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 The Immortal (or Immoral) Alex O'Rion

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Alex O'Rion

Alex O'Rion

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PostSubject: The Immortal (or Immoral) Alex O'Rion   Thu Dec 17, 2009 12:32 pm

I saw Peter doing that and said to myself.

I have shit that old to. These are posted in as best chronological order I can do from FMW 1.1. Some will be missing obviously, but for the most part I will try and keep it as close to real as possible.

This is it, I hope you enjoy.

And no, I will not be recoding, at least not yet. Maybe later when it's posted.


The shot opens to show a young man around the age of 22 walking down the streets of Halifax. The open harbor highlighted by a shades of sunset setting a beautiful backdrop for the city by the sea. The man walks through the crowd, inconspicuous in his blue jeans, worn shoes, and warm heavy jacket wrapped around his shoulders to fight off the bitter ocean breeze. As he moves closer to the water the crowds begin to thin out, gone up the hill to get out of the wind or see the fort at the top.

Finally he cuts down a side street right off the harbor and walks into a door with the sing “Peddlers Pub” hanging above it. He walks over to the bar and throws his heavy jacket it, getting a grin from the older man behind the wooden barrier.

Bartender: Alex!

Some of the patrons turn at the yell, some of which laugh at the sons return, other grumble the memories of last nights little fight still stuck in their minds.

Alex: Hey Pop.

Elder O’Rion: I didn’t expect ta see ya round this way after you and the boys cleared the house last night.

Alex: Yeah, I figured after the hassle we put you through last night I’d drop by and clean up. I mean we grew up here; it’s as much of home as the house where mom’s waiting for you. Foods better here too.

That gets another grin from the old man as he hangs Alex’s coat on the rack behind the bar.

Alex: Besides with us heading off to the FMW, we won’t be able to help out like we used to.

Wouldn't it be great, if no one ever got offended
Wouldn't it be great to say what's really on your mind

Elder O’Rion: We both knew you boys weren’t gonna stick round here forever, your off to bigger and better things now.

Alex: Yeah, I just feel a bit guilty leaving you and mom like this, your not so young no more pop.

Elder O’Rion: Well don’t I still got plenty o’ years left in me before I need the likes of you and your brothers to look after me. Speaking of the devils, where they at?

Alex: Andrews probably out for one last night with the boys, you know celebrating it up before we leave for Toronto tomorrow. You’ll probably see his drunken arse in here later. Who knows what Adrians up to, kids probably out training or picking a fight, or both.

Elder O’Rion: And you, why aren’t you out tying it on strong with the boys, ‘stead of here?

Alex chuckles for a moment as his dad slyly sends him a Keiths. He picks it up and takes a good long pull from it. Putting the drink back on the bar he looks over with a cocky smile.

Alex: In my defense, this is a bar aint it?

I have always said 'all the rules are made for bending'
And if I let my hair down, would that be such a crime?

After a few minutes of relaxing with his beer Alex puts it down and starts to clean up the remnants from the fight last night. He takes the broken table out back to the dumpster, picks up chairs, cleans some broken glass from the floor that his dad had missed and all around cleans up the place.

As he moves to start cleaning some mugs the ding of the bell above the door rings and Angus walks in, large bandage over his nose giving the impression of a mummy.

He sees Alex behind the bar and grins before taking a seat.

Angus: Eh bye, whatcha doin here tonight?

Alex: Cleaning up the mess we made after I fixed your face and made you pretty.

Angus laughs, making a deep nasally sound before calling for a Keiths. Alex opens one for himself, and another for his friend.

Alex: Here, some liquid medicine to nurse your pride.

Angus laughs again as the two lifts beers before taking a deep drink of the rich lager.

Angus: So where the byes at?

Alex: I’d insult you, but it’s like kicking a blind, deaf, and lame dog after it’s already dead, way too easy. They’re out and around, you know them.

Angus: You shoulda gone withem boyo, I hear you all be leaving for the big time tomorrow anyway.

Alex: Yeah, tomorrow we hit the biggest show around. I have to admit, I’m a bit nervous. I heard some of the big shots from other feds are heading there too. Guys like Cynical, Showstoppa, and X are rumored to show.

I wanna be consequence free
I wanna be where nothing needs to matter

Angus: So? You byes be the pride of fooking Nova Scotia! Your gonna go out there and put on the show, show them other byes what real fighters are life.

Alex: And what makes you so damn confident?

Angus laughs and points at his busted up nose.

Angus: I aint no fussy whiner liken them wrasslers, you busted me up good boyo.

Alex: You were drunk as one of those wanna be sailors that come by here every now and then!

Angus winks and scratches at his covered nose, trying to itch through the cast.

Angus: Ya know me bye booze only makes me tougher.

The two share a laugh and a drink.

I wanna be consequence free
Just sing Na Na Na Na Na Ne Na Na Na

Later in the night Alex and the “Pop” O’Rion are busy handing out drinks and conversing with the growing crowd of patrons when the door busts open and a couple of people singing drunken tunes walk into the bar.

I could really use, to lose my Catholic conscience
Cuz I'm getting sick of feeling guilty all the time

At the front of the crowd, singing loudly and worse than any other is Andrew O’Rion, one half of the tag team brothers, the O’Rions. Stopping his rendition of the Great Big Sea song he scans the crowd before his booze-clouded eyes settle on Alex at the bar.

Andrew: Alex!

Alex: Hey Bro.

Andrew: We’ve been lookin’ all over town for ya. We went to the bar, then the pub, then to your old ladies, then to the bar, a few other pubs, and still we didn’t find you!

Alex: I was here all night, only 10 pubs, you really weren’t looking for me were you?

Andrew: We were so looking for you, I looked for you at the bottom of every glass, and you just weren’t there!

But seriously man, why weren’t you with us, one last night and you want to work.

Alex: I’d rather help pop out one last time than go get pissed. I mean this thing takes off, who knows when we’ll be home again.

Andrew: You know it’ll take off; it’s got the O’Rions. You, me, Adrian, we are gonna go and show those mainlanders why you don’t come to Nova Scotia lookin for a fight! Am I right lads!

Andrews group of friends and most the rest of the bar cheer on their drunken hero.

Andrew: Just you wait bro, we’re gonna be huge.

Alex: Yeah, I guess your right.

Andrew raises a bystander’s mug and takes a drink.

I won't abuse it, Yeah I've got the best intentions
For a little bit of anarchy but not the hurting kind

Andrew: Damn straight I’m right little bro. Now common, we still have plenty o’ pubs we haven’t looked for ya in.

Grabbing his jacket, he says goodbye to his pop and heads out into the night with the others.

I wanna be consequence free
I wanna be where nothing needs to matter
I wanna be consequence free
Just sing Na Na Na Na Na Ne Na Na Na

What follows is a montage of the boys out drinking, hitting every town in Halifax they can before last call. Eventually the group splits off until it’s just the O’Rions drunkenly stumbling down a street towards their own separate apartments.

Andrew: …So I said to Angus, I said, we are gonna come and beat you with those belts when we win them. You don’t be telling the O’Rions we aint wrasslers.

Alex: Alright bro, we’ll do that, this is me.

Andrew: Night bro, say hi to ‘Resa for me.

Alex: Yeah, night.

With that the brothers break off as Andrew continues his drunken walk and Alex turns up the steps to the house he shares with Teresa.

I couldn't sleep at all last night
Cause I had so much on my mind

A couple hours later Alex can be seen tossing and turning in the bed he shares with his girlfriend, still wide awake despite the first rays of dawn coming through the window. He reaches over and starts to gently shake the sleeping woman next to him.

Alex: Hey babe, you awake?

Teresa: Yeah, what is it?

Alex: It’s just that, well, I’m leaving for that FMW thing today, and we never really talked about what we were going to do about it.

Teresa: You know I love you right?

Alex: Yeah hunny, I love you to but I don’t see what…

Teresa: Shh, I love you, but I can’t sit at home and wait for when you to come back every time you leave to wrestle. It was different when you were in the indies, you went with Andrew, did a show, and came back to me. Now, you might be going on tours for weeks, months on end. I can’t just sit and watch my life pass me by while you live it.

I'd like to leave it all behind,
But you know it's not that easy

Alex: But what about all the time we’ve been together, your saying you don’t want to try and keep that?

Teresa: No, you don’t get it, I’ll always love the time I had with you. But you’re moving down a different path now. I was born in Halifax, I have friends here, and all my family is here. I can’t just step out and leave that to follow you around.

The FMW is where you want to be, where you NEED to be, I just can’t be there with you.

Alex: I guess I should just get going then.

Teresa: Stop being an ass, I have you for one last night, come back to bed.

I wanna be consequence free
I wanna be where nothing needs to matter
I wanna be consequence free
Just sing Na Na Na Na Na Ne Na Na Na

Again comes a montage of Alex packing his things, stopping by spots in the city to take one last look, say good bye to friends before coming to the airport with his brothers, his parents, and Teresa.

Wouldn't it be great, if the band just never ended
We could stay out late and we would never hear last call

Elder O’Rion: See ya boys, you show those mainlanders what it means to be the Pride of Nova Scotia.

Andrew: We will pop.

Adrian: Damn straight old man.

Alex: Yeah pop, we’ll show them a good old fashion Nova Scotian time.

Teresa pulls Alex aside and gives him one last kiss.

Teresa: I’ll always love you Alex, you go and show them why you deserve and need to be there.

Alex: I will ‘Resa, take care of yourself.

We wouldn't need to worry about approval or permission,
We could - slip off the edge and never worry about the fall

The O’Rion boys board their plane, leaving Nova Scotia behind. The camera follows the plane as it takes off, until finally it vanishes beyond the clouds.

I wanna be consequence free
I wanna be where nothing needs to matter

The shot changes to show Alex O’Rion standing backstage of Full Metal Wrestling 1.1. Unlike before he is dressed in full wrestling gear, the cocky smile replaced by a look of intense concentration.

Alex: Tonight I go one on one with John “Doc” Derrick, in that ring, for the first round of the Full Metal Championship tournament.

Tonight I go out and prove why I deserve to be in this company, as much as superstars like Cynical, and Showstoppa, as much as my brothers, as much as anyone else that laces up their wrestling boots in this locker room.

Tonight I go out there and put on the match of my life, why, not because I have to, not because I need to. But because I want to earn the right to go out there every week after it and do it all over again.

Doc, I left everything I have ever known behind me for this opportunity. My parents, my family, even the love of my life, just for the opportunity to go out there tonight and meet you in a match. Just to go out there and live my dream. Everyone has always told me that I was destined for bigger and better things, never to settle for what I had unless it was everything I wanted.

What I want is that championship at the end of this road, and I will not disgrace them by not going out and giving my all to get everything I want.

I’m just sorry you had to be the first one to stand in my way. Tonight I go out and live my dream, I’m just sorry I have to crush yours to do that. But like the song says, I left everything behind, I didn’t want but I did. I’m consequence free, so as much as I hate to do it, I have to beat you, and beat you I will.

See you out there Doc, may the best man win.

I wanna be consequence free
Just sing Na Na Na Na Na Ne Na Na Na

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Alex O'Rion

Alex O'Rion

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PostSubject: Re: The Immortal (or Immoral) Alex O'Rion   Thu Dec 17, 2009 12:33 pm

The roar of the crowd is deafening backstage of Full Metal Wrestling 1.1. A tired, bruised, and completely ecstatic Alex O’Rion is shown coming through the curtains after his successful match against “Doc” John Derrick. He starts to walk towards the O’Rion dressing room to celebrate the first of several O’Rion wins with his brothers, but as he travels a stagehand steps out in front of him with a non descript brown envelope.

Stagehand: Alex O’Rion? This just came for you, I was told it was urgent.

Alex: All right give it here.

He opens to the envelope and pulls out a letter with the official FMW logo at the top.

Dear Mr. O’Rion

In an attempt to garner early promotions for Full Metal Wrestling we have agreed to several cross promotions where superstars from the FMW are sent to guest star and promote the show on other programs. For example superstar Syanide has been sent to the BET Music Awards to promote the show. You however have been selected to be sent to the family comedy “Family Guy”, please remember that only your name and the name of the Full Metal Wrestling company have been licensed to appear on the show. Thus any other superstars will be parodies. Please enjoy the time, and be a proper ambassador for the FMW, you second rate Nova Scotian Jaro wanna be.

V.P Full Metal Wrestling
Commodore Zuzu

He stares at the letter in shock as the stagehand waits impatiently.

Alex: And you’re sure I’m the O’Rion this was addressed to?

Stagehand: No, but your brother, what’s his name? Oh yeah, Andrew, is scheduled to appear with the Keith’s Bikini Ski Team instead, and your brother Adrian says he never received his message, and since that stagehand apparently skipped town he is free to do as he wishes.

Alex: So Zuzu needs me to go to a Comedy show instead of practice for my next round match? After he has the nerve to call me a Jaro rip off?

Stagehand: Actually the translator said Zuzu ‘warked’ something far worse, but company internal censors kept it PG.

Alex: I fucking hate that bird.

Stagehand: Shh sir, the bird has eyes and ears everywhere. I even heard tell of a new form of secret bird police, hidden even from General Manager Jaro himself.
Alex crumples the paper and tosses it over his shoulder as he walks pass the stagehand.

Alex: Bird police? That’s a good one bye.

As Alex walks out of view several black masked ostriches walk behind the stage hand and grab him.

Bird Police 1: Wark Wark Wark!

The birds begin to drag him backwards into the shadows.

Stagehand: No, I didn’t tell him the secrets of the police, I swear, NO!

Fade to Black

The shot fades back to show the inside of a famous little Quahog home as a family of six gathers around the boob tube watching the evening news.

Brain: I can’t believe Peter got fired from his job again.

Stewie: Quiet you infernal flea transporter. We weren’t expecting to have to make new shows; no one thought FOX actually listened to their audience.

Louis: Stewie, that’s not true, the good people at FOX are kind and considerate to the needs of their viewers.

An awkward silence falls across the family only to be broken by rancorous laughter as they all break at the idea of FOX caring about anything (Disclaimer: This author does not either endorse nor deny the good people at Fox may or may not indeed be the devil) which in turns is broken up by a knock at the door. Meg being the closest to the door stands up and answers it to reveal the smirking face of the one and only Alex O’Rion.

Meg: Oh My God! You’re that wrestler guy, Edge!

Alex looks at her in shock and anger as he mumbles under his breath.

Alex: One day Zuzu, I will get you for this.

Meg: What was that?

Alex: I said, no my name is Alex O’Rion and I am here to promote the FMW with you guys.

Peter: Really, do you what you’re going to be doing in this episode?

Alex: No, was I suppose to?

Peter: Did you at least read a script?

Alex: Sc-ri-pt?

Peter: All right well, um, how about you come join us for the news and we’ll just go from there.

Alex comes over to join them on the couch, sitting next to the baby and the dog.

Stewie: Bloody want to be actors these wrestlers are, hasn’t even read the script.

Alex: Did the baby just talk!?

Brian: No

Alex: Did the dog just talk too!?


Chris: Boobies!

Alex: Zah?

Louis: Shh Mr. O’Rion, sit back and enjoy the news, they have a new reporter today.

The camera pans off of a visibly shaken and disturbed Alex to show the television.

Tom:….and that’s how I learned hookers in Bangkok may not always be as the appear, Dianne.

Dianne: Fascinating Tom, and now for the rebuttal from the Asian community we go to new Asian correspondent, Suki Ur Wang.

Tom: Sorry Dianne, after where you’ve been I’d rather go back to Bangkok.

Dianne: How cute Tom, Suki?

The television changes to an outside shot of Quahog’s Chinatown, a small Asian man in a reporters vest and holding a microphone is shown.

Suki: Thanks Dianne, and Tom, not all Bangkok hookers are like th…

The man is cut off as a giant chicken jumps him and begins to pummel him as they roll down the street. Back and forth the fight goes as they roll past businesses, over people, through intersections causing accidents, until finally they reach a drawbridge being raised, a news helicopter with a rope ladder conveniently above them. Suki reaches up and grabs the ladder as the copter begins to pull away. The chicken’s eyes close dangerously before he too jumps and barely grabs onto the bottom rung of the ladder. Suki looks down and begins to punish the chickens face with brutal kicks, trying to dislodge the avian.

The chicken uses it’s free hand to grab the foot in the middle of a kick and pull, yanking both of them free from the ladder and falling the hundreds of feet to the ground, fighting as they go. Both land into a dumpster behind the drunken clam, the chicken being the first to crawl out uses the lid to slam down onto Suki’s head as he attempts to get out.

Finally Suki falls to the ground by the dumpster bleeding, only to grab the chickens leg and pull it down as well. They begin to fight and the ball of human/chicken rolls off once more.

As they roll they collide with innocent bystanders and go through office buildings as though they are made of paper. Until finally they pull to a stop in front of a certain Griffon families home. The chicken slams the head of the reporter Suki into the hard ungiving cement repeatedly. Finally after one more slam the chicken gets up from the unconscious form of Suki and walks into the house, leaving the reporter in a growing pool of blood.

As it walks into the house the Griffen family stares in shock as the chicken removes his head to reveal a battered Alex O’Rion.

Peter: Holy crap, you were right there. How’d you do that.

Alex: Magic of television. But it looks like I can hang out a whole lot longer than I thought I could, I just beat the hell out of Suki Mi Wang, my opponent at the next show.

Louis: Um Mr. O’Rion, that was Suki Ur Wang, the Asian reporter for the news.

Alex: Your kidding right?

Louis: No.

Alex: Son of a bitch! One second then please.

Alex turns to face the camera directly.

Alex: Ladies and gentlemen, did you enjoy what you just saw. If you did please tune into Full Metal Wrestling 1.3 to see my beat yet another little Asian man within an inch of his life, or to see my brothers like me beating others, as well as many other brutal and entertaining matches, segments, and all around great family viewing. So remember watch Full Metal Wrestling 1.3, check your local listings for airing times.

He smiles to the camera before turning back to the family.

Peter: Since you have to leave soon, want a beer.

Alex: Hell yes! You have any Keith’s?

Peter: No, we drink real beer in the U.S. of A.

Alex: Did you just call my beer fake?

Peter: No I called it Grade A Canadian Moose Piss.

Alex reaches over and re-attaches the chicken head to the suit.

Alex: Your going to regret that…

He lunges at Peter as the shot fades to black.
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Alex O'Rion

Alex O'Rion

Posts : 1467
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Join date : 2009-12-06
Age : 33
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FMW Superstar: Alex O'Rion
Championship: FMW World Tag Team Champion

PostSubject: Re: The Immortal (or Immoral) Alex O'Rion   Thu Dec 17, 2009 12:34 pm

The shot opens to the classic O’Rion brother’s poker game at Peddlers Pub, Adrian as always is cleaning his brothers out of their hard earned beer money as Andrew and Alex discuss their upcoming matches at DeathRow over a couple of bottles of Keith’s.

Alex: So you ready for your match again Rampage yet?

Andrew: Yeah bye, I have some gypsies tears or shyte from Borat, now apparently I will not only win my matches, but I am safe from aids? Aint that some shit?

Alex: You know Borat’s an insane character right, and those tears could be monkey sperm for all you know.

Andrew: God I hope not, he told me to drink some of it before my match.



Andrew: It kind of tasted like milk.



Andrew: What?

Alex: You drank it?!?

Andrew: Shut up! Are you ready for your match again Mucas Fago?

Alex: Not really, that man is a monster. A seven-foot tall anorexic monster that I can’t kick in the face like I want to.

Andrew: So what are you going to do then bye?

Alex: I don’t have a clue, I have to be ready to be beat him, then you or ‘Page. And then who ever wins on the other side. One’s a wizard, the others a “god”, followed by a psychopath, and then a hero? How the fuck do you prepare for all of that in on night?

Adrian stops dealing the cards and looks up, an out of place intense look crossing his face.

Adrian: Sounds like you need special training.

Alex: What do you mean by that bro?

Adrian: You must go to the edge of Peggy’s Cove, and there you will find a man, a master. He is the master of many disciplines, and can teach any pupil to prepare for the unexpected.

Andrew: Adrian, do you really have to act all serious when you say that?

Adrian breaks in a grin and laughs.

Adrian: Nah, but you both lowered your cards when I did, nice straight Alex.

Alex: HEY!

Adrian: Despite my wanting to win though, the master is real though bro. Hell, I’m already ready for my match; unlike you guys I know how to think ahead. I’ll show you where you need to go, might be good for a laugh.

Alex: All right, sounds good to me.

The two O’Rions gather their jackets and head out the door, leaving the Andrew alone in the almost empty pub. He looks around and reaches over to grab the Adrians pile of winnings. As he reaches Adrian comes running back into the room, grabs the money and runs, leaving Andrew alone with his beer.

Fade to Black

When the shot comes back it shows the O’Rion brothers huddling in their jackets against the cold ocean wind. The sky full of stars glowing brightly down on the hard rocks of Peggy’s Cove. Both brothers are looking towards the edge of the largest cliff where an elderly Irish man sits cross-legged, looking out to the sea.

Alex: So that’s him is it? What is he doing out here all alone at night? This place closes at seven normally.

Adrian: Legend has it that he once had a wife who was swallowed up by the sea. That man there hunted down the god of the ocean and challenged him to a fight to reclaim his wife. The god turned him down, telling him to wait by the sea every night and eventually he would come and the fight would begin. He’s waited every night since.

Alex: Really, what do you think?

Adrian: Fuckers gonna jump one of these days?

Alex: So why did I come here to get trained?

Adrian: You’ll see.

The two huddle tighter into their winter jackets and press forward. As they come closer to the edge they are soaked by waves crashing on the rocks, and shivering before they arrive final rock that the master sits upon.

Alex: So what do I call him?

Adrian: Master O’Brien

Alex: Hello, Master O’Brien, I was told to come to for training.

The elderly Irish man ignores the larger O’Rion and continues to look out to sea.

Alex: Hey Master?

The man continues to ignore him.

Alex: Old man?

Alex waves his hand in front of the elderly masters face. Faster than the camera can follow his weather hand comes up and grabs the younger mans wrist pulling him forward and off balance. The Irish man stands and pushes Alex off the cliff, holding him above the waves and rocks below by his wrist.

Master O’Brien: You are impatient for one who wishes to learn.

Alex despite being held by his wrist above certain death by a frail looking Irish man cracks a grin.

Alex: Well it made sure you’re the one I wanted to come to learn from didn’t it?

O’Brien: And you are foolish as well. But you come with Adrian, who I have taught to keep his anger separate from his self. He would not have brought you without reason. I will teach you.

Alex: Sweet! So you will help me prepare for my wrestling matches at DeathRow?

O’Brien: I will help you prepare for a great many things, the least of which will be how to wrestle. You first task to learn from me, is to go to a bar and talk to a man named Bear. Adrian, you will show him the way.

Adrian: Yes, master.

Master O’Brien brings Alex back from above the waves and throws him a few feet behind him in an easy motion. Alex pulls himself back to his feet and follows Adrian back of the rocks towards the lights of Halifax.

Fade to black

The shot comes back once again to show the inside of a dance club, a sign emblazoned with “Flaming Keiths” hangs above the doorway as the two brothers come in from the cold and drop their jackets off at the coat check.

Alex: This is no fucking bar!

Adrian: It’s a dance club bro, they’re almost as popular as good ole pubs like Peddlers now a days.

Alex: Blasphemy!

Adrian: Ah shut up already, I agree with you. We need to find bear.

The two make their way past a few dance floors towards the bar.

Alex: Any idea where he might be, oh great sensei-sama.

Adrian: Number one no, Number two stop trying to rip off the cartoons you watch on Saturday morning.

Alex: Blow me, your just jealous because I learnt a new language from it.

At this point several of the guys on the dance floor they are passing give Alex an odd look, which the older O’Rion remains oblivious to.

The two get to the bar and order up some Keiths, then look around the room.

Alex: So where is this bear guy you were talking about?

Adrian: Right behind you.

Alex turns around and is met with the chest of a man standing a full head taller than the wrestler.

Alex: Holy fuckin’ hell!

Bear: Who are you little man?

Alex: A-Alex O’rion, please don’t eat me.

Bear: You’re good looking little man, but not that good.

Alex: What the hell are you talking about?

Bear: I think you need to take another look around where you are right now.

Alex turns to look back at the dance floor and sees two men making out, men in tight leather pants everywhere, men dancing with men, and not a woman in sight.

Alex: That fucking old man.

Bear: Your taking this better than most people would.

Alex: I got nothing against places like this, to each there own I say. I’m just surprised a place like this sells Keith’s.

Bear: Why’s that?

Alex: I didn’t think that you people would appreciate strong ale like Keiths.

Adrian slaps his forehead and backs away from his older brother.

Bear: How dare you; you think you can out drink anyone here!

Alex: I’m an O’Rion I can out drink anyone.

Bear: You conceded little shit! There is only one way to settle this; I challenge you to a match.

Alex puts his beer down and rolls up his sleeves, he settles into an easy fighting stance.

Alex: Your want a fight in a bar big fella, this is where I fucking grew up!

Bear laughs and grabs Alex, dragging him towards the middle of the room.

Bear: That’s not how we settle things here. Give me a Beat!

The song “Heaven on Earth” begins to play around the club as Bear jumps onto the dance floor and breaks into a highly intricate dance routine. The crowd claps and cheers as Bear twists and moves until finally he stomp his foot in front of Alex and laughs as the music fades away.

Every head in the room turns to look at Alex as he looks nervously around. He takes a very unsure step out to the dance floor and slowly moves to the middle of it. He stands there like a statue, people around the room begin to heckle and laugh at the terrified man on the floor. Suddenly the gong hits and “Beat it” by Michael Jackson begins to play, Alex begins to move his shoulder with the beat and walk forward. As the song comes into full swing so does Alex, shockingly dancing very well around the floor to the beat. The booing of the crowd slowly turns to cheering and a few claps as Alex moonwalks across the stage. By the end of the song the hate has disappeared and the crowd is cheering just as loudly for the O’Rion brother…except for Adrian who is hiding his face in his hands.

Bear looks on with a smile and steps back out onto the dance floor as the crowd favorite everywhere YMCA begins to play. As bear goes into another routine Alex decides he refuses to be outdone and joins him on the floor, the crowd erupts.

The two dance, trying to one up each other until Bear trips up during a spin and falls to the ground, Alex notices and starts to dance towards Bear, making him back up without getting up.

As the song ends Alex has Bear cornered off the floor and offers to help him up. Bear grabs the hand and gets up, pulling Alex in for a bear hug (pun fully intended) before looking over at Adrian.

Bear: Ad-lad, tell the master he passes with flying colors.

Fade to black

Once more the two brothers are standing on the bluff of Peggy’s Cove next to Master O’Brien.

Alex: Ad-Lad?

Adrian: Shut up!

Alex: Oh Addy.

Adrian: SHUT UP!

O’Brien: Both of you will be quiet now.

The two brothers instantly shut their mouths and pay attention to the wised old man.

O’Brien: Adrian, what did he say?

Adrian: He said Alex passed with flying colors.

O’Brien: Excellent, excellent. Alex you have passed the first of two tests I will train you on. This last test was to improve your gracefulness and rhythm. To be successful in any task of life, including wrestling, one must be graceful, and sure of step. This have proven you have both. You are ready for the next test. Follow me.

The old master begins to hop his way down the cliff to a small motorboat waiting at the bottom. Adrian and Alex look over the edge for a ladder and see none. Shrugging his shoulders Adrian begins the long unsafe climb down, Alex follows cursing under his breath the entire way until they finally reach the bottom.

Alex: old sucking son of a maggot loving monkey whore…

O’Brien: You will be quiet now Alex, what took you both so long?

Alex: Cliffs are big old man, we aren’t all half grasshopper like you.

The old Irish man starts up the boat and begins to move away from shore.

Alex: Where are we going, master?

O’Brien: To your final test, you will see when you get there.

Alex does not seem satisfied with the answer, but settles back into his seat and relaxes. Soon the lights of Halifax are more than five miles away and barely twinkling on the dark sea.

O’Brien: Adrian if you would do the honors.

Without a word Adrian grabs hold of his brother by the jacket and pushes him hard, sending him tumbling from the boat.

Alex hits the waves with a shout and surfaces a moment later to see the boat drifting farther away.

Alex: Adrian! You little son of a bitch! I’ll get you for this, and your little master too!

O’Brien: This is your final test, swim back to shore. If you fail, you shall surely perish.

The boat starts up again and begins to head back to shore!

Alex: Hey! Wait! You can’t do this! I could die!

The boat continues away until it is out of sight. Alex splashes around in the freezing cold water for a moment looking for something or someone to help him. After a moment he realizes he is all alone, miles from land, with no help coming back for him and begins to swim.

Fade to black

Once again it shows the top of Peggy’s Cove where Adrian and Master O’Brien wait, the sun beginning to peak above horizon in the distance lighting the sky a brilliant red. Finally after what seems like an eternity a hand dripping water grabs hold of the edge of cliff. A few moments later another hand follows, followed shortly again by an equally soaked and even more tired Alex as he pulls himself back onto the cliff, falling over exhausted.

He sits there panting, trying to gain back his breath as Adrian and the master watch on from nearby.

Alex: You….both…..suck….so much…..

O’Brien: So I see you survived.

Alex looking slightly better slowly gets to his feet, the water dripping around him onto the rocks.

Alex: No thanks to you.

O’Brien: Your right, no thank you to us. But what did you learn?

Alex: You two suck?

O’Brien: No you learned that you have the endurance and strength to survive almost any situation, just like last night you learned you have quick and sure enough to do whatever it is you need to.

Alex: So your training did nothing then, I almost died for nothing! I even fuckin’ danced for NOTHING!

O’Brien: No you think headed monkey fool, you learned that you have everything you need already to be successful. But more importantly you learned that no matter what the situation, you will not give up, you will fight to do it as best you can. Think about these matches you have coming up at DeathRow, is there anyone there you will give up to?

Alex: No.

O’Brien: Let beat you?

Alex: No!

O’Brien: Let them be better than you?

Alex: NO!

O’Brien: Then my training is complete my student. Go forth and use what you have learned here to win your title, and when you do pass on what you have learned here with my blessing.

Alex: I will master, I will!

Alex runs off towards Halifax to finish preparing for his match at DeathRow as Adrian steps over to Master O’Brien

O’Brien: Do you think it worked?

Adrian: Only time will tell…

Fade to Black
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PostSubject: Re: The Immortal (or Immoral) Alex O'Rion   Thu Dec 17, 2009 12:35 pm

Today we go behind the scenes of the bartending profession
As we follow two part time Bartenders in a day in their lives.


1:00 PM

The shot opens to show an apartment in the beautiful city of Halifax. This apartment, like most apartments owned by bachelors is a complete and utter disaster area. Books and assorted comic books are tossed around the room, the bed is obviously unmade as the sheets and blankets are twisted near the foot, and most noticeably a four-foot pile of clothes lies right next to bed. The room looks devoid of life; nothing signaling that anything lives there until….

“Ring, Ring”

…The phone rings and a groan comes from the pile of clothes. A hand reaches out from the pile and blindly reaches around until it grabs the portable phone and pulls it back into the pile with it. A click and then a muffled voice is heard.

Voice: Hello?

A short pause.

Voice: But I have a match tomorrow!

Another short pause

Voice: Can’t Andrew do it? I have a fuckin’ match tomorrow.

Another slightly longer pause.

Voice: I know I promised to help out, but why can’t Andrew do it?

A pause as a person speaking very loudly over the phone can be barely heard.

Voice: Fine, it’s 1 Pm now; I’ll be there by two.

Another click and the phone is tossed none to gently from the pile onto the bed, as a cross from between a groan and a sigh comes from beneath the pile.

Voice: Fuck!

The pile shifts and a very tired looking and upset Alex O’Rion emerges and begins to look for some clean clothes for the day.

1:58 Pm

Alex dressed in a heavy jacket walks against the cold harbor wind as he makes his way down the streets towards the water. Every so often he is stopped by people on the street asking him for photographs or autographs, until finally he comes to a stop in front of a locked up building, the sign saying Peddlers Pub blowing in the wind above the door.

Reaching into his pocket he comes out with a set of keys and goes about unlocking the door and walks inside. He walks inside the stops in shock, the keys fall out of his hands, before him the pub is almost destroyed. Tables are knocked over, broken stools lying around, even a few puddles of slowly drying blood are splattered around the room.

Alex: Holy Fuckin’ Christ.

Alex walks over the bar and hangs his jacket up behind it. He walks around the pub and starts the long, arduous activity of cleaning it up.

2:47 PM

A chime at the door breaks the silence of the Peddlers Pub as Alex finishes picking the last table up and placing it upright. Looking over he sees his twin Andrew O’Rion walk into the pub whistling, a magazine carried under his arm.

Alex: What the fuck happened here last night, you closed didn’t ya?

Andrew: Yeah, why?

Alex: The place was a fuckin’ disaster man, I’ve been here for an hour and just finished cleaning up.

Andrew: That’s funny I could have sworn I cleaned last night.

Alex: I don’t fuckin’ think so?

Andrew looks thoughtful for a moment.

Andrew: Oh yeah, there was a fight last night. I was busy screwing around with this hot lass from “down under” if you know what I mean, and when we came back out the place was smashed up. She said that if I wanted to keep going we needed to go some place nicer. So I locked up, and we headed to her place.

Alex: So you left the bar completely fuckin’ wrecked after agreeing to watch it between DeathRow and 2.1, for me to clean up this morning. This isn’t even my fuckin’ day to be here.

Andrew: Why are you here anyway?

Alex: Adrian called in, something about a headache I think.

Andrew: Suck to be you then, don’t it?

Alex: Yeah especially when someone leaves big ass mess of the pub the night before.

Andrew: Listen we could go back and forth on who’s fault that was, or we can finish opening up, are you done slacking off yet?

Alex: You have got to be fuckin’ kidd…..

3.52 PM

The bar is still completely empty though open, Alex is on the phone talking to someone while Andrew is lying across the bar reading his copy of “Bad Babes of NS”. After a moment Alex hangs up the phone and walks over to the bar while Andrew pulls out a centerfold and speaks.

Andrew: So who was that?

Alex: I have to admit I was jealous that you had Borat come visit for you before DeathRow, so I went and got some friends that are going to stop by during my promo for 2.1 and help spice it up

Andrew: Yeah like who, your mom in lingerie?

Alex: Bro, she’s your mom to!

Andrew: Oh yeah, mom’s a saint, don’t you dare talk about her like that again.

Alex: What the fuck are you talking about? You’re the one who said our mum was comin’ to the pub in lingerie!

Andrew: Alex, Alex, Alex, when are you going to learn, I would never say anything disrespectful about our parents. You’re the middle child, the one parents normally love the least. You’re the obvious choice to rebel and be disrespectful.

He licks his thumb and turns the page.

Andrew: Besides even if I said something like what you are accusing me of, which I wouldn’t, I would only ever say it out of love and respect for mum keeping her figure for all of these years.

Alex: You realize you just said our mom had a great body right?

Andrew: Of course I know I did! Why do you have to keep bringing it up Alex, is it getting you all sexed crazed and retard strong?

Alex: What the fuck are you on about? Ah fuck it, never mind, so what do you think of this match at 2.1 we have against the revolution?

Andrew: Depends which revolution is it?

Alex: What do you mean by that?

Andrew: I mean which revolution are we facing? A successful one like the American Revolution, or the fall of the Soviet Union to the democratic? Or one of those hundred of revolutions that just kills random people in a useless manner and never actually accomplishes anything?

Alex: No you dumb fuck, I meant the tag team, the revolution. You know Jackie Test and G.L.S?

Andrew: Oh so it is one of those useless revolutions then.

Alex: How do ya figure?

Alex grabs a beer for himself and places one next to Andrew on the bar as his brother changes the page of his magazine again.

Andrew: We’ll they haven’t actually said what they are revolting against, or who have they? For all we know they could be revolting to earn free wages for the squirrels that work the cheese mines of Chupupalunga. As for who they are revolting against, who the hell is there to revolt against? The established order? Who the hell would that be, we’ve had one fuckin’ pay per view, there is no established order, no mythical “glass ceiling”, no oppressed peoples. Hell they might as well revolt for the squirrels at least when they make up stories to say they are accomplishing something it might actual be fucking entertaining to listen to.

Alex: Wow, you really put a lot of thought into this didn’t you.

Andrew: Yeah, and you know what else I figured out while thinking about it.

Alex: What’s that?

Andrew: I think Jackie Test might have a man crush on you.

Alex almost chokes on his beer, falling over to the floor coughing as Andrew licks his fingers and changes the page to another pull out.

7:01 PM

Alex hands a beer to one of the few patrons that have streamed into the bar while Andrew is off talking to several obviously under aged girls who had walked in. After a moment Andrew walks over to Alex laughing.

Andrew: Man, you are so lucky I am such a good brother.

Alex: What the hell do you mean by that?

Andrew: I just told those girls over there your gay.

Alex: WHAT!

Andrew: Quiet down, Jesus, you want it spread all over the fuckin’ place.

Alex: Why the fuck would you do that Andrew?

Andrew: Well I was over there asking those seventeen your olds if they wanted to go out back and see the real pride of Nova Scotia and they told me they would if you were the one to show them. Can you believe it; they thought you were better looking than me.

Alex: That’s not too hard to believe, so what’s that have to do with you telling them I’m gay?

Andrew: Dude, I’m pretty sure it’s illegal here for that age.

Alex: So instead of just telling them no, and getting the illegal minors, that you were hitting on, to leave the bar. You needed to tell them I was gay?

Andrew: Yep.

Alex: I thought Adrian was suppose to be the one with problems.

Andrew: It’s a beautiful world out there Alex, with lots of different folks.

Suddenly the bell chimes and two men walk into the bar. One is taller, dancing along with a toque covering his long blond hair. The other is a bit shorter with a backwards cap covering his longer black hair, and a black trench coat covering him from the colder Halifax air.

Jay: Snooch to the mother fucking Nooch, Alex, we’re here!

Andrew: Who the fuck are these jokers?

Alex: Andrew let me introduce you to my celebrity guests, Jay and Silent Bob. Jay, Bob, this is my bro Andrew.

Jay: What’s up mother fucker, snooch the pooch.

Silent Bob: …..

Jay starts singing a random beat and jumping around like a crazy man while Bob just throws up the horns and head bangs for a moment.

Andrew: What the fuck is he doing?

Alex: Dancing, trust me it could be worse, you don’t ever want to see him dance to “Good Bye Horses”.

Jay: So what the fuck did you want us to come down here for cock blower?

Alex: My bro here had Borat come by last week…..

Jay: That mother fuckin’ kazaspussy land lover, dude if that pickle fucker were here right now I’d kick his has wolfy style.

Jay starts to swing his arms around making shinking noises every time he moves.

Andrew: What the fuck is “wolfy” style?

Alex: In his mind Jay’s doing Wolverines berserker rage attack. Don’t ask, don’t want to know.

Alex: Jay, so yeah, we were wondering what you thought of our match against the Revolution this week?

Jay: Who the fuck are they?

Alex: Two guys we have a wrestling match against at our next show. They are always going on about how the revolution starts now, and how they are going to be the next big thing in wrestling.

Andrew: Yeah and one has a man crush on Alex.

Jay: Fuck man, me and Silent Bob knew a few guys like that once. They sound like really pussy’s, and there is only one way to solve pussyitis, you got to get them some pussy for themselves.

Alex: So your saying we got to get them laid?

Jay: Yeah man, get them some of the chicka chicka boom boom. But make sure you get chicks, especially if one gets man crushes, just like fat fuck here. Get away from me Bob, your not putting your cock in my mouth; I don’t do that high cocksucker act.

Andrew turns to Alex and whispers to him.

Andrew: What the fuck is wrong with these guys?

Alex: Fucked if I know, but they’ve been in a shit load of movies so someone loves them.

They both turn back towards Jay and Silent Bob.

Alex: Yeah Jay, no offense but I think it’s going to take more than just pussy to beat these guys.

Jay hits Silent Bob.

Jay: What the fuck are you waiting for you fat fuck, that was your cue.

Silent Bob: Well it seems to me you guys are wrestling with the classic good versus evil match up. You two are use to always being the good guys into every tag match, going against an evil group. But you don’t know where this revolution lies because they don’t know what they are yet.

Your worried that the thing that always drives you to win, doing what you think is right, isn’t going to be there in this match. What if it turns out the revolution is going to be a good thing for the FMW? Then you guys are destroying what could have been a great things later on.

What you need to do is step back and not look at this match as a fight between good and evil, and take it like a fight. Instead of trying to be superman, you need to be batman the dark knight. Fight because you believe you are doing the right thing, not because you are a good guy crushing a bad guy with your heat vision.

If you do that and believe you can win, then revolution or not, you guys will be able to defeat whatever comes your way.

Jay: What the fuck Bob, I told you to use the fucking StarWars reference, not the fucking batman ones.

Silent: And what the fuck do you ever add, pussy man, get some pussy. Fine, you know what, I’ll do it your way. Don’t look at this match in the force like light and dark, good and evil, the force is one, and everything is the force. Just do what you think is right and your going to be fine. Happy?

Jay: Better. Anyway we got to go do some holdin’ take it fucking easy ass rammer. Snoochies is out.

Jay and Silent Bob leave the bar leaving behind two confused brothers.

Andrew: What the fuck was that?

Alex: I don’t know, either we are supposed to win our match…or the force is strong with us?

Andrew: Ah fuck it, let’s just go and do what we always do.

Alex: Alright bro, tomorrow the O’Rions take the tag division by storm. And the Revolution will be the first to fall.

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PostSubject: Re: The Immortal (or Immoral) Alex O'Rion   Thu Dec 17, 2009 12:35 pm


The shot opens to show Alex O’Rion, dressed in a heavy winter jacket huddling against the cold harbor wind of Halifax. In front of him is a dark apartment building, mail building up uncared for in the mailbox. After a moment of staring Alex sighs and walks to the door, rapping his hand three times quickly across the wooden panels.

As he stands there he blows into his hands to try and stay warm, every few seconds looking in through a nearby window to see nothing moving. Again he taps the door, and waits, and again no one answers.

After waiting a few moments more, the wind picks up and Alex reaches into his pocket, pulling out a Nova Scotia flag emblazoned cell phone. He flips it open and pushes memory one before bringing the phone to his ear.

The phone rings a few times before an audible click is heard and a woman’s voice comes through the speaker.

“Hello, you have reached the home of Teresa Siran and Alex O’Rion. We can’t come to the phone right now as Alex is probably off getting himself beaten to a bloody pulp and I have to care for him. You know what to do after the beep”

Alex smiles to himself as the message plays, and then the beep rings out.

Alex: Still haven’t changed the message yet ‘Resa? Listen I’m in town and wanted to check up on you, after what the Black Covenant did to my folks home I’m worried about you. Give me a call sometime, or at least drop by Peddlers to tell my folks your okay. I lov…

He’s cut off by a click as the dial tone plays in his ear. He pulls the phone away from his ear and looks at it. His finger hangs over the redial button for a moment before he sighs and clicks the phone shut and tosses it back into his pocket.

Hiking the collar of his jacket up higher he heads out into the bitter wind, leaving the empty apartment alone once again.

Do you think about
Everything you've been through
You never thought you'd be so depressed
Are you wondering
Is it life or death
Do you think that there's no one like you

The shot comes back the inside of Peddler Pub as Patrick O’Rion tips a table back upright after the last night’s fun and games. The bell rings and he looks to the door to see Alex walking into the pub, ears and nose red from the cold. As the middle O’Rion child hangs his jacket up behind the bar the patriarch of the family goes to the tab and fills a glass with the rich ale of Nova Scotia. He hands it to his sun with a smile.

Patrick: That’ll take the chill outa your bones bye drink up.

Alex takes a deep drink of the rich beer before placing the cup back onto the bar and looking into it with a frown. Like any father should, Patrick quickly picks up on his sons down mood.

Patrick: What’s with ya tonight bye, shouldn’t you be training for your big match comin’ up, or out having a good time or somethin’?

Alex doesn’t even look up from his beer.

Alex: Fuck I haven’t even been able to focus on my match lately. Biggest match of my life, and instead I’m worried bout Teresa pop. No ones heard from her for a few weeks now, not since the time when Ethan Black and his witch Eve showed up at your place.

Patrick: Aye, creepy shyte that was, thank god we were both at the Peddlers that night. Although your mom is still terrified about what happened to Optimus, why’d we let you name that cat anyway?

Alex: Because you let Andrew name “Adween”.

Patrick: Ah right. Where was I then? Oh right, except for poor Optimus no one was hurt and we both know that Mr. Black only did that to try and get into you byes heads. I’m sure Teresa is safe, probably just out visiting friends or family.

Alex: I’ve tried her friends and family, no one’s heard from her. And up till a little while ago I wouldn’t have thought Black would dare come after her, but now I aint so sure.

The young wrestler pauses a moment to take another drink of his beer before continuing.

Alex: Lately the Black Covenant has been getting more and more aggressive. I mean they broke into your place and killed our cat, and I’ve heard rumors that abduction in the greater New York area is up. Hell one of Blacks lackey’s even made a run at a gal in the FMW named Juliet.

Thank the lord that her boyfriend Drew was there or who knows what would have happened. And if Black is taking out everyone who dares to oppose him by going after their loved ones, then you, mum, Teresa, anyone is at risk. Me, Adrian and Andrew can’t be everywhere at once, and even when we are we haven’t been able to stop them yet.

Alex stops again and goes back to watching the beer swirl in his mug.

The life I think about
Is so much better than this
I never thought I'd be stuck in this mess
I'm sick of wondering
Is it life or death
I need to figure out who's behind me

After a moment of watching his son mope Patrick sighs and rummages under the bar, quickly he comes back up holding a picture frame. Wiping a bit of dust from the front of it he lies it down next to his son’s beer mug.

Patrick: What happened to these byes?

Alex turns away from his mug and looks down on the picture. Staring right back at him are the three O’Rions brothers, Adrian, Andrew and himself right after the very first Full Metal Wrestling Show. Each of the brothers are sporting bruises and cuts from their matches that night. But despite that they each have an arm over one another as they stare into the camera, and a big grin adorning each ones face.

Alex looks at the picture for a moment before looking at his father confused.

Alex: What do you mean what happened to those byes pop? That’s me Adrian and Andrew, we’ve been right here the entire time.

Patrick: You don’t get it do you Alex? Yes that’s you and your brothers, but what happened to those byes? The byes that took a shit kicking and came away smiling, the byes who had fun wrestling, the byes I spent twenty fuckin’ years raising!

Now look at you all. Adrian has been slipping towards his dark end with no one to help him. Fuck look at yourself Alex, where’s the smile, where’s the confidence, where’s the man who calls himself the Pride of our great province! Instead you’re here sitting depressed staring into your glass. What the HELL happened!

Alex: Life happened pop. Life and all the little fuckin’ joys it brings. When that picture was taken we we’re on top of the fucking world. We had been signed to a big promotion, we were all together, and we had all won our matches. We didn’t think a damn thing in the world could touch us, and for a while we were right.

We beat a path straight to the first ever pay per view for FMW, DeathRow. Early in the night me and Andrew when our quarterfinal match ups to have a match between us later. Adrian wins the pick your poison match, and then Andrew beats me by the skin of his teeth to get to the finals of the FMW Championship tournament.

And then things start to go down hill for us O’Rions. First the Black Covenant locks Adrian and me backstage with people guarding us to make sure we can’t interfere. Then the entire fuckin’ Covenant turns what should have been Andrews crowning moment into a fucking 4 on 1 match, and even after Adrian and me get free to even things up they still manage to cheat Andrew out of what he had fuckin’ won!

Patrick: Well…

Alex is hardly paying attention to his father as he continues to rant.

Alex: AND if that’s not enough they trick everyone at the next show by challenging Adrian and attacking him backstage and breaking his head open. Then after that Ethan beats him some more in the ring and we go out to try and protect him.

Patrick: It’s what brother’s d…

Again the middle son cuts off the elder O’Rion.

Alex: Even though Andrew and me put up a hell of a fight it still wasn’t enough, instead of just Adrian lying in the ring, it was all three of us bloodied and beaten!

Alex stands up violently, knocking his glass over and sending beer pouring from the wooden bar to the floor.

Alex: To top it all off I don’t know where the woman I was stupid enough to leave behind is, I have to worry about when the Black Covenant is going to try and come for you all again, and I have a match against the best damned pure wrestler in the world at this next show! So I’m sorry but I don’t have a whole shyte load to smile about right now!

Alex stands there for a moment, seething, his breaths coming in shallow pants as he stares off into a place only he can see. After a moment the silence is broken by four quiet words.

The life I think about
Is so much better than this
I never thought I'd be stuck in this mess
I'm sick of wondering
Is it life or death?

Patrick: Shut. The. Fuck. Up.

Alex hears his father’s quiet warning and slowly sits down, looking over at an equally angry Patrick O’Rion.

Alex: What?

Patrick: You heard me damned clearly Alex, shut the fuck up.

The elder O’Rion grabs a rag from the bar and tosses it to Alex, motioning for him in no uncertain terms to start cleaning the mess he made.

Patrick: You think you’re the only one with problems, or that you’re the only one who has to worry about this shyte! I have to sit back and watch my only sons get the shit kicked out of them every bloody week on television and their aint a damned thing I can do about it! I have to worry about when the psychopaths that they are fighting are going to come back to my home and wonder if I will be there, or even worse, god help us if it’s just your mother there.

But I’m not like you Alex; do I look like I am just sitting around, depressed? No I get up every fucking day and take everything one day at a time. You want to know why? Because I can worry about all the bad shit that might happen, or I can work to make what I want happen, make my dreams happen bye.

Patrick smiles at his son as Alex finishes cleaning.

Patrick: Remember what you told me when you left Halifax the first time for that first show, before all this shyte happened. Remember about what you told me your dreams were?

What’s it going to be son are you going to worry about what might happen? Or live your life day by day to make what you want come true?

Alex looks at his father thoughtfully as the old man waits patiently for an answer.

We are
We are
We are

The shot comes back to the inside of the O’Rions locker room as Alex finishes preparing for his upcoming title shot, the first title shot of the new Alchemy brand. After a moment Alex turns and acknowledges the camera with a nod, getting a cheap pop from the sold out crowd.

Alex: Thanks to pop, I’ve made my decision.

Tonight Dr. Diabolical, we square off in an ultimate submission match for thirty fuckin’ minutes. Most people would be squared of this match, and rightfully so. You stopped the Show and became the second ever C-4 Division champion, you are the best pure wrestler in the world. You know it, and I know it.

But I’m not scared, I’m not upset, I’m not depressed, I’m not going to let any of the things that should be weighing on my mind stop me from doing what I came here to do. My dad asked me what my dream was when I left home to join the FMW, and it was to be champion. This is my chance, this is my dream!

You may break me; you may snap my limbs, tear my muscles and leave me unable to move. But you will NEVER make me submit, I will NEVER give up on my dream!

You may be the best-damned wrestler in the world right now, but I am going to show everyone that I am that much better. I am going to do something you could never do, bring some pride to that belt when I win, the Pride of Mother Fucking Nova Scotia!

And if you think your going to stop me, you’re only dreaming.

The crowd cheers as Alex steps out of the locker room and heads for the ring.

We are the ones
We get knocked down
We get back up and stand above the crowd
We are one
We are the ones
We get knocked down
We get back up and stand above the crowd
We are one


The shot remains on the now empty O’Rion locker room, a quiet buzzing coming from Alex’s locker as the camera moves in. Shortly it shows his cell phone vibrating before his auto-answering message comes on asking for a message. A female voice can only be faintly heard.

Voice: Alex, it’s Teresa, someone in a black cloak has been following me for the last few weeks. I’ve been trying to find you, I’m scared Alex. Please help me. I love yo…. click

beep beep beep
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PostSubject: Re: The Immortal (or Immoral) Alex O'Rion   Thu Dec 17, 2009 12:36 pm

“Have you ever loved someone so much, you'd give an arm for?
Not the expression, no, literally give an arm for?
When they know they're your heart
And you know you were their armor
And you will destroy anyone who would try to harm 'her
But what happens when karma, turns right around and bites you?
And everything you stand for, turns on you, despite you?
What happens when you become the main source of her pain?”


“This is just not my fucking day”

I start to laugh; I don’t even know why I’m laughing. I’m lying in an alley that smells like one of the nearby homeless men have used it as a urinal recently, with water from the night rain pouring down my face, soaking my clothes, and all I can do is laugh. At least until the laughter makes the pain in my chest start again and I begin to cough, making me fall to my knees. Fuck that hurts, I use my hand to cover my mouth, and when I pull it away it’s covered in blood. My blood, I might be slightly more fucked up than I want to imagine.

I roll from my knees onto my back and stare up into the night sky, the rain pooling in puddles around my eyes. It hurts to breath, it hurts to move, it hurts to do anything but just stare up at the fucking sky as it stares back. I can hear laughter of the men who dropped me off in this little slice of paradise fading into the distance. That’s right fuckers; run, your lucky I can’t stand up right now or you’d be laughing through a hole in your neck.

But I can’t stand up, so it’s a moot point. I can’t fucking do anything right now; fuck I haven’t been able to do anything since the time I spent on Deathrow. I wonder if anyone would give a damn if I just gave up here. Stayed staring at the sky until I stopped breathing, I wonder if they’d find me. I wonder if anyone would even give a fuck.

I am so god damn tired, tired of fighting, tired of getting my ass kicked, tired of giving a damn anymore. Maybe I will just take a nap right here. The darkness is already creeping in at the edge of my vision, it won’t be long now.

I’m just so fucking tired of it all….

So tired…..


I push past my brother, push past them all. They look at me like I’ve lost my fucking mind, I just fought for thirty minutes and I’m taking off without getting the medical help I need. Maybe their right, maybe I am a fucking loony tune, it runs in our family after all, even my little brother has it. Here I am walking on a leg I can barely stand on, and probably living with a concussion, and instead of getting help I’m running away.

But I can’t stop, they can’t understand. He has her, I need to get her back, I need to protect her, I can’t rest until she’s safe again.

So off I go into the cold night and call for a taxi. One of the ring security men come out to the curb to meet me, probably to try and drag my ass back to the building to get that help everyone wants for me.

I almost feel bad for him when my foot meets his chin with a sickening crack. He probably won’t be able to talk again for weeks, or even eat solid foods. He was only doing his job, but I can’t let him stand in my way, not if I am going to save her.

I move his unconscious body back away from the curb and hide it behind a mailbox, someone will find him soon. But my cab is right here and I can’t have him trying to help this guy, I need my ride.

I get into the back seat, no need for him to see the bruises, and hand him a hundred dollar bill to get me to the airport, he can keep the change. Money doesn’t matter right now, nothing does….


I look into the mirror of the airplane washroom, and try to figure out when the fuck I was cut under the eye. That might be why those bastards at customs took so long, I didn’t know that match with the good Doctor left my face such a fucking mess. I really don’t look like a wrestler star right now, just some other crazed drug addict or murderer with muscles.

I look around and grab for a handful of paper towels, dampening them with water and wipe away the blood, sweat and tears. My face looks a bit more presentable, the same blue eyes that my dad swears my came from my mom’s side of the family. Same unruly blond hair, same chiseled jaw. But that twinkle in the eye, that mischievous grin that my brothers and me have been making famous is missing. I try to smile to my reflection, but it looks forced, listless, not me.

I consider breaking the mirror, just for something to take my frustration out on, but someone chooses now to knock on the door. I yell that it’s occupied, and they knock louder. Fuck this is just pissing me off now, I slam the door hard, just to make sure they know someone is in there. But the bastard on the other side just keeps hammering away. Are we crashing, is his wife in labor, why the fuck can’t I get two minutes of peace and fucking quiet.

Finally I have had enough and I slam the door open, and my jaw drops at the other side. There stands a man holding a knife and a demented grin. How the fuck can you get a knife onto a plane now a days? I guess it doesn’t really matter; the fucker puts the knife closer to me and starts talking.

“Your time of bothering the Dark Lord Ethan Black has passed Alex O’Rion. Die quietly and save me trouble”

I can’t help but think that the Dark Lord is just such a shitty ass title for a champion, and am about to tell this flunky what I think of it. Suddenly the fucker lunges at me with the knife, knocking the door closed with his foot as he comes.

I side step the first stab, and block his arm with my right one the second time. The kids fast, but he doesn’t have style, not like say a certain Doctor or angry man I know and love to fight. He stabs at my stomach and I grab his wrist with both my hands. A savage twist and knife goes flying into the sink. I put one of my hands over his mouth to muffle the scream as the other holds his now odd angled wrist. I can feel the bone grating into palm as blood begins to pour from where the white stick pokes through his skin.

He slowly begins to stop screaming and look at me with hate in his eyes, but before he can move I knee him square in the family jewels. Fucker came at me with a knife, I don’t need to play fair. As he hunches over I slam his face off the toilet a few times and watch as the blood begins to bubble from his forehead. A few more hits for insurance and his body is lying bunched in the corner of the room. I once again clean the blood off my hands and the bit that flew up onto my face. It’s a losing battle trying to make sure I look presentable before I step from the room, but I do the best I can. I step outside taking time to make sure the door is still locked so no one can get in, and start to walk back to my first class seat.

A stewardess passes me on the way and gives me a dirty look; she tells me the plane is not a hotel. I only laugh bitterly at her before telling her I would never dream of doing what I just did in a hotel. Here’s hoping she doesn’t go and see what I just did in the little byes room. I make my way back to my seat and fall into the cushioned upholstery. My eyes start to close as I realize just how tired I really am. It feels like I could sleep for years, I close my eyes to try and get some sleep. The moment my eyelids meet the image of her being held by him as I watch powerless is burned into my brain and I jump back to wakefulness.

This is going to be a long fucking flight….


I duck into an alley and try to catch my breath. Each inhalation feels like fire in my bruised chest, I hate running. Who knew the fucker from the plane would have so many friends here in the Big Apple? The minute I stepped of the plane I saw two of them watching me. More and more of them just started to show up as I left the airport and caught a cab.

Fuck I even thought I lost them when I got the cabbie to take me to a crappy little motel outside of town. No black cars followed me, no men saying stupid phrases into cell phones as I checked in. You’d think followers of a guy calling himself a dark lord would be more clichéd when it comes to tailing a guy. But no, they just bust into my room in the middle of a night and try to do me in there.

I bring my hand up to brush my cheek, wincing as it comes across the cut running under my eye. Just once I wish these assholes would use something besides a knife to try and take my life, maybe just for the variety. Then again jumping through and shattering the back window to the ground probably didn’t help my slowly growing phobia of sharp pointy objects any.

So here I am, slowly running through the darkened cities of New York City, trying to avoid a fucking plague of Black Covenant lackeys. Maybe this wasn’t such a fucking bright idea Alex; at least you could have brought Andrew or Adrian along with you. They’d do almost as much to save Theresa as you would.

I shake that thought out of my head, this is my fight not theirs. Even if I wanted to, it’s too late to bring them now anyway, have to deal with this myself.

I turn and look down the alley at the sound of a shout, fuck they found me. I’m still trying to catch my breath so I watch patiently as the three emo bastards in the black cloaks walk towards me. Two of them don’t have any weapons, but the biggest one; surprise surprise has a nice little knife aimed at me.

These guys aren’t as stupid as the kid on the plane either, they don’t charge headlong at me. One circles to my left, the other circles to the right and the one with the knife stops a few paces away. The fuckers even laughing at me. They think I’m still winded by the way I am panting. I already finished catching my breath, but these monkeys don’t need to know that.

The large one yells out a command and all three of them jump towards me. I grab the big guys arms and duck, pulling his thrust over towards the guy coming from the right. I almost smile as I hear a scream and the guys thrust stop, his knife embedded to the hilt in his friend’s stomach. I turn and roll my shoulder and throw the big idiot over my back with a judo toss and turn to face the one man still standing.

I wince in pain as his fist slams into the side of my ribs, still not healed from my match last night with Diabolical. The dumbass grins, who the fuck does he think I am, no punch in a bar fight ever layed me out, I’ll be damned if this fuck will be the first. I smash my forehead into his nose and feel a satisfying crunch as he falls backwards, blood already seeping through his hands as he holds his face.

By now the big guy is getting up, so I face him and challenge him to come get some. He seems a little pissed that I’m still standing when his friends aren’t, and everyone knows angry people make stupid mistakes. An image of Rampage comes to mind and I couldn’t tell you why, it just seemed to fit as the angry big man charges straight at me. Stupid fucker must never have watched a single one of my wrestling matches. Fake wrestling move or not, a foot to the face hurts like a bitch when you run right into it.

Fucker had it coming, I spit on him as he slumps down to the pavement, out like a light. I turn to the guy who’s still awake, holding the broken remains of his nose. He looks at me like I’m a freak, some sort of angel of death come to claim his soul. Good I hope he’s fucking scared, I hope he loses control of his bodily functions just from the thought of what I am going to do to him if I don’t get what I want. I lean down in front of him, staring him right in the eyes, and then I ask him one very simple question.

“Where is Black Entertainment Headquarters?”

He doesn’t answer, just cowers in fear. I sigh and walk over to the man with the knife is his gut, bleeding and unconscious on the cement nearby. I reach down and grasp the hilt of the weapon, pulling it free from a savage twist. He screams once in pain before falling back into the sweet oblivion of unknowing. Good, I hope he felt that in his dreams, the ass made me get blood on my shoes.

I walk back to the man, his eyes growing wider in the reflection of the red tinted steel in my hands. I come and fall to the heels of my feet in front of him, staring him in those loonie-sized eyes. I lower my voice to a malice filled whisper as I speak.

“Where is the Black Tower?”

He jumps as he feels the edge of the blade prodding at his most private at parts. Then he starts to talk in a nasally voice, and for the first time since I saw Theresa on that big screen, I smile.


I walk calmly into the lobby of Blacks lair. A nice place, definitely not the dark cave, or hidden dungeon the clichés would have you believe. I look around the modern skyscraper, and notice a couple of guards looking at me from behind a desk. I reach up and subtly tug the cap I used to hide my golden locks, and can only pray the brown contacts I put in recently stay in place. Why the fuck did there have to be this many guards?

Finally the fire alarm starts to blare, the guards look around in confusion before a few of them run off to grab extinguishers. Who could have started that fire outside the building I wonder. Suppressing my grin I walk over to the guards and introduce myself as a UPS deliveryman, made conveniently believable by the big brown box under my arm. The guards look dubious but after making me sign my fake name to a sign on sheet, and have the box scanned they allow me to go on my merry way. Best of the best these Black security byes are, really.

I walk to the elevator and hit the top floor button. If the kid from the alley is right Black keeps everything of value to him, and the sick fuck probably considers Theresa valuable indeed. The door dings as it opens and I step outside, the remains of my disguise stashed away to the side of the elevator. Looking around I am almost surprised to not see anyone. Then again Black doesn’t seem like the sort to like to share his toys with others. Where the fuck would he be keeping ‘Resa? I pick a random direction and start walking. This place isn’t too big; I have to find her eventually. As I walk I look into each room, hoping to see her smiling face. Fuck Black has does have some nice things, gold, silver, priceless artifacts. Then I come to a room with the first person I have seen on this floor, and almost vomit. The poor bastard is hanging from his hands towards the ceiling. The skin on his face is nothing but a charred mass of burned flesh.

Every part of me wants to go and cut the bastard down, to get him help, but I can’t. If I do that I have to leave Theresa here. So I turn and I keep walking, a sickness growing in my stomach with every step I take. I know that until today I would have charged in and saved that bye, but I didn’t. I left a piece of who I am, who I used to be behind today, and I know I may never get it back.

What’s even worse is I don’t seem to give a fuck. I’ll cut off every damned piece of myself I have to in order to get Theresa back.

I keep walking, keep passing rooms, until I hear a voice, a very familiar voice, a voice I have longed to hear again for months, ‘Resa’s voice. I break into a run and come to a locked door. I look through the little window in the door, there she is! I can see her! My hearts racing as I back up and slam my shoulder into the door, it barely budges, I do it again, and again, the door warping more with each hit. Fucking door, get the hell out of my way. I move farther back and throw myself at the door as hard as I can. I feel something wrench in my shoulder, but I don’t fucking care, the door bursts open.

My momentum throws me to the ground beyond the shattered doorframe and I lie still. That hurt a whole shitload more than I thought it would. My shoulder feels numb, but I can still move my arm, that’s a plus I guess.

Suddenly I feel hands on either side of my head, and the face of angel before me, my angel. I laugh and sit up, turning to hug her. This feels wrong, but I ignore it, I’m with her again, nothing could be more right.

I tell her I love her, and that I’m going to get her out of here. We stand up and I take her hand. We run from her cell and back down the hallway from whence I came.

I know I look like an idiot right now, smiling as I run through the fortress of my most dangerous enemy. Fuck it; nothing is going to ruin this for me right now.


Except maybe that….

Why the fuck did that mass of burned flesh that is War Machines back have to be standing around the corner in front of us? We were almost fucking free. I pull on her arm and take her running the opposite direction. I could take War Machine, right now, right here, but I won’t risk it with her next to me. We run and suddenly I see the large form of Styxx step out in front of us. He laughs as I turn again and run down a hallway. There isn’t any more hallways to go down, no empty rooms to dive into. So when Harlequin steps in front of me there is only one choice.

I scream out with rage as I let go of Theresa’s hand, I’ll be back for it soon. The bastard lowers himself into a fighting stance, he thinks he can stop me now, fuck him, fuck Ethan Black, fuck everything, I will not be denied. His eyes go wide as he realizes at the last moment what I have planned. Didn’t see that coming did you asshat?

I bowl into him without slowing down, tossing both of us to the ground. I slide for a few meters and slam into a wall, hard. Oh fuck, that hurt. I see him trying to get up and jump. I tackle him against the wall and start to lay into him with rights and lefts, bouncing his head off the wall behind him. Cracks start to form with each hit, and for some reason I’m laughing. Jesus am I becoming just like them?

I hear a shout from the side and stop, dropping Harlequin and standing up. There stands War Machine and Styxx, with Theresa standing in between them, held in their powerful grasps. I tense up, ready to jump at them. Maybe if I hit one ‘Resa will be able top run. But stop as soon as I see War Machine bring that knife to her neck, a small line of blood running from where it lightly bites into her flesh. She gasps, and looks at me, pleading for me to do something. But what can I do, I failed her, again.

Styxx approaches me with a sadistic grin on his stupid fucking face, and I can’t move to look at him. Can’t do anything but stare into her eyes. Even when the first fist hits my ribs and I fall to my knees, coughing, I can’t stop staring into those murky depths. Wait, why is she laughing? Why can’t I find the love I am so used to in those eyes?

Suddenly the king shit himself, Mr. Ethan Black walks around the corner as Styxx smashes his fist into my cheek, knocking me senseless. I feel arms grab my shoulders to keep me kneeling; fucking Harlequin is tougher than I gave him credit for.

Black comes up next to his little Machine, and the lackey takes the knife away from Theresa’s throat. What the fuck is going on!

I feel sick…

My Theresa is kissing Black….

What the fuck did I ever do to deserve this….

She reaches up to her hair and yanks hard, and the wig she had been wearing falls to the side. EVE! I just risked my life to save Eve! I struggle against the arms holding me, almost getting to my feet before Styxx punches me straight in the kidney, following up with a straight uppercut to my jaw.

I see stars and fall backwards, lying almost unable to see on the ground. It’s cold, just like me. I barely feel the pain in my body, just the hole where my heart is supposed to be, slowly sucking all the warmth from my body. Slowly I get back to my knees, only to be kneed in the gut and held in place once more by Harlequin. Black just finished licking the trickle of blood from his fucking queens neck. Good for you, I hope you get fucking AIDS you demented son of a bitch. I try to speak only to be racked by a coughing fit. I try again and my voice comes out, scratchy, hoarse.

“Where is she?”

Black laughs, fucker, this isn’t funny. The he speaks, his deep voice filling me with dread.

“She is safe from the likes of you Alex”

He’s still laughing, let me up you piece of shit, lets see how well you laugh with my hands around your throat! He turns to his Covenant, his disposable toys and tells them to get rid of me. I see War Machine walking forward, each step followed by a grimace of pain. Drew got you good didn’t he assmunch? I see the bat in his hand, and feel the explosion of pain as my ribs cave way to the ungiving metal. I needed those you bastard I think as the darkness begins to play before my eyes. I feel the hands let go of my shoulder, and my body hit the floor. Then I feel no more.


My eyes snap open, and I’m back in that same dark alley, same smell of piss assaulting my nose, and the same taste of blood in my mouth.

I can’t rest yet; she’s still out there somewhere. I may not have saved her this time, but there will be other times. I will not stop until the whole where my heart once sat is filled again.

I get to my feet unsteadily and begin to walk, using the wall for support. No rest for the dead.


The shot opens to the inside of an apartment, only seen one other time, in the debut promo for Alex O’Rion. A single candle lights the building that Alex and Theresa used to share before everything began. His rise in FMW, her disappearance, and the whole war with the Covenant.

Alex sits in one of the chairs, his face covered in bruises, his left eye swollen almost shut. He sits staring into a picture frame, holding a picture taken at the airport of Theresa and him the day he left to join the FMW. After a moment he places the picture down next to the candle and stares straight into the camera.

His one good eye looks dead, no sparkle, no joy, no hate, no sign of any life coming from that one pale blue orb.

“Since the day I joined Full Metal Wrestling, I have had people attacking me personally, hurting my family, but that was part of the business and I knew it. I took it all in stride, using my humor to mask any hurt that I might have felt at the stinging barbs. Until this week.

This week things crossed a line between professional and personal, and I gladly followed it, thinking I could set things right. I went after the people responsible and thought I had gained back, that which I had lost.

I was wrong.

Instead something inside me died this week. I don’t have my hope, my eternal optimism, my armor of humor any longer. I lost me heart and soul this week, now all I have left is my revenge.

Rampage, Lucas Drago, X, even you Andrew, you can all have the belt when the time comes for us to enter that torture chamber. But Ethan Black is mine, he will tell me where Theresa is if I have to choke that from him with his very life. And if any of you stand between him, I will not be held accountable for my actions.

And CGS, I’m sorry that you were placed in my line first. I would ask god to forgive me for what I am going to do to you this week. But he can’t forgive a man who’s already dead lacking a soul, just like I will not be able to forgive myself.

But make no mistake, that I will do what I need to beat you. And will do it gladly, I will do anything to get to Ethan Black.

You can’t hurt me CGS, you can’t stop me.

You can’t stop a dead man”

Alex stares into the camera for a moment longer, before his gaze returns to the nearby pictures and he raises it in front of his face once more.

Fade to Black
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PostSubject: Re: The Immortal (or Immoral) Alex O'Rion   Thu Dec 17, 2009 12:38 pm

I look into the mirror, and hate the face I see,
I don’t recognize this person, staring back at me.

With blood and bruises and broken bones,
Hope crushed by words and thrown stones.

Been beaten, broken, pushed down and shoved,
Betrayed by even those I thought I loved.

For all my strength, here I remain,
A poorly excused, shell of a man.

But my eternal soul you shall not smother,
So long as I can place one foot after the other.


In the darkness the phone rings.



“You’ve got the prints back from the lab already?”

“Yes, I need to know who really attacked her!”

“You’re fucking kidding me!”

“And there can be no mistake?”


“No, that’s fine thank you, I’ll deal with this my own way”

The phone shatters into a million pieces across the room, thrown by the anger of the person holding it.

“Son of a bitch….”


It’s raining out again, each drop has been a metaphor for my life lately. Each begins its time in the heavens, only to fall to the will of gravity and begin it’s headlong plummet towards the earth below. Faster and faster they fall, gaining momentum in nothing but the wrong way, until finally they splash messily across the ground, hitting rock bottom in nothing short of a spectacular way.

Yeah, definitely my life lately.

I swerve the car around another slow moving bastard in front of me. The engine purrs as the tires grip the slick pavement. Not very often I throw around the money I make at Full Metal, but once in a while you just have to do something for yourself yanno? And this Camaro 2000 SS is just what I needed, the only thing that’s really been constant in my life since this whole mess started.

Not that I’ll have it much longer if I don’t start driving slower. But my destination is still pretty far away, and I need to get there tonight. So many questions I need answered, so many actions that need to be answered for.

The cell phone rings as I swerve around a mini van, scaring the shyte right out of me and almost making me side swipe the poor bastard. The driver gives me the finger as I fly by and I can almost read his lips to hear what he is saying, yeah same to you buddy.

I pick up the phone and flip it open, the little screen reads Andrew, fuck. Of all the times for him to get all older brotherly, he has to pick now. I bring the little piece of plastic to my ear and click talk, barely missing an SUV as I do.

“What do you want?”

“Where the fuck are you Alex” he doesn’t sound happy, no ones ever fucking happy anymore.

I try to fake a smile and a forced laugh before I reply, can’t have Andrew thinking I’m driving mad, he’d just get more pissed than he is now.

“Ah you know me bro, somewhere between good ole Halifax and New York. In New Brunswick I believe since I haven’t reached the border yet”.

“Get your fucking ass back home now, last thing we need is you running off to New York like a fucking idiot. Or don’t you remember last time?” This makes me wince; I really don’t need to be reminded of last time I went there. I tried to save Theresa, and I’m pretty sure the whole fucking world knows how that turned out.

But I can’t stop here; this shit has to be answered for.

“Sorry ‘Drew, but I can’t turn back yet. The little bastard has shit to answer for and he’s going to do it tonight.”

“We can deal with him lat….”

“He fucking attacked our mother!”

Fuck I probably shouldn’t have yelled that part out, the silence from the other end of the line is louder than any word that he could say.


“You fucking heard me ‘Drew”

“But X did that!”

“No he didn’t, the little fuck was lying to us. I had a few friends of mine down at the cop shop run a trace on the fingerprints, they were his, no mistake.”

Another shocked silence, sorry to do this to you ‘Drew, but you need to know just how far he’s fallen.

“He couldn’t have done that!” Andrew yells back at me, fuck he sounds pissed. I hope he’s at least mad at the right person.

“Why the fuck not bro? He fucking turned his back on me, or were you not paying attention when he buried a fucking barb wired baseball bat into my forehead! We knew he had problems, and we thought he was getting help. But no, the little fuck has been playing us for who knows how long, and tonight he is going to fucking answer for it!”

“Alex” his voice is going softer, don’t do this Drew, don’t try and get me with sympathy “I’m going to handle him this week on Anarchy, your fucking battered as shit right now. And you have a match with Rampage this week, or did you forget all about that as well”

Shit, I’ll admit, Rampage hasn’t exactly been front and center in my head lately. But I can’t tell that to ‘Drew, he’ll just fucking keep trying to use it against me.

“Of course I know, but what the fuck can I do about it right now. Rampage and me are as fucked up as we can be right now, so training is out, the only prep I can do is remember what the bye can do in the ring. All that’s going to happen in this match are two battered, bruised, and broken fucks go out and put on the best show they can. If I can beat him, I do, if I can’t then I don’t. All I can do is try, and that will have to be enough.”

It’s not really true; everyone knows I fucking hate losing. But I can’t just focus on this match this time, too much else is going on in my mind. Everything from Ethan Black, Theresa, to this, it’s too hard to focus on a match against one of the few people I don’t have a grudge against. Hell one of the few byes I still consider a semi friend in all this.

I almost rear end a tractor-trailer and only avoid it by speeding past on the shoulder. I should really pay more attention to driving, fucking cell phones are dangerous.

“Besides ‘Drew, if I wait for you to handle him on Anarchy, I won’t be able to put my two cents in. Like you said, I have a match this week, I can’t be everywhere at fucking once.”

Andrew doesn’t say anything for a moment, gotcha didn’t I. I have just as much right to talk to him as you do and you know it.

Finally after a moment he sighs into the phone and answers.

“Alright ‘Lex, just be safe alright. I already lost one brother this week, I don’t need to lose another one.”

“You know me bro, I’m always safe” I laugh mirthlessly “You take care of yourself too bye, talk to you when I get back”

I click the phone off and set it down. Putting my hands both back on the wheel I push down on the accelerator, it’s still a long way to go, and I don’t have time to spare.

I don’t have to get my answers all tonight, but I have to at least try.


I stand in the shadow of a skyscraper, the rain that has followed me since Nova Scotia matting my hair to my head. I hardly notice, it could be a blizzard for all I care, and I would still be standing in this spot, waiting.

And waiting,

And waiting yet longer, until minutes, hours, days later something happens. The door opens and out walk four people, four people who have caused me more pain and misery in a month than I had felt in my life before then.

It takes all the strength I have not to jump at the leader. All I can do is grit my teeth and watch as the so called champion walks from the building into a waiting limousine, followed by his harlot and the oh so familiar visage of my love. I want to call out to her, to try once more to bring her back to me. But that’s a battle already waged, a battle already lost.

My eyes fall on the fourth member who stops at the door and leans inside, saying a few quick words before closing the door and watching as the car speeds away. The car hits a puddle nearby spraying water into my eyes, but I can’t be bothered to blink. My eyes can’t do anything but burn a hole into man standing before me, my personal Judas.

“Hello little brother”

Adrian jumps almost dropping his gym bag; I suppose I would have to if a shadow just spoke to me in the middle of a deserted street. I step out of my hiding spot and into the light, staring right into the eyes of my brother.

“Oh, it’s you Alex” he says, his composure coming back quickly, the little buggers even smirking at me.

“Your looking well Adrian” I say looking him over, I don’t know why but I kept expecting to see a scar where Ethan had cut open his brain. Why the fuck else would he have turned on us.

“Being a free man will do that for you” he laughs.

“So being on your knees in front of the Darkwing Dick makes you a free person now. Funny, I always assumed that made you a slave”

“The only thing that makes anyone a slave is living in someone else shadow. Just like I’ve done my whole fucking life, always living in you and the other O’Rions fucking shadow. Always being second best to you damned fucks! Ethan was just kind enough to show me how to stand on my own”

What the fuck does he mean by us O’Rions? He’s a fucking O’Rion just like us!

“Adrian, your as much a fucking O’Rion as Andrew or I!”

“I was an O’Rion only as long as I lived in your shadow and did what you told me to Alex! Now I’m just Adrian, one name, one person, no one else to live behind!”

I move forward and grab his shoulders, forcing him back against the wall of the building. He tries to struggle and I barely notice as my right hand grabs his throat, holding it tightly to choke the fight from him.

“You listen to me, and you listen to me good you little shit. If you had a problem with me and Andrew you should have come to me and Andrew. Fuck, I don’t even care that you cost me my win in the Elimination Chamber, at least you came after me. Even if you had to resort to the behind the back, anally receptive strategies of your new master. But at least you came after me!”

He tries to speak, but I don’t hear him, just squeeze tighter, cutting the airflow almost completely.

“But then you fucked up, little brother, you hurt mom”

I squeeze a bit tighter, shots at me and Andrew I can take. Being stabbed in the back by my own baby brother, that shit hurts. But anyone, blood or not, hurting the lady that gave me life, that’s not something I can forgive.

Adrian seems a little confused as he fights for breath though, guess he didn’t figure we would find out.

“Yeah, you did a good job hiding your tracks bro, really. But I have a few drinking buddies down at the popo station, and they owed me a few favors. Turns out you made a mistake and took your glove off somewhere along the line, and they got a trace on your print off moms forehead. That and the fiber from the attackers glove came from yours.”

I ease off his neck, no matter what the fucker did; he’s still my brother. His breathing becomes a little less ragged as I let my fingers relax ever so slightly.

“So Adrian, I have to know, why? Why turn your back on us like that, why hurt mom?!”

He coughs for a moment trying to find the breath to talk. But his eyes, they frighten me. Not matter that I have a hold on his neck or have him pinned against a wall, his eyes never break contact with my’n. They don’t hold a shred of remorse; I can almost hear what he is going to say before he says it.

“Fucking bitch had it coming, she always loved you two more!” he spits into my face.

Everything goes red, in an instant my hand is viced around his throat again, almost lifting him from the ground. My other hand is cocked back in a fist, all it would take is a few solid punches and his head would be mush against this wall. One exertion by my hands and I could snap his fucking neck like a twig. Just one fucking move.

Come on Alex, do it, the fucker deserves it.

Do it!


But I can’t, when I last saw Theresa I told myself I would never sink to their level, and killing my own brother on the streets of New York is exactly what they would do.

Slowly I let me release his neck and drop him to the ground like a sack of wet dirt. I hang my head sadly and look down at the man who used to be my brother.

“Your right Adrian, your not an O’Rion anymore. An O’Rion would never be able to turn his back on those who love him the way you have.”

I turn away from him and start to walk away, speaking loudly enough that I know he can still hear me.

“But that doesn’t even matter Adrian, your still my brother, and I’ll always love you. And someday, who knows when I’ll save you, save you and Theresa both, even if it kills me.”

I don’t even see the bat coming as it hits me across the temple, throwing me a few feet to the side and onto the ground. I shake my head trying to stop my vision from being so damned blurry. That fucking hurt.

I look up and through the freshly squeezed blood I see Adrian holding a tinted red baseball bat, just like the one he hit me with at Lethal Injection. He spits down on me and raises the bat over his head.

“You can’t save me Alex, you can’t save someone who doesn’t want to be saved”

As the bat comes down the last thought in my head is that it doesn’t matter what he says. All that matters is that I keep going, that I try.

Then the bat hits I think nothing at all.


“Are you sure your up for this?” Andrew asks me, he looks pretty damned anxious.

I reach up and gently tug at the bandage wrapped tightly around my temples; I know I probably shouldn’t be up talking right now. The doctor seems to think repeated beating from a baseball bat to the head will give a guy a concussion. And if there hadn’t been three of him I would have probably told him off.

I hate being fucking outnumbered.

I think the Black Covenant might have given me a whole new set of phobias. And now Andrews looking at me strangely probably should remember to start answering his questions before I go off into daydreams like that.

“Yeah, I have to do this.” My own voice sounds like a fucking drum in my head, the drugs aren’t working, but I know I’m right I need to address this shit now.

Andrew nods his head to the cameraman and he focuses the camera on me. The small red light on the top blinks on and I begin to speak.

“Lately shit just hasn’t been going my way, has it folks?

I mean I get my girlfriend stolen away from me by an egomaniacal want to be deity. Continuously end a nationally broadcast program bleeding or unconscious on your television screens. Screwed out of a victory I earned by my own damned brother. And to top it all off I now have enough head trauma that sitting up straight, let alone wrestling, is a fucking challenge for me.

So I hope you’ll excuse me if I keep this short and sweet.

At the next show I have a match against Rampage, another guy who like me has got to be sick of this shit going around the FMW. Now I could say I don’t care about this match, and it would probably be the truth. I have shit to settle with Ethan Black and the Judas O’Rion. So why should I worry about a match against a friend, someone I harbor no ill will towards?

Simple because he’s the next step. All that matters in life is that you keep going forward, keep putting one foot after the other. I’ll walk this road, and it will eventually lead me to my revenge on Ethan and Adrian. It doesn’t even matter if you succeed, because in the end all that matters is that you keep going.

So Rampage, buddy, I’m going to go out there and walk one-step at a time straight through you. Because win or lose, stand tall or be defeated, all I can do, all anyone can do is go out there and try.

And if you try your best, it doesn’t matter the outcome, you can never truly be defeated.”
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PostSubject: Re: The Immortal (or Immoral) Alex O'Rion   Thu Dec 17, 2009 12:39 pm

On the ground I lay
Motionless in pain
I can see my life flashing before my eyes
Dead I fall asleep
Is this all a dream
Wake me up, I'm living a nightmare


“Hey babe, wake up”

I groan and try to cover my eyes from the sunshine pouring through the window, also better to ignore that happy chipper voice telling me to wake up. Sounds way too much like…..


The voice protests as I almost jump to my feet, dislodging it from my chest which it had been using for a pillow. I look around at the familiar old apartment, but I haven’t been here in months, what the fuck is going on.

“What the hell is wrong with you?!”

I finally turn to see the source of the voice, and my mouth hangs open. Theresa is lying right there, why does that idea seem so wrong to me? After a mere moment of staring I jump back into the bed to give her a hug, I don’t know why but I can feel tears threatening to come out. She holds me back, and for the life of me I can’t figure out why it feels like years since we last did this.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” she asks, voice filled with concern.

I don’t know what to say, how do you explain when you don’t even understand yourself.

“You had another nightmare didn’t you?”

And I guess I don’t even need to understand, she already knows.

“Yeah” I say, voice still a little choked up.

“Same one as before?”

I don’t even say yes this time, I just nod my head; the dreams always seem so damned real.

“Maybe if you’re that worried about going to the FMW, you should talk to Andrew and Adrian about waiting to join. I’m sure stars like you guys will have no trouble catching up later”

That idea does seem pretty appealing, more time with Theresa, time to convince her to come with me. But I can’t ask the others to wait just for me, and they won’t go without me, not after a lifetime spent together.

“Nah” I say, putting up a brave front “I can’t ask Drew and Adrian to put off kicking some new bloods asses just because I’m a little freaked out. They’re just dreams”

It would be pretty selfish to ignore their wishes because of my problems. They’re just dreams…..

Theresa standing beside a large man in a dark suit, tears streaming down her face as she moves ‘Alex’.

Theresa standing next to the same large man, dressed in a gothic bustier, slowly removing her clothes for him.

Theresa standing over my burned body as her and the large man laugh at my fallen form.



After getting dressed, showered, and making one of my famous egg and beer omelets, Theresa and me head downtown. I still can’t describe how good it feels to walk around town holding my hand, showing everyone that I’m good enough to be with a great woman like her. Especially since for the life of me I can’t remember the last time we did this. Wasn’t it just yesterday? Why can’t I remember?

Of course I can’t let her know any of this, I really don’t want to worry her about something which is probably just nothing.


I’m ripped out of my thoughts by the one person I know that can yell across a busy Halifax street, and still come across loud and clear as though the other people weren’t even there. By the Red Hot Café across the street stand the two other crazy fuckers that make us the O’Rion brothers. Adrian looking dark and brooding as he stares at some lasses….assets while Andrew bounces up and down like a damn ball waving his arms, begging for attention.

After several false starts, and an attempt that looked like a game of frogger Theresa and me finally make it across the street. Theresa calmly smacks Adrian across the back of the head to take his attention away from the girls well endowed chest…..hey a guy can look too, and starts talking to him, and if one looks close enough you can see the blush forming on his cheeks. Sorry bro, she’s with me.

Andrew on the other hand throws an arm around me in a huge grin.

Andrew fighting a tall dark man, surrounded by chaos, only to be hit in the face by a fire ball and thrown to the ground.

Andrew being thrown through a Plexiglas wall to fall to the ground in a bloody heap.

Andrew on the ground, his face and body barely recognizable through the blood and broken bone.

Suddenly his grin turns to concern as I double over, my head going to my head. Fuck it feels like someone just stabbed an ice pick into my eye and twirled it. Theresa and Adrian stop talking and rush over as I struggle to get back up. The pain starts to fade away and I can hear the three of them talking about taking me home, or to the hospital or just somewhere else.

After a moment more the pain is gone and I stand back up, smiling. The tension seems to leave the air as everyone sees me looking just fine. Andrew punches me in the shoulder, but I don’t flinch, it’s a game we’ve been playing for years.

“You fuckin’ scared me bro.” He says, smiling as well.

“Had to get your attention somehow” I laugh falsely “So we going to play this game o’ baseball or not?”

Adrian smiles that creepy little smile he always gets when he thinks about beating people at things.

“Angus and the byes won’t even know what hit ‘em”



I laugh as Angus starts to curse up a fucking storm at the plate. Andrew’s pitching and I’m playing short, for some odd reason Adrian chose now to start playing for the other team and if up on deck. Angus stops swearing except under his breath and Andrew winds up for another throw.

He whips it hard and up, right by Angus’s ear, but the drunken fool takes a swing and almost nails himself in the face. The swing spins him around and makes him fall down on his ass as the ump yells.


Our entire team is in on the laughing as Angus, his face the color of a beet, curses his way back to the to the dug out and Adrian takes his place up near the plate. Andrew smirks; this is the first time since we started playing pretty much any game I can remember O’Rions going head to head like this. The entire diamond goes silent as Adrian taps the bat slowly on each corner of the plate, a small smile etched on his lips as he takes his stance.

Andrew winds up and throws a blistering fastball, right across the plate. Adrian just smirks and doesn’t even swing, waiting patiently. Why does the idea of him holding a bat smirking make me feel sick to my stomach?


Andrews smile grows a bit larger as he winds up the second pitch and throws it hard straight across the plate again. Adrian doesn’t blink or move, just stares at Andrew as the pitch roars by him. He raises the bat out and signals for a homerun, why does it look like he’s aiming right at Andrew?


Andrew winds up again and throws the ball straight at the plate. This time Adrian is waiting for it and smashes a line drive right for me.

Adrian coming to my rescue as I lock that same dark man into my signature move, The Ripe Tide. Only to betray me and smash a barb wired bat across my face.

Adrian in a dark cloak kneeling before the dark man.

Adrian standing over Andrews broken body, the word DIE written out in blood on his chest as a bloodied baseball bat hangs from his hand.

The ball hits me hard in the chest knocking the wind out of me and throwing me backwards. By some dint of a miracle the ball itself lands in my glove and stays there, I don’t even notice. All I can feel is the blinding pain coming from my head, it radiates outward until every part of my body is screaming with it.

Andrew runs over towards me and I can hear Theresa yelling from the bleacher, but none of it really registers. The pain like before begins to fade as Andrew helps me to my feet, asking if my chest is alright. Just like before I smile weakly and hold the ball up to let everyone think I am okay. Just what the fuck is wrong with me? Why is my dream still haunting me!

Since I caught the ball the inning ends and I start to walk to the dugout, Adrian grabs the bat and heads towards Andrew, since he’s our first at bat. As I walk by two of the players on our team I smile as I hear them talking about the fledgling FMW that me and my brothers have signed to.

“….can’t believe they already signed a major sponsorship deal with Black Entertainments”

Black Entertainments…


The Dark Lord

Ethan Black

It all comes crashing back to me now, everything that had happened to me in my dream. From the day we left Halifax to the day Adrian tried to murder Andrew, every scene, every word plays before my eyes in a flash. I spin towards where Adrian and his bat were walking towards Andrew, not noticing as other players simply begin to disappear.

I scream at what I see, Andrew broken on the floor, bleeding from massive wounds to his face and head. Adrian standing with that same bloodied bat over his body, writing the word DIE on his abdomen in Andrews blood. I hear a cackle from my right and don’t even notice as the world around me begins to fade as I turn to see Theresa standing in her black bustier and black lipstick. Laughing at me. This isn’t right, none of this is.

I hear one more laugh and turn once more, the world beyond him fading away completely. There he is, the devil that ruined what I deserved to have. A life.

Ethan fucking Black.

“See Alex, see what you have lost by stepping into my realm.”

I lunge at the bastard but he simply fades away as I fall on my face. When I look up again Theresa is there, standing right in front of me and looking down on me with hatred in her eyes.

“You couldn’t save me”

Adrian steps beside her.

“You couldn’t save me”

Mom comes to Theresa’s right

“You couldn’t save me”

Pop comes up to hold her.

“You couldn’t save anyone”

They all look down at me, faces twisted in rage before Theresa speaks again.

“Your worthless Alex, you couldn’t save us, you can’t even save yourself”





“SHUT UP!” I scream as their images shatter into dust and I am left alone with the echo of my yell. I curl up into a ball with my hands over my ears. They’re right. I couldn’t save any of them, couldn’t help any of them when they needed me.

I am fucking worthless.

“Sucks when life comes crashing down around you don’t it?”

Go away, you can’t be here, this is a dream, or reality, or something, something your not part of anymore.

“Done feeling sorry for yourself yet? I can wait all fucking night”

Why won’t you just leave me alone, why won’t everyone just leave me the fuck alone.

“Oh fuck this, GET UP!”

My head snaps up with those words, words coming from a voice so hauntingly familiar it hurts. I stare into his eyes and he simply looks back at me.

“You can’t be here this is all in my head, and you’re in a coma”

Andrew O’Rion, my fucking comatose twin, just smiles down at me and laughs.

“If this is all in your head and I’m in a coma, then I’m just a figment of your imagination. And since your arguing with me, you’re arguing with yourself. Makes you look pretty damned foolish doesn’t it.”

“So what, your not real Andrew, you can’t be, I shouldn’t be talking to you.”

“So what if I’m real bro, doesn’t make what I have to say unless less true.” he says still smirking. I really want to wipe that smirk off his face; everyone has been smirking at me lately. But I can’t, I can’t even think of a reason to get up right now. No where to go but here anyway.

“Oh and what is it that you have to say” I ask sarcastically, if he notices he doesn’t even bother to acknowledge it.

“That you need to grow the fuck up, and try harder.”

That gets my attention.


“You heard me bro”

I finally stand up, I have to, how can I just sit and listen to this shit. How the FUCK does he, does ANYONE accuse me of me of not trying! I have been killing myself; losing every thing I have ever given a damn about because of just how fucking hard I have been trying.

“What the FUCK do you mean by that Andrew! Name one person who has been trying as hard as I have! Name one FUCKING person!”

“I don’t have to Alex, I never said you haven’t been trying, just that you need to try harder”


Again there is silence after I yell, but Andrew doesn’t go anywhere, just stands there across from me in the blackness, the smile gone for a look of annoyance.

“Theresa gave into Ethan Blacks will because he threatened to kill you, that’s how hard she tried.

Adrian gave in to his twisted evil side, all because of how hard he tried to find out who he was.

I am in a FUCKING COMA because I tried to save Adrian THAT IS HOW FUCKIN’ HARD I TRIED!

You’ve almost beaten the devil Alex, almost gotten revenge for all of us. All I am asking of you is that you try a LITTLE bit harder!”

“I’ve already given up everything I have Andrew, how else can I try a bit harder?” I honestly don’t know. Andrew has never steered me wrong, but what more can I give up, what other part of myself can I lose in order to try a bit harder.

“You and Ethan Black are more alike than you want to admit, both of you are strong, quick, resourceful. Both of you have darker sides that you use when beating the living hell out of your opponent in the ring. The only real difference between the two of you is that he accepts his, and you reject yours.

In truth, your what he might have been if he had been raised as a good man, he is what you might have become if you were raised to be evil incarnate.

You have heart, which is your greatest strength, but also your greatest weakness. Ethan has been attacking you, through Theresa, through mom, through Adrian, through me, and your heart is what kept you coming back for me. Kept you going when most people would have said fuck it and walked away. But it also handicaps you.

Ethan will go to any lengths to win, to defeat you. Time and time again you have come close to that line, and walked away from it, saying your honor wouldn’t let you. But in truth it’s because you have heart, compassion that you couldn’t do what was needed.

To try a little harder, you need to give up that one thing that stops you from winning at all cost. You need to give up that heart.”

“So your saying I need to be do anything necessary to win now, that I can’t hold back or care who I hurt to do it?”

“Pretty much bro, you need to be ready to do whatever it takes to win, predict every possible move against you and counter it before it happens. You have to be cold and calculating about how you break Ethan down, because you can be damn sure he is going to keep doing the same to you.”


“Strike him where it hurts, he says Eve is part of him, cut it off, rip it away, and wave it in the fuckers face. Just like he did with Theresa.”


“He’s surrounded himself with followers to protect him when he may be weak, and bolster him when he may be strong. You need to corrupt them, turn them against him, and if you can’t, eliminate him. Just like he did to Adrian and me. You understand bro, you can’t let anything hold you back, not even your heart. Not if you want to face into the abyss and stay standing.”

He stops and just stares at me, waiting for me to understand, and I do. It would be so easy too. Wait for a time when Eve is alone, or Ethan is predisposed, and remove her. For a man who does not know loss like Ethan, it would hurt him to lose his most prized possession just as much as it hurt when he turned Theresa against me.

Then there are his Covenant, War Machine, Styxx, and of course Ad-Judas himself. Styxx, a powerful person now in his own right, a man who has lived his life on his knees. First to Cynical now to Ethan. Make him believe he wins by his own strength and that he should not be servant to any other and he will turn against his new master just as he did the wizard.

Next comes War Machine, the true muscle behind Ethan Black, the first FMW wrestler to try and pay his dues to the devil. A man who has always been there to help the champion retain his gold, but only has been repaid by neglect. Each time War Machine has needed aid, where has his master been, screwing his trollop in the back, or resting to save his own strength. First in the inferno match that War Machine was injured in, then in the elimination chamber where he was sacrificed like the pawn he is Ethan’s benefit. Show him that he can win alone, and only fails at Blacks whim and he will leave.

Finally comes my ‘brother’, possibly the easiest one to manipulate in the group so long as he never knows it is me pulling the strings. He already betrayed his own flesh and blood, destroying the O’Rions, in order to gain his freedom. How long can he stay loyal to the group that instigated that betrayal before his need for his own ‘freedom’ forces him to betray them as well?

It would be so easy to strip everything from Ethan, just like he did to me, and then I could strip him of his title. Leave him a broken shell of a man, just like he wanted to do to me. It’s so very tempting….

So very easy…..


I watch as the smirk on his face changes way to shock, and for the first time since I can remember I smile.

“What do you mean no!” Andrew asks irate “It’s the only way you’re going to get revenge for me, for all of us dammit!”

“I am who I am Andrew, and you know that as well as I do” I say calmly, finding myself believing each word I have to say as everything just clicks into place. “I’m not Ethan Black, and I’m not going to try to be. I don’t want to sink to his level and win at the cost of my soul. I have to beat him as myself, or not beat him at all.”

Andrew stops looking upset and in a flash there is a smile back adorning his lips.

“I knew you’d come around”

“You were just playing me again weren’t ya you fucker, just like when we were kids.” I say laughing, he joins me and for a brief moment everything seems right with my world as it fades back into view, leaving us standing alone in Peddler Pub.

He walks over to the bar and pulls out two beers, and even though I know this is a dream, I grab onto one and take a good long pull of it. He does the same then puts it aside.

“Of course I was just playin’ ya bro. Become Ethan Black? What kind of fucking brother would give advice like that? You just needed to believe in yourself, and I needed to beat that bit of fucking belief into that thick skull of yours. So Alex, how are you going to beat Ethan Black this time, you got one shot, how are you gonna use it?”

I take another drink from my Keith’s, draining the bottle easily, letting the cool familiar ale bring back memories from before the FMW, memories of three brothers hanging out and having a good time without a care in the world. Memories of just who the hell I am.

“I’m going to do it by being Alex O’Rion, the Pride of Nova Scotia, one of the Three O’Rion Brothers, and the one fuck in this world that Ethan Black can knock down but never keep out for the count.”

“And?” Andrew says waving his hand for emphasis.

I let a cocky little smirk, the type all three of us would have before any match back when we didn’t have Ethan Black, the Black Covenant, or betrayal in our midst.

“And I’m going to make it look fucking good when I take that belt of his and place it around my waist over his broken fucking body”

“Damn straight b’ye!” he yells pulling out a few new beers to replace our empty ones.

We click bottles and drain these new beers in one gulp. Andrew smiling as he places his empty down a second faster than me. He walks over to me and pulls me into a bear hug, and I know this dream is going to end soon. Andrew never was the type for hugs or brotherly affection like this.

“Take care ‘Drew, we’d better be able to do this for real sometime.” Suddenly he is gone and I can feel my eyes beginning to open, in my own bed. As the last wisps of the dream fade away I can hear his voice one last time.

“Fuckin’ right we will b’ye, I can’t sleep forever. Now go do us proud and show the world why you don’t fuck with the O’Rions”


That's it for now, the end of the Ethan Black feud (minus the Deathrow promo that I miss and can't find Sad )

I'll post more later
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The Immortal (or Immoral) Alex O'Rion
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