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 Butters "Best Of..." Tournament Two (Introduction and Discussion Thread)

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PostSubject: Butters "Best Of..." Tournament Two (Introduction and Discussion Thread)    Thu Mar 08, 2012 12:47 am

Butters' "Best Of..." Tournament Series
Tournament Number Two
Best of... Villians

So it's finally here. The moment not a single one of you has waited for. Tournament Two of the Butters' "Best Of..." Series is finally here. This time, we figure out who the most vile, evil, despicable being to ever walk the Earth or any other world they may inhabit.

Due to the major delays between tournaments, this one will be bigger, to make it up to the public. The field has been doubled. Sixty-four entrants broken into four divisions named after their number one seed will compete to be recognized as the Best of the Villians.

We will use this thread as discussion and announcements, as each round will have it's own Voting thread.

The first division will have it's tournament posted shortly, and we will be on our way to crowning the King of the Villians.

Hitler Division Round One Voting

Full Metal Wrestling's -NUMBER ONE- Draft Pick.
Butters' "Best Of..." Tournament Series - Tournament Two - Best Of... Villians

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Butters "Best Of..." Tournament Two (Introduction and Discussion Thread)
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