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 The Inexplicable "Cleanser of Sinners" Eric Scorpio

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Eric Scorpio

Eric Scorpio

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PostSubject: The Inexplicable "Cleanser of Sinners" Eric Scorpio   The Inexplicable "Cleanser of Sinners" Eric Scorpio I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 21, 2009 5:27 pm

Anarchy 2.2 "Debut Promo" - Vs. John "Doc" Derrick & Travis James

It’s the middle of the night, the air is eerily calm and a series of large black clouds are rolling in. The sound of sirens can be heard throughout the area. The camera’s image quickly moves amongst the many rooftops in the cities landscape, until slows down on top of one of the buildings roofs where a man wearing a long leather coat, black with a hint of dark blue exposed in the moonlight, stands watching over the edge of the building.

The man is Eric Scorpio.

As he looks down he sees people walking doing different things.




You can’t walk anywhere without seeing someone committing one. They walk by enjoying their trivial lives and can’t live the straight and narrow. They all try, they all fail. Instead of living a meaningful life and being a decent human being, they want more. They always want more.

Scorpio continues to scan the neighborhood from the roof top and sees a couple of young men beating on this elderly woman, stealing her purse and running off. Eric Scorpio shakes his head.

What’s this world coming to? You want to know what the world is coming to? Well it’s not coming into anything actually. Atrocities, sins if you may, have been done now, as they were done during our many wars, during the Crusades, during the Roman Empire, during the construction of the very first civilized village…during the many interactions of our pre-human form. And you know what? It will be like this tomorrow, next week, next year, and during a future where your worthless lives will be forgotten.


Scorpio looks across the street to an alley and motions the camera to look in it’s direction. As the camera turns and zooms in the alley, a business man is having sex with a hooker, beside a large dumpster.

Look at that shit, sinners. You may not know me too well. Simple explanation, I am here in the FMW for two simple reasons. One to liberate those inflicted with a deadly disease. Two…well you don’t need to know that right now.

Now back to this disease. It is a self producing disease. It can entice others, but at its core, this infliction is where it’s produced.

The 7 deadly sins…

Well might as well start with that subspecies of life down there. He is inflicted with the Sin of Lust. He wakes up in the morning, kisses his wife and kids and goes of to work. He stares at his secretary and sexual thoughts begin to brew to the surface. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that, to me anyways, but to act upon them, then that’s where I walk in. You see that business man, he couldn’t control himself. He let his excessive sexual appetite to come to the surface and indulge himself with that whore down there.


Scorpio scans the area and directs the camera to point in a new direction. As the camera moves it focus on a couple of homeless men. These homeless men our lying on a park bench and covered with a newspaper.

Now looks at that poor site. You may see two men, down on their luck. One fired from his corporate job because of some unfortunate twist of fate. The other, moved out when he was 13, never finished school. These two people have the Sin of Sloth or Laziness for you dimwitted people. These two men are nothing more than beggars leaching off the people. And not lifting a god damn finger to earn anything. These two men are from different background and ended up conjuring the very same infliction.


Scorpio then physically points the camera to a posh nightclub further down the street. There waiting in line to get in, are numerous people of different ethnicities; men and woman.

Now we have the plastic people. Look at those breasts, look at the clothes, and look at their demeanor. All fake. These people are so fuckin vane. They want to fit in, be special, be the best looking, and be the hottest or sexiest. So many people suffer and are so humble; instead they must encounter the vanity of these people. Always wanting the best; fuckin Narcissistic assholes.


Scorpio grabs the camera and points it at a pimp with a hooker. The pimp is yelling and strikes the hooker repeatedly. The hooker is lying on the ground curled up and crying. Scorpio quickly points the camera outside a local tavern, where two men are brawling, one Caucasian, one Hispanic, as their girlfriends look on in disgust.

And now anger, yes anger. Whether it be assault, discrimination or some form of murder, these people can’t control themselves. These people suffer from the Sin of Wrath. Letting their anger out and exposed, looking like a bunch of fool really. Tolerance, composure should be what they follow.

I would take care of all these people, and cure them of the disease, of their sins. However, my attention is fixated elsewhere and that elsewhere is the FMW. These people are the cream of the crop of the sinners in this area. Everyone that is here has been inflicted by some major miasma and I am here to purge it and re-grow it anew. I was ready to purge the entire place, but lucky them, they have split into two. No matter. The place I have been sent to, Anarchy, will be my first stepping stone, and will be the first to be healed.

It starts with two very fortunate people. I will be facing them in a triple threat match, but for them, the real threat is me. They will be the first that I heal of their diseases, but also the first to fall


The clouds begin to thunder and a light rain begins to fall. Scorpio reaches inside his pocket and pulls out two photos. The first photograph is of Travis James.

Ah Travis Green, yes young man, he desires the championship, he wants it and will do anything for it. Here is a man inflicted with the Sin of Envy. He will do whatever it takes to be the champion, envious of all former champs, for him to be in this category of elites.


The sky begins to flash from lightning and the thunder gets louder. Scorpio flashes the other photograph, a picture of his other opponent, John “Doc” Derrick.

Now this man suffers from two sins. Doc has he has been nicknamed, he gambles, he drinks, he steals. This is a man who suffers from the Sin of Greed, and the Sin of Gluttony. His desire to amass riches from gambling and stealing and his excessive drinking is also sinful. Charity and temperance should be the course we all follow, but this man feels oblige to do the opposite.

These two men will go down and be cured by my hands. They will be the first of many, and I will heal the FMW as I use these scum as my stepping stone and my warning to others.

Scorpio stands on the ledge of the rooftop and spreads his arms out wide. The rain begins to fall heavily with each additional lightning strike and thunder. The rain soaks his shirt as it falls from his face. Down below people a scrambling to find some cover and to stay away from the rain. Scorpio looks up into the sky and begins to shout.

At Anarchy 2.2, you sinners shall pay, you can all repent now, but it is too late for you. You all had the chance to live the life, straight and narrow, but because you have fallen off the path, I will be there to make sure you stay down.

The cure is coming…

Travis, Doc…Anarchy…

I have arrived…

And I will regain my edge and you will all fall…

The rain is falling so heavily that the camera can barely see Eric Scorpio. Thunder can be heard, many flashes of light can be seen, when all of a sudden multiple loud cracks can be heard, and then the image goes dark…

The Inexplicable "Cleanser of Sinners" Eric Scorpio Scorp_sig5
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Eric Scorpio

Eric Scorpio

Posts : 790
Rep : 1
Join date : 2009-12-05
Age : 40
Location : Sudbury, Ontario

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FMW Superstar: Eric Scorpio

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PostSubject: Re: The Inexplicable "Cleanser of Sinners" Eric Scorpio   The Inexplicable "Cleanser of Sinners" Eric Scorpio I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 21, 2009 5:47 pm

Lethal Injection 1 w/Homicide - vs. The SoCal Connection (Sublime and Korran Halycon)

So… it is eight o’clock in the evening, exactly 24 hours before the FMW Lethal Injection PPV.

The picture on the television goes from black to a constant static of a black and white image.

So it comes down to this…

The picture’s static clears up and begins to zooms up down a dark back alley, where leaning against the alley wall, is a man with long black pants, wearing a leather trench coat and 6 pack of beer in one of his hands. As the man brings his head up to take a drink of his beer, the reflection of a nearby streetlight shines across his face, revealing it to be, Eric Scorpio.

You see years before I joined this little fun place of yours, I used to be an established wrestler. True it was an underground fight club, but that’s beside the point. Hell I wrestle on Anarchy for Christ sake, it is no different that the old days of underground fighting. After those days, I sat back and took some time off, to reflect on my life of course.

Scorpio turns his face to look at the camera and gives a little smile before taking another drink of his beer. Scorpio cocks his head back further and finishes off the remainder of his beer. He then tosses the empty can of beer down the alley ground causing a slight echo down the quiet alley.

Of course, when you do something for most of your life and stop, the rest becomes a blessing at first, a relief. Then as time goes on, it slowly begins to eat at yourself in the pits of your stomach; you begin thinking about it more and more, and wonder what if? Then it builds and build and you stop eating, you stop thinking, you stop doing anything and soon enough you become a shell of the man you used to be.

Scorpio begins to snicker.

It’s kinda like losing the love of your life, the one that made you whole, the one that completed you, the reason for living, for feeling alive!

Scorpio snickers some more as he reaches and yanks off another beer from his 6-pack. He cracks open the beer and take a large drink of it, before bring down his hand. Scorpio slides down the wall until he is in a seated position on the ground.

Of course, that first love is gone. Oh, you want it back but it isn’t happening, you just need to move on and find someone new. Well this is where it differs for me. You see, I have a sin as well, and that sin is the Sin of Envy. As with love, you move on, find someone new, someone better, but for me, I want it all back. I miss it. I want the edge that I once had. I want it bad. I don’t want something different, something new, something fresh. I want what I lost. And my edge, I get it from all the poor souls that stood in my way...

With a loud crack, and a flash in the sky, Scorpio tills his head up and watches it as the rain slowly comes down and begins form puddles on the ground and then a little stream and then an empty beer can goes flowing by Scorpio’s feet. Scorpio stands up and leans under a door’s archway, keeping himself mildly dry. Scorpio motions with his hand at the camera and to tell him to keep filming.

One day, I then ran into a clergyman. Without getting into too many details, he helped forge my path. He explained to me why he does what he does. This is where I truly began to understand what it means to be a sinner, and the impact that it will have on our souls. I began to understand how it can eat away at it, tear flesh from bone, and to possibly end up being a shell of ourselves, just like I had felt.

After a few weeks with him, we parted ways. During this time, before him, I thought I was lost, confused, but he told me I was doing something special, something wonderful. He said in no uncertain terms; I was in a way… fasting.

The rain comes to slow crawl and stop. Water drips down the alley walls and splashes as it drips down into existing puddles. Scorpio looks down at the ground and sighs at the sight, as the ground is all wet and unsuitable for sitting. Scorpio takes another drink of his beer and finds a dry section of the alley wall to lean against.

Yes fasting. Most people associate fasting with food, and so did I. But as the clergymen taught me, my absence from wrestling, from fighting, from the hardcore shit I used to do, this was also fasting according him. He told me there were 7 steps, 7 very crucial steps.

Eric Scorpio reaches in his pants pocket and pulls out a sheet paper. Scorpio looks at the list and rips a piece of paper off and shows it to the camera.

The Inexplicable "Cleanser of Sinners" Eric Scorpio Paper1

The first step, he told me was to set an objective. Of course, ever since the days before I ran into the clergyman, my one and only objective was to regain what I lost. I was good, naw, I was great. I maybe a little vain to think so, but I miss those days, I miss grinding the fuck out of someone’s head against a brick wall, on a concrete floor, or on the hot running engine of a Ford Mustang. Those were the days.

Scorpio again rips up another piece of paper.

The Inexplicable "Cleanser of Sinners" Eric Scorpio Paper2

My second step was to make a commitment. Which I did by quickly signing up with Full Metal Wrestling, and was quickly picked up by the hardcore brand of FMW, Anarchy. You see these guys busting their asses on TV, and that’s what I wanted since I was a kid, but I only settle for the down and dirty lifestyle of the underground, people surrounding you, wanting blood, wanting death. But I spent my recent days before joining, watching these guys in the ring, this is obviously the premier wrestling brand around, some are good, like Ethan Black, Dr. Diabolical, Drew Micheals. But others, meh, I wasn’t impressed; hell I’ve curb stomped better fighters than that. So essentially, I wanted to show them, how it should be done.

Scorpio takes yet another drink of his beer and proceeds to rip another piece, showing it to the camera then tossing it to the ground.

The Inexplicable "Cleanser of Sinners" Eric Scorpio Paper3

My third step was to prepare my self spiritually. Well this is where me and clergyman became at odds, and I don’t quite understand. He thought me about sins, and sinners, and to help these men. This is exactly what I plan on doing, to repent those sinners. The clergyman told me that this could take time. Well I don’t have it, so rather than waiting and talking them to death about the rights and wrongs, I’m just going to skip all that and just beat the hell of them till the message gets through. Why not, everyone needs a purpose; well I believe I have mine.

Scorpio goes to rip up another piece when all of a sudden the loud shrieking sound of a cat fills the alley causing Scorpio to jump sideways a couple of feet while dropping his beer and the piece of paper on the ground.

WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT??? Hey cut the camera dipshit…

The camera cuts out and Scorpio picks the piece of paper off of the ground. He checks his beer, but it has completely emptied out from the fall. Scorpio recomposes himself all while Homicide and Sara comes from around the corner and hands Scorpio a beer.

Scorpio: What was that? You know I don’t mind doing these promos, but damn, why do we have to do it at 4 in the morning in this damn dark and dirty alley.

Cameraman: You may want to slow down on the drinking though; it will show a bad example to the kids that watch. Besides, if we had done it at 8 at night, this alley would be filled with bums and panhandlers.

Scorpio: Who the hell said you could speak to me?

Homicide: Now, now, don’t mind him, that sound were probably just some cats fight over who has sex with whom. That is of course, you care about such things?

Scorpio throws a quick stare towards Homicide that would burn a hole through his head, when Sara suddenly pushes Homicide back while looking at Scorpio.

Sara: He was joking; don’t mind him. Homi, just telling him you were joking.

Homicide: Bah, he knows I was, anyways lets get this shit done, it’s friggin late and I need some sleep. Hey cameraman, make sure you rewind the camera a little to get rid of that cat shrieks in the background.

Cameraman: Yup already done.

Scorpio: Alright let’s finish up this promo, why don’t you two step out of the shot. I need some sleep too, and I want to be well rested for our tag title match at Lethal Injection. So let’s get this done.

Homicide and Sara proceed to make their way out of the alley, as the cameraman repositions the camera over his shoulder. Scorpio takes a quick drink from the beer Homicide handed to him and picks up the piece of paper he had originally dropped on the ground. The cameraman gives Scorpio a thumb up as he turns back on the camera.

The Inexplicable "Cleanser of Sinners" Eric Scorpio Paper4

As I was saying, the fourth step required me prepare myself physically. Well I suppose, I really didn’t do that here, unless you call raising a beer to your mouth on a consistent basis. Besides that, I am still agile as a cat, and one tough son of bitch. However when I first ran into this place, I was essentially green due to my long time off. I put on a valiant effort, as I nearly made the one and only Mr. Derrick give up in my debut; but this was a triple threat match, and I wasn’t careful in my surroundings. I lost, but I gained more from losing. You see you can’t lose anything if you don’t have anything. I hadn’t won yet, so a lost is no big deal, it’s what you do with this lost that determines who you are and what you’ll become.

Scorpio shows another piece of thorn paper to the camera before rolling it up and tossing it down the alley.

The Inexplicable "Cleanser of Sinners" Eric Scorpio Paper5

My fifth step was to put myself on a schedule. Well I’ll admit, I didn’t really have anything planned out here. Sometimes, things happen. During my presence here, one man, Mr. Walsh, you know him as Homicide, came to me with a plan. He knew of me from my past, what I was capable of, and how far I will go to accomplish things. He was having difficulties winning mainly because of his partner. But when he heard through the grapevine, that I was returning to wrestling, he sought me out immediately and began his little scheme to make me his partner in his FMW Tag Team title match.

Well everyone knows what happened next with this little story, with exodus of Mr. McDaygo, Homicide announced to everyone that I was to be his partner. Someone reliable, someone dependable, someone who could still stand up after a brutal beating, and win a damn match which Mr. Koston found out first hand.

With a little chuckle Scorpio again shows another piece of paper, and simply lets it fly off his fingers with the aid of the wind.

The Inexplicable "Cleanser of Sinners" Eric Scorpio Paper6

The sixth step was to end my fasting gradually. And it happened at ringside, while I watched on as Mr. Walsh took on Mr. Halycon, and during this match they wouldn’t let it go, they pissed me the hell off, until I got ejected. This is when I came back in the ring, steel chair in hand and smashed it right across Mr. Halycon’s head. The sound of the metal resonating, the vibrations I felt running down my arms as Mr. Halycon collapsed on the mat in a heap; this woke me up.

All the hardcore shit I did in my past, all glory of beating a man down, it felt good. I felt alive! Then my second match against Mr. Koston, The Sublime for you people, he started the match and jumped me right at the start. The man pummeled me for a few minutes before I even got one single punch in. In the end, I prevailed, and learned a couple things from this. Mr. Koston, you ain’t sublime and I’ve taken severe beatings in my past, and yours came no where near.

The Inexplicable "Cleanser of Sinners" Eric Scorpio Paper7

Of course this brings us to the seventh step, results. Which brings us to the now.

Directly across the alley of where Eric Scorpio is standing, on the wall, is a promotional poster for the up and coming Full Metal Wrestling PPV, Lethal Injection.

Lethal Injection, 11 main event quality matches. 34 wrestlers, and all 34 of them, including me to a minimal extent, are sinners. Yeah there are two NEW matches with 6 NEW wrestlers as well, but to hell I will acknowledge the one match with The Celt in it, and the other is basically a squash match. Now, I’m in no position to take down all of these men at one time and cleanse them of their affliction, but this will all come in due time.

Looking closer at the poster, Scorpio points specifically at the FMW Tag Team Champion match, between the SoCal Connection vs. Homicide and Eric Scorpio, in an Unlucky 13 match.

No tonight, I have interest in only one match, one main event, two wrestlers, and one set of Tag Team Title belts. And this involves the FMW tag team champions, The SoCal Connection; Mr. Koston and Mr. Halycon. My associate Mr. Walsh has single handedly taken down both of these men in individual matches. He is very well aware what both of you two men bring to the table, to the match. And last week, well, I took it to The Sublime myself and experience what he also brings into this match. This was a very big mistake, as you stood a better chance of winning at the PPV, with me not knowing your wrestling style. You guys aren’t cool and collective anymore and I won’t be taken off guard as well, as this frustration of yours will be your downfall.

Scorpio rips the poster off the wall, rolls it up in a little ball and tosses it in the large dumpster. He then precedes to pulls yet another beer out from the string of the 6-pack and cracks it open.

I have nothing against these two men. They bore me no will ill nor do I bother to care about their sinful ways. Yes they are sinful, but there are bigger fish to fry, sort of speak. What they have around their waist, is what I need to elevate my status even further. Saying that of course; I will not underestimate them as they do have something to prove. They have lost a few matches in a row and now that their titles are on the line, they may have some bite behind that bark of theirs after all. I am all for competition, as beating someone senselessly just gets kind of boring after awhile. So having them fight for their championship lives will bring the best in all of us, and that will allows us to steal the show. Not only did Mr. Walsh’s hiring allow for a superior partner; it will allow me to raise his status in this company as well.

Sticking his hand in his leather jacket, Scorpio pulls out a black staple gun and staples the string of his 6-pack onto the wall, where the poster once stood.

There much better, was getting tired of holding these beers.

Now as I was saying before I began to ramble on, the fasting. Well it is almost over, at Lethal Injection I will complete the end of this fasting. With this very staple gun, I will staple 7 playing cards to both of your heads and be declared the winner and new FMW Tag Team Champion, step seven will be over, and so will the fasting. I will indeed feel refreshed, spiritually and mentally. I will finally reach what I had long lost.

I will feel reborn…

I will have found my edge...

And sinners, as with the seven steps of fasting, I will cleanse you of your seven deadly sins, with the seven staples and the seven cards needed to win this very match.

With one final drink, Eric Scorpio empties his can of beer and tosses it to the ground. He looks right into the camera and begins to laugh hysterically.

Oh, I will make damn sure one of you two will be stapled with a Royal Flush...

Scorpio leaves the alley laughing and begins walking down the street with Homicide and Sara as the camera image zooms out at the image of the three walking away down the dark empty street, until the image begins to static, then nothing…

The Inexplicable "Cleanser of Sinners" Eric Scorpio Scorp_sig5
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Eric Scorpio

Eric Scorpio

Posts : 790
Rep : 1
Join date : 2009-12-05
Age : 40
Location : Sudbury, Ontario

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FMW Superstar: Eric Scorpio

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PostSubject: Re: The Inexplicable "Cleanser of Sinners" Eric Scorpio   The Inexplicable "Cleanser of Sinners" Eric Scorpio I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 21, 2009 5:52 pm

Circus Maximus I - Mt. Vesuvius Match

Host: Welcome viewers at home. This is FMW Confidential, and I am Skip James.

An annoying little jingle begins playing when with a wide and far away camera shot, we see a fancy little news desk, which behind it sits the host of the show Skip James. The wall behind him is plastered with the wording “FMW Confidential”. The camera zooms closer and focuses on the upper body and head of the host and is showed off centered like you would expect from any news broadcast.

Skip: Over the past week, we have given you the viewers and in-depth and behind the scenes look at 29 wrestlers that are competing in the Mt. Vesuvius match at Circus Maximus. You got to witness their youths, their desires, their sorrows, their success, and of course their downfalls in their lives.

A picture box opens up to the side of the host and images of all the Mt. Vesuvius participants are shown, one after another in quick fashion until it stops on the image of Alchemist Eric Scorpio.

Skip: This week, we bring to you the 30th wrestler in this match, and of course the man who won his right to enter in the 30th position in the hellacious Mt. Vesuvius match. Ever since being traded to Alchemy, Scorpio has found renewed vigor and energy within himself. And it was introduced that he would enter into a 6 match over the top battle royal match for the 30th entry spot, Scorpio definitely made sure that everyone knew who he was, and what he was all about. Let’s take a closer look at the end of that very match.

The camera fizzles out and quickly shows the ending of the six man over the top battle royal match at Alchemy 3.1.

Quote :
Scorpio walks over to the ropes, with Hostyle still on his shoulders, and motions to powerbomb him over top rope. However, Hostyle hits him with two shots to the head and falls backwards to deliver a huricarana over top rope, sending both of them to the apron. Both men cling to the ropes to avoid being carried off the apron by their momentum

The two of them carefully climb back to their feet and start exchanging right hands on the apron. Hostyle hits Eric Scorpio hard, and he begins to wobble

But Scorpio holds on, and he deals a hard forearm to Hostyle, who in turn almost collapses

However Hostyle also holds on to the rope, and keeps his footing on the apron. Scorpio suddenly hits Hostyle with a knee to the midsection and, with miraculous balance, lifts him into position for a vertical suplex.

Scorpio slowly turns around so that he's facing the ring and drops backwards. Hostyle lands hard on the mat, and Scorpio's head and shoulders also hit the ground

The camera goes close up to show that although Scorpio's back is on the ground, his legs are wrapped around the bottom rope. Showing tremendous leg strength, he pulls his body back up onto the apron and stumbles into the ring to celebrate

Cherry: Your winner of the match... Errrriiiiic Scooooooorrrrrpioooooooo!!!!!!

The camera freezes with Eric Scorpio holding his hand up high in victory, until zooming to the picture box at the side of Skip James.

Skip: WOW, Talk about a photo finish. There maybe luck or it could have been a sacrifice by this man; the man entering last at Mt. Vesuvius, Eric Scorpio.

The image quickly changes of that of a small skinny child with a big toothless smile.

Skip: We will show you some information that none of our viewers have ever witnessed nor even knew. This man of mystery, the self-proclaimed Cleanser of Sinners grew up just like all of you. He was once, just a kid; a child.

The studio image fizzles out and a video clip begins to play. Images of Eric Scorpio growing up begin appearing and fading. Images of Eric as a baby, his first day of school, riding a bicycle, playing with a dog, taking a bath; all images anyone would want forgotten especially not for the world to see. As the pictures are shown, a narrator begins to talk.

This story begins with Eric Scorpio being born on October 29th 1978 in a small French community in the northern part of the province of Ontario. He is loved by his parents of Judy and Remi. The family moved quite often, and as little Eric grew up, he never stayed long enough to make any true friends. Two years later, Eric was joined by his baby sister named Tammy. After spending many of his early days moving, Eric’s daddy left the family for good leaving his mother to raise himself and his sister.

With no where else to go, Eric’s mother moved the family back to her home town and settled in life taking any low paying jobs that came her way to support her two children. Eric having moved quite often was accustomed to finding friends quickly, but never truly bonding with them. Eric had one thing going for him, and that was his ability to learn very quickly.

An old video recording during Eric’s youth of Eric’s mother while Eric played in the background.

Mother: Eric is a very intelligent child. He gets “A’s” all the time with little effort; he plays on the track and field and has won many awards and achievements in what he does. I am very proud of my little boy.

Another aged video of Eric being chased home after school and beatings he had received from a classmate during school recess.

Mother: He isn’t a trouble maker; the bigger children in school push him around pretty easily but more often than not, Eric does what’s right and runs away. He is quite fast after all.

An image of a young Eric cowering in his room keeping to himself is showed across the screen before the camera quickly goes back to the FMW Confidential Studio with Skip James.

Skip: Wow, a tormented childhood. I don’t think it explains enough about what happened to this young man, but I would surmise that it may have just begun here. Well we need to cut to a quick commercial break and then we will be right back.


The Inexplicable "Cleanser of Sinners" Eric Scorpio Circusmaximusmini

Alchemy vs. Anarchy - Battle of the CEOs:
Jaro and SoL vs. Phantom Lord and War Machine

Who will win this epic battle? Which CEO will come out on top?


The annoying little jungle plays again as the camera cuts back to the studio and zooms in on the show’s host. Besides him a picture box opens up beside him of a Eric Scorpio at the age of 14 playing basketball in a gym.

Skip: Welcome back everyone, early we spoke about Eric Scorpio, more specifically, Little Eric. After a truly telling childhood we bring you Scorpio’s life as teenager in high school around the age of fourteen.

The studio image fizzles out yet again and school pictures of Eric are shown in sequence from his early days to his 14th birthday.

After growing up, Eric never found his place. He excelled in sports and in his school work, but his social life was abysmal. He had never learned to bond with friends at an early age and seemed a little distant in trying to find new ones. Eric finished his 8th grade with the best grade in class, and seemed like he was on a path to do the same in high school.

At home, life had become quite turbulent for Eric for quite some time now. His mother having found a new man in her life, spent lots of time at the house and eventually moved in. At first all was good, but soon, things began to sour between Eric and his new step-dad. These to were always at odds, and it grew worst with each year. Never during this time, would his mother interfere in the disputes over each other.

His social life was no where to be seen. He had become nearly an outcast except for a couple of friends and was harassed extensively in school by other students.

An old video of Eric plays basketball for the high school team, showing him never receiving a pass and often sitting on the bench.

Mother: Eric seems to have distance himself. I’m no sure why, but he acts like everything is all fine. He spends countless days in his room playing videogames and if he’s not doing that, he’s working at the gas station 3 times a week. He does spend time with some friends.

His schooling had also suffered. Often times, Eric sitting in the back of the class would be sleeping, and his would almost never hand in school assignments. His grades had definitely fallen, but Eric still showed his intelligence when it came time to write a test, which he would almost always ace. Eric had just become unmotivated.

Pictures of Eric’s homework assignments spread across his desk, with not a mark on any of it. Another old video interview of his mother shows across the screen.

Mother: I do worry about him. His grades have slipped, and I’ve rarely seen him do any homework. I know he’s smart enough to pull himself out of this, but it seems like he’s pulling away from society.

One day during the high school lunch period, Eric was extensively beaten down by a group of 6 students, ranging from the ninth to the twelfth grade. His body was beaten and bruised, but he did not once tell anyone. The following day showed a sign of change in him, he had brought with him a baseball bat. That day, in the hallways of the school, the same students who had beaten him the day before had sought to mock him, but this time; they received, in full view of the school’s staff, multiple cranial shots with the bat severely injuring those students who had beaten him.

Another old video of Eric carrying a duffle bag of his belongings walking out the door as his step father curses at him and throwing any of Eric’s belongings out the door.

Mother: What’s a mother to do? I didn’t raise my child to act this way and if he’s going to be some savage I don’t want him my house.

This would be the last time he would ever go home.

The video package cuts away back to the studio where the host is waiting with a large smile. Beside him is an image of an adolescent Eric Scorpio, with duffle bag in hand, walking along side a road.

Skip: Ground breaking stuff here folks. If any of you wanted to know the mysteries of one Eric Scorpio. Tonight, FMW Confidential is dishing out the good stuff. After the break, we talk about the Eric Scorpio’s life as a young adolescent and his strides to becoming a man. We will be right back.


The Inexplicable "Cleanser of Sinners" Eric Scorpio Circusmaximusmini

FMW Championship Last Man Standing Match:
Ethan Black (c) vs. Alex O'Rion

There is only one man who will be left standing. But who will it be? Can the champion retain his championship or will O’Rion be the one to break the Champions’ streak?


The jingle plays again, and multiple pictures of Eric Scorpio’s youth are flashes on the screen as the camera zooms to the host, Skip James yet again.

Skip: Welcome back folks. You got to see Scorpio’s upbringing, you got to see Scorpio in school. But what happened after. Well, this is where it gets difficult to unravel the fact from the fiction. We will show what we know is fact. Let’s watch.

As before, the studio fizzles out to another image package of Eric Scorpio training inside a wrestling ring.

Having no where else to go, Eric Scorpio made his way to the town of Sudbury, where in need of food, Eric began working as a janitor at a local wrestling academy. After getting very intrigued and interested in the world of wrestling, he strikes up a verbal deal with the head trainer at the academy to give him lessons in exchange for the work he is currently doing at the gym. After a few sessions, the head trainer is highly impressed by his technical prowess and his ability to learn and adapt in the wrestling. This leads to Eric getting booked for some local shows under the moniker of “The Scorpion”.

A video of one of The Scorpion’s matches plays as the narrator continues talking.

Soon however, after multiple championships, Eric begins aspiring for the bigger leagues and demands to be paid a higher salary which leads to him being dismissed of his verbal contract and fired from his job.

Jobless and getting hungry, Eric learns of an underground fighting fed, where the fighters are paid very well, but the degree of the fights are extremely brutal.

Multiple still shots of Eric fighting other combatants surrounded by vehicles and shouting bystanders are shown.

During the conclusion of one of these in a local diner, Eric would come across his future wife; a tall, caring blonde woman, with blue eyes. It wasn’t longer after that this couple got engaged and with enough money saved up from his underground fights, he also quickly retired from his career as a fighter. Not long after, they were married and moved into a beautiful home, that Eric himself had paid for.

The images of Eric and his bride, the wedding and a newspaper article announcing their union appears across the screen.

But this would not last, the marriage ended quickly, and the home he was in was soon destroyed. He was left, again alone, without a dime to his name.

What happened to him afterwards is still quite a mystery.

Why has he become the Cleanser of Sinners?
Why has he wrecked havoc since his arrival to FMW?
Why has he changed so drastically?

Only one person knows for sure...

An image of a young Eric, with eyes wide open and large smile, holding a teddy bear is frozen onto the screen, as the camera fades back to the studio of the FMW Confidential set.

Skip: Well there you have it. The life of Scorpio as we officially know it before he made his debut in FMW very first brand split draft. Does it explain anything it? Not at all. Why has he decided to become a “Cleanser of Sinners”? Again no one knows. Well in actuality, there is one man who knows the answers to all of these questions. One man who can finally reveal the secrecy and mysterious nature of his life, and that man is of course none other than Eric Scorpio, The Cleanser of Sinners. And folks, he will sit down with me next, right after a short commercial break. Don’t go anyone people, you won’t want to miss this!


The Inexplicable "Cleanser of Sinners" Eric Scorpio Circusmaximusmini

MAIN EVENT, Mount Vesuvius Match:
Adema Aeries vs. Adrian vs. Blackwell vs. C.G.S. vs. cYnical vs. Dalby Sound vs. Drew Michaels vs. Dr. David Diabolical vs. Eric Scorpio vs. Flare vs. Gregory Stevens vs. Guybrush Threepwood vs. Hadyn "The Maniac" Domstad vs. Harlequin vs. Homicide vs. Hostyle vs. John "Doc" Derrick vs. King Guiomar vs. Korran Halycon vs. Mass Chaos vs. Mercutio vs. Orochi vs. RAMPAGE! vs. Robert Lillehammer vs. Sheepster vs. Showstoppa vs. Slegna vs. Styxx vs. Syanide vs. X

Who will win? 30 men, will climb the 3 cage structure of Mt. Vesuvius, but only one man will hold the right to hold up that torch.


The jingle of FMW Confidential begins to play as dozens after dozens of pictures of Eric Scorpio through out his life is shown quickly before the camera cuts to the studio where Skip James is sitting in a sofa.

Skip: Welcome back. This is the moment of truth, the man of the hour, and the Winner of the coveted #30 Entry spot at Circus Maximus’ Mt. Vesuvius Match; The Cleanser of Sinners. Welcome to FMW Confidential Eric Scorpio and thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to us.

The camera pans out a little, leaving Skip James into the frame, but also showing a second chair, where Eric Scorpio is sitting back calmly waiting.

Scorpio: It’s no problem at all Mr. James.

Skip: Oh no formalities here, call me Skip.

Scorpio: I’ll stick with calling you Mr. James.

Skip: Very well. Since joining Full Metal Wrestling, you have made a mediocre splash in your arrival to the Anarchy brand. With a lost to John Derrick in your debut and to The So-Cal Connections in a Tag Team Title match. You sole win came when you defeated The Sublime in a match he clearly had the upperhand in. Do you attribute you failure in these matches because to were unable to cope with the Ultraviolent ways of Anarchy?

Backstage a few stage hands have a look of shock across their faces from the confrontational approach of the host Skip James. Scorpio however is still leaned back into his chair call and collective not fazed at all by the question asked.

Scorpio: Mr. James, did I enter Anarchy at full force? Not at all, it’s no secret I have been away from wrestling for quite some time. It’s also no secret that I’ve made it quite clear when I got here, that I was here for two reasons, to purify the sinners in this organization of their sins with my bare hands. And two, which you seem to have forgotten, is that I also said that I was here to regain an edge that I had lost. When I lost to the one Mr. Derrick, I was not deterred nor disappointed in the lost. It was lessons learn. You sometimes have to take a few bumps and a few turns before you see the destination ahead.

Skip: Interesting stuff. It was also rumored that you were married and that you originally left the sport of wrestling to settle down and have a family. I’ve also heard that your wife also bore a healthy baby after roughly a year of marriage. What I’d like to know is, what was your reaction when you learned that the child was not yours?

Backstage a few people drop their coffees out of their hands, a collective gasps is heard and the boom mic clearly becomes visible in the camera for a few seconds before being pulled out of sight. On camera, Eric Scorpio looks directly at Skip James, visibly annoyed but keeping his calm. After a few seconds of silence, Scorpio gives out a smirk and then relaxes.

Scorpio: Interesting bits of info you have there.

Skip: I do my research

Scorpio: You should be commended for it. I did indeed leave wrestling for awhile; I had been wrestling for quite sometime before hand winning a few championships before I found that special someone in my life. We got married and even built that beautiful white picket fenced house we always wanted with my life savings. Things went sour after the pregnancy and I’ll leave it at that.

Skip: You didn’t answer my question. Where is your estranged wife and her baby? We’re on live television here and you’re going to answer me.

Scorpio look incredibly annoyed at this point to the point of being tense in the chair.

Skip: What’s wrong, hit a sore spot, Mr. Scorpio? I thought nothing fazed you.

Scorpio: Stupid dumb fucks like you do. What’s this all about ratings? All about glamour? All about fortune?

Skip: Of course, what else is there?

Scorpio slowly gets off his chair. He throws Skip James a quick look and a maniacal smile.

Scorpio: Repentance. Mr. Sinner.

Scorpio quickly grabs the scrawny neck of the host and looks him deep into his eyes. Skip James looks completely terrified as he almost convulsing in Scorpio powerful grip.

Scorpio: Naw I will show you how I will eliminate one man from Mt. Vesuvius. Think of your sins as cleansed after this.

Skip James begins to yell for help, when I none foul swoop, Scorpio spins and tosses Skip James through the weak walls of the FMW Confidential set. A few stage guys begins walking in the direction of the fallen host when Eric Scorpio gives them a hand notice to keep the show rolling and to focus on him as he sits back down in the chair.

Scorpio: I don’t do this for fame, I don’t do this for fortune, and I don’t do this for anybody, not even myself. The sole purpose of me being here is to purify. You have all type of sinners roaming the grounds of FMW and everywhere FMW goes, these individuals infect their sins on to others.

Doesn’t it sicken you? Yes you people out there, the fans, the audience; the one’s buying into this. Avoid the seven deadly sins, and your soul shall thrive long after death. Indulge yourself in these sins, and may your soul get punished for eternity. Unlike these men of the FMW, you people have no chance. No one to cleanse your sins, no one to purify your soul.

Mt. Vesuvius, you will see what happens to someone who gets to be in that match. They will get cleansed. Their asses will fly off that monstrosity they call a cage. They will burn, they will hurt, they will suffer. I shall take no pleasure from this. However in the end they shall be cleansed. One man that is in desperate need of cleansing however is not in this match. He is your FMW Heavyweight Champion, Ethan Black. His sins run deep. There is many ways to reach that man, and the best way, is to cleanse the souls of twenty nine men until that torch is held high above my head. This is my ticket, this is my role. With each match, I take one step forward. With each step, I get closer to my goal. And with my goal in reach, that belt shall be cleansed of all sin.

Scorpio stands up from his chair and kicks it back. He slowly approaches one of the television cameras and puts his face close to the lens.

I am not an “Angel of Vengeance”, nor am I a “Saint of Salvation”.

I am simply myself. No more and no less.

All I want; is for all of you sinners to be free…

Eric Scorpio gives a maniacal smile to the camera before he knocks it over. The picture angle drastically changes on it's way down until the camera strikes the studio floor and the picture quickly changes to static…

The Inexplicable "Cleanser of Sinners" Eric Scorpio Scorp_sig5
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Alchemy 3.4 - vs. Hostyle

The picture goes from darkness to that of pure static. The sound cracking loudly and the image flickering ever so erratically.

Voice: Thi… am…ver…amer… eady.

The picture static begins to fluctuate between static and a solid image. The sound of static also erratic, no longer blocks out the voice. As the image focuses itself and the static practically goes away, one man can be seen wearing a long black leather trench coat in dimly lit nightscape. That man is Eric Scorpio.

What changes have happened here? Seems like I’ve changed as well.

Scorpio takes a deep breath, and then glances towards the camera.

Or have I?

The camera begins to follow Scorpio closely behind, as he begins to walk down what appears to be a narrow alleyway.

I have wrestle with this for some time now. To you people out there, it would seem to be since Mt. Vesuvius, but in all actuality, it’s been far longer.

Eric Scorpio stops walking for a second and takes a deep breath.

Ah. Feel that? That crisp night air, filling your lungs with each and every breath. I had a choice this very second ago. I could have taken a quick breath and continued walking. I instead chose to stop, take a deep breath and exhale ever so gently. Enjoy the air as it goes in and out of my lungs. Look around, and see what surrounds me. That, is a simple choice.

Scorpio motioned to the camera to follow him as he resumes walking down the back alley.

So many people make different choice every second of every day. Hell I even made one when I joined this company and I even made another when I showed concerned when I thought I had severely injured Dalby Sound as well.

See, choices. Some are right, some are wrong. But the kicker is, some choices are neither. Some choices make up who oneself is. Or who one’s self will be like.

Scorpio emerges from the alleyway and into a quiet street. There is no traffic, there are no people; just the eerie quietness of night.

However some choices, I will not stand for.

Scorpio bends down and picks up a disposed magazine with the members of N.M.E plastered all over the cover.

Some choices, will get my attention.

Scorpio flickers through the pages till a 2 page spread of Hostyle beating on his former partner, The Prince of Pretty, catches his attention.

But these sins will no longer go unnoticed.

I am the Cleanser of Sinners.

I had one major chip on my shoulder when I got here. I brushed it off, pretending not to let things bother me. Specifically going after who I chose to without even flinching at the other sinners that plagued this place.

I pretended this didn’t bother me, that I didn’t care.

I was wrong. It did.

Scorpio throws down the magazine and continues walking down the street.

All my life, I was pushed around. I was used, I was lied to. All my life I walked around, kept a smile on my face and continued on like nothing was wrong, like nothing bothered me.

But it did.

I knew what was going on every time. I knew what they really thought, what they really meant, what they really saw me as. It ate me up inside. But I still showed up. I still carried on.

Eric Scorpio begins to chuckle and stops walking all together. He turns around and looks at the camera and smiles.

You know. When I thought I injured Sound, I was genuinely concerned.

Eric Scorpio begins to laugh.

And I ate that shit up with a spoon. Big bad Cleanser of Sinners here got concerned. Yeah, everyone saw that, everyone. But you know what, I don’t care. I really don’t.

I am who I am.

Eric Scorpio continues walking when he passes by a billboard with numerous posters of N.M.E plastered on it.

After Mt. Vesuvius, I isolated myself. Decided what I wanted out of myself and what I wanted out of LPW. And I still want what I came here to do. This place is still plastered with sinners. Wrath, Sloth, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Pride and Greed. These sins still roam the LPW dressing rooms.

I still feel passionately about this.

I will still cleanse everyone of this.

Eric Scorpio begins shaking his head vigorously.

But what Mr. Hostyle did to his partner, to The Prince of Pretty, is not only wrong, it’s down right despicable. This kind of shit has got to stop.

Mr. Hostyle will experience this new change of mine. Well not so much a change of personality but a change of perception on my part.

Scorpio then comes to a complete stop. He turns around and stares at the camera as the light emanating from the camera shines his pale looking face.

I am still going into that very ring, and I am still going to severely kick your ass till you finally repent your sins, Mr. Hostyle. The only thing different about me this time around, is that I may send you a “Get Well Soon” card after I’m done with you.

I… probably won’t. But there is that small chance, I suppose.

Mr. Hostyle, you have one chance to repentant your sin of Wrath before I meet up with you and force my version of cleansing upon you.

I shall see you soon…

Mr. Sinner.

Eric Scorpio quickly turns his head and begins walking away as the camera images goes dark.


As the cameraman quickly wraps up his work and puts away his camera, he quickly paces his himself to the side of Eric Scorpio.

Camera Man: Hey Scorpio, you sure that’s all you want to say? Management gave you a pretty long segment to fill for their broadcast. This seems shorter than your usual norm.

Scorpio turns towards the cameraman and gives him a small smirk.

Scorpio: You know what, I’ve pretty much said what I wanted to. I don’t talk much to begin with and I have some work cut out to get myself prepared to face that man.

Cameraman: But, is that all?

Scorpio: Yeah it is. Hostyle isn’t going to sudden see the light. He isn’t going to calmly go “Oh dear God, what shall I do?” He’s not. What we are doing here is simply for television ratings and all; it will not change his mind. So like I said, I have a fight coming up and I will force my repentance on him when I beat him in the ring.

Until then, I will do what I do. He will do what he does. And at Alchemy in London, England, Mr. Sinner and I will collide in the ring.

Simple as that.

Cameraman: Well I Guess I'll bring this in and edit it, add some video and such.

Scorpio: No, leave it as is. Nothing fancy is needed here and I'd rather keep it to the point. Well I'm out. Later.

The cameraman stops walking and watches Scorpio walk alone down the dimly light street at night by himself before he himself turns around and heads back to his van down the dark narrow alley in which they came from.

The Inexplicable "Cleanser of Sinners" Eric Scorpio Scorp_sig5
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Eric Scorpio

Eric Scorpio

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Ground Zero PPV - vs. Hostyle

The Inexplicable "Cleanser of Sinners" Eric Scorpio Projector7

Mr. Hostyle, Mr. Influencer of Innovation, Mr. Bestower of Innovation… Mr… Mr. Sinner. You come with many names. You come with many moves, you constantly reinvent yourself, but, who are you?

The Inexplicable "Cleanser of Sinners" Eric Scorpio Hostyle7

When you change so much, do you still remember who you are? Who you were?

The Inexplicable "Cleanser of Sinners" Eric Scorpio DBD7

You would think someone in your shoes would lose themselves after awhile. Why, you can’t be the old you, because the old you would be… well old. Cock-Jockeyness if you must.

Some people simply better themselves. They still remain who they are, but they improve, they learn, they feel, they love. What do you do when you re-invent yourself? Do you change? Do you feel? Are you truly the same person deep down?

Is your soul still there?

I want to know.

Because I am your salvation.

The Inexplicable "Cleanser of Sinners" Eric Scorpio Soula7

I remember back in my youth, I was eager, I was hungry. I had that drive, but I lacked that skill. Had I entered a squared circle back then I would have gotten beaten… badly.

The Inexplicable "Cleanser of Sinners" Eric Scorpio Beating7

I did what any enthusiastic person would do when they want something bad, but lack the skills to do anything about it; well they train. I did that very thing many years ago. I had the opportunity of a lifetime. I met my idle. My hero. My Ayatollah. My teacher.

The Inexplicable "Cleanser of Sinners" Eric Scorpio ChrisJericho7

Yes, he is someone quite famous inside the squared circle. He is someone very unique. You have seen me in the ring Mr. Sinner. You felt my Sinful Repentance. You being the master of innovation, it should be quite clear to you who my abilities were honed from.

The Inexplicable "Cleanser of Sinners" Eric Scorpio Wallsofjericho7

It was quite fun, but as time counts down, the teacher and the student must part ways. The student must breath. I had learned everything I could from him, and like a good student, I improved upon what he had thought me.

The Inexplicable "Cleanser of Sinners" Eric Scorpio Student7

You see calling me a cock-jockey, telling me you will cure of me of this, means nothing to me. I know who I am. I know what I can do. I will grow old knowing fair well what and who I ended up being. Will you?

The Inexplicable "Cleanser of Sinners" Eric Scorpio Old-Man7

There are so many people out there who claim they have a new trick, a new drug, a new invention, a new weapon. What happens to these people? I’ll tell you, they become the new flavor.

The Inexplicable "Cleanser of Sinners" Eric Scorpio Vanillaice7

This time, every kid is clamoring for the triple dose of chocolate fudge. Next month, new berry burst with pomegranate. Hostyle, you are that flavor. The flavor of the month. Your H-Style points gave you some attention this month. And look how the sheep came flocking. How long you think this will last? Your phone was ringing off the hook, but now, I bet when you come home, that blink on the answering machine are few and far between.

The Inexplicable "Cleanser of Sinners" Eric Scorpio Answeringmachine7

That’s why like me, my flavor will always be in. You can call me Vanilla. Yeah its plain, got no color, doesn’t dazzle the taste buds, but it’s always on tap. Everything is made from vanilla.

The Inexplicable "Cleanser of Sinners" Eric Scorpio Icecream7

Innovation, changes get tiring over time. We enjoy it in spurts, just like sinning is the flavor of the week, but a clean conscience, a cleansed soul will always be the taste everyone craves for.

The Inexplicable "Cleanser of Sinners" Eric Scorpio Angel7

I have been saying all along, I was here to cure this disease called “Sin”. How quickly did you change that and start saying the same to me. Aren’t you innovated enough?

The Inexplicable "Cleanser of Sinners" Eric Scorpio Yawn7

At Alchemy 3.3, we saw that sin of yours. You beat your former partner, your former friend, your former brother. And for what? To teach him a lesson?

The Inexplicable "Cleanser of Sinners" Eric Scorpio Flare7

Then at Alchemy 3.4, your eulogy. What kind of disrespectful man are you? This man was at your side, he fought with you, he watched your back. And you drove that knife deep down when he wasn’t looking. You make me sick.

The Inexplicable "Cleanser of Sinners" Eric Scorpio Bloody_knife7

You see, Mr. Sinner, I am not here to cleanse your sins for god, for the lord almighty. No. I am here to cleanse them for everyone else. Cleansing your sins will allow me and everyone else here to live more freely, safely, and with a better clear conscience. You are simply a virus, a disease, infecting, polluting.

The Inexplicable "Cleanser of Sinners" Eric Scorpio Soul_Cure7

I am the cure, the antidote, the vaccine.

The Inexplicable "Cleanser of Sinners" Eric Scorpio Ericscorpio7

Let’s see how you, little virus, will resist, because I will not quit.

I will not stop.

I will cure you.

Because I can…

The Inexplicable "Cleanser of Sinners" Eric Scorpio Children7

…because I must...

The Inexplicable "Cleanser of Sinners" Eric Scorpio Scorp_sig5
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Eric Scorpio

Eric Scorpio

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PostSubject: Re: The Inexplicable "Cleanser of Sinners" Eric Scorpio   The Inexplicable "Cleanser of Sinners" Eric Scorpio I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 21, 2009 6:00 pm

Alchemy 4.1 - vs. Neutron Star

The night is cold, dark. An ominous stench fills the night air. The usual eeriness of the night is broken by the sound of a speeding car, quickly followed by the sound of sirens and a couple of police cars. The large police chase takes place in a desolate neighborhood, filled with many rundown buildings. On one of those buildings, the number 29 is duct taped on one of the apartment doors containing many deadbolt locks. Inside, contains misery.

A faint flickering light is on inside the apartment’s bathroom. The light’s reveals a very grayish room; cracked gray paint over cement, the toilet dark in color from lack of care, the constant dripping of the shower head splashes down on the mildew encrusted shower. The water splashes into the sink, when two hands reach in, grabbing a handful of water and bringing it back. In the reflection of the filthy smudged mirror, a head rises upwards into view as the hands drops the water on the man’s face; beads of water glisten on the man’s bald head, water drips off the edge of the eyebrows. As the hands come down, large dark blue circles surround the man’s eyes, large red and yellowish bruises cover the man’s jaw. As the man open up his eyes, his gray penetrating eyes stare him right back. There is no question, no doubt; this man is… Eric Scorpio.

I quit? I quit? Where the hell did those words come from?

Scorpio drops his head down towards the sink as he splashes himself with another dose of water. Scorpio cradles his head in his hands and props himself on the sink.

What the hell happened? I quit? I’m tougher than that. I’m stronger than that.

???: You are a disappointment. A failure. A loser.

Scorpio brings his head back up and listens.


He peaks out of the bathroom door in the small ransacked bachelor apartment and tilts his head side to side, while quietly examining every inch of the room.


Scorpio pulls himself back into the washroom, grabs a towel and wipes away the water from his face. He drops the towel on the already filthy, towel covered floor of the washroom. He opens the medicine cabinet and takes out a bottle of painkillers. He twist of the bottle cap and holds in the bottle in his hands for a second, examining it.

???: Take it. A wussy like you would need it. Not only can’t you win a match, but you had to utter the two most humiliating words any one can say; I quit.

Scorpio drops the bottle of painkillers into sink and watches all the pills empty out into the drain. He tries to grab them, but to no avail, they all fall in before he has a chance to grab even one.

???: What are you called, the Cleanser of Sinners? All I see is a poor sack of sins who needs a fix.

With a quick look of shock on his face, Scorpio closes the medicine cabinet stiffly, causing the mirror to shatters into pieces, into the sink and all over the floor. Scorpio simply watches all the reflective pieces of glass spread across his bathroom and slowly backs away in the apartment closing the bathroom door shut. Scorpio turns around and scans the room again.



Nothing. No sound, no whispers, no movement. Simply nothing.

I’m losing my mind here. I must be. I know I should’ve had Hostyle beat, but damn is it bugging me that much?


I’m not. This is Hostyle again. He’s fucking with me, like he did with my cell.

In frustration, Scorpio begins tossing his apartment over, opening drawers, breaking apart lamps, checking into the cupboard and even pulling out the floor vents.

Nothing. Lot’s of dust but nothing.

I’m losing it. There’s nothing here.

Scorpio pushes over the pile of clothes on his bed and lays down on it. He lets out a loud sigh as he lies motionless staring blankly into the dark quiet room. The occasional lights from incoming vehicles break the monotonous of the dark, as they dance from one end of the room to the other as they drive by.

I’m a rut. A downward spiral.

???: Don’t you have to succeed first before being in a rut? Don’t you have to be on top before going in a downward spiral.

Scorpio: Hostyle, I know it’s you. You can go fuck yourself. Trying to rub this shit in my face. So where you speaking from? The ceiling light, the toaster, the roll of toilet paper?

Utter silence.

I’m definitely loosing it. Maybe there’s something on TV.

Reaching on the ground near the bed, Scorpio grabs a hold of the television remote and turns on the TV; it turns on to major static. Scorpio tosses an empty beer bottle and striking the TV changing the signal from static to a barely visible wavy picture. The show playing is a recap show for the FMW Ground Zero pay per view. Scorpio watches on as he slowly begins closing his eyes, his breathing begins getting heavier and he slowly begins sinking into his bed.

Ralphalio: Oh I must say, it’s sure been a pleasure, well the term Showstopping the Title, has definitely been reaffirmed.

Judy: Of course Ralph, but the shock was that the self proclaim face of Alchemy was fired by the General Manager. I’m sure the King will make us proud though.

Ralphalio: Well that we will have to see now won’t we. Another surprise was not the outcome but seeing and hearing, The Cleanser of Sinners, Eric Scorpio actually uttering “I Quit”. I never thought it possible.

With the mention of his name, Scorpio’s eyes open back up and stare directly at the wavy picture of the television.

Judy: Well his performance I significantly dropped since he won that coveted number thirty sport in that Mt. Vesuvius match.

Ralphalio: I think it was a little later Judy at Circus Maximus. When he entered that Mt. Vesuvius match, he was a man on a mission. Did you see how he eliminated The Prince of Pretty? That guy meant business. But the whole situation around him and Dalby Sound, I truly believe that was the turning point for him. He never was the same after that.

Judy: That maybe true. A truly promising competitor for Alchemy and the FMW, I think this is where it ends for him however. How can he truly recover from that? I say he can’t and we will slowly see him disappear from the roster altogether. I say goodbye, Mr. Si…

Suddenly the television monitor shatters and begins to smoke as it is knocked over by an empty forty of whisky. Scorpio sitting straight up is completely furious for a moment, before finally bringing his head down losing the fury, the anger.

Maybe they are right. Maybe I over hyped myself. Maybe I’m just not that good.

Scorpio brings his head down into his hands.

Maybe I just can’t do it. Those sinners, maybe I just can’t make them repent. Just maybe, it’s simply not possible for someone to be cured for this. Maybe you are tarnished for life, once you commit that sin.

Maybe… I’m doing this all for nothing.

With a sigh, Scorpio gets off the bed and head towards the kitchen. The kitchen is simply a disaster. The dishes are pilled high, probably been there for weeks. The garbage bin is completely over filled with even some garbage littering the floor around it. Scorpio opens up the fridge door, revealing only a half quart of apple juice and old box baking soda. He grabs the plastic bottle of apple juice and drinks it down. He puts the bottle in the garbage, but due to it being too full, it simply falls to the ground. He opens up the freezer door and it contains an open package of hotdog wieners. He grabs the package and takes the remaining two wieners and sticks them directly into the microwave.

Maybe I should just give up. I had given up fighting long ago. Maybe I should’ve given up then. What the hell am I trying to accomplish anyways?

With a loud beep, the microwave shuts off. Scorpio reaches in and pulls out the two hotdogs. He grabs a dirty plate from the sink and tosses the hotdogs on them.

Cleanser of Sinners, maybe I should start by cleansing this dirty ass apartment of mine.

???: Damn right. Who do you expect to do it? Mom, your sister? Who the fuck do you expect to live your life, to pick yourself up. You are a coward.

I’m not hearing anything, It’s in my mind. That’s where it is.

As Scorpio walks back into the living room, he walks past a large mirror hanging off the walk. Scorpio walks by taking a bite of the hotdog when he suddenly stops dead. Scorpio takes a few steps back and glances to his left at the mirror to see his reflection. As he watches the reflection, he drops the plate, shattering it to the ground. A look of shock and slight terror washes over as he see that his reflection is staring right back at him with a large maniacal smile washed over his face.

Scorpio: What the fuck is this? Another one of Hostyle’s fucken tricks?

???: I’m no trick. I’m me.

Scorpio: Okay I’m not having a conversation with myself.

???: Why not. Are you going to run away from me too? I am what keeps you together. I am you.

Scorpio: I AM ME. NOT YOU!! You’re nothing but a reflection, nothing more, nothing less.

???: Tell me then, why are you so scared. You are stronger than this. You have been through hell. WHY ARE YOU SO WEAK???

Scorpio: I’m not.

???: You could’ve fooled me. You still have a half eaten piece of meat in your mouth. You cowered like a little girl when you saw me. Well you.

Scorpio: I was surprised is all.

???: Surprised by a reflection. Wow you have serious become a pussy. How dare you bring us down like this. You shame us all.

Scorpio: Us?

???: I’m you, you’re me. Wow just shut the hell up and listen you fucking pussy. You quitting was the last damn straw. I can’t just stay in there and lets this shit happen.

Scorpio: What? Listen why don’t you shut the hell up? Why don’t you let me deal with this my own damn way. Listen to myself. I’m fucking talking to a god damn mirror. Yeah I’ve lost it.

???: No you haven’t, had you lost it, we wouldn’t be talking to each other now would we. You wouldn’t have stopped for anything. You would have succeeded. This little merry quest of yours would be successful, you would be feared.

Scorpio: I am feared.

???: Are you shitting me? Your name isn’t even pronounced properly when you are even mentioned. You are a joke, but no one is laughing.

Scorpio: Yo know, I don’t need this shit right now.

???: Of course not. You are going to run away, like you have always run away. You cowered when our parents separated, you cowered when you broke up with your first girlfriend, you cowered when you got fired from your office job, you cowered when your wife cheated on you, and you cowered when you realized your son wasn’t even yours. You then pulled the ultimate cowardice when you said “ I Quit” when things got to rough for you.

You are a coward.

Scorpio: Since we are two in the same, that makes you the same.

???: No. This is why I’m out here. I can’t stand being the same as you.

Scorpio: Your stuck in me, like it or not.

???: I’ll be in that body, but me and you won’t be one in the same. Not anymore, I will not be part of a coward, a pussy like you.

Scorpio: You know what, fuck yourself. I am going to fight my way through this, I am going to redeem myself. And I’m not going to let some god damn psychotic episode tell me what it’s going to do. Now FUCK OFF!!!

Scorpio places both hands on each side of the mirror. He looks deeply into his own reflection’s eyes and begins to smile.

Scorpio: And Stay FUCKED OFF!!!

With a smirk building on his lips, he drives his forehead right into the mirror shattering it into a thousand pieces. He checks his forehead and feels the numerous laceration on it. He looks back at his hands covered in blood and slaps it against the barren wall, leaving a large red blood soaked hand print.

I am no coward. I will show you. I will redeem myself… ourselves.

The quietness of the room is cut by the distinctive sound of a ringing phone. Scorpio looks towards the phone and notices that sunlight has flooded the entire bedroom slash living room with its golden light. As the phone continues to ring, Scorpio shakes his head and heads towards the phone. He reaches for the phone, hesitating for a second before picking it up.

Scorpio: Yeah.

Scott: This is Scott, agent for Alchemy.

Scorpio: What the fuck you want?

Scott: Well I’m calling you to let you know you have a match at Alchemy 4.1 in Los Angeles. All the flights have been taking care of.

Scorpio: Great another match? I’ve had like four matches in a row. You’d think they could give me some rest, especially after Ground Zero.

Scott: Well they have a call up from NEW, he’s got major potential, he’s name is Neutron Star.

Scorpio: Never heard of him. What’s he do?

Scott: Humm not sure, I’m new here as well and I’m just calling to let you know about your match against him. Anyways I have more calls to make. Have fun in LA.

Scorpio: Yeah…

Scorpio hangs up the phone. He walks over to the window and stares outside as the sun begins to rise into the sky.

Neutron Star, promising young star. I was that before, don’t over hype yourself. You may not get too far. I’m just really sorry, that you’re going to face me. I’m in no mood for any of this shit. And you definitely caught me in a bad mood.

Scorpio looks back at his completely trashed apartment before turning back toward the window and shutting the curtains shut.

I’m sure you are guilty of a sin. I will not fail this time. I will do this for everyone, I know I can… I think I can… I hope I can…

He slowly walks back to his bed, before collapsing on it. He slowly closes his eyes before falling into a deep sleep. The loud sounds of snoring begin filling the room as Scorpio lay motionless in bed.

???: There is no hope. You don’t do this… I will… You may think you embody the seven holy virtues, but I embody the seven deadly sins. You have done this. YOU have forced this change. You have forced this Ying and Yang.

You better succeed…

…or I will…

The Inexplicable "Cleanser of Sinners" Eric Scorpio Scorp_sig5
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Eric Scorpio

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Anarchy 4.3 - vs. James McDaygo

It’s two in the morning. It’s a new moon and the stars are quite visible in the night sky. The occasional shooting stars break up the monotony of the constant unmoving stars. Down below, a fire brews on a small isolated island off of the French River in Ontario. A cold northern wind blows along the river as a lone man pokes a skewer into the fire to mix up the ashes. The man is Eric Scorpio.

Saint… Did you enjoy what I’ve done?

Did you feel alive again, when I made you puke? When I made you bleed?

Eric Scorpio throws in another log into the fire to increase its flame.

How did it feel when you infected me, when you made me care?

I wanted to teach you a lesson. I wanted to show you greed was not the way. And then you made me care.

All I want is redemption. All I want is for time to stop for you. For your pain to be felt over and over and over at an infinitesimal pace. That is the only thing that will make things right. You made me care. Now I will make you hurt.

Out of his pockets, Scorpio pulls out an old newspaper clipping hyping up the Unlucky 13 match against the SoCal Connection and throws it in the fire.

I don’t want anymore of it. I don’t want this memory anymore. When I destroy you; that will be my true salvation.

That will be my cure.

In the quietness of the night, the sound of rowing breaks up the silence. A canoe begins to appear from the light of the fire and one lone man is rowing near the shore.

???: Eric, is that you?

Scorpio: Yeah it’s me father. Long time no see. Glad you were able to make it.

Priest: It’s not a problem, been meaning to get some vacation time in, I suppose this will work. Bit cold though.

Scorpio: Hah, the cold will toughen you up. Thought you’d be here earlier, at least during the daylight.

Priest: Sorry bout that. Had a late appointment to attend to.

Scorpio: A Death? Haha.

Priest: Death is nothing to be laughing at Eric.

Scorpio: Sorry father. Minds been elsewhere lately.

Priest: Help me out will you.

As Scorpio approaches the shore, the priest tosses Scorpio the rope for the canoe. Scorpio pulls the canoe onto the shoreline and ties it to a nearby tree. Scorpio points to a folding chair and the priest gladly sits in it. Scorpio grabs hold of a couple of beers from a cooler and tosses one to the priest.

Priest: Thanks. Well now that we are settled down, why did you pick this moment to talk to me? We haven’t talked in a couple years it seems. How you been holding up?

Scorpio: Okay I suppose, been through some damn ups and downs. Father long ago we talked about sinning. Well I’ve been on a quest of sorts in the wrestling world trying to cleanse them of it as well. I wanted a place worthy for people to live in. To enjoy live.

Priest: Sinning is a tricky thing Eric. It’s easy to be swayed in yourself on this quest. That is why it’s best not to press to hard. If a person is set in their ways, no amount of force will convince them to change. They must be willing first.

Bullshit… You know that is bullshit.

Scorpio: Shut-up.

Priest: Excuse me?

Scorpio: Sorry father. It wasn’t about you, just my mind roaming. There’s got to be a way to convince the damn. The wicked.

Priest: Just keep preaching the word, someday something will happen to them, and they will be open to entertain the thought. Eventually they will get curious about it and will seek it themselves. Then when they do, this is where I help and help them cleanse their soul of any sins.

All lies. All you need is a strong hand to knock sense into them.

Scorpio takes a sip of his beer and throws it at his own shadow. The priest looks perplexed, puts down his beer and curiously looks at Scorpio.

Priest: What troubles you tonight?

Scorpio: It’s not just tonight. Been going through a lot of ups and downs lately and I’m just a little lost to be honest. Nothing is going my way, nothing seems to work. But now, I think I may have crossed that line.

And made someone puke on it.

Priest: Which line we talking about?

Scorpio: Sinning. I’ve been obsessed about making people cleanse their soul. And I’ve…

Priest: Yes, Eric?

Say it you pussy! SAY IT!

Scorpio: I’ve been enjoying it.

Priest: Well the word of our lord is..

The priest gets quiet as Eric Scorpio quickly rises and knocks over his chair in the process. Scorpio looks at him straight in his eyes.

Scorpio: The lord has no place here, it has no place over there, and it has no place anywhere. The lord has done fuck all for me and I will do fuck all for it. I have been enjoying it because I have been beating their Repentance out of them! And I LOVE IT! I love it.

Priest: That is wrong; you can’t make them submit to your will like that. You will not get the respect needed from this.

Scorpio: And I have no need for respect either. I don’t want their respect, I want their fear. I want them to think twice before they commit a sin, I want them to look over their shoulder each time they do something wrong and I want them to feel every single one of my blows when I get my hands on them. Ask Saint, I made him vomit blood as he was forced to repent.

Priest: That is horrible. You cannot do this; you cannot think this is what the lord wants.

Do it. DO IT!

Scorpio angrily knocks the beer out of the priest’s hand and knocks him over his folding chair.

Scorpio: The lord does not exist. Listen I do this for me, FOR ME DAMMIT!!! I don’t need anyone’s approval. But I did want to know where people stand for this and well fine if this is the way you do things, then this will be a new dawn. The time is here and it’s time a take this shit seriously.

Scorpio reaches down and pulls out an ax from a tree stump near him. The priest begins to scramble as he runs towards his canoe and Scorpio follows closely behind. As the priest gets near his canoe, he trips on a large exposed tree root and lands with his back against his own canoe. All the priest can do is look forward to an enraged ax wielding Eric Scorpio.

Fell the anger; let it flow through out your body. Make him an example.

Priest: Please Eric don’t do this. You will have to live with for the rest of your live.

The priest watches Scorpio pause for a second, then proceeds to close his eyes as Scorpio swings the ax. After a couple of seconds, the priest opens up his eyes to see that Scorpio swung his ax beside him cutting the rope that was tied to his canoe.

Why did you not kill him? THIS WAS YOUR CHANCE FOR CHANGE!!!

Scorpio: Go. Leave this place and never come back. If you do; then you won’t.

Priest: You have changed Eric…

Scorpio: Eric’s dead… I’m Scorpio. Not get the hell out of here.

As the priest jumps into his canoe, Scorpio quickly kicks out the canoe back into the river. The priest quickly grabs whole of his paddle and begins to paddle his way out as fast as he can. Scorpio drops the axe from his hand and goes back to his folding chair. He reaches down throws another log into the fire and grabs hold of yet another beer. As he sits back down and drinks his beer, he looks up to the sky and watches the stars.

???: So you couldn’t do it. You couldn’t off the holy man.

Scorpio: What would be the point. He started me on this path ages ago when I was lost. Consider my deed paid to him now.

???: So now you got Saint’s old partner, James McDaygo.

Scorpio: I do. The drunken ape has gone legit. He’s been tormenting his body with alcohol for years and after a lost in a match he completely passed out from excess booze; he’s gone legit? I don’t buy it. I never wanted his place as Saint’s partner, ever. But I did. If it wasn’t for him being hospitalized from alcohol; this infection would never have happened. McDaygo sinned and caused this snowballing effect.

???: So you’re going to the beginning?

Scorpio: I am. I’m going to show Saint how violent I can be. How violently tormented I will be versus any sinners in the FMW. This will be my calling card and everyone’s wake up call. McDaygo is going to pay. And he’s going to Repent. Just because you say your clean and want a new life, does mean you get away from all the deeds you have done before. If a murderer kills a man and then decides he’s going to live a life of meaning, does this mean he’s been cleared of his wrongful doing? I think not.

???: What about Saint?

Scorpio takes a deep breath looks over to overturned folding chair near the fire.

Scorpio: In do time. This match is for entry into the Gold Gauntlet Match. This is where I will meet Saint. But McDaygo is first and I’m not making the mistake of looking ahead here. He will be cleansed my way, in the most brutal ultraviolent match he’s ever going to experience. Simple as that.

Scorpio grabs a long branch and dips it into the fire. After a couple of minutes he pulls it out and looks at the flame burning at the end for a few seconds before flicking the branch behind him. As the branch lands on the ground behind him, the ground suddenly ignites and begins racing in a narrow path down the forest floor.

Scorpio: It’s time for a new beginning, a new cleansing, a new hell, sinners.


The camera moves upwards, points down and behind a standing Scorpio a fire burns into the shape of the Scorpio zodiac symbol.[u]

The Inexplicable "Cleanser of Sinners" Eric Scorpio Scorp_sig5
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Eric Scorpio

Eric Scorpio

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Anarchy 4.4 - vs. Guybrush Threepwood

Hear No Evil - Speak No Evil - See No Evil

You left behind a bad taste in my life
Not unlike a cold cup of sour vomit.

You left behind a bad odor in my memory
Not unlike maggot infested rotting flesh.

You left behind a bad sound in my mind
Not unlike the screams of a tortured child

You left behind a bad picture behind my closed eyes
Not unlike the vision of a tortured nightmare

You left behind a bad feeling in my heart
Not unlike the sensation of abuse I once suffered.

You have left behind a scar on each of my senses
So that I can remember you,
Not unlike my memory of a cold, heavy, dark sadness.

Charmaine Simpson,


To the low lives of the Gold Card Gauntlet Match,

What is the measure of a man?

Is it the numerous loses he endures?
Is it the way he picks himself up after a lost?
Is it succeeding at everything he does?
Is it keeping himself pure?
Is it in the way he composes himself?

Or is it in the way he crumbles to the ground after a brutal beating?

You see it honestly doesn’t matter. One way or another, the man falls. Be it death, cancer, disease or even loneliness. Medicine can prolong this, eating healthy sometimes help; but either way, you die.

But one thing’s for sure, a guilty conscious will follow you to the after life. Sinning is the game for millions of people and the world is completely ravaging itself at the moment. It’s a good thing I’m here; cleansing is my game, my way of life, my path.

I am the Cleanser of Sinners, I am “The Inexplicable” Eric Scorpio. My path has taken me from Anarchy to Alchemy and back here again. You see, it doesn’t matter where I go, where I roam. One thing’s for sure, there are sinners where ever I go and they will all feel my wrath. Just like one “Saint” is going to find out.

My path was a lonely one, but thanks to one “Saint”, I now have an ally. Mr. McDaygo. A former man guilty of his Sin of Gluttony. A man who has repented his sins. A smart man. A brother.

With his help, I am no longer alone. With my new found brother, a new era of dark cleansing will usher in, as the sands sweep in and cleanse those of what ails them, what corrupts them, what fails them. This Dark Brotherhood of ours is what will remain of your sorry sinful existence.

But there is hope.

All you need to do is something very simple…


You see the measure of a man is not on how he lives his live, or on how he picks himself after a defeat.


The measure of a man is when or if he’s even able to confesses his sins… after being brutally beaten to his repentance by MY very own bloody hands.

Eric Scorpio

Dark Brotherhood


A small cool breeze rushes in the event night. Sitting outside, in the back parking area of the Anarchy 4.4 telecast in East Rutherford, against the chain link fence is simply none other than Eric Scorpio. His arms crossed, his look is distant, without a look of care in the world. But looks are deceiving and his mind is very much running a mile a minute. As his eyes begin to squint more and more and his face begins to cringe showing his teeth, a paper bag with a bottle comes down across his face. Beside him, is the newly reformed James McDaygo handing Eric Scorpio the bag.

Scorpio: This better not be some Colt shit.

McDaygo: You know I’ve quit my ways, damn is this hard ass approach ever going to go away with you. I did our match, I did the initiation and I still get the third degree.

He’s waning…

Scorpio: You didn’t answer me.

McDaygo: It’s just a Pepsi, damn.

Scorpio reaches in the bag and pulls out a bottle of Pepsi. Scorpio cracks the bottle open and takes a swig.

McDaygo: See.

Scorpio: I’m not used to roaming with someone. It’s been a while.

McDaygo: So no apology, no slack?

He wants an apology, this is too funny.

Scorpio glances up from the ground and gives McDaygo a cold, down right, hellish stare.

McDaygo: Uh…It’s all good. So what you think of this alliance we got with Dreamkiller and his Dream Team?

Scorpio: Business Association. Nothing more.

McDaygo: You trust him?

After a small sigh by Scorpio looks back up at McDaygo and takes another drink of his bottle.

Oh we trusted before now didn’t we? And look where this led us.

Scorpio: I trust no one. You are my brother now and we now share a bond. I will eat with you, I will fight by you and if you’re lucky, one day you will die at my side. But trust. I trust no one.

McDaygo: What about the in…

Scorpio: So I know how tough you are. Big deal. So I know how twisted you really are. Big fuckin deal. You want to impress me, this Brotherhood of ours, its members need to stand on their own two feet. You want to belong and get respect; you’re going to have to show me what you have against your old partner, one Mr. Spruance. Then we will talk.

McDaygo: You got nothing to worry about. I got this.

McDaygo leans against the fence as Scorpio finishes off the remainder of his pop. Scorpio chucks it on the ground and stands up to his feet.

McDaygo: What about your job from Dreamkiller?

Hum this guy is nosy. What’s with the fuckin million questions?

Scorpio: Enough!

McDaygo looks a bit startled as he gives Scorpio a confused look.

Scorpio: Nevermind. I’m doing this for my own thing. You see at Ultimatium, I will have my hands at five of the top competitors yearning for some gold. You see, those five men are of the elite and are also stricken by a crippling disease; the Seven Deadly Sins. They will not see me coming. And I am truly happy about that. What I unleash at that PPV will make grown men cry and woman feint. I am the darkness that they will wish they never laid eyes upon.

But I want to show them an offering first. And this is where one Mr. Threepwood comes in.

Scorpio leans against the fence with his hands and looks on at James McDaygo.

Scorpio: I honestly have nothing for this man. However I will play my part in this, Alchemy/Anarchy feud. It’s simply a part.

McDaygo: Part?

Scorpio: Think of it this way, when you watched Lassie or the Littlest Hobo, they all played their part. The actors, the trainers, the villains, the dogs. Now add me to the role of dog and you will find that I’m not simply Lassie. I am a raged, angered, and rabid. I will not only point the direction of the culprit, but I will also rip his face off and leave him an aching pile of crimson mess.

McDaygo: What’s this got to do with Threepwood?

Scorpio: You see this little thing with the pirate and I might look like one of their planned roles. But this will end up nothing but. How fitting this match is Ultraviolent. How fitting is this on the dawn of my reign of darkness. How fitting that this feud that Jaro and Dreamkiller have will end up being a side note to the mess I will create in that very ring. I will show destruction and a cleansing no man has ever witnessed or endured. I will show no mercy… repentance or not.

Now go. Get your ass ready for that match. And I’ll do the same for mine.

McDaygo nods and walks away until he gets near the arena back entrance door. He stops looks back at Scorpio and smirks before entering the arena. Scorpio drops down and leans against the fence. He looks up at the sunset and closes his eyes.

???: So think he can actually win? His body has not fully recovered from that match last week. Even less so our initiation.

Scorpio: He’ll win. There is nothing else he can do. If he loses, he knows the consequences.

???: What if you lose?

Scorpio begins to laugh and stop almost immediately.

Scorpio: I won’t.

???: Confident

Scorpio: Simply the truth. Putting Threepwood through an Ultraviolent Match will help me for Ultimatium and weaken one of my competitors. He may even cower.

???: You don’t believe that.

Scorpio: Hah I know. But he’ll know who I am come time to fight. He won his five way match to earn his way to that Gauntlet match as did Smitten, Diabolical, Adrian and that sinner, Saint. The difference this pirate will see is that he will not enter that match at a 100% and he will wish he draws early and gets eliminated early to prevent a repeat performance from our match tonight. But tonight, he will have no way out, no where to run, no where to hide.

???: Dreamkiller and X…

Scorpio: What about them? I’m playing my part remember. They’re not our main focus… for now.

A stage hand runs out of the arena and signals to Eric Scorpio that he needs to enter the building. Scorpio bangs the fences as he gets back to his feet. He composes himself and heads towards the arena backstage entrance to get ready for his match as he mumbles to himself.

Scorpio: Looks like it's time to make a pirate walk the plank. I think I'd rather just break his back…


A memo to the sinners of Full Metal Wrestling,

You will soon notice a darkness clouding over this place. Do not worry for now, as it is not your eyes playing tricks on you.

A new dawn of cleansing has begun and those drenched in the scent of sins will be dealt with accordingly. Another letter was sent to my fellow opponents of the Gold Card Gauntlet match concerning their sins.

You see for far too long you have all plagued this place with your Sloth, your Greed, your Lust, your Pride, your Gluttony, your Envy and your Wrath. I, shall cleanse you all of these, with the help of my Dark Brotherhood. We shall repent you all, no matter the cost… to your bodies.

Some may welcome this change, mostly others will not... at first. But regardless of what you may feel or think on this, you simply will not have any say in the matter.

I may be considered evil by many now. But I am a necessary evil you cannot do live without.

The Inexplicable "Cleanser of Sinners" Eric Scorpio Scorp_sig5
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Eric Scorpio

Eric Scorpio

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Ultimatum I - vs. Dr. D. Diabolical, Christian G. Smitten, Peter Saint, Guybrush Threepood & Adrian

Divine Ultimatum

Through all seeing eyes, scrutinize the world.
Syndicate of one.
Angered by mankind's affairs.

In his divine wisdom, he laid down the guidelines.
Laws governing existence.
Which mankind dismissed without care.

The deadlines expired - crush them.
With their own evils!

Armed to the teeth power crazed countries.
Leveled by storms of atomic overkill.
Mother Nature chastising the corrupt and the selfish.
Unleash the elements in all their fury.

Battered humanity extends its hand in hope of repentance.

The divine one recoils in defiance, due warning was given.
Divine ultimatum, nothingness prevails.


Its eleven thirty at night and the deafening sounds of Anarchy 4.4 have faded from earlier in the night. Stage hands quickly pack-up the remaining equipment from the arena and quickly load them into the cargo holds of waiting FMW tractor trailers. Down the hallway, walking towards the arena backstage parking area exit, without speaking, is James McDaygo and Eric Scorpio. Both men have their duffle bags in hand, both men are bruised, but Scorpio seems more battered than usual, as bandages are present through out his body due to his Ultraviolent match with Guybrush Threepwood. As they reach the backstage arena door, McDaygo breaks the silence.

McDaygo: How you feeling brother?

Scorpio: …

Scorpio remains speechless and unmoved by McDaygo’s comment and continues on as he pushes the exit door open. As the duo gets outside, they run into Anarchy general manager, Saint Micheal Dreamkiller and X, waiting for their limo. The brotherhood stops walking as Dreamkiller begins to talk.

Dreamkiller: Mr. Scorpio, Mr. McDaygo, seems like this business arrangement worked out for us all. You both did what was asked.

Scorpio: I do as I say.

Dreamkiller: Indeed… a win over Alchemy is what’s important and Jaro will see that Team Dream is not to be taken likely.

McDaygo: I got my win over Trey tonight as well.

Dreamkiller: Yeah… I’m not concerned about that, as I got what I wanted anyways.

McDaygo: Not concerned? There was nothing pointless about it. Trey and I had some unfi…

X looking at McDaygo with contempt starts to get agitated, Scorpio sensing this extends his arm out to McDaygo to usher his silence. Scorpio still remains calm and remains his gaze upon Dreamkiller’s face.

Scorpio: It doesn’t matter, brother; this is simply a business arrangement.

Dreamkiller: Yeah, there’s no need to get all hot and bothered. We all got what we wanted and I hope this business arrangement will follow through to Ultimatum… and beyond of course. Anyways, gentlemen, my limo has arrived.

A long stretched limo pulls into the parking area. Dreamkiller and X walk towards the back door, as the chauffer opens the door. Dreamkiller aggressively pushes X into the limo and goes to step inside the limo before turning to look at the Brotherhood one last time. He looks at both with disdain then sits back in the limo as the chauffer closes the door. The chauffer gets into the driver’s seat and drives off out of the parking lot.

McDaygo: There is no respect from him.

Scorpio: We get what we need and he gets the same. Brother, I don’t want any respect from anyone. Besides… our ride is here.

A beat up Chrysler Intrepid drives up and stops in front of the two men. The trunk pops open and both men throw in their duffle bags in the trunk. Scorpio opens up the back passenger door and lies down on the back seat, while McDaygo has a seat in the front passenger side. Behind the wheel, sits a tall dark man who Scorpio taps on his shoulder.

Scorpio: Thanks for the lift brother. We have an appointment to keep.

McDaygo: Appointment?

Scorpio: Yes. I want to show you something brother. Now let’s get the hell out of here.

The vehicle pulls away from the arena parking lot and heads down the expressway. As the vehicle drives, quietness fills the automobile, as the driver stays the course, McDaygo taps the dashboard with his hands in anticipation and Scorpio checks on his wounds. As Scorpio cringes at the cuts on his body, the driver snickers.

Scorpio: Laugh it up brother. Laugh it up. So McDaygo, how did it feel to wrap your hands around your old tag partner?

McDaygo: It felt great, it felt wonderful.

Scorpio: Good… good. Well brother, you showed us you can handle your own. You did a number on Spruance back there. Nice to see you unleash your inner self.

McDaygo: Yeah, it’s never felt so…

Scorpio: liberating?

McDaygo: …yeah.

Scorpio: See, you release your burdens and you are rewarded. If only other people would do the same, they would get that feeling as well. This is why I must help them brother.

McDaygo: I think I understand

Scorpio: I thought you would; hey take a left down here.

The car turns down a dark and dusty road. They travel for roughly thirty minutes when they pull up to a church. The lights are on, and people are singing as midnight mass is well underway. The car pulls up to a stop in front of the churches main doors.

McDaygo: A church? Damn, am I being forced to repent my sin of Wrath?

Scorpio: Ha, no. You’re absolved of that for the time being. No this is something else. Come brothers, we must cleanse.


Look with favor upon a bold beginning.
Virgil (70 BC - 19 BC)


Inside the church, a priest conducts a mass in front of crowd full of people. All the masses are on their knees as the priest conducts a prayer.

Priest: Our Father, Who art in heaven,
Hallowed be Thy Name.
Thy Kingdom come.
Thy Will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those who trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us....

As the priest is in the mist of finishing off his prayer, the church door swings wildly open with three figures enter from the darkness of the night. In enters McDaygo and his brother, with Eric Scorpio leading them into the church. The masses turn towards the three men and the priest standing in front with his mouth open.

Scorpio: Come on father. Finish that sentence!

Scorpio quickly runs towards the priest and throws him to the ground as the priest sits there speechless. McDaygo rushes and blocks the emergency exit, as the third man blocks the churches entrance with his monstrous size. The priest begins to crawl backward until he runs into the altar. Fear dwells in his eyes.

Scorpio: Finish it. No prayer shall be fulfilled if not completed. Come on…”but deliver us…”

Priest: Deli…deliver u… us from evi—

Scorpio: AMEN!!! Haha father. You shall not be delivered from evil tonight, or any other night. God Almighty will not come on down and save you. He will not come down and stop me. God will leave you alone. God will remain soundly where he is…

Priest: Heaven?

Scorpio smirks at the priest comment and stands back up to face the crowd. A few men had tried to run out of the church, but were single handedly taken care of the other two members of the Brotherhood.

Scorpio: Please people I am here for you, I am here to help you. Don’t resist, my brother McDaygo here is just looking for an excuse to do something. What would that be, nobody knows, maybe your… God?

With a loud laughter, Scorpio breaks the tension of the morbidly quiet church. A man stands up from his seat and reluctantly begins to speak.

Aged Man: Wha…what are you planning on doing?

Scorpio: You my friend, I am here to save your soul. This priest here was attempting to do the same to you, but my way is much quicker. Much more impactful. You see, this priest bores us all, this priest nags us, preaches us to word of the Lord and some listen some don’t. You my friend, are getting the hand of God, you are getting me. You sinners are going to be cleansed and by the end of this night, you will feel that your soul has been purified. I, my friends, will cleanse you all. I--

A woman speaks up and cuts Scorpio off, causing him to be visibly annoyed.

Elderly Woman: Oh how are you, pray tell, going to do that? This sounds like the devil’s work to me.

Scorpio: The devil’s work? Do you think the devil would want your sorry excused of an old bag like you in hell? If anything, the devil wishes for me to succeed. With all sins committed now days, everyone seems to be on a fast track to hell and cluttering up the damn line. You see ma’am, you will not go to hell, none of you will. Not because I want you to go to hell, but because I don’t want to see your sorry asses when we get there. Brothers, barricade this house of sins.

Noticing the chalice full of wine and the tray full of the Lord’s bread on the altar, Scorpio grabs a hold of the chalice and sits down on the altar. As the Brotherhood lock down the church; Scorpio begins drinking the wine from the chalice and starts eating the Lord’s bread like they were chips. A younger man stands to protest what Scorpio is doing and is quickly booted down by the bigger brother.

Scorpio: Now people, can’t we all be civilized here? I am offering you a service for free. I’m not asking for a donation, I’m not even asking for your blood, I am simply asking for you to do one simple thing; repent.

Young Lady: Fine, I repent. Can I go home now?

Scorpio angrily motions to the lady and McDaygo drives the lady hard against the pew.

Scorpio: I don’t think you are taking this seriously. Well I know of one man who died for all of our sins, a man who became a figure head. You know him as Jesus.

Scorpio points up at the numerous large crosses that are laid upon the walls of the church.

Scorpio: Today, you shall all be cleansed. Just like your savior, Jesus Christ, you will all be crucified and will all be freed of your terrible, terrible burden.

Priest: You are a mad man sir.

Scorpio: I assure you father; I truly am.

Without a moments notice, all three members the Dark Brotherhood begin striking down the screaming members of the parish until silence is finally reached with the last thud of the last conscience man. All three brothers begin crucifying the people of the church with the help of rope only.

One by one, five men were chosen to be tied from the hanging crucifix. Smelling salts are used to revive all the crucified men, while the remaining parishioners are left unconscious on the churches floor. One by one, Scorpio approaches the men and eyes them one at a time until stopping at the first one.

Scorpio: Do you repent, my friend? Do you wish for a cleansing of some sorts? How is your soul my young friend? I hope I wasn’t too rough on you, Mr. Threepwood.

Business Man: Threepwood… what the hell you talking about?

Scorpio: Have you forgotten already? Our bout was a necessity of course. I had a job to do, and my instructions were to take you down. If I were you, I would take what you experienced in that ring as a lesson of what I am capable of. Remember, the best course of action is to stay completely away from me, as I have no intention of backing down. I will march on, and I will cleanse you if I must. But do NOT stand in my way.

McDaygo looking confused, goes to speak, but is instantly hushed by the giant brother. Scorpio grabs hold of an aspergillum and sprays the first man with it while saying “Amen”. He moves on to the second man and eyes him closely.

Scorpio: Now you. I must thank you, if it wasn’t for your standing as interim general manager at 4.3, I would have never been in the Gold Card Gauntlet match.

Thank You.

Young Man: Urgg… you’re welcome?!?

McDaygo: Shut your mouth!

Scorpio raises his hand for McDaygo to quiet down.

Scorpio: Its okay brother, thanks for helping. As I was saying thank you, Mr. Smitten. But now that the pleasantries are over; DID YOU THINK I FORGOTTEN ABOUT NO HOLDS BARRED??? How dense are you? YOU prevented me from cleansing Syanide, which was the lone reason for me to enter that match, but YOU ended it for me. This betrayal will not be forgotten, and I will be waiting for you. You should’ve awarded the match to McDaygo… you should have for your sake.

With a flick of the wrist on the aspergillum, Scorpio showers the second man with holy water before moving on to the third man on the opposing wall. Scorpio looks up at the man and begins to smile.

Scorpio: I quit. I quit. Did you ever hear those words? I sure did. They came out of my mouth. Those god forsaken words came out of my fucking mouth. Your innovated apprentice did this to me. The lowest point I have ever reached in my career, even worst than the elimination by Dalby Sound at Mt. Vesuvius. It’s taken awhile, but I have dug myself out of that hole and I have rebuilt myself thanks to that very night. I may not see you in the match, Dr. Diabolical, but if I do, the sins of your apprentice shall be yours. I am fully intended on repairing my mistakes. You will be held responsible for his sins, as a father is responsible for their child. And that is a promise I intend to keep.

Scorpio smiles as the man remains speechless in fear. He sprays him with the aspergillum and moves over to the man beside him. Scorpio looks at this man, like he’s not sure what to make of him.

Scorpio: You… what am I to make of you. Dark Prodigy… Mr. O’Rion… you have sinned. You have turned your back on your family and aligned yourself with evil. I should applaud this as you have shed away the dead weight you were carrying. But as the sins of your new master, you have picked up these vile traits. Frankly… you are a mystery to me, I have not followed your progress with any intent or scrutiny, but I do know; you are a threat. Now before you let it go to your head and think that I am concerned; think again. You are simply a trait because unlike these four other men, you, I need to get through to win. You stand in the way and you will have to go down. You have not superseded your master, apprentice, and you will not get that chance either.

Scorpio sprays the man and walks toward the altar, where he raises his arms in the air at the last large crucifix on the wall behind the altar. Scorpio looks at the men hanging on the cross and begins to laugh maniacally. The man hanging from the cross is the priest himself.

Scorpio: Shall I worship, oh Saint. Shall I do as you do, oh Saint. Shall I be merciful in my execution, oh no Saint. I shall not be merciful for you. I shall not forgive you, I shall simply condemn you Saint. There are four men in that ring with you and one of them I must defeat to win. That is simply my reward. My goal Saint… is you. My reason to be there… is you. My whole purpose… is you. Saint, you are in need of saving. It is not from your numerous sins, it is not for your way of life and it is not for what you have done to McDaygo. Saint, you need to be saved from me. You need to survive till I enter that ring. I don’t care what you have to do, but if you don’t wait for me, then run, run the very fuck away from me and never ever come near an FMW ring again. Go into seclusion, go into hiding. I have drawn your blood often in recent weeks, but at Ultimatum… I will cleanse you. Not of your sins… but of your life.

Priest: You are completely insane.

He doesn’t know the half of it.

Scorpio begins to laugh maniacally and throws the aspergillum with all his strength to the side of the priest’s temple knocking him out cold. Sitting in a far end pew sits the two other members of the brotherhood waiting impatiently for Scorpio to finish. Scorpio turns around and sees the brother’s impatient look.

Scorpio: Bit over board? Oh well, yeah its best we leave, I’m sure their families will wonder about their where about.

McDaygo: We should cleansed them the proper way brother; a cleansing by fire.

It’s a wonderful idea. He’s learning.

Scorpio begins to walk towards the churches exit and signals both men to follow.

Scorpio: Burning is not necessary, they have been crucified for their sins and that is enough.

McDaygo: But we...

He’s right you know.

Scorpio: ENOUGH, Let’s go.

Scorpio breaks open the barricaded door and walks out of the church. The two other brothers begin walking out when McDaygo stop the other in his tracks.

McDaygo: I know I’m new here, and I’m not here to doubt anyone but I think Scorpio is too obsessed with this match. And these men know too much about us already… they should be dealt with.

As McDaygo pleads his case with his brother, only for his brother to nod back and signal for McDaygo to exit as well. Meanwhile Scorpio sits patiently by the car as McDaygo finally comes out of the church.

Scorpio: About friggin’ time, let’s get the hell out of here, McDaygo where is he?

McDaygo: Said he had to take a piss.

Scorpio: Yeah…

Mere seconds later, the giant member of the Dark Brotherhood walks out and closes the door behind him. All three members enter the vehicle and start the car. As the begin to back out of the driveway, Scorpio notices smoke emanating from the cracks of the doors and the flickering light of a fire begins to shine through the churches window. The car kicks it in drive and speeds off, as Scorpio fumes in the backseat.

Scorpio: What the fuck did I say McDaygo? I said NO!

McDaygo: It wasn’t me.

Scorpio nails the driver in the shoulder and sinks back into the backseat.

Scorpio: Of course it had to be you. You are jumping the gun, brother; I wasn’t ready to begin that here.

The car speeds down the dirt road leaving only it’s tail lights in the wake of a burning inferno, which was once a church but now… a cleansing…


Hope begins in the dark, the stubborn hope that if you just show up and try to do the right thing, the dawn will come. You wait and watch and work: You don't give up.
Anne Lamott


Through a shoddy recording, a black and white picture appears on the television. Sitting with his legs crossed in the middle of an empty room, is Eric Scorpio with a look of utter seriousness. The only noise is the recording sound’s crinkles due to its poor recording when Scorpio begins to speak.

Scorpio: To the workers of Full Metal Wrestling, you know who I am. You know what I do. What you may or may not know, is that your lives are about to change for the better.

Behind Scorpio, two men approach him from behind and lay their hand on his shoulders.

Scorpio: Behind me, we have my brothers. On my left, is James McDaygo a man you have learned to love over his stay here and a man important to this new cause. On my right, a giant some of you may be familiar with, a man a lot of you won’t; he goes by Crazy Ash Killa. Together, we are here to usher in this new dawn of cleansing.

I have been finding that you people seem to resist this change. I am very concerned about your people’s lives and its impact it’s having around you. This is why this Dark Brotherhood is here. We will make you repent, by any means necessary and this begins tonight at Ultimatum.

Please don’t make this hard on yourselves, you sinners need this help and I will offer this cure. I look forward to see you all, like the five sinners I will cleanse tonight.

Remember sinners, all you need to do is repent.

Without hesitation, the camera cuts out and the image goes blank.


Do not envy a sinner; you don't know what disaster awaits him.
Bible, Old Testament


The Inexplicable "Cleanser of Sinners" Eric Scorpio Scorp_sig5
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