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 Well, Shit...

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Hannibal Frost

Hannibal Frost

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PostSubject: Well, Shit...   Well, Shit... I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 01, 2010 10:31 am

Looks like this is becoming a little cliche around here...

But I'm going to have to be the next in line to gracefully bow out.

This probably comes as a surprise to the folks I have talked to recently, as I did have big plans, but... I just can't do it anymore. I realized a little while back that I've been talking about getting life started for the past couple of years. Well, that hasn't happened.

Which leads me to the main couple of reasons that I've gotta leave.

1.) I'm fifteen thousand words in on a novel I've been writing, based on Mr. Frost himself. Who better to write about than the guy I've been writing about for so long, right? Well, with that being said, I can't risk burning out on the character.

2.) I've gotta' start working my ass off more than I already am. So, that leaves what used to be FMW time as Novel time.

This time, I'm positive there won't be an unexpected return. I'm not even gonna' predict on when I might be able to come back. So, for right now, this is goodbye.

Obviously I've gotta thank some folks: Jaro, Sky, RCA, Leon, Seth, and Harley if he sees this. You guys can't be thanked enough.

There are others, obviously, but that'd be listing just about everyone on the roster.

And yeah, that about covers it. I had a blast. I really did. I've gotta' facebook, so remember to hit me up on there. And keep on truckin' folks. Keep this fed alive.
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PostSubject: Re: Well, Shit...   Well, Shit... I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 01, 2010 10:41 am

Son of a...

Even though I sort of saw this one coming, it still blows. We had some epic nights of chatting with one another, epic nights of brain storming with one another, and of course epic nights talking about getting drunk (which would have ended badly).

I could mix and match words here, but the only words that really work are thanks for your help. Not everyone knows that Hannibal Frost has been one of my biggest guys to go to with ideas outside of Mark and Drew.

We will miss you buddy.
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Pokeleague Master
Pokeleague Master

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PostSubject: Re: Well, Shit...   Well, Shit... I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 01, 2010 2:37 pm

F Yo Novel.

You make me sadface, Hanny.

Well, Shit... Tumblr_lh5edsDFZK1qh4ubeo1_250

Turn our weakness into might.
Turn our blindness into sight.
Turn our questions into answers just as obvious.
As moonlight in the darkest darkest night.
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PostSubject: Re: Well, Shit...   Well, Shit... I_icon_minitime

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Well, Shit...
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