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 Rules and Things You Need To Know

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FMW C-4 Champion
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PostSubject: Rules and Things You Need To Know   Rules and Things You Need To Know I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 06, 2009 12:58 am

Now that we're getting a bit bigger it's time for us to lay down some ground rules. We've had a lot of new people as of late so instead of explaining things to each and every one of them, this makes it public for everyone.

E-Fed Rules
1) For writers: Do NOT leak spoilers to other members, which includes other writers. This goes for any match, any segment, or any angle. Members will be told spoilers by the head writers ONLY when their input is required to further an angle. If you wish to collaborate on a match/segment/angle with a fellow writer or another member, please inform a head writer before doing so.
2) For non-writers: Do NOT pester writers or moderators for upcoming angles or results. If you have a storyline or character proposal, then a head writer will be glad to hear them. We work very hard to incorporate all ideas brought to us so do not be afraid. However, annoying, repetitive questions such as "when will I be getting a title shot?" or "when am I getting a push?" will not be tolerated. Rest assured that if you are doing well, you will receive promotions and title shots.
3) Do not make changes to the main page of the FMW Wikipedia entry. Please only edit your character's page(s).

We do encourage individuals to create their own storylines and to have their character portrayed EXACTLY the way they want to. This allows for each member of the e-fed to control their own destiny each and every step of the way. But please be considerate when doing so. Do not ruin the fun or the surprises for your fellow members.

Failure to follow all of these rules could result in a suspension for your character or banning from the forum. Following these rules will make things much more fun for everyone, and help the e-fed run along smoothly.

Forum Commandments

1) Thou shalt not have more than one account at a time. No more than one account at a time. It won't be tolerated. You will be banned.
2) Thou shalt not spam. No spamming of threads or other board members.
3) Thou shalt not be inactive. Accounts that are inactive for 2 months and have under 10 posts will be deleted.
4) Thou shalt not delete thy account without permission. Do not delete your account without first receiving permission from an admin (Jaro or Robb). If you delete it and don't tell us, don't expect to be back.
5) Thou shalt not return after being banned. If you have been previously banned, do not try to come back. We'll catch you.
6) Thou shalt not argue with staff. Do not argue with Staff. They're on staff for a reason.
7) Thou shalt not become a member with the intention of attacking others. If you're signing up for the sole intention of attacking someone on these boards, you will be banned, no questions asked. It doesn't matter if it's done in the FFA or not.
Cool Thou shalt cite your sources. If you are posting news in the wrestling forum, please cite your source or your thread will be deleted.
9) Thou shalt not announce your arrival. Don't make threads announcing your arrival to the board.
10) Thou shalt not flame outside of the FFA. Flaming vs. Burning: Flaming is tolerated, but not entirely excusable. Excessive flaming may be met with a warning, and then further infractions could lead to a ban from the forums. Flaming is to be kept to the FFA. Anything outside of the FFA and you will be warned, temp banned and then perma-banned. Burning howerver is completely acceptable. Mild teasing and poking fun, like friends do, is fine outside of the FFA but there is a line and you know what it is. Don't step over it.
11) Thou shalt not advertise your own wrestling site via any means provided to you on this forum. This means PMs, posts and the chat. If you advertise, you're gone, no questions asked.
12) Thou shalt not sign up for the purpose of recruiting. If you sign up for the sole purpose of sending PMs to recruit for your own fed, you'll be banned. Re: Rule #11.
13) Thou shalt not use a proxy. The use of proxies on this site is strictly prohibited.

Things You Need to Know
If you are new, please sign-up in the FMW Sign-Up Thread.

Participation is 100% necessary when being booked for shows. We won't be booking anyone that signs up and then doesn't post. We've had numerous people sign-up and not post that complain about not being booked on a show. We aren't going to book anyone that doesn't show an interest in the fed.
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Rules and Things You Need To Know
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