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 Oh Sweet Angel of Mine.... (Poem)

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Oh Sweet Angel of Mine.... (Poem) Empty
PostSubject: Oh Sweet Angel of Mine.... (Poem)   Oh Sweet Angel of Mine.... (Poem) I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 08, 2011 1:23 am

Figured I'd share one of my poems with you all, though I haven't wrote one in along time, this one be something special too me, seeing how it deals with addiction towards cigarette smoking.

It's entitled "Oh sweet Angel of mine" and I wrote it on - 2/3/2011, so last month, though some of my poems may appear in my "Role-plays" all depends on what the "Role-play" is about. But here it is and I hope you enjoy it....

Sweet angel of mine, you'r the rush I look forward too each and every day
Though when I'm with you, you can't stop killing for one minute to be with me
Your a posion to the system killing for fun and laughing about like a lunatic on a rampage
By now my darling, you've never looked so good as you do now
Your lips, your body it's just a posion by it'self killing thousands for the hell of it
Nightly thousands dream about you, as your face haunts them as they sleep
But what does it matter if I can't have you to myself my sweet angel of mine?
What does it matter, I ask of you?

I look into your lying grey eye's and yet you tell me it'll be ok
Though I don't believe any of your words you tell me
As I sit with friends sharing you will all
You'r like a whore I'll never be able to change
I know your request
I know you can't be mine
For you aren't a one relationship kind of girl
But a girl who loves everyone she see's and touchs

For year's I've said nothing until now
Are we gonna fuck around forever
Or, Are you finally going to say you love me?
I guess I'll have to quit smoking
to see...
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Oh Sweet Angel of Mine.... (Poem)
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