting him with the Talent Show.

Smith: Not like this! Referee makes the count!




Buster: Here is your winner and NEW Ultraviolent Champion, Jeff Whitt!

Jeff Whitt (3.5aps + 2.0avs = 5.5 total)
The Celt (0.0aps + 0.0avs = 0 total)

“Been to Hell” strikes up again as Jeff celebrates up the ramp with Crusoe, clutching the title to him. The Pack look at the wounded Celt in the ring, before Jack smiles and nods and they take their leave.


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PostSubject: Re: FMW Lethal Injection RESULTS   Fri Mar 23, 2012 10:21 pm

Jack Boice stands behind the desk of P. Thurston Deveraux talking something over with him. Deveraux ceases leaning on his desk and stands, facing Boice directly.

Boice: Look, all I'm saying is that I've built my show to be centered around young, exciting new talents. I'd like to have my brand a little more represented in the tournament, thats all.

Deveraux: And?

Boice: I've got a solid ring veteran on my roster that I would be more than willing to trade in exchange for that representation.

Deveraux: So you have doubts with Apostasy?

Boice: Not at all, I'd just like to try and even the field, so to speak.

Deveraux: Well, a ring veteran could be useful on the show I am charged with, for certain. Lay your offer on the table.

Boice: Fine, straight to the chase, I can respect that. I'd like to send you the Outlaw, John Andrews, in exchange for Adam Smith.

Deveraux: Really now...

Boice: Do we have a deal?

Boice extends his hand. P. Thurston Deveraux looks at the Corruption General Manager for a moment before unfolding his arms and shaking his hand.

Deveraux: You've sold me. Lets make the trade. I'll have the paperwork filed immediately.

Boice: Smart man, smart man.

The two smile as Boice excuses himself from the office. The scene cuts to the ring.

Nevermore - "Enemies of Reality" hits the speakers as the crowd rises to their feet for the now returned Slegnadamus. He enters from backstage, accompanied by T. Ekstreme, and proceeds to make his way down the entrance ramp, the two of them interacting with the fans along the way.

Smith: You know, it seems like even if this is one night only, its already a special one for this performer and his reunited manager.

Sound: They're both still garbage.

Smith: Wow, Im sure everyone at home is shocked at that opinion.

Sound: Honest to goodness truth, Smith. Don't be cranky I'm just calling it like it is.

Smith: What this really is, Sound, is a match between one potential up and coming superstar, and one man looking to make his name all over again. Both of these men could walk out tonight as Full Metal Champion!

Sound: And that would be an awful, awful day.

As Slegna and T. Ekstreme hit the ring his music fades. There is a few seconds of silence before Metallica - "Don't Tread on Me" blasts through the arena. The crowd gives a warm response to the man as he makes his way out to the ring.

Smith: Another success story here, Sound. A surprise winner coming into the tournament for certain, this guy is really looking to make a name for himself.

Sound: This feel good crap really gets you off, huh?

Smith: No, Sound, I ,for one, appreciate the effort these men put in and the great stories behind them.

Sound: And I appreciate talent, of which I see a severe lack these days.

Adam Smith reaches the botton of the ramp and slides into the ring under the third rope. He hoists his arms up as the crowd cheers before facing his opponent, reaching out and shaking Slegna's hand in the center of the ring. Ekstreme exits and the two men circle each other waiting for the bell.

Smith: A great display of showmanship to start this match off right! Theres the bell and they lock up center ring!

Sound: Smith is obviously the superior wrestler here. He may be a disgusting new guy, but he's got ring experience, spending a lot of time perfecting his craft in various independents.

Smith: A surprising insight there, Sound-

Sound: Maybe to someone like you, everyone knows Im a master of knowledge.

Smith: Smith moves to grapple, wait! Slegna with a knee to the gut! He's grabbed Smiths arm now, he twists it into an arm bar position and- NO! Slegna pulls Smith in! He crosses his other arm! CROSS ARMED DDT! Thats the American Backyard Massacre! T. Ekstremes finishing move!

Sound: Wow. This guy would never live down a loss to Slegnadamus!

Smith: We could have our next man to advance here as Slegna is quick to pin! One, Two, Th- NO! Smith kicked out!

Sound: What happens right now will effect the course of this match for the rest of its entirety.

Smith: Slegna clearly frustrated, T. Ekstreme can't believe it at ringside! Slegna moves in, but Adam Smith quickly drops down, tossing Slegna in an arm drag! Slegna is quick to get up as he rolls through and bounces off the ropes! Clothesline attempt- No! Adam ducks!

Sound: Slegna's going to over exert himself. He's obviously still feeling it from that battle royal. Smith is the fresher man, he's got to use that advantage.

Smith: Slegna continues to bounce off the ropes as Adam Smith rises to his feet! Big boot attempt by Smith- NO! SLEGNA WITH A BASEBALL SLIDE GOES RIGHT UNDER SMITHS LEG!

Sound: Thats something Smith will never be able to live down.


Sound: It looked like Smith kicked out just before his hand went down!

Smith: NO! The ref is calling for the bell! He kicked out just after because this match is over! Slegna is celebrating outside of the ring with the fans and Ekstreme as Adam Smith is left stunned in the ring!

Slegnadamus (> -0.6 total)
Adam Smith (0.0aps + -0.6avs = -0.6 total)

Sound: He's stunned? We just saw Slegna win another match! I dont think he's won two matches in his career!

Smith: Slegna is in the crowd and they're ecstatic for him! This could be the night that culminates this mans dreams! Adam Smith may have had more in the tank, or something up his sleeve, but now we are witness to what could be Slegna's night!

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PostSubject: Re: FMW Lethal Injection RESULTS   Fri Mar 23, 2012 10:29 pm

John Derrick pushes a medical assistant off of him and throws a clipboard to the ground, startling the other staff attending to his face. A doctor cautiously approaches the back of the ambulance they're seated at with medical supplies like gauze, tape, and a mask, setting it down on the bumper of the car. He turns and faces the oncoming P. Thurston Deveraux.

Deveraux: How does it look, Doctor Mathias.

Mathias: Ironicly nicknamed for a man who's so vehemently refusing treatment.

Deveraux: Quaint. Avoid the pleasantries, Doctor, I do have other things to tend to.

Abel Steele's voice can be heard offscreen as he heralds his entrance with his lawyer at his side and a security guard behind them. Doc tries to stand but reaches up for his face and immediately sits back down, his one uncovered eye glaring at Abel Steele.

Steele: Yes, do try to not keep the busy man from his job, no matter how inept he is at keeping it.

Deveraux: This day continually grows better.

Mathias: Well, I honestly cant clear him to compete in this condition.

Steele: Oh no. How dreadful.

Deveraux: Well... I understand.

Deveraux turns to Abel and steps forward.

Deveraux: Well, with Doc out of commission I see I am in the unfortunate place of figuring out what to do with the next match in the tournament. As much as I would hate avoiding handing someone a free pass to the finals, and possibly the title, I hate the alternative even more.

Deveraux stares at Abel's lawyer for a moment, thinking.

Deveraux: Fine. Since John Derrick has not been cleared to compete for the rest of the event, I have little choice but to swallow my pride and award the advancement to Abel Steele. Congratulations, you poor excuse of a human being, you've moved along.

Deveraux takes a step towards Abel, who stands smirking with his arms crossed.

Deveraux: But I don't think you'll be able to try your games on Chris Austin or Hannibal Frost.

Deveraux smirks as he walks past a now seemingly worried Abel Steele. Steele's lawyer tries to console his client, but Abel storms off in a huff.

Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi hits as Hannibal Frost makes his way to the ring, the warm applause of the crowd respectfully following him.

Sound: Frost is a joke. He didnt earn his way in.

Smith Yes he did. His championship rematch clause awarded him this honor and hes ready to be champion again!

I changing right before your eyes?
Becoming someone you don't recognize?
As if I was disguised, I'm on that shit as if I was the fly,
I'm touching skies, no puffing liep

As the opening lyrics play to Premeditated Murder by J. Cole Austin emerges from the back, hoodie on and head covered by the hood. After checking the wrap/pad hybrid on his right arm. Austin stops at the top of the ramp to kneel down and ritualistically rub the ground as blue lights illuminate his otherwise emotionless face. His head raises up, locks onto the ring and he methodically proceeds down like an executioner, only the occasional fistbump with his small fanbase breaking his concentration. He then hops onto the apron, and climbs the top rope, offering an "It's Over" sign before jumping down and heading to the ring.

He slides in and the bell rings, signaling the start of the match.

Smith: Austin is the hands on favorite, looking a little unused to the cheers hes recieving!

Sound: Yeah, what a douche.

Smith: How nice of you.

Sound: Lockup to start us off.

Smith:: Austin managing to get control and tossing Frost over with a hip toss.

Sound: But Frost is back on his feet and they lock up again.

Smith:: Frost managing to get Austin bent over and DDT's him hard.

Sound: But Austin reaches up and gets Frost in a headlock before he can get up.

Smith:: Frost able to grab the ropes. Austin is forced to relinquish it before it can do any damage.

Sound: But Austin starts to give Frost STIFF kicks to the side of his body!

Smith:: Frost catches his foot and flips Austin onto his back.

Sound: But Austin uses the momentum to roll back onto his feet and lock up with Frost again.

Smith:: Frost whipping Austin into the ropes.

Sound: But Austin ducks under the boot Frost had up and hits a neckbreaker!

Smith:: Austin with an armlock now.

Sound: But Frost rolls over on Austin with a pin attempt! 1..kick out!

Smith:: Both men to their feet, and another lockup.

Sound: But Austin with a snap suplex takes Frost onto his back again.

Smith:: Austin dragging Frost to his feet.

Sound: But Frost shoves Austin back and hits him with a clothesline!

Smith:: Frost pulling Austin back to his feet and before he can counter Frost DDTs him to the floor.

Sound: But Austin managing to, slowly get back to his feet. Frost definitely has taken a short advantage here.

Smith:: And when he stands up Frost hits Austin with the Red Label Enzuigiri! Austin's down! Cover!

Sound: But Austin gets his hand on Frost's waistband and rolls him up! 1...2...3!

Chris Austin (> 4.25 total)
Hannibal Frost (3.95aps + 0.3avs = 4.25 total)

Buster: Here is your winner, and advancing to the next round, CHRIS AUSTIN!

Smith:: Now that was shocking. I don't think either man expected the match to go that quickly.

Sound: Perhaps Frost shouldn't have been so eager to get the pin he didn't notice a possum coming.

Smith:: Perhaps. But we can be sure they'll want a longer match with one another soon. But for now, Austin moves on!


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PostSubject: Re: FMW Lethal Injection RESULTS   Fri Mar 23, 2012 10:50 pm

We fade into the locker room of the current FMW Tag Team Champions, the Gray Inferno, Nicholas Gray and Damien Inferno. Gray sits on a bench, flipping through a pack of official FMW trading cards, while Damien sits on the floor, his back to a locker, flicking a lighter on and off.

Damien: It's pretty ass we got left off the card. It's not like we're tired out or nothing from breaking Jack's skull.

Gray stops flipping through the trading cards, looking at the one at the front intently for a moment, a frown creasing his face.

Gray: That might work out well for us.

Damien: Say what now?

Gray: With the state of things, you have to start trying to understand how management makes decisions. It's not hard here, it's simple business sense.

He holds up one of the cards, theirs, for Damien to see.

Gray: You have the team rapidly approaching both the longest single tag title reign and most defenses of the belts.

Damien: Best in history.

Gray: Soon enough. Now, the problem is that to get there, the team has to have left many challengers behind.

He slides the Gray Inferno card into his pocket and starts holding cards up as he speaks about who the card immortalizes.

Gray: Records will show, for eternity, that we've beaten the Together Demons.

He tosses the card to the floor in front of him.

Gray: The New Broken Saints.

Damien: Hah, double pinned him to get the belts.

Gray: A favorite memory.

The card is tossed on top of the Demons card.

Gray: The Comeback Kids.

Damien: I feel bad for Butters.

Gray: As do I, don't worry.

It gets tossed onto the growing pile.

Gray: GSW.

Damien: Now that was a funny joke.

Gray: We'll be laughing at it for years.

It goes onto the pile.

Gray: SMUT.

Damien: Sharky turned into a damned Pokemon after that.

Gray: Yeah, we might've hit him a bit too hard. Oh well, he's successful.

Onto the pile.

Gray: And of course The Pack.

Damien: Felt great feeling Jack go limp between our boots.

Gray: I felt the same, though I do feel bad for Prideman.

Damien: His own damn fault for followin' Jack.

Gray: Yeah, I guess.

It goes onto the pile. Gray is left with only one card in his hand.

Gray: Which leaves, among a sea of beaten teams...one that we have not beaten.

Gray tosses the final card to Damien. He looks down at it, and a frown comes to his face as he slowly looks back up at Gray.

Damien: Now ain't that a fuckin' issue?

Gray leans back against the wall, pulling his fedora off and running a hand through his hair with a sigh.

Gray: Yeah, it's a bit of a problem.

Damien: We got any kind of plan for it?

Both men look down at the pile of cards on the floor for a long moment.

Gray: I suppose...same as ever. It's brought us all this success so far. But...

He stands up, putting his fedora back onto his head.

Gray: We can't just sit around and wait for it. Come on.

Damien stands up and begins to follow him to the door.

Damien: Nick, where're we going?

Gray: Training.

He stops, reaching up to his tie to pull it loose, pulling it over his head and tossing it to the side as he looks back at his tag team partner.

Gray: Fairly intensive training.

They both step out the door and disappear from view, leaving the pile of cards behind them.

We Owe This To Ourselves by Anberlin blasts through the PA system as the crowd warmly welcomes current #1 contender to the C-4 belt, Skyler Striker. He shows appreciation to the crowd as he makes his way down the ramp and into the ring.

Smith: And here comes-

Sound: A drug addict, fiend of a man.

Smith: No. Here comes number one contender Skyler Striker. A man who conquered his demons and has rerisen himself to new heights!

My Curse by Killswitch Engage blasts through the speakers. The crowd boos the incoming C-4 Champion, Anwyl, as he makes his way out to the ring, title around his shoulder and shades on. He walks with swagger down the ramp.

Smith: Cocky and arrogant, the incoming C-4 Champion Anwyl dubs himself the future.

Sound: He is a rookie sensation.

Smith: He's a jerk, Sound. He thinks hes all that, but-

Sound: Id like to point out that title he has he won by backing it up.

Anwyl hands the title to the ringside table attendant and enters the ring, glaring at Skyler. The bell sounds and the two of them circle one another.

Smith: The bell rings and we're off! Anwyl is quick to throw Skyler to the mat with an arm drag! Another arm drag followed up by a clothesline! Headlock attempt- No! Skyler gets out and rolls through, ankle lock!

Sound: These guys are going at it right out the gate. Refreshing compared to some of the other crap we've seen.

Smith: Anwyl rotates and pushes Skyler off with both feet! Skyler in the corner turnbuckle now and Anwyl charges full steam- HE LANDS A SPLASH!

Sound: Sometimes crude offenses are most effective.

Smith: Bulldog from Anwyl sends Skyler back to the mat! Another headlock attempt that Skyler powers out of into another Hammerlock- NO! Anwyl rolls out and locks his own hammerlock in! Skyler grabs the top rope and uses it to elevate himself to roll out!

Sound: NO! That moron! Thats technically his rope break!

Smith: Wait, really? Skyler shoots forward with an STO and Anwyl is dropped to the mat! One, Two, NO!

Sound: Look at the referee is telling him he's out of his ropebreak!

Smith: Anwyl is up as Skyler immediately realizes his mistake! Hes frustrated- here comes Anwyl! A right! Kick to the chest! Anwyl grabs Skyler- GUTWRENCH SUPLEX!

Sound: Anwyl is ready to defend, Smith. He's living up to his future status!

Smith: The rookie of the year contender is looking good, I will say.

Sound: Already coming around.

Smith: Anwyl lifts Skyler! He hoists him high up, lifting him to his shoulders! THIRD DEGREE!

Sound: Skyler landed hard. This match is all but over.

Smith: Anwyl's looking to send a message now! He's lifting Skyler's legs! He twists- FIGURE FOUR! SKYLER IS MID RING AND HE HAS THAT FIGURE FOUR ON!

Sound: Skyler is done. Just submit now, fool. You gave up your rope break.

Smith: Yes, you do only get one rope break in a C-4 match and Skyler is in a bad way. Hes center ring, struggling to scramble out. He's clawing at the canvas, trying to pull himself towards the ropes!

Sound: Like that will help.

Smith: Skyler pulls himself over to the ropes and pulls at the bottom! He doesnt have to let go but this is a testament to Skyler's strength and- WHAT IS GOING ON!?

Skyler reaches up and begins to pull himself up on the ropes, dragging Anwyls body up with him.

Smith: Skylers pulled himself up to the top rope! HE STOMPS DOWN AND CRUSHES ANWYLS STOMACH!


Smith: Anwyl rolls up quickly in pain, KNEE TO THE GUT! EXILE TO OBLIVION!

Sound: NO! NO! NO!



Skyler Striker (3.92aps + 2.1avs = 6.02aps)
Anwyl (0.0aps + 0.0avs = 0 total)

Smith: On a night filled with hopes and dreams, Skyler Striker has accomplished his! He left Anwyl center ring and is walking out tonight Full Metal Wrestling C-4 Champion!

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PostSubject: Re: FMW Lethal Injection RESULTS   Fri Mar 23, 2012 10:58 pm

Paper Bag Man: Oh, yes! Well today we would like to invite all of you guys to the super fantastic fun time we're having! Like a club house for cool people!

We join SMUT backstage as they stand on a decorated set with lots of bright colors and oversized objects. Sharpedo King claps his hands and holds his open palm up to Stormmaster, who continues to remain motionless.

Paper Bag Man: So today we would like to take a little time and have a history lesson so would you please introduce our new friend, PAUL REVERE!

Paper Bag Man and Sharpedo King continue to clap as a man dressed up in colonial clothes portraying Paul Revere enters the scene.

Paper Bag Man: Hello, Paul! Welcome to our club!

Revere: Greetings, Super Mega Ultra Team!

Paper Bag Man: So Paul, is it ok if we ask you some questions to help educate some of our fans about the importance of our early history!?

Revere: I would be elated to help educate your adoring public.

Paper Bag Man: Excellent! Ok, so first question and I know I'm not the only one who wants to know. We know that when you're riding, you have to always consider safety first so did you wear your seat belt?

Revere: Whats a seatbelt?

Paper Bag Man: Its what you wear when you ride! For safety!

Revere: No. I am afraid not, I rode a horse and-

Paper Bag Man: Did you at least wear a helmet?

Revere: Uh, no.

Paper Bag Man: Oh, ok, so youre not very safe at all. Well, uh...

He turns to Stormmaster

Paper Bag Man: There goes like every question I wanted to ask...

Sharpedo King walks over and pushes gently on his associate. Paper Bag Man looks at him for a moment while he points at Paul Revere and makes some other hand gestures.

Paper Bag Man: OH! Right! Ok, Paul. Er, mister Revere, my friend heere wants to know what kind of pizza do you like?

Revere: What is this pizza? I-

Paul Revere looks especially confused as he looks at the three team members. Sharpedo and Paper Bag Man huddle around Stormmaster as they converse in secret, occasionally stealing looks at Revere. He steps forward and they break out of their huddle.

Paper Bag Man: OK, so, you dont wear seatbelts, you dont like pizza. Well, tell us what it was like to play a guitar.

Revere: What? I don't own one of those.

Paper Bag Man: Are you KIDDING?! Well...what... what do you do then.

Revere: Well in our region we're famous for our clam chowder and other seafood that-

Paper Bag Man abruptly cuts off the historical figure.

Paper Bag Man: Ok, well lets avoid that one, Paul... IF THAT IS YOUR REAL NAME!

He gets into the mans face and stares.

Paper Bag Man: WHO ARE YOU!

Revere: I'm Paul Revere!

Paper Bag Man: NO YOURE NOT!

Revere: Yes I am! What is the meaning of this!?

Paper Bag Man: You dont wear a seatbelt. You dont like pizza. You're not the real Paul Revere who rides!

Revere: Yes! I rode to warn the people the British were coming! There were lanterns! It was important! I-

Paper Bag Man: And now you hate your own countrymen! What is the matter with you!? They helped make your songs famous you know!

Revere: What songs!? I didn't sing! I alerted the new people of America of impending attack in the seventeen hundreds!

Paper Bag Man: Likely story, Pau... wait... You're Paul Revere.

Revere: Yes.

Paper Bag Man: Who rode a horse?

Revere: Yes?

Paper Bag Man: And you didnt play an instrument in the band called the Beatles?

Revere: No. Im not Paul McCartney.

Paper Bag Man looks at his teammates before looking back at Revere, visibly disappointed. He drops his microphone and tries to walk before he hurries out of the shot, putting his hands over his face. Sharpedo King runs after him. Paul Revere stares at the still unmoved Stormmaster

Revere: Uh... hello?

Stormmaster remains still for a moment before startling Revere by turning his head and looking at him. The monsterous man unfolds his arms and turns, walking away and leaving the actor confused and alone.

”Futurism” by Muse hits once again. Apostasy makes his way out, wielding his “interim” Full Metal Championship high above his head. The crowd cheers loudly for the former Abandoned Champion. He slaps hands with the fans as he makes his way down.

Cherry: This match is a FULL METAL CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT SEMI FINAL MATCH! Introducing first; from Cleveland, Ohio; weighing 240 lbs; AAAAAAAAAAAAPOSSSSSSTAASSSSSYYYYYYY

Sound: Semi final here, things are heating up. Let me guess, you’re rooting for your former protégé?

Smith: Actually, no. I’m rooting for what could be the greatest comeback story of all time for Full Metal Wrestling. Despite what people think, I’m actually not a huge Apostasy mark.

Sound: I find this… suspicious

”Of Blood and Salt” by Gojira hits. The crowd erupts for hometown favorite Slegna, who walks slowly on the entrance ramp, taking in the wonderful reception he’s getting. T. Ekstreme pats him on the back, as Slegna heads down to the ring.


Smith: The homefield advantage certainly belongs to the Comeback Kid. What an amazing story we are seeing develop right here in Seattle.

Sound: I think this goes to prove, that Slegna has always been a little better than he gets credit for. He was given the right opportunity tonight… and he just might parlay it into a Full Metal Championship.

Smith: Handshake in the ring as we get set to go. Both men with a deep respect of each other and this tournament.

Sound: And here…we…go!

Smith: Lock up, Apostasy powers down the smaller Slegna. Big knee to the face by Apostasy. He yanks up Slegna… and puts him down with a full nelson slam! Into the cover… kick out at one!

Sound: Apostasy starting fast, using that energy advantage he’s sure to have.

Smith: Apostasy off the ropes… Lou Thesz neckbreaker by Apostasy. Hooks the leg, but Slegna rolls for a small package! ONE…NO!

Sound: Good little counter there, and Slegna wisely rolls to the apron to create some space.

Smith: Slegna on the apron. Here comes Apostasy, who gets a slingshot dropkick from between the ropes by Slegna. Slegna grabs Apostasy into a suplex position… slammed onto the ring apron!

Sound: Tastes Like Kevin Bacon!

Smith: I swear, move names are getting odder every day.

Sound: Whatever it’s called, it’s effective.

Smith: Slegna to the inside of the ring. Leg feed mule kick sends Apostasy off the apron and to the outside! And now the count out begins.

Sound: This might not finish Apostasy, but it’s creating a little bit of space for Slegna to plan his next move, and makes sure that Apostasy enters the ring on his terms. Slegna trying to slow the match down, to take the energy advantage away from Apostasy.

Smith: Apostasy grabs the lower rope as the count hits 5. Apostasy into the ring… and ducks a shining wizard attempt!

Sound: Great instincts… he just went flat on his belly!

Smith: Apostasy holding onto the left leg. Apostasy pulls Slegna in and nails a capture spinebuster!

Sound: That’s a lot of strength right there!

Smith: Apostasy grabs the other leg… slingshot!

Sound: Slegna catches himself on the turnbuckle!

Smith: Apostasy up, and eats a turnaround backbreaker STO! Quick thinking by Slegna. He yanks up Apostasy, and nails a gutbuster reverse STO! And a snap DDT to finish off the combo! HERE’S A COVER! ONE…TWO…THR-NO!

Sound: So close to a big upset!

Smith: Slegna back on the offensive, and nails a Canadian backbreaker. And he rolls it over… crossface!

Sound: Zyglrox!

Smith: Yes… that! Slegnahas… that move… locked in! Apostasy struggling, he’s pulling himself towards the ropes.

Sound: This is smart by the Comeback Kid. He’s draining Apostasy here, taking this match at HIS pace.

Smith: Apostasy on one knee, he might lunge for the ropes. NO! Apostasy takes Slegna into a small package! ONE…TWO…NO! But Apostasy turns a kickout into an Apathetic Choke attempt!

Sound: Slegna kicked right into that hold!

Smith: Slegna fighting and rolling, trying to prevent Apostasy from getting his legs and arms in place. IT’S LOCKED! APATHETIC CHOKE! BUT SLEGNA ROLLS HIS FOOT ON THE ROPE!

Sound: Good save there from the hometown hero.

Smith: Apostasy letting go. He knows he was so close to snatching the victory. T. Ekstreme rooting on his friend at ringside. The crowd is on their feet, chanting “Andrew” toward their fellow Seattleite.

Sound: This crowd can sense it. There could be something special in the air tonight. Their homeboy just narrowly escaped being locked into the deadliest submission in Full Metal Wrestling.

Smith: Both men to their feet. Slegna charges… dumped headfirst onto the turnbuckle! ALABAMA SLAM! JACKNIFE PIN! ONE…TWO…THR-NO! CARPENTER KICKS OUT OF THE TRIPLE PLAY!

Sound: My goodness!

Smith: Apostasy quickly back on the attack. Full nelson applied, dragon suplex!

Sound: He likes to hit three of these in a row, watch out!

Smith: Apostasy rolls through, but Slegna grabs the middle rope with his legs. Apostasy yanking… FULL NELSON DRIVER!

Sound: Oh man, that did NOT look good!

Smith: Apostasy, clearly the fresher man here. He knows his moveset so well, and even knows how to counter the common counters to his moves. For all the hardcore matches he’s been through, he’s a very solid mat technician out there, and Slegna is going to need to find a way to counter that advantage.

Sound: Well, Slegna’s no dummy, he just rolled out of the ring after that big driver. Maybe just out of instinct.

Smith: Carpenter trying to create some distance. Apostasy to the apron. Slegna dazed, trying to find his feet… CEREAL CRUNCH FROM THE APRON!

Sound: You know, we’ve been making fun of Slegna’s move names, but I think that deserves a little ridicule as well.

Smith: That move of course a tribute to Edible Matthewson, his other mentor. Apostasy sporting that EM tattoo on his right bicep in honor of that man. Apostasy with a full nelson applied, and he’s dragging Slegna back to the ring.

Sound: All of these moves do a great job of targeting the shoulder and neck area of the man formerly known as Slegna. That sets him up for either the Burning Hammer or the Apathetic Choke.

Smith: Andrew’s feet dangle uselessly on the ground, and Apostasy throws him in the ring. Apostasy back in, breaking the ten count by the referee. Apostasy now trying to bring Slegna to his feet. This could be big!

Sound: I don’t think Slegna’s got anything left in the tank to fight off this…


Sound: I stand corrected!

Smith: Both men down after that huge suplex! T. Ekstreme getting the crowd pumped up. Everyone is on their feet for Slegna!

Sound: Oh my goodness… can… can he really pull this off?

Smith: Both men slow to their feet. Apostasy up, misses a clothesline… taken over into a knee to the gut. Carpenter pulls him in!

Sound: Hoist him up!

Smith: Powerbomb position!


Smith: Apostasy clutching at Slegnas head for dear life! His arms and legs wrapped around, refusing to let Slegna throw him forward for that big knockout knee!

Sound: The crowd wants to see it, but Apostasy is showing great situation awareness.

Smith: Slegna flails away with a right hand, trying to pry Apostasy loose, but Apostasy catches! Apostasy with an inverted half nelson! And Slegna is fading!

Sound: T. Ekstreme and the Seattle faithful trying to will on Slegna

Smith: Carpenter to his knees, Apostasy on his feet. Slegna lunges into the ropes to break the count… REEL DEAL OFF THE REBOUND!

Sound: He’s holding onto the half nelson! Look out!


Sound: The pain! Look at the anguish on the face of Andrew Carpenter as his neck is wrenched around!


Apostasy (> 4.8 total)
Andrew Carpenter (3.8 APS + 1.0 AVS = 4.8 Total)

”Futurism” hits, as Apostasy rolls out of the hold. He gets up to a knee and takes his replica Full Metal Championship.

Smith: Oh my goodness. Apostasy proving once again that he can pull the choke out of almost nowhere.

Sound: Folks… Apostasy is going to the Full Metal Championship finals! He’s got a 50/50 chance at it now!

Apostasy pulls a recovering Andrew Carpenter to his feet. Apostasy extends his hand. After a moment, Carpenter accepts it and shakes. Apostasy raises Slegnas hand high as “Of Blood and Salt” plays for the hometown hero. Apostasy exits the ring, as the crowd cheers for their fellow Seattleite.

Smith: Apostasy and this crowd showing well-deserved respect for the returning Comeback Kid, Slegna. What a showing by him tonight! But ultimately, the toll of the previous two matches took its toll, and he was taken out by the fresher Apostasy.

Sound: But not before taking the young Apostasy to the limit. An impressive showing here… let’s hope that this isn’t the last we see of Slegna!

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PostSubject: Re: FMW Lethal Injection RESULTS   Fri Mar 23, 2012 11:10 pm

Shelia Blige stands by backstage, preparing for an interview.

Blige: Joining me at this time, moments before his semifinal match, CHRIS AUSTIN!

A relatively fresh Chris Austin walks into the frame, hood on head and quite a serious demeanor.

Austin: How may I help you, Miss Blige?

Blige: Well, you've gotten past the quarterfinals and you're moments away from your semifinal match. As the person who is by most accounts the odds-on favorite to win the tournament, I want to get your thoughts on the rest of the tournament as you prepare to try to advance.

Austin: One down, two to go, Shelia.

Blige: Short and sweet, Chris?

Austin: Not unlike yourself, I'd imagine.

Blige chuckles slightly.

Austin: I appreciate the pity laugh, I'm aware that was relatively corny but I don't do "lines". I do this, I wrestle. I compete. More often than not I win, in fact, I win more than a lot of people. Not bragging, merely facts. But you see, other people can spend all of their time making these boastful or boisterous claims about how they'll run through this or prove everyone wrong that, or stake their claim to something else. If they need to yell and psyche themselves up, then they can be the sideshows that will likely come up short.

The crowd cheers.

Austin: It's merely as cut as dry as follows, I'm in the tournament, just like everyone else. I have just as good, if not better chance of winning because I've prepared and such. But no amount of preparation wins you a match. You have to go out and beat the opponent. I've done it once. Have to do it twice more. So, what have we learned, Shelia?

Blige: One down, two to go?

Austin: Correct. Class, what have we learned?

A good bit of the crowd shouts "ONE DOWN, TWO TO GO"

Austin: Correct. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a subtraction problem to contend with. Class Dismissed.

The crowd cheers as Austin leaves. Blige smiles towards the departing Austin as we fade out.

Time is Running Out by Muse blasts through the PA system as again Abel Steele walks out of the curtain to the entrance ramp. Just like the last time, he holds his arms high, some dry blood still caked on the brace wrapped around his wrist.

Smith: And a true travesty of justice here as-

Sound: This noble, injured man is forced to compete again!

Smith: You can cool your jets right there, turbo.

Sound: You may be blind to such blatant abuse of power, but I am not.

Am I changing right before your eyes?
Becoming someone you don't recognize?
As if I was disguised, I'm on that sh-- as if I was the fly,
I'm touching skies, no puffing lie

Premeditated Murder by J. Cole blasts through the arena as the crowd rises on their feet for Chris Austin. He overlooks the crowd as if the cheers of the people is still a little foreign to him before he makes his way down the ramp. A fan holds a 'Class is in Session' sign in the background as he proceeds to the ring.

: And here comes Chris Austin!

Sound: Who used to be my odds on favorite until he got a conscience.

Smith: Austin is an odds on favorite in whatever match he is in, Sound! This guy has been in FMW, pushing the limits of what it means to be a great talent continually and he's looking to move one step closer to that coveted Full Metal Championship!

Sound: Thats alluded him for good reason, in hindsight.

Smith: You're impossible sometimes.

Sound: Impossible to disagree with maybe.

Austin enters the ring and stares down Abel Steele, who is talking to the referee about ensuring that he pay close attention to his injury.

Smith: If theres one guy who wont put up with any shenanigans from Abel, its going to be Austin. These two haven't had much of a rivalry in the past, but they've had heated confrontations. Lets say they're less than friends.

Sound: Shame. Both men could realize the talent they posess and use it for their own benefit. Cant make a horse drink, I guess.

Smith: Theres the bell and this match is underway! Abel feigns a lockup center ring and shoots under Austins reach, nice belly to back suplex to start the match!

Sound: Abel's going to need to keep this pace up. I'd try to argue he's the fresher man, but with that injury this is a fairly even playing field!

Smith: Laughable insight there, partner. Abel is back on the offensive now, stomping at the leg of Chris Austin, perhaps trying to limit his chances of hitting the dreaded Occam's razor.

Sound: Thats sound tactics there.

Smith: Abel drops a knee to Austin's knee! Now another one and- NO! Austin moves! He reaches out and grabs Abel's arm!

Sound: His uninjured one!

Smith: Austin pulls Abel to the ground! Hes trying to lock in a crossface but Abel is not giving up lightly! He's wiggled out quickly and is grabbing hold of that bottom rope!

Sound: Don't give Austin time to get up!

Smith: Austin begins getting to his feet but Abel is up first, looks like that wrist was ok to support him there, Sound!

Sound: It was the ROPES, moron.

Smith: Abel charges forward and lands a knee to the gut! Austin is stunned, Abel wraps him up! OVERHEAD Belly to Belly suplex!

Sound: Abel showing some of those solid wrestling techniques hes picked up along the way. This guys more than just a boxer now, and hes doing it HURT. Abel is my champion.

Smith: Wait! Look! Austin rolls through and shoots right up! He catches Abel as he gets his base- SPINEBUSTER! Austin rolls through, hooking Abel by the neck! He lifts his opponent- back breaker over the knee!

Sound: Watch that wrist, ref!

Smith: More like watch your back! Austin lifts Abel, INVERTED BRAINBUSTER!

Sound: Not normally an Austin maneuver. Hes clearly pulling out all the stops to avoid being bested!

Smith: Pin from Austin one, two- NO! Kickout at two! Austin rolls over and is the first to get to his feet- HES CHARGING! HERE COMES OCCAMS RAZ- NO!

Sound: Excellent ring awareness! Oh my!

Smith: Abel ducks! Abel is back up- clothesline! Ausin is right back up off the mat, though! Abel tries an elbow, but Austin does his own evasion! Abel spins- Austin with a knee to the gut, hooking Abel, TIGER SUPLEX!

Sound: Look at him go right for the wrist!

Smith: Completely the opposite, Dalby! Abel rolls out of the ring in frustration! The referee is on him this time, though! Hes not giving him a moments break as he begins that count out!

Sound: Obvious bias and against an injured man too. What is the world coming to these days!?

Smith: Abel climbs back on the apron and Austin is quick to approach him! Stiff right fist to the face and Abel has to hold the ropes for stability! Austin pulls him back by the head- Oh! Abel with a rake to the eyes! Abel rakes Austins eyes and-

Sound: Didnt you see! Austin clearly raked Abel's eyes!

Smith: Abel is playing it up like his eyes have been raked! The ref checks on Austin! Bad move, ref! Abel's reaching for those brass knuckles!

Sound: The fact that he'd compete in this match this long without that just shows what heart and grit he has, working at a disadvantage like that.

Smith: Austin is refusing to let it get the best of him! His eye is red as he stands again, Abel has made his way into the ring! Austin lifts Abel- Dont do it Chris!


Smith: Abel with a Lightning punch and- NO! AUSTIN SAW IT COMING! HE WEAVED OUT OF THE WAY!

Sound: Hey! This isnt the boxing ring!

Smith: Austin has hold of Abel's wrist now! He's got him in a hammerlock! Austin stomps on the back of Abels knees and he drops to the mat! Austin locks in a position, hes grabbed Abel's good wrist with the knuckles!

Sound: Now this is cheating! It has to be! What an unfair advantage, thats like the definition of cheating!

Smith: Austin has Abel's wrist locked and- OH MY! AUSTIN IS USING ABELS OWN FIST TO HIT ABEL IN THE HEAD!


Smith: Technically speaking this is Abel punching himself in the face! Stop hitting yourself!

Sound: I'm outraged! I expect better from a man like Chris Austin!

Smith: Abel seems dazed by those self inflicted blows, guided by Austin! Austin rears back now- OCCAMS RAZOR CONNECTS! THIS IS OVER!

Sound: I'm going to be disputing this immediately!

Smith: Austin with the pin! One, Two, THREE! CHRIS AUSTIN ADVANCES TO THE FINAL ROUND!


Chris Austin (> 4.3 total)
Abel Steele (4.0aps + 0.3 avs = 4.3 total

Austin slides out of the ring and celebrates as the fans ringside go ballistic. The crowd begins chanting Austin's name as he continues to go up the ramp while Able is first attended to by the referee, then shoves the man in stripes away.

Smith: Talk about a plan that backfired, Sound! Abel was ready to cheat to win and Austin cought him in the act! This shows what this prize is really worth, and Austin is just one step away from winning it all!

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PostSubject: Re: FMW Lethal Injection RESULTS   Fri Mar 23, 2012 11:16 pm

The crowd pops as Sheila Blige stands smiling next to fan favorite Bobino.

Blige: I'm here with the number one draft pick of FMW Anarchy AND the number one contender to the Anarchy Ultraviolent Championship, Bobino!

Bobino: Hello world!

Bobino waves into the camera before pointing at his red '#1' jersey.

Blige: So, Bobino, tell us a little bit about how you feel about being on Anarchy and contending for this title.

Bobino: Wow! What a great and well thought question. Let me just say that-

Bobino is cut off as Blake Vendetta, Paul Brooks, and Callum Pullin make their way onto the screen as the fans cheer for the Anarchy roster members. Blake pats Bobino on the shoulder.

Brooks: We just wanted to let you know we're here for you man.

Pullin: Yeah, we support you all the way.

Bobino: Well thats really swell guys! I-

Bobino is cut off once again, this time by boos as Nick Bryson enters the scene with Mark Johansson, Matt Ashburn, and David GS behind him.

Bobino: Oh, hello!

Bryson: Hey man! Great to see my number one draft pick here. Oh, and you other guys.

Vendetta: Listen Bryson, we-

Bryson: Lets just stop this right here. You're going to think youre so anti authority. Youre going to tell me that you see past my underhandedness or something like that and you're going to be supportive of my good friend Bobino here because its noble or what have you. Well, its because of me you all have these amazing positions. Its because of me we get to have such a fantastic match tonight and it will be because of you I will be forced to have the unfortunate task of disqualifing Bobino here should you even think about approaching ringside, let alone interfere and potentially injure our good friend David GS here.

Bryson smiles as David adjusts his Anarchy Ultraviolent championship. He steps forward and glares at the three men before patting Bobino on the shoulder. David turns and exits first, closely followed by YNG. Vendetta, Brooks, and Pullin all look at Bobino too before they also make their exit, leaving the scene with just the two that started it.

Bobino: Ok, bye guys! See you all later!

Blige: So... what are your thoughts?

Bobino: Oh, my thoughts!? Well, gee. I'm really just happy to be here!

Bobino waves to the camera again before happily strutting off screen.

Buster Cherry: The following contest is scheduled for onefall, and it is for the ANARCHY ULTRAVIOLENT CHAMPIONSHIP! In addition, Sir Nick Bryson has ruled that there shall be NO ONE allowed at ringside!

The crowd pops as "Enemies of Reality" by Nevermore hits the PA. Butters jogs out from the back and stops for a moment, surveying the arena before heading down the ramp at a brisk clip.

Buster Cherry: Introducing the challenger: from Boston, Massacusetts, weighing in at 243 pounds ... BUTTERS!

Sound: Hear that, Edible? No one allowed at ringside!

Smith: Why? What could Bryson and Y.N.G possibly gain from this ruling?

Sound: If I had to guess, I'd say they want nothing more than for David GS to be able to prove that he's the rightful champ. Bryson has barred guys like Paul Brooks and Blake Vendetta from coming down to ringside, and I'd imagine that the rest of Y.N.G will be absent as well.

Smith: One can only hope. Either way, I'm sure the prospect of only having to deal with DGS has done Butters' confidence a world of good.

Butters enters the ring and bounces lightly off the ropes, warming up in preparation for his coming battle.

Naaaaaa, naaa, na, na
Wait 'til I get my money right.

"Cold" by Burning Borders hits the speakers. The crowd's cheers for Butters instantly turn into a thunderous torrent of boos and jeers as steam billows up from the stage. They intensify when David GS walks out, flanked by none other than Nick Bryson. The two members of Y.N.G head leisurely down the ramp, only stopping for DGS to spread his feet and throw up the metal horns.

Buster Cherry: And his opponent: from Omaha, Nebraska, weighing in at 241 pounds ... he is the ANARCHY ULTRAVIOLENT CHAMPION ... DAVID ... G ... S!


Smith: What the hell?! What happened to "no outside interference"?

Sound: Relax, wouldja? I'm sure Nick and David have a logical, sound reason for this.

DGS dives into the ring on his stomach. As he mounts the turnbuckle and flashes the metal horns to a monstrously negative ovation, Bryson circles around to the announce table and takes a seat, donning an extra headset that has been provided for him.

Sound: See? Bryson won't be involved in the match - he's the guest commentator!

Bryson: Indeed I am - why? Was Edible here questioning my motives?

Smith: I was and still am. No offense, Nick, but laying down a stipulation that prevents your boys from interfering is ... well, it's a bit out-of-character for you.

Bryson: Edible, David GS is the future of this company, of this business! I see that, and the rest of Y.N.G sees that, but no one else seems to share our vision. I banned outside interference from this match so that David could prove to everyone that his winning the Anarchy Ultraviolent Championship was no fluke. When he beats Butters in that ring, I want there to be no doubt whatsoever that it was because he's the better man.

Sound: Seems like sound logic to me.

Smith: I'll believe it when I see it. At any rate, ladies and gentlemen, the bell has been rung and we are off and running - Butters versus DGS for the AUV Title.

Both men come out of their corners and meet in the center of the ring, locking up in a tight collar-and-elbow. DGS, being the taller man and holding a slight leverage advantage, takes control with a side headlock. Butters quickly counters, though, backing up to the ropes and shoving the Phenom.

Smith: DGS goes running ... he bounces off the ropes, and right into the knockdown by Butters.

Bryson: Lucky shot.

Smith: I'd disagree - David's right back up, and Butters knocks him right back down with the clothesline! The champ's up again, and now Butters has him in the corner! Look at the challenger, taking it to the champion in the early goings of this match!

The crowd pops as Butters tees off on DGS, rocking him with right hands before whipping him hard across the ring. David's back impacts hard against the turnbuckles, but before he can fall down Butters is right back on him. The challenger climbs up to the second rope, and the crowd counts along as he begins force-feeding closed-fist shots to the champion.

One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six!

Smith: Butters, on fire here! He's - wait a sec, wait a sec!

Sound: OH, look at that! Right across the top of the ringpost!

Smith: DGS with the counter, that modified Flapjack, dropping Butters' face down onto that solid-steel ringpost ... and the PHENOM, with the Discus Lariat!

Bryson: See? That's how you retake control of a match.

Smith: Butters, turned inside-out by that one, and now the champion goes for the cover! One, tw - and the challenger kicks out at a count of one.

Bryson: Damned if that wasn't a slow count.

Sound: Whatever you say, Nick.

Smith: DGS is back to his feet, and Butters is getting up as well. The Phenom strikes first - right hand to Butters, and now a kick to the midsection, doubling the challenger over ... and David finishes with an elbow to the back of the head! Very impressive striking game on display, here.

Bryson: There's no one better, believe you me.

Butters cringes from the series of precision attacks and staggers away from his opponent. DGS follows him into the corner, where he takes Butters by the hand and whips him across into the opposite corner. The AUV Champ charges in after him, lowering his shoulder and folding his opponent up in the corner!

Sound: Spear!

Smith: Spear in the corner by David GS! Nowhere for Butters to go on that one, and now the Phenom hooks the leg! One, two, and Butters kicks out!

The crowd pops at the kickout, rallying behind Butters. DGS gets to his feet and again pulls Butters up. Instead of engaging in any extended offense, however, he immediately hooks Butters and and slams him down with a Forward Russian Legsweep.

Smith: OH, and facefirst goes Butters. DGS stands over top of him, and ... and the Camel Clutch!

Bryson: Yeah, there ya go! Make him tap!

Smith: He very well could. The Camel Clutch is a very effective submission hold, and David GS has it expertly applied - all his weight is pressing down on Butters' lower back, and his arms are tucked up and over David's legs. There's very little Butters can do here other than sit and suffer.

The crowd again rallies as Butters squirms within the hold, kicking his legs and waving his arms weakly in an attempt to get loose. DGS plants his feet on the mat and cranks back on the hold, straining the challenger's neck and back. The Phenom calls for Butters to tap; the ref asks a similar question, but Butters shakes his head no to both referee and champion.

Smith: Butters, refusing to give in here!

Bryson: It's only a matter of time - all David has to do is keep the hold on, and he'll give up eventually.

Sound: He's right. Those two are in the center of the ring, and I don't see Butters being able to fight his way out from beneath a man who weighs about as much as he does. DGS just has to be patient, and pretty soon he'll start to - wait a sec, what's he doing?

Bryson: Are you kidding me?!

Smith: He broke the hold on his own! David GS, apparently not willing to wait for Butters to submit, has broken the Camel Clutch of his own accord!

Bryson: What are you doing? Keep on him! Put the hold back on!

Sound: What's he ... oh, that idiot! He wants the Spear! He gave up a sure thing in that Camel Clutch, just so he could hit the Spear!

David gets to his feet and goes into the corner, where he drops into a crouch and begins beckoning to the slowly-rising Butters. The crowd tension grows as the challenger pulls himself up by the ropes, holding a hand to his strained back. He pauses for a moment to catch his breath, and then turns to see the Phenom charging at him!

Smith: Watch out, WATCH OUT - COUNTER!

Bryson: DAMMIT!

Smith: Butters dodges the Spear, and DGS goes facefirst into the middle turnbuckle!

Sound: I told him. I told him not to give up on the Camel Clutch so easily, but would he be patient? Nooooo. Now he's lost his advantage and- HEY!

Bryson: WHAT GIVES?!

The crowd cheers as Blake Vendetta, Paul Brooks, and Callum Pullin walk down the stair way. They hold three tickets up high and take their place at three empty ringisde tickets. Immediately they begin pounding on the barricade, cheering their friend Butters on.

Sound: You said not to go ringside!

Smith: Technically, they're not. Those are paid seats, Dalby!

Bryson: I'll handle this later. Right now we need to keep our wits together.

Both David GS and Butters get back to their feet and turn toward one another, dazed. DGS swings for a right hand, but Butters catches it and connects with a shot of his own. The champion tries for another punch, but the challenger again catches it and connects with return fire.

Smith: And now Butters, fighting valiantly to regain control in this matchup! He's got David against the ropes ... he whips him across the ring, and catches him with the Back Body Drop!

Bryson: No, no, come on! Get back in it!

The crowd pops for Butters as DGS gets back to his feet, cringing and holding a hand to his lower back. The challenger gets to him before he can recover, though, and doubles him over with a kick to the gut. DGS answers back with a knife-edge chop to the chest, stunning Butters.


David tries to follow up with another Discus Lariat, but Butters suddenly lunges forward and catches him while his back's turned!

Smith: Wait, he's got him - German Suplex by Butters!

Sound: With a bridge, no less!

Smith: One ...

Bryson: Kickout, KICKOUT!

Smith: Two ... and a kickout! DGS kicks out at two-and-a-half!

The crowd boos as Butters gets to his feet, measuring DGS as the Phenom begins to rise as well. He pulls himself up by the ropes and turns, and Butters charges forward and clotheslines him over!

Smith: Cactus Clothesline by Butters ... but DGS hangs on!

Sound: Nice move, I'll give him that.

Butters turns and sees that DGS has managed to land on the outside apron. He swings for a shot that would knock him off, but the Phenom catches his punch, grabs his head, and drops down. The Hotshot maneuver snaps Butters' head backwards, and he hands flat on his back next to the ropes.

Smith: Butters is down with DGS on the outside apron ... and now wait a sec, what's the Champion got planned here?

Sound: This could be something new ... Bryson?

Bryson: Just watch.

Smith: DGS tenses, and SPRINGBOARDS ... FROG SPLASH! Picture-perfect Frog Splash!

Bryson: Thanks for flying Air Phenom! Now count it!

Smith: DGS with the cover, this could be it! One! TWO!! THR - NO! NO, BUTTERS GETS THE SHOULDER UP!

Bryson: Oh, COME ON! That was three! That had to be three!

Smith: It was two, it was two! And now DGS looks to go to the well one more time - he wants the Spear, and he could very well get it this time!

The crowd is on its feet and electric as DGS goes to the corner and again drops into a crouch, calling to Butters as the challenger gets to his feet with painstaking slowness. He eventually does make it, however, and the second he turns DGS comes flying out of the corner like a missile!

Sound: Spear, SPEAR ...


Bryson: No, NO, NO!



Smith: DGS slips out the back! He hits the ropes, Butters turns and SPEAR! SPEAR, HE FINALLY GOT IT!



Buster Cherry: Here is your winner, and STILL ANARCHY ULTRAVIOLENT CHAMPION ... DAVID ... G ... S!

David GS: 4.12aps + 1.1avs = 5.22 total
Bobino: 3.77aps + 1.0avs = 4.77 total

The crowd couldn't boo any louder as "Cold" by Burning Borders hits. Bryson comes out of his seat, snatching the AUV belt away from the timekeeper and hitting the ring. He snatches David's upraised hand away from the referee and raises it himself, pointing to the Phenom as the fans heap abuse on the pair of them.

Smith: David GS retains, and these fans don't like it one bit!

Sound: Of course they don't - everybody's been harping on the legitimacy of DGS's reign as champion up until now, and he just proved each and every one of those people wrong. He beat Butters fair and square here tonight, and these people hate that he did it without help from Bryson, Ashburn, or Johansson.

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PostSubject: Re: FMW Lethal Injection RESULTS   Fri Mar 23, 2012 11:28 pm

"Cradle" by The Joy Formidable plays throughout this video package. CLICK TO PLAY

Voiceover: What better man to become the new champion, then the last man to beat the old champion in singles competition?

Distortion 11.2 wrote:
Chase: Bryson, looking to strike a major blow to the Broken Saints with the Sickle Touch!

Sam: I can't watch...wait! He slipped out! Yes I can!

Chase: Apostasy with a schoolboy, catching Bryson by surprise! ONE! TWO! THREE!!!

Sam: What the fuck?! He actually got it!

Ella Vader: Here is your winner, earning a point for Distortion in the FMW Games... APOSTASY!

Voiceover: Not just once… but twice

Distortion 11.3 wrote:
Chase: Bryson lifts the bucket of salt! He’s getting ready to pour it over Apostasy and- YES! APOSTASY IS ABLE TO KICK UP AND KNOCK THE BUCKET OF SALT INTO BRYSONS FACE!








I can't see he says what he means
I can't say what he means when he says
That I'll pretend, I'll pretty pretend
When all I want to see is the end of this

Voiceover: These wins helped win the FMW games for Distortion, leading to the brands cancellation and an opportunity for Apostasy. After a hiatus of seven months, Apostasy returned to Full Metal Wrestling to cash in a title shot for the Abandoned Championship.

Mt. V wrote:



Flare: The champion is dead. He has to be.


I can't see he says what he means
We'll deal him stick and stones and apologies
I wish, oh, I wish it was through

Voiceover: And so began an undefeated streak that would last throughout all of 2011. Armed with the best submission hold in wrestling, Apostasy would rack up victories over many different superstars. He competed and succeeded in many different matchtypes as the Abandoned Champion. Taking on any challenger who was fit enough to pull a number out of a ticket dispenser.

Split the scars, get up off your knees
Just lift the marks to new found kinesis
I'll pretend, I'll pretty pretend
When all I want to see is the end of this

A montage is shown of Apostasy slipping various opponents into the Apathetic Choke, and securing victory with it.

Voiceover: Soon, it became undeniable that Apostasy had a big claim to make.

Apostasy wrote:
With the C4, Television and Full Metal Championship titles vacated, I am the best champion in Full Metal Wrestling. I’m better than The Celt, with his two victories over Jack Eastwood the only defenses he’s had… something I’ve done just as well, but with additional victories over more than half a dozen additional opponents. I am setting a new record for longest title reign with this title, both in terms of days and in terms of times defended. Which is why you can call me your interim Full Metal Champion.

A quick montage of Apostasy holding up his Abandoned title after victories is shown.

I wish, oh, I wish
I wish the cobwebs would cover me
Cover me, cover me

Shots of Apostasy with his back to the camera, lacing up his boots in a locker room. On his right bicep, a tattoo with a Misfits Skull has a lime green “E” and crimson “M” superimposed onto it, a memorial to his departed mentor, Edible Matthewson.

Voiceover: The self-proclaimed best champion in Full Metal Wrestling would suffer his first setback at the start of 2012. But quickly, he would regain his momentum by defeating several worthy competitors in an absolutely grueling match known as Through Hell and Back.

Corruption 15.3 wrote:

Scorpio: Can he capitalize? Apostasy in a lot of pain, but he’s pulling the ladder back up…

Smith: Apostasy pulling the ladder back up. Whitt and Sharpedo are out! The slow climb starts…

Scorpio: He’s going to do it!



Scorpio: Apostasy overcame the Abandoned Champion, the Ultraviolent Champion and the treacherous GSW… and now he’s getting a tournament shot!

Apostasy climbs the turnbuckles after the cage has lifted. He holds his replica high. He then teases peeling off the masking tape with “interim” written on it. He yells ‘IT’S HAPPENING!’, as the crowd applauds.

Smith: Folks… this might just be the next Full Metal Champion… for real!

My vicious tongue cradles just one
My vicious tongue cradles just one

Voiceover: The brash young superstar had backed up his claim, and earned a right to fight in the tournament. The confident kid who boldly proclaimed himself the Interim Full Metal Champion now had the biggest opportunity of his life, to climb to the top of the mountain in Full Metal Wrestling. He had certainly made his fair share of enemies along the way.

A montage goes by of The Celt, Edible Smith, Jack Eastwood, Seth Rotunda and Jeff Whitt glaring at Apostasy. The montage is capped by Apostasy mocking Leon Caprice’s entrance at Ultimatum III, by kneeling down and pointing to the sky. He yells inaudibly “Where’s my pyro? God doesn’t give ME pyro?”

My vicious tongue
My vicious tongue
My vicious tongue
My vicious tongue
My vicious tongue

Voiceover: Without the aide of a stable, a mentor or a manager, Apostasy has grown into one of the top superstars in Full Metal Wrestling. Now, there is one last hurdle to clear before he can silence all the critics.

Chris Austin hoisting up the C4 title is shown.

My vicious tongue
My vicious tongue
My vicious tongue…

The video package ends with Apostasy raising his replica Full Metal Championship up high.

The arena darkens as the opening instrumental to ”Premeditated Murder” hits once again. Chris Austin comes out to his usual blue strobe light entrance, wearing his hoodie. An unusually nervous look comes across his face for a moment, before he shakes his head to get ready. The crowd cheers for the new fan favorite as he fistbumps a few fans at ringside. Austin climbs the turnbuckle and poses for the fans to a massive pop, before jumping down, removing his hoodie and stretching for the match at hand.

Cherry: The following contest is our MAIN EVENT! It is the finals of tonight’s tournament, with the winner being crowned the FULL METAL CHAMPION! Introducing first, from San Jose, California, weighing 230 pounds… CHRISSSSSSS AUUUUUUUUUSTINNNNNNNN!

Smith: It has come to this. There is an electric, big-fight atmosphere in this arena. Not one single person is seated in this arena, because they all know that they’re about to witness Full Metal Wrestling history being made.

Sound: For both men, this is a chance to be the biggest name in Full Metal Wrestling today. Chris Austin has had a cult following for awhile, and you’d be pressed to find anyone that carries more respect than him.

Smith: Austin has always been one of the best in-ring minds in this business, and now he gets to apply his vast knowledge of the game on the biggest stage of his career. The man has always been pegged for greatness, and now is his chance to live up to those expectations.

Sound: Everyone knows what he’s capable of. Some people didn’t like him very much because, well, quite frankly Chris Austin is a bit of a dick. But he turned heads when he very well may have saved Hannibal Frost’s life from the evil hands of Harlequin on the last Ammunition.

Austin paces in the ring, trying to keep loose. An “Austin” chant breaks out.

Smith: Well, this is something I don’t think anyone would have expected just a few months ago. Chris Austin is getting a great reception here in Seattle. And I can’t help but root for the guy as well.

Sound: I’m surprised you’re not pulling for your former student. But the student of the game is a feel good story tonight. He might have been the odds-on favorite, but there’s still a great story to be told here…

Austin’s music stops. A few moments of silence ensue, before ”Futurism” by Muse plays. Apostasy makes his way out to a big ovation, this time without his “interim” world title.

Cherry: And his opponent, from Cleveland, weighing 240 pounds, AAAAAAAPOSTASYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

Smith: Two down, one to go for the former Abandoned Champion. Two submission victories tonight to his name, and now he’s only one step away from the biggest prize in the business.

Sound: And this one is the real one, not the fake one he’s been carrying around for a few months now. Though apparently he’s ditched that for this occasion.

Smith: Apostasy has been a rising star here over the past year. Will that momentum take him to the top? We’re about to find out…

Apostasy finishes gladhanding with fans at ringside and enters the squared circle. His music stops, and he stares down Chris Austin. The two approach each other, as dueling “A-po” and “Aus-tin” chants break out. They both take a minute to absorb the atmosphere. They then focus on each other, and share a brief, tense handshake.

Sound: In all my time… I’ve never felt a place this electric. These fans have not left their feet this entire time!

Smith: Both men tie up, and our main event is underway! Apostasy leverages into a wristlock, but Austin counters into a hammerlock. Snapmare counter by Apostasy, but Austin on his feet. Monkey flip by Apostasy! Apostasy up, and ducks a wild clothesline from Austin. Waistlock rolled into a pin! ONE…NO! WAIT! APOSTASY ATTEMPTS THE CHOKE! AUSTIN FLAILING… AND GRABS THE BOTTOM ROPE WITH HIS LEG BEFORE APOSTASY CAN LOCK IT IN!

Sound: You know, I’ve seen Apostasy pull that move out of so many different moves, but that’s the first time I’ve seen that. He anticipated the kickout motion of Austin, and used that motion to go for the choke.

Austin pulls himself on the ropes, as Apostasy brings his index finger and thumb in close to indicate “this close”

Smith: Both men up, and tie up again. Wristlock by Austin, countered into a arm wrench by Apostasy. Elbow to the arm of Austin. Half nelson!

Sound: This is a bad spot for Austin, Apostasy has so many moves he can perform from that position.

Smith: Austin moving his body wide of Apostasy, refusing to let him into position for that body scissors. Austin has to be careful here, the Choke isn’t an easy move to escape from.

Sound: I like the aggression by Apostasy, he’s really putting Austin on the defensive. He usually doesn’t go for the Apathetic Choke this early, but he’s changing up his gameplan to take away any scouting advantage Austin might have.

Smith: Austin spinning to keep Apostasy away… Apostasy off the ropes… REEL DEAL! Apostasy rolls through… DRAGON SUPLEX!

Sound: Here comes the hat trick… let’s see what Austin can do…

Smith: Apostasy rolls through… FULL NELSON DRIVER!

Sound: Woah… a little change of plans there by Apostasy. He knows better than to be predictable against the Student of the Game.

Smith: Austin, showing great ring awareness, rolling outside after that driver.

Sound: Apostasy is right on top…

Smith: Bicycle kick on the apron! Great fake out by Austin!

Sound: He suckered him right in!

Smith: Austin quickly up… springboard forearm smash!

Sound: Austin can turn the match that quickly!

Smith: Both men up. Muay Thai kick by Austin. And another to the gut of Apostasy. Austin off the ropes… misses the rebounding roundhouse! Apostasy grabbing the leg… DRAGON WHIP BY AUSTIN!

Sound: That is sheer athletic ability right there. There are probably less than a thousand people in this world that can execute that move, and even fewer who can make it look that damn good.

Smith: Apostasy stumbling into the corner. BIG running corner dropkick by Austin! Apostasy to his knees. Austin is right on top, and nails a tiger bomb… ICEMAN COMETH LOCKED IN!

Sound: Apostasy is close to the ropes… can he pull Austin just a little bit?

Smith: The crowd is going crazy. Austin with another flawless move… but Apostasy is pulling him…

Sound: Look at the strain on his face!

Smith: Apostasy grabs the rope! Austin has to break the hold!

Sound: Austin is on fire tonight. This is why he’s the odds-on favorite to win the belt.

Smith: Apostasy pulling himself up in the corner. Austin charges… NO! APOSTASY DUMPS HIM FACE FIRST ON THE TURNBUCKLE! ALABAMA SLAM! LEG DROP! PIN!



Sound: That was close!

Smith: This match has been pretty even. Both men to their feet. Austin sidesteps a spear attempt! Apostasy into the corner!

Sound: Austin going high!

Smith: Austin might be looking for a big sunset flip. He’s on top, and pulling Apostasy up… NO! Backdrop by Apostasy from the top!

Sound: Austin was launched sky-high on that one!

Smith: Apostasy to the top… moonsault!

Sound: Double play!

Smith: Apostasy recoiling. Here he comes for the pin… NO! SMALL PACKAGE BY AUSTIN! ONE…TWO…NO!

Sound: My goodness, these two gentlemen seem to know each other’s moveset in and out, and they haven’t even met each other before in the ring!

Smith: Austin to his feet quickly, ducks a wild right from Apostasy… dragon suplex!

Sound: Oh boy, here comes a great combo!

Smith: Austin nails a tiger suplex. He holds on… HE COMPLETES THE AFTER-SCHOOL SPECIAL!

Sound: Cover!


Sound: My god, we’re both going to lose our voices by the end of this match!

Smith: Austin not wasting any time, wrenching Apsotasy up by his arms… BAM! Cerebral Assassination!

Sound: That elbow might have knocked some brain cells into orbit.

Smith: Austin off the ropes… FUBAR! Apostasy folds over!

Sound: I think my jaw hurts just from watching that!

Smith: Austin on top of Apostasy, rolling him over… LEARNING TREE!

Sound: Another big submission from Austin!

Smith: Apostasy straining, but he’s in the center of the ring. What can he do here?

Sound: Those ropes are an awful long way away…

Smith: Apostasy pushing himself up by the arms, trying to loosen that choke. He’s lifting his legs… what the…?

Sound: Look at the strength and flexibility! He’s dumping Austin into a pin!

Smith: ONE…NO! Austin kicks out, but he had to break the hold.

Sound: And quickly, Apostasy rolls away and under the ropes.

Smith: Austin up quickly. Austin to the ropes… Apostasy grabs the arm and nails a stun gun!

Sound: We saw this against Slegna!

Smith: Apostasy springboards… RIDE ALONG! Austin quickly flailing at the ropes with his leg… APOSTASY LOCKS THE APATHETIC CHOKE

Sound: But Austin is in the ropes!

Smith: Austin clearly knew what was happening next. Apostasy has to break the hold, and Austin has survived another close encounter with the Apathetic Choke.

Sound: Austin needs to find a way to end this soon. The longer he goes, the more this favors Apostasy. He’s got the energy, and if Austin is worn down, he’s going to fall victim to that Choke sooner or later.

Smith: Both men up. Apostasy with the whip, countered… Lou Thesz Neckbreaker by Apostasy on the rebound!

Sound: And here is where Apostasy starts cranking up the pressure on the neck and shoulder area of Austin.

Smith: Apostasy pulls the arm of Austin out, and delivers an elbow to the side of the neck! And another! Repeated elbows to the neck!

Sound: And he’s pulling Austin’s left arm with each one, pulling Austin’s body in TOWARDS the blows.

Smith: Apostasy throws another elbow, and digs it into the side of the neck. Austin trying to get to a vertical base.

Sound: The crowd is going nuts… what will these two pull out next?

Smith: Austin up, Apostasy turning this move into an arm wrench. Austin ducks under… spinning neckbreaker!

Sound: Beautiful execution. These two are putting on a clinic!

Smith: Austin up as Apostasy struggles. Austin positioning Apostasy towards the corner…

Sound: This could be big!

Smith: Austin jumps up the ropes… COLDWATER DDT!

Sound: If anyone was sitting, they’re standing back up now!

Smith: Austin measuring Apostasy. He’s got a look in his eyes. Here comes a date with destiny! AUSTIN OFF THE ROPES… OCCAM’S RAZOR! HE HIT IT!



Austin recoils in surprise as Apostasy kicks out.


Smith: Austin trying to regain composure, he’s up and trying to stay on top…

Sound: Keep your composure. You’re so close!

Smith: Austin with a gutwrench. APOSTASY LIFTED UP… HE SLIPS OUT!

Sound: He just escaped the Class Dismissed!


Sound: What?


Sound: And now it’s Apostasy’s turn to be frustrated…

Apostasy starts patting the “E M” tattoo on his right bicep.

Smith: That move was a tribute to the late Edible Matthewson, and Apostasy is gearing up for something else.

Sound: Austin is stumbling…




Sound: Neither man will die!

Apostasy shakes his head, possibly trying to “shake the cobwebs” from the previous Occam’s Razor.

Sound: I don’t know what it’s going to take for either man to win this match… neither of them will drop unless they absolutely have to.

Smith: Apostasy to his feet. And he pulls up Chris Austin with a full nelson.

Sound: He’s practically hauling a corpse right now…

Smith: Apostasy yanks… dragon suplex! He rolls through… and nails a second!

Sound: Can he hit the third?

Smith: Release dragon suplex! Triple dragon completed!

Sound: Again, Austin rolling out onto the apron to gain some separation. Both of these men are so instinctual in that ring, never allowing their opponent to stay on top so easily.

Smith: Apostasy in pursuit… gets a shoulder to the gut from between the ropes. SLINGSHOT SUNSET FLIP!

Sound: Apostasy holding onto the ropes!

Smith: Austin grabbing at the legs… Apostasy misses a knee drop! Austin rolling… FINAL EXAM!





Sound: How the hell is he dragging Austin!


Sound: Oh my… I… I think this match is giving me heart palpitations.

Smith: I don’t know how Apostasy found the strength to pull that move to the ropes. But Apostasy is certainly worse for the wear, as he looks just about exhausted.

Sound: Both men look like they’re running on empty right now.

Smith: Austin to his feet, Apostasy struggling to his knees. Austin signaling for the end of this match!

Sound: Class dismissed coming up! Nobody can kick out of that!

Smith: Austin pulls Apostasy in. Gutwrench… COUNTER! APOSTASY SLIPS OUT AND DROPS INTO THE CHOKE!

Sound: HOW? HOW? HOW?






Sound: Oh my…

Smith: The ref is calling for the break! I don’t… how will this end?

Sound: Neither man is holding back anything… this is incredible!

Smith: Both men are down, and near exhausted. The referee starting a ten count

Sound: How’s that going to work? We can’t have a co-champion, can we?

Smith: The count is up to 4 now, 5. Neither man is up. It might just be that the first man up can win the Full Metal Championship.

Sound: This crowd trying to will on these competitors… seven!

Smith: Both men to their knees… and the count is nine! Both men up! No count out tonight!

Sound: But both men are on spaghetti legs, for sure…

Smith: Apostasy throws a big right hand. Austin follows with one of his own.

Sound: Oh man, you know they’re gassed when these guys start throwing punches.

Smith: Another big right from Apostasy, and an elbow by Austin brings Apostasy to one knee. Big knee lift!

Sound: Apostasy refusing to go to the ground.




Sound: That was one hell of a match!


Apostasy has grabbed the referee and is pointing at Austin. ”Futurism” is playing, but the referee spots that Austin’s leg is under the ropes.

Smith: What is Apostasy doing?

Sound: I think… he’s pointing out that Austin’s leg is under the rope…

Cherry looks confused at the referee. The replay is shown on the Metaltron. Austin’s body is flung to the ground with the Burning Hammer, but Apostasy hooks the inside leg, leaving the outside leg dangling under the rope.

Smith: I don’t believe it.

Sound: The referee is calling to restart the match!

The bell rings, and Austin has rolled himself to the outside.

Smith: That… that was incredibly good fortune for Austin. Or incredibly poor ring awareness by Apostasy. One of the two…

Sound: I don’t think Apostasy can possibly be thinking right after all the abuse he’s taken. But if this is fortune, remember this… Austin saved the life of Hannibal Frost on Ammunition. Folks, if you’ve never believed in karma… you might just want to start.

Smith: You know I’m a stoic, but I have to admit that that one was an absolutely incredible stroke of luck that just might have saved Chris Austin his best shot at the Full Metal Championship.

Sound: Apostasy has to stay sharp. Get on him!

Smith: Apostasy to the outside. He picks up Austin… and delivers a big knee that sends Austin reeling into the steel steps. Apostasy to the other ring post, he’s having some trouble staying upright.

Sound: Both men are… this match has gone on for so long!

Smith: Apostasy measures Austin… he charges… AUSTIN ROLLS AWAY! APOSTASY SPEARS THE RING STEPS!

Sound: Oh my!

Smith: Austin wasting no time, he’s pulling himself into the ring. I don’t even know if he’s fully aware of what just happened!

Sound: Edible… you’re protégé is bleeding on those steps.

Smith: Indeed he is. Both men are exhausted, running on fumes at this point. And the count out has reached 4!

Sound: I don’t know how he can answer this!


Smith: Is this how it ends tonight… Apostasy flailing around with one arm, trying to find the bottom rope…


Sound: He’s got it! Pull yourself in!


Smith: Apostasy rolls in… and immediately gets stomped on by Chris Austin. Austin with some boots to the forehead, trying to bleed out the former Abandoned Champion.

Sound: I wouldn’t want to use that ring after this…

Smith: Apostasy is down. Austin pulls him up to sitting position. Look out!



Sound: Oh my lord! When… when will this end?

Smith: Apostasy trying to clear the blood from his eyes. He can hardly see. Austin is in no-man’s land. Apostasy has to try something, but he’s used damn near every move in his arsenal.

Sound: What the hell does he have left?

Smith: Apostasy climbing to the top rope!






Chris Austin (4.37aps + 0.7avs for - 0.2avs against = 4.87 total)
Apostasy (4.33aps + 1.1avs for - 0.6avs against = 4.83)

Both men lay in the ring, exhausted. The crowd goes nuts as ”Premeditated Murder plays for the new champion.

Sound: Both men gave it absolutely everything. But Austin had the trump card, and nails the Class Dismissed!

Smith: Chris Austin has done it. Chris Austin has silenced any critics, including the harshest one of all – himself.

Sound: Take absolutely nothing away from Apostasy, that was probably the hardest Chris Austin has ever been pushed. Even from the likes of David GS, Christian G Smitten and more… Austin had to dig so much deeper tonight.

With an assist from the referee, Austin is able to pull himself to a seated position. He is handed the Full Metal Championship. Austin buries his face in his new title.

Smith: What an emotional moment! What lengths these men went to! Chris Austin… that man is the new face of Full Metal Wrestling. THAT MAN RIGHT THERE, IS THE BEST WRESTLER IN THE WORLD TODAY! AND NOBODY, I MEAN NOBODY, HAS ANY RIGHT TO SAY OTHERWISE!

Sound: What a tourney! What a match! What a champion!

Smith: Folks, we’re out of time! For Dalby Sound, I’m Edible Smith… GOODNIGHT!

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PostSubject: Re: FMW Lethal Injection RESULTS   Fri Mar 23, 2012 11:37 pm

OOC: Good show all around. Some minor complaints, but such is life. Loved the tourney. Even though I finished JUUUUUUUUSTTTTT a bit short. We've had some ridiculously close matches in the last cycle, have we not?

Congrats to our 3 new champions.

IC reaction to come.

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PostSubject: Re: FMW Lethal Injection RESULTS   Fri Mar 23, 2012 11:54 pm

The Linguist: We have a teacher for a World Champion? I'm sorry dude, but Sharpedo King rather be in a school of fish. And I rather be in a school for hot college age ladies. Hubba! HUBBA!

SK shrugs, holding his belt tight to his shoulder.

SK: Sharpedo...

The Linguist: What... you don't discriminate? What do you mean by that? *pause* Oh damn...
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PostSubject: Re: FMW Lethal Injection RESULTS   Fri Mar 23, 2012 11:57 pm

OOC: I'll read the whole show in full later, I just wanted to read my shit for the moment. The biggest thing I saw was lack of consistency in between matches. Between the roster info used (the BR and first round match had my old stuff, the semi-final used the info I posted more recently), to how the commentators regarded Sleg (Dalby in particular, the shift between the first round match and semi was infuriatingly ridiculous). This is why shows need to be completely read through by the HW so shit like that doesn't happen.

P.S. Told you my promo score would still be low, Nick. Old habits die hard. Not that it being higher would have made things better as a whole (considering that I almost could have been FMC), but shit. Only a 3.8?

IC: Don't call it a comeback.

No. Seriously. Don't.


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PostSubject: Re: FMW Lethal Injection RESULTS   Sat Mar 24, 2012 12:04 am

OOC: Funny story, Slegna, I'll tell you it next time you're on AIM.

Quote :
thenickbryson 7:13 pm
do you ever wish you could lick your own balls
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PostSubject: Re: FMW Lethal Injection RESULTS   Sat Mar 24, 2012 12:12 am

OOC: I honestly am kind of overwhelmed right now. Winning the FMC, becoming the only Triple Crown Champ in FMW History... it's a lot to take in but thanks to Edible for a close match (and a convincing false finish) and thanks to the rest of you guys that enjoy what I write and pushed me to work hard and get better. Thank you guys, seriously. I'll have IC stuff later, but for now...


We fade in backstage where Chris Austin is seated on the floor of his locker room area. He stares into the centered gold plate; the scene is very similar to what Shawn Michaels experienced at Wrestlemania 12. Staring into his symbol of validation, he can't do anything but crack a smile. He can't help but to feel a dominating wave of love and affection traverse through his soul for what he holds in his hands. A couple of slow, stoic tears trail their way from his eye duct, then down his face, falling effortlessly onto the FMW logo in the center of the championship. Austin kisses the championship and continues to stare at the ultimate prize he has netted from his over four years of hard work, failures and success.

He realizes that he can look in the mirror and finally say that all of the claims... they are until further notice true.

He can finally acknowledge that he is truly the best wrestler in FMW, and has succeeded at a level no one else has ever sniffed in FMW history.

He can rest well knowing that he has supported the hypothesis of his class.

He understands that sometimes, even if a small stroke of luck is needed, the most deserving and the most talented man can be one in the same.

He even acknowledges that on any other night, Apostasy could have been the one in this position.

Above all, he can finally say that he is the Full Metal Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion.

And he knows that it has only just begun. For him and FMW.

Class is truly in session.
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PostSubject: Re: FMW Lethal Injection RESULTS   Sat Mar 24, 2012 12:29 am

FMW.com exclusive footage!

Moments after Lethal Injection goes off the air. Chris Austin is limping to the back as his music plays. Aposasy remains down on the canvas. Medical personnel run by the damaged Austin, attending to Apostasy.

Smith: I don't know... he looks out of it. Is he okay?

Apostasy opens his eyes. He squints in pain, wriggling his right foot. Then his left. Austin's music stops, as the medics fire off a few questions. Apostasy rustles his arms, and sits up with tremendous effort.

Smith: They're going to have to give him a concussion test... are we still live? No? Thought so...

Apostasy grabs the ropes with his left hand. He stumbles towards a vertical base, with the medics preparing to catch him if need be. His right arm is held downwards, as Apostasy is clearly favoring his right shoulder/neck area.

Smith: Heck of an effort, hey Dalby?

Sound: Yeah... that one was right to the wire.

Apostasy holds his index finger and thumb close together, indicating that he was "this close". "Futurism" plays once more. The crowd gets up and cheers for Apostasy, who stumbles his way down the ramp, still holding his arm in place.

Smith: Looks like a stinger to me.


We cut to Apostasy on the medical table backstage. Fresh stitches decorate a blood-stained face, which looks exhausted and disappointed. Apostasy's arm is placed in a sling, and the doctor has a piece of paper held up to Apostasy's face.

Apostasy: 3...1...8...7...2...4...9...1

The doctor looks at his watch, and frowns.

Doctor: Alright. So, you might have a concussion there. With the stinger as well... I think I'm going to have to advise you to shut it down for a bit. Next show, at least.

Apostasy: Damnit... so close... and now... back to square one.

Apostasy looks down at his replice Full Metal Championship. He stuffs it in his bag, almost disgusted with the look of it.
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PostSubject: Re: FMW Lethal Injection RESULTS   Sat Mar 24, 2012 7:08 am

OOC: I didn't think it were possible to mark out for a written match but I was totes marking out for the Apostasy vs. Austin. Congrats to Austin on becoming the champeen! And congrats to all the other winners! And I also want to thank/commend the writers; I always have a good time reading the matches, especially what my girls get up to. I personally find them to be annoying as fuck, which means I'm doing a good job Wink IC post to come later on.

Sage: W - 3 L - 1 D - 0
Santana: W - 2 L - 2 D - 0
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Skyler Striker
FMW C-4 Champion
FMW C-4 Champion

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PostSubject: Re: FMW Lethal Injection RESULTS   Sat Mar 24, 2012 8:38 am

Anwyl... the lineage of this title doesn't deserve to have your name on it. You didn't even show up today. Maybe if you watch, I'll show you what a true champion can do with a belt as highly sought-after as this, but know this - watching is all you'll be doing. That's 2-1 to me and I call that game, set and match. I'm done with you.

This C4 Championship has got some great names attached to it. And I want to shout out to one of them - the new Full Metal Champion, Chris Austin.

Chris. Congratulations. Having been here so long, earning that prize is something you deserve.

But know this: the day is coming when we must inevitably meet. If you're still holding on to that belt when I'm done warming up with this one - however long that takes - then I'll be coming for you. There's a Grand Slam awaiting me, and I'd love to make history.

See you around, Austin.

OOC: Congrats tremendously to Austin and Whitt, as well as the other winners, and tremendous effort by Apostasy. Love that it was a close fight.
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PostSubject: Re: FMW Lethal Injection RESULTS   Sat Mar 24, 2012 8:47 am

~Start Tranmission~

"Iron Man" Jimmy Ice:Impressive but you see after three long years there won't be nothing that I won't consider accomplishing. It's time to one again be in the warmth of the psotlight. May the fans let the chants of "Iron Man' clog the brains of all the fellow FMW superstars in a divine instant. This isn't your world anymore vile villians of FMW this is a World So Cold. And things are gonna get real COLD & CRITICAL.

~END Tranmission~

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Hannibal Frost


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PostSubject: Re: FMW Lethal Injection RESULTS   Sat Mar 24, 2012 8:48 am

Congratulations, Austin.

You're dead.
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FMW Corruption Ultraviolent Champion
FMW Corruption Ultraviolent Champion

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PostSubject: Re: FMW Lethal Injection RESULTS   Sat Mar 24, 2012 9:20 am

Whitt: While everyone can sit here and congratulate Austin on his hard-fought, well-earned victory...let's not forget about the most important development tonight.

Whitt raises the UV title, grin spreading across his face

GSW has two belts now. Two championships in our possession. And unlike King's, you can't even begin to argue that this one wasn't 'earned'. It might not have taken a lot of effort to earn it, but I did. And now, GSW stands tall above everyone else. If you continue to take us lightly after tonight, if you continue to see us as a mere annoyance, I will embrace this title and destroy you. Fear the Midas Touch, ladies and germs.


Rules are written by the strong! This is a fact! That's the truth! An absolute rule!
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Head Writer
Head Writer

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PostSubject: Re: FMW Lethal Injection RESULTS   Sat Mar 24, 2012 10:28 am

Jeff wrote:
Whitt: While everyone can sit here and congratulate Austin on his hard-fought, well-earned victory...let's not forget about the most important development tonight.

Whitt raises the UV title, grin spreading across his face

GSW has two belts now. Two championships in our possession. And unlike King's, you can't even begin to argue that this one wasn't 'earned'. It might not have taken a lot of effort to earn it, but I did. And now, GSW stands tall above everyone else. If you continue to take us lightly after tonight, if you continue to see us as a mere annoyance, I will embrace this title and destroy you. Fear the Midas Touch, ladies and germs.

You forget one thing... a very important detail.

That belt belongs to Corruption. It's the top belt of that brand. A brand that also happens to have me on it.

I might not be cleared for next show, but I promise you that sooner or later I'm coming for the UV belt. And just as I left the Pack dead, buried and a joke... I'm going to leave your little annoying bunch of renegades lying in shambles.

After tonight, nobody should doubt what I can do in that ring. Nobody should doubt that I have what it takes.

Hell... you know I can. I just defeated you and your sorry little associate Matt Dunn in the Through Hell and Back match not one show ago.

Enjoy it while you've got it. It won't be long.
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Full Metal Champion
Full Metal Champion

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PostSubject: Re: FMW Lethal Injection RESULTS   Sat Mar 24, 2012 12:28 pm

Jeff wrote:
Whitt: While everyone can sit here and congratulate Austin on his hard-fought, well-earned victory...let's not forget about the most important development tonight.

Whitt raises the UV title, grin spreading across his face

GSW has two belts now. Two championships in our possession. And unlike King's, you can't even begin to argue that this one wasn't 'earned'. It might not have taken a lot of effort to earn it, but I did. And now, GSW stands tall above everyone else.

Incorrect. While it's nice to see your little band of largely underachieving pissants start to reach success do know that your first championship was literally given to you. Besides, the most important development is not a underwhelming stable starting to make noise.

FMW actually has a tangible, bonafide top dog to strive towards defeating, if they can. I don't have to say who he is, you saw him win three matches to prove it. Just be warned though, he is adamant in taking on all comers.

Skyler, I look forward to our confrontation.

I'm not dead, Frost. I'm the FMW Champion. I beat you on my way to the championship. I'll do more than that to keep you from it.

Apostasy... very impressive. Very, very impressive. I can honestly say that what you threw at me was one of the most difficult tests I had ever taken. You have my utmost respect, and after reviewing the tapes I can say that not only are you a very talented competitor, you're an honorable one as well. I'm sure we will cross paths again. But for now...

Austin extends his hand for Apostasy to presumably shake.
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Head Writer
Head Writer

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PostSubject: Re: FMW Lethal Injection RESULTS   Sat Mar 24, 2012 12:39 pm

RCA wrote:

Austin extends his hand for Apostasy to presumably shake.

Apostasy accepts the hand, and shakes it.

Some day, we'll meet again I'm sure. There's lots I have left to do to get back there, though.
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FMW Corruption Ultraviolent Champion
FMW Corruption Ultraviolent Champion

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PostSubject: Re: FMW Lethal Injection RESULTS   Sat Mar 24, 2012 12:51 pm

Edible14 wrote:
And just as I left the Pack dead, buried and a joke... I'm going to leave your little annoying bunch of renegades lying in shambles.

Whitt: I do believe I JUST SAID that if you were to keep viewing us as a "mere annoyance", that I would destroy you. I did just say that, right? I did, I did indeed!

Welp, you'd better hope you stay off the card for the entirety of the next cycle, and stay at home while you do so. Because I am going to break your neck, your spine, your ribs, and anything else breakable in the human body. One can only repeat a message so often, one can only remind people so many times, before he snaps and ruins a life.

You too, Austin. You'd better grow eyes out of the back of your head, because the next time you insult GSW and regard us as "pissants", I will leave you in a hospital bed stuck to an IV for the rest of your life.

You will regard us as a threat and take us seriously. That I can assure you.


Rules are written by the strong! This is a fact! That's the truth! An absolute rule!
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Full Metal Champion
Full Metal Champion

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PostSubject: Re: FMW Lethal Injection RESULTS   Sat Mar 24, 2012 1:01 pm

Jeff wrote:


You too, Austin. You'd better grow eyes out of the back of your head, because the next time you insult GSW and regard us as "pissants", I will leave you in a hospital bed stuck to an IV for the rest of your life.

You will regard us as a threat and take us seriously. That I can assure you.

You've clearly forgotten, in all of your euphoria, just who in the fuck you're dealing with.

Chris Austin takes everyone seriously, even when they don't warrant it. It's what I do. Besides, I'm more than adept at injuring people. Ask around.
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Head Writer
Head Writer

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PostSubject: Re: FMW Lethal Injection RESULTS   Sat Mar 24, 2012 1:34 pm

Jeff wrote:
Edible14 wrote:
And just as I left the Pack dead, buried and a joke... I'm going to leave your little annoying bunch of renegades lying in shambles.

Whitt: I do believe I JUST SAID that if you were to keep viewing us as a "mere annoyance", that I would destroy you. I did just say that, right? I did, I did indeed!

Welp, you'd better hope you stay off the card for the entirety of the next cycle, and stay at home while you do so. Because I am going to break your neck, your spine, your ribs, and anything else breakable in the human body. One can only repeat a message so often, one can only remind people so many times, before he snaps and ruins a life.

You too, Austin. You'd better grow eyes out of the back of your head, because the next time you insult GSW and regard us as "pissants", I will leave you in a hospital bed stuck to an IV for the rest of your life.

You will regard us as a threat and take us seriously. That I can assure you.

Yes, because clearly I should fear GSW. I mean, with victories against the likes of Tyson Van Der Zar, Dazz Andrews and Smoochy Da Frog last cycle, you guys sure have cemented yourselves as threats. To be taken super seriously.

Your group is a joke. Sean Jensen hasn't wrestled a match since "debuting" here, and I'm not entirely convinced he's a real person. Leviticus lost to everyone he's faced since Death Row. Matt Dunn is washed up and everyone knows it.

You beat The Celt. That is a rather nice accomplishment. I'll remind you that I, too, have beaten The Celt. And you. And Matt Dunn. In the same match. Perhaps you forgot about it, having taken that rather nasty fall off a ladder through a table. Brain trauma can be a bitch.

I've already proven that strength in numbers means absolutely nothing to me, especially when most of the stiffs you call backup are guys who get steamrolled 90% of the time, if they even wrestle at all. Your group consists of nothing but the wrestling equivalent of the anonymous henchmen in James Bond movies. Now you've gotten yourself a new belt, and now you've promoted yourself to something more than just "GSW member #5". Congratulations. You still have a ways to go before you've proven anything.

If you think you can break me, you're more delusional than the rest of your idiot stablemates. I've been through every gimmick match you can think of. I've bled. I've taken insane falls. I've wrestled in a bed of glass, had salt poured in my wounds and I still didn't stop. What on Earth makes you think you, of all fucking people, can break me? Do you think just because I'm a little banged up now, that you're going to be able to play the part of the vulture? I've got news... I'm tougher than that. And if you hadn't noticed that by now, then you clearly haven't been paying attention.

You can shout and get mad all you want. But until you prove otherwise, you and your group are a mere annoyance. But if you step into the ring with me and don't just roll over and die like your buddy Leviticus has been doing for the last few shows, then maybe you'll be taken a bit more seriously. But if you fold under the pressure, just as Levi does, just as Matt Dunn has done, just as Sean Jensen did before he even started here, just as Jonathon King did in the Battle Royale... then you'll have proven me exactly right.

No pressure, though. Champ.
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Drake Parker
FMW Television Champion
FMW Television Champion

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PostSubject: Re: FMW Lethal Injection RESULTS   Sat Mar 24, 2012 1:43 pm

Edible14 wrote:
But if you fold under the pressure, just as Levi does, just as Matt Dunn has done, just as Sean Jensen did before he even started here, just as Jonathon King did in the Battle Royale... then you'll have proven me exactly right.

King: Now that's not quite fair. I didn't so much fold under pressure as feel the wrong side of a numbers game. I'm not sure if it was four or five guys beating up on me, but it was odds that even you would have fallen against.

OOC: Worst score in FMW history? I think so, I rock!
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Head Writer
Head Writer

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PostSubject: Re: FMW Lethal Injection RESULTS   Sat Mar 24, 2012 1:48 pm

Jonathon King wrote:
Edible14 wrote:
But if you fold under the pressure, just as Levi does, just as Matt Dunn has done, just as Sean Jensen did before he even started here, just as Jonathon King did in the Battle Royale... then you'll have proven me exactly right.

King: Now that's not quite fair. I didn't so much fold under pressure as feel the wrong side of a numbers game. I'm not sure if it was four or five guys beating up on me, but it was odds that even you would have fallen against.

OOC: Worst score in FMW history? I think so, I rock!

Four of five?

Right the last time I faced four other people was... last show. Where I won.

The last time I faced five people at once was... Death Row. In a ladder match. Where I won.


Worst promo score ever, maybe. Worst score ever now belongs to Adam Smith, with that incredible -0.6
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PostSubject: Re: FMW Lethal Injection RESULTS   

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FMW Lethal Injection RESULTS
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