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 Uncle Harley's 11.1 Feedback - Let The Games Begin.

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Uncle Harley's 11.1 Feedback - Let The Games Begin. Empty
PostSubject: Uncle Harley's 11.1 Feedback - Let The Games Begin.   Uncle Harley's 11.1 Feedback - Let The Games Begin. I_icon_minitimeThu May 06, 2010 11:06 am

Straight forward and simple folks. Get a promo posted before the penalty deadline, you get some feedback.

I owe both MASS and Apathy feedback because I never got around to it during LI. So you two are going to get some regardless.

Now, onward and upwards!

RCA: Strong promo sir, very strong. Interesting dynamics forming for Austin and I'm really digging the. Austin and AO storyline. I'm not entirely sold on the Annalisa inclusion but I understand the reasons for it. For me that segment started off weak before picking up steam. And boy did the steam ever pick up. The ending of the segment with Drew and Alex O was excellently written. The overarcing story is coming along nicely with Alex/Kylie and the segment in the church. Great ending, gotta love a nice little cliffhanger every once and awhile. Not as strong as Lethal Injection, but I'm anticipating this match a while lot more. Best of luck Mr. Awesome, you'r living up to your name. The one thing I would have liked to have seen more is the progression of the "Student of the game" angle. There was a hint of it at the end of the promo, but it was almost nothing more than passing mention. That for me is the key detractor to this promo's strength.
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Uncle Harley's 11.1 Feedback - Let The Games Begin.
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