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 Meh. See you on teh interwebz.

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Meh. See you on teh interwebz. Empty
PostSubject: Meh. See you on teh interwebz.   Meh. See you on teh interwebz. I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 06, 2010 12:11 am

I don't do long speeches. Bottom line, a combination of school, my new social life, and my Xbox 360 are taking up my life. No time for feds of any kind. Yes, it's my third character. Yes, I just started it. No, I didn't do anything yet. Oh well.

Thanks to Seth, Ro, Nick, SOS, and others for being pretty cool to me in both of my times here in FMW. I say that since I probably won't be back to promo with a character, but perhaps if any writing help is needed, I'll return. Perhaps. But no promoing. I can't handle writing RPs any more and let's face it, my TTing is crap.

I'm out. See you guys on AIM, mmkay? =)

thenickbryson wrote:
Us: Hi hammond, nice weather.

Meh. See you on teh interwebz. Kuruk
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Meh. See you on teh interwebz.
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