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 A poem for my Pops.

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A poem for my Pops. Empty
PostSubject: A poem for my Pops.   A poem for my Pops. I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 08, 2010 4:59 pm

I wrote this the day my grandpa died ... a copy of it was also placed in his pocket in his casket for him to read on the other side.

When you're a kid you'd always hear your friends say "I've got the better dad", or "I've got the better bike" or "I've got the faster computer". But none of that ever used to bother me, because I knew that I have the better grandad.

But what made him better than everyone else's grandad?

Is it coz he used to sneak me money for sweets when he thought mum wasn't looking?

Is it coz he used to make me laugh when he chased me around without his teeth in?

Is it coz he used to take me with him in his lorry during the summer holidays and buy me junk food for lunch even though nan had made us sandwiches?

Is it coz he took me to get my ears pierced even though mum told him not to?

Is it coz he laughed at me when I tried to get away with having a sneaky smoke when I was at his house?

Is it coz he bought me my first car even though I can't drive?

Is it coz he made fun of me when I was worried he was gonna yell at me for getting my tattoo?

Is it coz he told me how proud he was of me when I got married?

Is it coz no matter what he was doing he'd always have time for a cuddle, cuppa and a chat?

No, it isn't any of those, although I will always remember them.

What made him the best grandad ever ... is the fact he was mine!
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A poem for my Pops.
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