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PostSubject: CATALYST RESULTS   Tue Nov 06, 2012 4:08 am

Pyro goes off in Toronto as we pan across a sold-out GTA center. Fans come to their feet as ”Liquid State” by Muse plays across the arena.

Smith: Welcome folks to Catalyst in FMW’s home town of Toronto. I am Edible Smith, joined tonight by Ammunition’s color man, Dalby Sound.

Sound: Ed, we’ve got a great card tonight. Full Metal Wrestling’s top prizes are on the line, and a disturbingly high number of them are up for grabs by a member of GSW.

Smith: Indeed. We have a new title to be made, up for grabs by four competitors. The man who destroyed the TV title Jonathan King. His accomplice, Santana Braxton. The last rightful TV champion, Outlaw John Andrews. And the wildcard, newcomer Brett Jackson.

Sound: Some of our best new talent on display there, as well as our Abandoned Title Match. Featuring King Sharpedo trying to reclaim the belt from Kuruk. But in the mix is the representative of SMUT’s greatest enemy, the Axis of Super Seriousness. That man is Antonio Grimelli.

Smith: The tag belts are also on the line. Will this finally be the end of the line for the long-reigning tag champions? Or will YNG face yet another setback?

Sound: Speaking of YNG, we have David GS, having just regained his title from Blake Vendetta. Now… the rematch against both Vendetta and YNG opponent Morpheus.

Smith: And in the other, more important Ultraviolent title match, Apostasy tries to take the title back to Corruption and back to FMW. His opponent, the always dangerous Jeff Whitt.

Sound: We’ve also got C4 action, as Skyler Striker takes on Hannibal Frost and Leviticus in an elimination match with my usual partner, Hostyle, acting as the guest referee.

Smith: And then there’s our main event. Chris Austin defends the Full Metal Championship against the up and coming Seth Rotunda.

Sound: Folks, there’s so much at stake tonight…

”Been to Hell” by Hollywood Undead hits. The MetalTron shows the group sitting in their locker room backstage. Matt Dunn sits in front of group of banded supporters, including Jeff Whitt, Leviticus, Sage Braxton, Santana Braxton, Jonathan King, The Mystery Opponent and Crusoe.

Dunn Oh, hello Toronto. I’m sure you’re missing your usual fix of failure now that you no longer get to watch your precious Maple Leafs.

The crowd boos. The camera pans to a “Gary Bettman is a Dick-shaped Weasel” sign.

King: For years you’ve had Full Metal Wrestling touring the world, being the one thing that you idiots might be proud of. But alas, there’s nothing to be proud of now. What you’re about to witness is a mercy killing. You’re about to witness the end to your suffering… an end to the torture that is rooting for Full Metal Wrestling. It’s a lot like rooting for the Maple Leafs, knowing that there are so many superior options out there. Like Gold Standard Wrestling.

The crowd starts a loud “F-M-W” chant.

Whitt: Oh, keep chanting. It’ll only make it sweeter when we finally pull the plug tonight. Enjoy the show!

Shinedown’s “The Sound of Madness hits, as Jack Eastwood makes his way out to the ring.

Smith: Huh? He’s not on the program here…

Sound: Yeah… nothing on here for Jack Eastwood. But… it’s nice to see him? I guess? Oh, and he has a mic…

Eastwood: This is preposterous. I’m Jack Eastwood and I DESERVE to be on this card. This is Catalyst and I am not on it? You want to know why? Nobody respects me. Nobody respects the Pack.

Crowd boos.

Eastwood: Shut your mouths. Tonight will be the catalyst of change for that. Tonight the world will see that The Pack will be the dominant stable in FMW. Not GSW, not the Axis of Super Seriousness and especially not YNG. I guarantee that tonight will be the night where The Pack stands tall and its going to start with me eviscerating the next person to walk through that curtain and end with Seth Rotunda holding the Full Metal Championship.

The crowd begins to boo even louder.

Open the skies over me
I am patiently waiting
I’ll wait for a sign

"Exo Politics" by Muse blares over the arena soundsytem as visuals of pyramids, spaceships, the Illuminati, Freemasons and men in suits shaking hands play on the MetalTron. The Mystery Opponent comes out wearing a tinfoil hat, waving around a placard saying "Danger! Death from Above!" The crowd sort-of boos him for his GSW affiliation, but there are some chuckles as well. TMO takes out a megaphone and yells to the crowd.

TMO: The end is near. Powerful men have conspired against us all, they're going to try and control your mind with propaganda and space lasers. They're going to fake an alien invasion to try and get us all on their side, but you can't listen to them, man. SAVE YOURSELF.

Eastwood stares at TMO blankly. TMO throws aside his placard as he enters the ring. He yells into the megaphone, directly facing Eastwood.


TMO turns his attention to the crowd, and receives a lariat from behind. The bell rings.

Sound: Well… I guess this is an official match now.

Smith: Eastwood walks over to pick up TMO and gets a dropkick for his troubles.

Sound: Eastwood quickly shaking it off. That scrawny guy doesn’t generate a lot of force.

Smith: Kick to the gut of TMO and Eastwood picks him up. Eastwood picks him up for a powerbomb!

Sound: I’d like to note that Jack Eastwood has 130 pounds and 10 inches on this guy. And Jack Eastwood does not get paid by the hour. This has the potential to be very short.


The crowd pops as TMO jumps up and moves to the apron. He raises his fist in the air, to a mixed reaction as he prepares his finisher.

Sound: I doubt this is what Eastwood had in mind when he said people would remember The Pack. You can’t lose to a man wearing a tinfoil hat. People just won’t take you seriously.

Smith: Back to the action, TMO on the top. We’ve seen this before, this is how he put away Sean Jensen on Ammunition. Shooting Star Press…but Eastwood put his knees up! TMO wasted too much time up there.

Sound: Trying to find his balance… that’s going to cost him the match it seems.

Smith: Eastwood springs to his feet, picks TMO up on his shoulders and drops the BOOM.

Sound: He lowered that so hard, he knocked the hat off of TMO!




Cherry: Here is your winner… JACK….EASTWOOD!

Sound: Jack Eastwood picks up the win while the crowd voices their displeasure.

Smith: That’s a surprise. It seems the crowd is actually disappointed at the result… where GSW lost.

Sound: To be fair, Jack Eastwood IS an unlikeable douchebag. And TMO, despite his affiliation, is at least amusing.

Smith I don’t know that I’d really call that amusing. He’s making a mockery of this sport.

Sound: In any case, I think that’s the first time anyone in GSW has been cheered, even slightly.
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PostSubject: Re: CATALYST RESULTS   Tue Nov 06, 2012 4:09 am

Bryson: Yes, lets get that accomplished. Go ahead and get the paperwork for that. Mark, can you remind me to-

The crowds initial displeasure at the arrival of Nick Bryson, Mark Johansson, and Matt Ashburn quickly changes as they're halted by Paul Brooks. Brooks smiles as Bryson releases a heavy sigh.

Bryson: I'll have to call you back.

Bryson hangs up his phones and puts it inside his jacket pocket. He continues to looks forward at Paul Brooks, who is staring at Bryson unblinking.

Bryson: Yes, Paul, what-

Brooks: You're clever, Bryson. Look, we've seen the weak spots in your armor. We've got people like Morpheus. The opposition is growing stronger every day.

Bryson: Get to the point, Brooks, I've gotdeals to make.

Brooks: Real cute stunt, leaving me off the card. You cant keep your people away from me forever, Bryson. Eventually, you're going to have to stand face to face with me, and maybe I can slap the other side of your face.

Brooks smirks as he turns to leave. Bryson reaches out and grabs his arm, turning him back towards the group.

Bryson: Turn the other cheek? You think I forgot about your assault on me, an FMW official? You're in for a rude awakening, Brooks. You're writing checks with your mouth you cant cash.

Brooks: What are you going to do about it?

Bryson: You want to be so involed? Fine, I've got a deal for you. Get your boots on, you insignificant worm. You've got a match tonight and you're going to be able to earn that shot you want at YNG so bad. I have a feeling you're going to be more careful what you wish for, next time.

Bryson turns and walks away, accompanied by Matt Ashburn. Brooks steps forward to follow Bryson, but Mark Johansson steps forward, crossing his arms and glaring at Brooks. Brooks stares back for a moment before turning and walking the opposite direction, to get prepared for whatever Bryson's throwing his way.

Hit 'em high, Hit 'em high, Hit 'em high, Hit 'em high, Hit 'em
Hit 'em low, Hit 'em low, Hit 'em low

The crowd rises to their feet as The MonStar Anthem by Coolio, B-Real, Busta Rhymes, and LL Cool J blasts through the speakers, signaling the arrival of fan favorite Sharpedo King! He throws his arms up as he rushes out from backstage and stares a few moments at the two pillars of tables assembled next to the entrance. Sharpedo King storms down the entrance ramp, sliding underneath the bottom rope and posing atop the turnbuckle.

Cherry: The following contest is a TABLES ELIMINATION MATCH for the Abandoned Championship! Introducing first, a challenger, SHARPEDO KING!

Smith: Good to see Sharpdo King coming into this with high spirits. Last time he was in the ring, the outcome was a little less than favorable as Antonio Grimelli, with his partner in crime Dazz Andrews, left him and his teammates in a heap! It wasn't until Abandoned Champion Kuruk showed up that the tides were turned!

Sound: Sort of ironic, dont you think. The native american being the cavalry and all.

Smith: Uh, no not really.

Sound: And I can tell this is going to be another gem on commentary.

Sharpedo Kings music fades into Elephant Gun by Beirut as the crowd shows displeasure at the arriving Antonio Grimelli.

Smith: This guy's actions certainly havent earned him many friends early in his career-

Sound: Its earned him one friend, as you pointed out last week, and sometimes you only need one friend. This guys' actions dont need a reason to you of all people, Smith. He has his chance to walk away with gold and thats justification enough!

Smith: Color me unsurprised.

Grimelli taunts Sharpedo King as he gets to the ring, feinting like he is going to enter. He continues to pace the ring as his music also fades, making way for the cheers and the opening notes of Sky is Over by Serj Tankian. The Abandoned Champion Kuruk steps out from behind the curtain and hoists his championship high above his head. Antonio Grimelli stares at him, shooting lasers into his opponent, as Kuruk sombers down the entrance ramp.

Smith: Antonio remembering who helped put him in his place last show! Antonio is getting a little aggressive, moving to meet Kuruk! Bad move! He's forgot about Sharpedo King and Sharpedo King rushes forward and dives! Senton onto the back of Antonio and Kuruk charges, this match is underway!

Sound: That was a rookie mistake, Smith. Grimelli cant afford to make more of those.

Smith: Kuruk laying the boots into Grimelli now as Sharpedo gets up!

Sound: This is clearly going to be a two on one!

Smith: Kuruk lifting Grimelli, he's holding his arms behind his back! Sharpedo King begins to close in, no! Grimelli lifts his legs and kicks back off of Sharpedo King! He sent that man flying!

Sound: Grimelli's used that momentum to flip back over Kuruk! Now he's in control!

Smith: Credit where its due, that was smart moving!

Sound: He's going to have to work like that more if he wants to walk away from this double team effort champion!

Smith: Grimelli charges forward and crushes the spine of Kuruk on the side of the ring! That is an amazing display of strength! Grimelli tosses Kuruk face first into the ring post! He's turned and charged Sharpedo King! Clothesline on the floor outside!

Sound: This aggressive style might not be traditional wrestling, but right now its effective and thats what he needs!

Smith: You're starting to sound like you have valid insight, Sound.

Sound: And you're still sounding like a moron.

Smith: And we're back again. It was nice for a second. Grimelli back up the ramp and he's dragging a table!

Grimelli pulls a table out from the bottom of one of the pillars, sending three other tables down to the ground.

Smith: He's looking to get a first elimination quick here! He's set it up at the base of the ring here and he goes to lift Sharpedo King- NO! Kuruk from behind!

Sound: The numbers again play an advantage.

Smith: Kuruk really clobbering Grimelli here! Whip into the steps and that metal echoed through the arena! Grimelli has displaced the steps and he's stuck in a heap on the ground! Kuruk motions to Sharpedo King, he wants to get rid of Grimelli quick and make this an honorable match!

Sound: Yeah, what a fighting champion.

Smith: Kuruk pulls Grimelli over to the table and drapes him over it! Sharpedo King climbs a turnbuckle! HE FLIES!

Sound: Oh my!

Smith: NO! Grimelli rolls off the table just in time and Sharpedo King has nowhere to go but through that table!

Sound: Now we see where being cheap gets you!

Smith: He crashed and burned on that high risk attack! Kuruk is right back on Grimelli as he whips him again into the turnbuckle! Charging shoulder drives Grimelli back into the ring post! Kuruk tosses Antonio into the ring and looks under the ring! He has a table!

Sound: How many of these do we keep laying around?

Smith: Kuruk slides the table in the ring and follows suit! He attacks Grimelli and sets the table up in the corner! He turns to face his enemy- blow to the gut! Grimelli is fighting back!

Sound: Thats the type of resilience you need!

Smith: Sort of like Sharpedo King! He's crwling out of the wreckage already and is moving towards that broken pillar of tables! He's dragging two back with him and its a struggle!

Sound: Like the struggle in the ring!? Call the action, Smith, before I tell them to just let me call this myself!

Smith: Kuruk is reeling from the blows from Antonio Grimelli! Irish whip with a clothesline follow up, NO! Kuruk ducks! Back drop suplex sends Grimelli to the mat! Kuruk slow to his feet but he is up first! A blow to Kuruk! Another blow!

Sound: Sharpedo King has set up the tables!

Smith: Kuruk places Grimelli on the table! Sharpedo King slides in the ring and Kuruk lifts his friend to his feet! Kuruk is looking for approval from the crowd!

Sound: Of course they love that shark moron.

Smith: Kuruk is going to let Sharpedo King eliminate Grimelli! Sharpedo King lines up across the ring, he charges full speed- HOLY HELL!

Sound: HA! AH HA HA!

Smith: Grimelli pulls Kuruk in front of the table and slides under the rope to the apron! Kuruk was just eliminated by his friend!


Smith: And we're going to see a new champion!


Smith: Sharpedo King can't believe it but he's not paying attention! Grimelli with a quick burst brings him to his feet! Kick to the gut! HE LIFTS SHARPEDO KING WITH EASE! GRIMELLI RUSHES OVER TO THE ROPES AND THROWS SHARPEDO IN A JACKNIFE POWERBOMB! SHARPEDO KING FROM THE TRING THROUGH THE TABLES DEAR GOD!

Sound: AH! HA HA HA! What a brilliant finish!

Cherry: Sharpedo King has been eliminated! Here is your winner and NEW Abandoned Champion, ANTONIO GRIMELLIIIIIIIIIIII!

Antonio Grimelli (3.47aps + 0.9avs = 4.37 total)
Sharpedo King (3.56aps + 0.7avs = 4.26 total)
Kuruk (0.0aps + 0avs = 0 total)

Grimelli slides out the back of the ring and grabs the belt from Buster Cherry. He hoists it high with a smile on his face as he parades around the ring.

Smith: Antonio stole this one!

Sound: Really? Because it looks like he threw a guy through a table to me. Thats generally how you win these garbage matches.

Smith: You know what I mean, Sound! He got extremely lucky and now he's gloating! Hes holding that belt over the downed Sharpedo King! Sharpedo King reaches out for that belt from the splinters of the tables as Antonio walks away! I'm disgusted!
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PostSubject: Re: CATALYST RESULTS   Tue Nov 06, 2012 4:09 am

The crowd erupts as a car pulls forward and slides to a stop. As the back door opens, Morpheus exits from the vehicle, his Lords of Pain Wrestling World Heayweight Champiosnhip Belt strapped over his shoulder. He adjusts it for a moment before he steps forward in the backstage area.

The camera follows him for a few moments as he searches for the locker room. When he finally arrives at his destination he turns the knob and pushes the door open, before it is abruptly pulled back shut. Morpheus looks up and his demeanor accompanies the crowds as Nick Bryson, flanked by David GS, Mark Johansson, and Matt Ashburn, removes his hand from the door, smiling.

Bryson: Morpheus! I'm so glad you made it tonight! Were your accomodations to your liking?

Morpheus: Up until about fifteen seconds ago.

Bryson: Adorable. Look, listen, I know you're probably excited to finally have your shot at really, quote un quote, taking it to David GS over here, but there seems to have been a little bit of a snag in those plans.

Morpheus: What now, Bryson? What can you possibly do to stop me from sending your friend, there, into oblivion?

Bryson: Oh, no, this time its not me. Honest. See, today I recieved this bit of paper here and its got quite the doozie on it. Here I'll read it outloud so eeryone can hear.

Matt Ashburn thrusts a folded piece of paper forward to Bryson, who clears his throat as he takes it.

Bryson: IT has recently been brought to our attention that LPW Champion Morpheus has been scheduled to participate in a match at the Full Metal Wrestling event Catalyst.

While those of us here would love to see Morpheus emerge triumphant at the event, we can not, in good faith, let him participate in that match. While we understand that some fans may be disappointed, the fact remains that as LPW champion, Morpheus has an extreme value to our company, and in the atmosphere of his scheduled competition, and considering their reputation, the LPW board has decided it would be best to stop Morpheus from participating physically in FMW at this time.

Should any party try to continue the match as scheduled, it will result in Legal Action against all parties involved, and severe reprocussions for Morpheus.

Thank you for adhering to our requests. From the offices of Christian G. Smitten.

Bryson folds the paper and smiles at Morpheus as he hands the paper back behind him. Morpheus' jaw is clenched as tights as his fists as he glares at Bryson.

Bryson: So, as you can see, we clearly have a predicament. I cant face legal action because youre prone to not listening to your current employer. That would be irrisponsible. So, just in case you were thinking of maybe getting retribution against us, and participating anyway, know that not only will you potentially lose your job at LPW, but FMW wont hire you. I've got that letter here too if you want me to read it. Here, Matt hand me that one too, its a good read! I-

Morpheus reaches out and grabs the letter from Matt Ashburn, throwing it on the ground. He steps forward to stare nose to nose with Bryson, and the two almost touch faces as Mark and David step forward to stop Morpheus from moving closer.

Morpheus: This isn't over.

The champion readjusts his belt once more before turning and exiting the way he came. His footsteps gradually fade completely as Bryson pulls his smartphone out of his jacket.

Ashburn: Brilliant for us, Boss, but how'd that play out?

Johansson: Who told them?

Bryson: Oh, who got that injunction? I did. Well, looks like the card is scheduled to change, and we need a new opponent...

Bryson looks through his phone for a minute before opening the locker room door and stepping in around the corner to look at the crafts table.

Bryson: Hey, you! Want to wrestle tonight?

The camera turns and a stunned Bobino, holding a pepr plate full of sandwiches, looks at Bryson. Crumbs fly from his mouth as he tries to say 'Me?' with a mouth full of sandwich.

Bryson: Yeah, lace up, you're on tonight. Good luck!

Bryson turns and exits the scene with YNG. The camera focuses on the empty doorway.

"My Time" by D.J.I.G hits as Brett "the Bull" Jackson makes his way out to the ramp to a nice amount of cheers from the audience.

Cherry: The following contest is a Fatal 4 Way match to determine the first yet-to-be-named Champion! Introducing first, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at 270lbs... BRETT THE BUULLLLLL JAAAACKSOOON!

Smith: This next match is going to be an interesting one to watch with the winner being able to claim and name the presently untitled championship belt.

Brett slaps hands with fans and slides into the ring as he awaits his opponents. His music is cut off and is replaced by "Young" by Hollywood Undead. The crowd erupts in a chorus of boos as Jonathon King walks out with a cocky grin on his face.

Cherry: His opponents, first, from Bridgehampton, New York, weighing in at 210 lbs... JONATHOOON KIIING.

Sound: Let's all pray to God that this man doesn't win.

As soon as he reaches the ring, his music is replaced by "I'm Still Hot" by Luciana. The crowd continues to boo as Santana Braxton makes her way out flanked by her sister, Sage, who is dressed identically to her sister.

Cherry: Next, from Sydney, Australia, being accompanied to the ring by Sage Braxton... SANTANAAAAA BRAXXTOOON.

Smith: I feel as if Santana were to win, we will never hear the end of it - ever.

Finally, "The Kid Goes Wild" by Babylon A.D. blasts through the arena as "The Outlaw" John Andrews makes his way out to a great positive reaction from the crowd.

Cherry: And their opponent, from Houston, Texas, weighing in at 195 lbs... THE OUTLAAWWW JOOOHN ANDREEEWWS.

Sound: And here is the fourth and final competitor in the match. The Outlaw has a score to settle with Jonathon King and the Braxtons. Let's see if he can get any measure of revenge tonight. I certainly hope he does.

Smith: The bell has rung and the match has begun! And Santana Braxton has started the match by flirting with Jonathon King.

As King and Santana are distracted, Jackson and Andrews take the opportunity to attack King and Santana respectively.

Sound: Get 'em boys, get 'em!

Smith: And now they've cleared the ring of the Gold Standard Trash! Jackson throws King out to the floor while Andrews dumps Santana on her behind right next to her sister's feet.

Both Jackson and Andrews turn around and stare off with each other.

Sound: Now let's just hope that one of these men take the win.

Smith: Both men lock up and Andrews quickly takes Jackson down with a double-leg takedown. Both men are just laying their fists into each other, each desperate to get the early upper hand.

Sound: Andrews rolls away and both men are back to their feet now. Someone get the pin before GSW get back in the ring!

Smith: Andrews charges! Jackson pulls him up and nails him with a huge spinebuster!

Sound: The witch is back on the apron now!

Smith: Jackson charges and sends her off with a running lariat.

Sound: King has snuck into the ring behind him!

Smith: Jackson turns around and King goes for an elbow shot but Jackson blocks it and nails him with an elbow shot of his own!

Sound: And the FMW faithful are solely behind the Bull now!

Smith: Jackson picks him up and lifts him into the air. He's stalling. BAM! Wicked suplex!

Sound: I hope he never gets up from that.

Smith: Jackson picking up King again and he levels him with a harsh clothesline.

Jackson starts playing to the crowd who cheer him on for taking down King. Jackson turns around and goes to grab King but King whacks him with a kick to the groin much to the disgust of the people in attendance.

Sound: And there's King taking shortcuts as always. Typical.

Smith: Just a reminder to the folks at home that there is no disqualification in multi-person matches like these. Fortunately for King.

Sound: Santana's in the ring now and her and King are celebrating as if they have won the match already.

Smith: Andrews is back to his feet. He charges at King and takes him down with a nicely executed dropkick. Santana backing into the corner now.

Sound: With King down, Andrews turns his attention to Santana! She's shaking her head and pleading with him to leave her alone.

Smith: The Outlaw has a handful of Braxton's hair and is waving around to the crowd!

With Andrews temporarily distracted, Santana pulls at Andrews' trunks and he falls face first into the turnbuckle.

Sound: Even I have to admit that that was a nice counter from Santana.

Smith: Santana's now dancing around in the middle of the ring. She backs up to Andrews in the corner and shoves her posterior in his face.

Sound: What a devastating maneuver!

Smith: She calls that one the Facial, and boy what a facial.

As Santana continues to celebrate her stinkface, Jackson gets up behind her; he puts his foot out and trips her over much to the delight of the crowd.

Sound: Ha! Take that Braxton!

Smith: Jackson pulls Braxton back to her feet. Braxton shoves him away and decks him with a harsh slap to the face.

Sound: Jackson doesn't look too happy about that.

Smith: Jackson runs at her and attempts a lariat but he instead hits a recovering King behind her.

Sound: The blow took King right out of the ring where he belongs.

Smith: Now Andrews has rolled out of the ring and he's taking the fight to King who looks like he just wants a timeout.

Sound: Meanwhile in the ring, Braxton has taken to hiding behind the ref as Jackson tries to reach around him to get to her.

Smith: Braxton shoves the ref into Jackson. She runs to the ropes and springboards off them turning around into a nice springboard lariat which takes the big man down.

Sound: And - wait a minute. We have visitors!

Smith: Andrews has King up on our announcers table. He has King under his arm and he's signalling for it!

Sound: Go for it, Outlaw!


Sound: Both men are down and the crowd has gone wild!

Santana, who watched the entire thing from the ring, rolls out and goes to pick up Andrews.

Smith: And here is Braxton trying to roll Andrews into the ring but he's too heavy for her.

Sound: She's calling out to Sage to help! Both of the Braxtons have now picked up Andrews and have tossed him into the ring.

Smith: Santana slaps her sister a high-five and goes to get into the ring but is levelled with a baseball slide from Jackson putting her down on the outside.

Sound: He's stalking Andrews now who is slowly getting up to his feet. Wait... here it comes! Jackson just nailed Andrews with the ChiTown Special! The crowd is cheering and the Bull is loving it!

Smith: Jackson into the cover. ONE... TWO...

As the ref's hand is coming down for the three, Sage had snuck into the ring and pulls him off just before.

Sound: Oh come on! Someone has to eject her from ringside!

Smith: Just another unfortunate reminder that this is completely legal. There are no disqualifications in fatal 4 way matches. Shenanigans like these are just frowned upon.

Sound: Jackson up to his feet and he's looking at Sage. The Bull has seen its red flag. And Sage is hightailing it.

Smith: Jackson is chasing Sage around the ring and she has opted to crawl underneath it with Jackson in hot pursuit.

Sound: Santana has noticed the shenanigans with her sister and has disappeared underneath the ring as well.

The ring is quiet besides the sounds of the girls screaming and condiments underneath the ring being knocked around in the moment.

Smith: Hehe, I can only imagine what's going on underneath there.

Sound: And one of the Braxtons is out wielding handcuffs. Pink fluffy ones. Lord knows what she's doing with them.

Smith: She's grabbed the wrist of the emerging Jackson and cuffs him to the ringpost while he attempts to shake off the other underneath the ring.

With Jackson's lower half of his body underneath the ring, Edible Smith begins to chuckle.

Smith: I would pay good money to see what's going on down there. It seems as if she's holding onto his leg... or at least another part of his body down there.

Sound: And the ref is over to Jackson to see if he can free him from his predicament.

Smith: The other Braxton has emerged from underneath the ring and has slid in to meet her sister.

Sound: The Braxtons are stalking Andrews. Please, Andrews, take them down!

Smith: The Braxtons kick him and have him in their grip! DOUBLE BRAXTON BUSTER! Lights out for the Outlaw!

Sound: Both Braxtons are laying on top of him for the pin as the referee turns around to see what's going on.

Smith: The ref can't tell the difference between the two and, honestly speaking, neither can I.

Sound: He doesn't know what to do. He doesn't know which Braxton is legal.

Smith: All he can do is count. ONE... TWO... THREE! This one's over and it appears we have a winner. Or winners.

Both of the Braxtons leap off Andrews as they begin screaming and jumping in the ring, celebrating their title victory as "I'm Still Hot" by Luciana plays through the arena.

Sound: Edible... what just happened?

Smith: I have no idea. Someone needs to provide us with an explanation.

Cherry: Here is your winner... I mean... winners... I mean... I don't know what to say.

The Braxtons roll out of the ring and one of them snatches the microphone off of Cherry.

Santana: Well, see, since Sage and I both picked up the victory in this title match, well, it's only fair that we be declared co-champions.

Santana shoves the mic back into Cherry's hands as she and Sage continue to celebrate their victory much to the disappointment of the crowd.

Cherry: Well, I guess that makes sense. Here are your winners and NEW CO-champions... SAGE AND SANTANAAAA BRAAAXTOOON!

Santana Braxton (3.875 APS + .8 AVS = 4.675)
Brett Jackson (3.5 APS + .3 AVS = 3.8 Total)
Outlaw John Andres (3.74 APS + .1 AVS = 3.84 Total)
Jonathan King (3.4 APS + .4 AVS = 3.8 Total)

Smith: Okay… co-champions… to what?

Sound: I’m being told… yes… that the title will be given to… them… later tonight. In a little ceremony.

Smith: I guess it’s settled then. Score a victory for GSW.

Sound: You’ll forgive me if I lack enthusiasm calling that one.
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PostSubject: Re: CATALYST RESULTS   Tue Nov 06, 2012 4:10 am

We see Crusoe, wearing a neckbrace, running up to Jeff Whitt backstage.

Crusoe: Whitt… come quick!

Whitt: What?

Crusoe: Have you seen Dunn? Or TMO?

Whitt: No… why?

Crusoe I think I heard Dunn yelling in the parking lot. It didn’t sound good.

Whitt: Let’s take a look…

Whitt and Crusoe head out of the arena and into the parking lot. Whitt walks with determination, Crusoe keeping a few paces behind and wincing as he struggles to keep up the pace. Upon arriving, Whitt points to the right.

Whitt: There…

Crusoe exits and looks, and immediately is taken aback. Matt Dunn, The Mystery Opponent and Kayden Osiris all lay motionless against a black limousine. Osiris is bleeding profusely from his head.

Crusoe: What happened?

Whitt: They… they were beaten to a pulp. Who…

?: I did.

A quiet voice from off-camera answers. The camera spins, but before anything is seen a loud metal “ping” is heard. The camera falls to the ground. A black boot pushes the lens to face up against the painted yellow concrete of a nearby curb.

Whitt: But… why? They were our fellow…

?: Because I am now running this outfit. And as you can see… failure… will not be tolerated.

Crusoe: I… understand.

Naaaaaa, na, na, na
Wait till I get my money right.

Cant Tell Me Nothin by Kanye West blasts through the speakers as a roar of disapproval echoes throughout the arena upon the arrival of Sir Nick Bryson and his teammate Mark Johansson, collectively part of YNG.

Smith: And the two men representing YNG tonight are making their way to the ring and it seems like they're being followed by two of our hands? They're wheeling out office chairs, what is this?

Sound: Maybe if you would shut up for two minutes, you'd get your explanation.

One of the help hands Nick Bryson a microphone. Bryson smiles as Mark takes his place standin over by the two leather office chairs.

Bryson: Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight I'd like to bring to your attention the clause on the bottom of all of your programs. The one that has the little asterisk with the words CARD SUBJECT TO CHANGE on it.

Smith: Great. What now?

Sound: Shhhh! Seriously! You would think you'd learn.

The crowd begins to chatter, in anticipation of some sort of shenanigans.

Bryson: Tonight I've decided that I would add on something for all of your entertainment by adding on an additional match for you all to see!

Smith: Well, that was unanticipated.

Sound: Truly a man of the people!

Bryson: Yes, you see, there is a certain man backstage who goes by the name Paul Brooks-

A slight cheer interrupts Bryson. He ignores the crowd.

Bryson: Who seems to think that he wants to get his hands on me and the rest of YNG. Well, I think that tonight he should get his shot at that opportunity, so I'm going to go ahead and have him come on out here! Paul!?

The Game by Motorhead blasts through the speakers as Bryson walks over and takes his seat in a chair. After a few moments, Paul Brooks emerges from backstage. He plays to the crowd initially as they cheer him, but quickly he glares over at Bryson. The Anarchy GM motions for Paul to walk down to the ring.

Smith: A man quickly becoming a favorite for his determination, Paul Brooks has got something of an uphill battle ahead of him if he wants to take on YNG.

Sound: By determination you mean stupidity, Smith. The fact is that this guy wouldnt be anyone if Bryson didnt bring him over to Anarchy, and he's constantly bit the hand that feeds him.

Smith: If you say so, but I will admit that he might not understand that coming head on at Bryson and YNG like this might not pay off. He's treading dangerous waters!

Brooks enters the ring and turns, staring at Bryson.

Bryson: Ok, so Paul, if you want your shot tonight you got it. See, Mark and I are scheduled to wrestle a Tag Team Championship match tonight and thats the ONLY match we're going to wrestle.

Sound: Thats fair.

Bryson: However, I said I would give you your shot at facing us in that ring, so right now Im announcing the change. The tag team match is now going to be a GAUNTLET match. Paul, you're going to face the tag champions and if you win, you will be tag champion and get your shot at Mark and myself!

Bryson smiles as the crowd noise rises. Brooks looks at Bryson and mouths 'who's my partner?'.

Smith: Yeah, who will be Brooks' partner? Can it be anyone?

Sound: Would anyone do it is the better question.

Smith: Well Im sure someone would-

Bryson: Partner? No, Paul, you face the tag champs on your own. If you want to face us that bad, you'll find a way to win. Good luck!

Bryson sits down as Speak by Godsmack blasts through the speakers. The crowd cheers in support of the champs, Damien Inferno and Nicholas Gray, as they enter from backstage, but the two of them first glare at Bryson and Mark before they make their way down to the ring and acknowledging the fans.

Sound: This is brilliant.

Smith: And another underhanded attempt at putting the odds in Bryson and YNG's favor.

Sound: Look, Bryson gave Brooks what he wanted, a chance at facing him. If Brooks wants it bad, he'll win. If not, I highly doubt that this one man is going to work over the tag champs to a point where it will effect the next match.

Smith: You're really absurd, you know that? Thats a reach if I've ever heard.

Sound: You might want to get your hearing checked.

The tag champions reach the ring, but look reluctant to enter. Brooks starts talking to the two men when, back atop the ramp, Bryson stands.

Bryson: If you two think about maybe not participating in this first part of your gauntlet match, you will forfeit your titles to Paul.

Smith: It only gets better.

Sound: Finally, we agree.

Smith: I was being sarcastic.

The tag champs enter the ring and hand the belts to the referee. He hoists the championships high as Nick and Damien shake the hand of Paul Brooks before taking their places inside and on the apron. Nicholas Gray and Paul Brooks circle each other center ring as the bell rings.

Smith: And we're off! Brooks and Gray are-

Bryson: Oh! Wait, I almost forgot.

Smith: What now!?

Brooks and Gray look as irritated as the crowd when they turn to face Bryson

Bryson: Paul, if you lose this match, you're going to be FIRED. Just for your information. I have faith you'll put in your best effort though, so good luck!

Bryson sits down and motions backstage, where a stage hand brings him out a tub of popcorn, which he offers to Mark, who declines. The crowd boos as Brooks turns and looks back at the tag champs.

Smith: What the hell! This is unfair!

Sound: Mess with the bull, you get the horns, Smith. Brooks knew what he was getting into, what the reprocussions could be, and he tempted fate anyway.

Smith: This is low! The tag champs have been put in this horrible position as well as Brooks!

Sound: Cry about it some more, Smith, I think that'll help.

Smith: Brooks begins circling Gray once more, who follows suit very reluctantly. They lock up center ring! Brooks with the advantage and he whips Gray off the ropes! Clothesline! Brooks off the ropes himself! Over Gray, shoulder block- no!

Sound: Brooks is going to have to give a lot more if he wants to keep his job.

Smith: Gray with a sweep sends Brooks to the mat! Kip up from Gray and he begins to lay the boots into Brooks! Brooks grabs his ankle though, Gray leaps and drops a leg across the face of his opponent in response!

Sound: Unconventional counter. That's what they're going to need to come close to walking out with their tag belts.

Smith: Brooks and Gray up at close times as Gray is back on the offensive! Right, left, right blow to Brooks! Gray lifts Paul up in a suplex, but Brooks lands on his feet! Brooks whips Gray into the corner-

Sound: His teams corner. What a moron. This guy is in a tag atmosphere and he just handed his opponent a reprieve!

Smith: Gray hits the turnbuckle and Damien hits the blind tag! Brooks charges Gray, but Gray dodges! Brooks goes chest first into the turnbuckle! Damien hops over the ropes and catches Paul on the rebound, Inverted suplex- NO!

Sound: That was excessive.

Smith: Damien lifts Brooks over his shoulder in an inverted suplex but hangs on to his opponent and drops him in a stunner! That was vicious! Cover by Damien, one, two, NO!

Sound: Resilliant effort by Brooks, but it's fairly pointless.

Smith: Gray is back up as Damien lifts Brooks off the mat! He approaches his teammate and- wow! Paul Brooks pushes Damien back! He lands a right to Nicholas Gray that stuns the tag champ! Brooks whips Damien into his own partner!

Sound: Now lets see what the numbers game does, because they're in prime position to take advantage of that!

Smith: Brooks bounces off the ropes, but the tag champs are back up! Tandem elbow attempt, BROOKS DUCKS!

Sound: Weak maneuver.

Smith: Brooks off the next set of ropes, he launches in the air! He's looking to clothesline them both- NO! The tag champs land two sets of boots to Paul's chest midair! They hook Brooks, DOUBLE DDT! Damien pins Paul- One, Two, THREE! Paul kicked out right after the three count!

Cherry: The winners of the first match, Damien Inferno and Nicholas Gray!

Damien Inferno and Nicholas Gray (>1.55 Total)
Paul Brooks (1.5aps = 1.55 Total)

Sound: Yes! That just happened, Smith, and it's honestly beautiful. Once that three is dropped you can kick out five-hundred times, it won't matter.

Smith: Bryson is standing and clapping as Paul places his hands over his face! He can't believe what just happened and neither can I! This man has a bright future here, he is moving forward!

Sound: You mean WAS moving forward and HAD a bright future. Now hes unemployed.

Smith: Brooks is standing as the crowd gives him an ovation. Damien and Gray clearly don't feel good about this-

Sound: Life is full of hardships, Smith. This is just another example of someone making things harder for themselves.

Smith: You're ridiculous! Brooks was trying to make a name for himself and achieve a dream that every talent has here, to stand triumphant. Now what will happen to him!?

Brooks pats Damien on the shoulder and shakes the hand of Nicholas Gray once more, attempting to tell them that he's ok with them. Brooks tells the champs to 'kick his ass' before he exits the ring and takes his somber walk up the ramp.

Smith: What fantastic sportsmanship by Paul Brooks! Thank you, Paul!

Sound: Yeah, for being an example.

Brooks glares at Bryson as Mark stands up, almost as if to challenge him. The three men stand there for a few, tension filled moments before Paul turns and throws his arms up, getting one last cheer from the crowd before he walks backstage.

Smith: I'm still in shock.

Sound: You shouldn't be. That was basic odds.

Smith: That this situation has even happened, Sound!

Naaaaaa, Na, Na, Na
Wait till I get my money right.

Cant Tell Me Nothin by Kanye West plays once more as Nick Bryson and Mark Johansson make their way down the ramp. Mark moves down first as Bryson slides down the ramp in one of the wheeled office chairs.

Smith: I hope Bryson is pleased with himself!

Sound: It looks like he's excessively pleased, Smith, as well he should be. This could be an amazing night for YNG.

Mark slides into the ring as Bryson takes place on the apron. Bryson motions to the referee to start the match and the bell rings.

Smith: And the next match for the tag championships gets underway! Mark and Gray lock up center ring and Mark gets the quick advantage! He whips- no! He pulls Gray back and clotheslines him!

Sound: That was vicious!

Smith: Mark has taken a turn since he joined YNG-

Sound: A turn for the better.

Smith: Definately an arguable point, Sound. Mark begins laying the boots into Gray as Gray pulls himself away to his own corner! He stands up- OH!

Sound: Pay better attention!

Smith: Mark charged forward and planted Gray into the turnbuckle while hammering Damien Inferno with an elbow! Mark whips Gray into the opposite turnbuckle as Damien reaches for the man but he misses!

Sound: Mark in the ring is completely changed. He's more intense, hes more aggressive. I don't think anyone is going to be able to stand up to the new monster of YNG.

Smith: Mark charging forward again, but he misses! Gray moves out of the way! He tries to kick Mark, but Mark is blocking his attacks! Gray charges forward and ducks a clothesline attempt! Gray runs up the turnbuckle ropes and flips over Mark, who ducks!

Sound: He's going to new lengths to get seperation from Mark's assault!

Smith: Gray lands on his feet and kicks the knee of Mark Johansson, sending the man down to one knee on the mat! Gray takes his moment and tags out to Damien Inferno! Thats smart teamwork!

Sound: Or, alternatively, cowardice. I mean, it's all in the perspective, Smith.

Smith: I'm sure. Damien is in the ring and he's calling for Bryson! He wants to get his hands on Bryson! Mark steps forward, but stops! He turns to Bryson, whos calling him over!

Sound: Uh oh. Didn't Damien JUST see what happened to Brooks when you mess with Sir Nick Bryson? Does he have a brain?

Smith: Mark walks over and tags in Bryson! The crowd is ready to see this man get what he deserves as he enters the ring! Bryson and Damien are circling in the center of the ring and- What the hell?

Sound: Excellent!

Smith: Bryson gets back to his corner and tags in Mark! Mark's the legal man again and Bryson takes a seat on the top of the turnbuckle! He's laughing as Mark charges in and Damien seems livid!

Sound: He better pay attention to the LEGAL man!

Smith: DAMIEN CHARGES FORWARD TOO! The two men collide mid ring- NO! Mark uses Damien's momentum to whip the champion in a vicious belly to belly suplex!

Sound: Sweet lord, I've never seen that kind of velocity on that kind of move! Bryson's hopped down showing his approval!

Smith: Nicholas Gray enters the ring and he charges Mark! Mark ducks and Gray bounces off- NO! OH MAN!

Sound: This can only get better!

Smith: Bryson pulled the top rope down and as Gray began to go over he released the top rope! Gray is caught in a noose made from the second and top rope! He's literally hanging!

Sound: Look at his feet kick! This is dangerous!

Smith: Someone get Gray out of there! He could die! He could- OH MY GOD!

Mark Johansson charges forward full speed and lifts his leg, planting a vicious running big boot directly on the face of the hanging Nicholas Gray, whos neck snaps viciously but is forced back into place by the ropes.

Sound: Oh my... oh my...


Emergency Medical Technicians rush out from backstage with a stretcher as Damien and the Referee attempt to untwine the ropes. The technicians support Gray's body as they finally let loose the ropes and Gray slumps out. The EMT's begin placing him on the stretcher.

Smith: Nicholas Gray is obviously very seriously injured, ladies and gentlemen. I fear for this man's safety and I lament the loss of Mark Johansson's moral compass and Nick Bryson is encouraging him, patting his enforcer on the back!

Sound: I'm still stunned, honestly.

Smith: Mark is staring at this carnage and he is soul less! He doesnt care at all! Damien turns and begins his attack- NO!

Sound: There is still a match going on, Smith!

Smith: Bryson with a punch to Damien! Bryson tosses the brass knuckles to the side of the ring and rolls up Damien! He's holding the tights too, how much more underhanded do you need to be!

Sound: Bryson is the legal man! He blind tagged himself in during the action!

Smith: The ref counts! One, Two, THREE!


Cherry: Here is your winner and NEW FMW Tag Team Champions, Sir Nick Bryson and MARK JOHANSSOOOOOOOOOOON!

Nick Bryson and Mark Johansson (3.975aps + 3.15aps + 1.2avs = 8.325 total)
Damien Inferno and Nicholas Gray (3.825aps + 0.0aps + 0.4avs = 4.225 total)

Bryson throws his arms up as the referee somberly hands him the tag belts. Bryson has the referee put the championship around his waist, arms in the air.

Smith: I am physically disgusted. Words can not... the words escape me.

Sound: Momentus. Amazing. Fantastic. Good enough words to start describing this moment.

The referee hands Mark a title, and he drags it across the mat as he stares at the EMTs still wheeling Nicholas Gray up the ramp and backstage. Damien Inferno begins pulling himself towards the ropes as a small trickle of blood begins to crawl down his face.

Bryson exits the ring and Mark Johansson follows, still holding the title in his clenched fist. Bryson celebrates as the crowd roars in disapproval, throwing trash and signs towards the ramp.

Smith: These fans are putting into action what I wish I could describe. Two men, two honorable champions, had their belts stolen from them tonight.

Sound: Looked like a legitimate match happened to me, Smith.

Smith: The fact that you wont even recognize that sham is shameful, Sound. I'm still shocked. I don't have anything else to say.

Sound: Thank god.

Bryson and Mark pause once more atop the ramp and Bryson lifts his arms once more before the new champions exit through the curtain to the back.
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PostSubject: Re: CATALYST RESULTS   Tue Nov 06, 2012 4:10 am

The camera cuts backstage to a shot of Sage and Santana Braxton celebrating their title win with glasses of champagne inside their locker room. Soon there's a knock on the door and Sage skips over to it and opens it to reveal Veronica Cherrywood with a microphone.

Cherrywood: Ladies, could I please get an explanation of what happened out there?

Sage: What do you mean? It's pretty clear what happened out there.

Santana: Sage and I both got the victory therefore it is only fair that both of us be awarded the championship.

Sage: It's about damn time the Braxtons achieved gold here.

Santana: It was bound to happen and I'm so happy I can defend our title together.

Cherrywood: But technically you, Santana, were the only one entered in that match, correct?

Sage: Look at her, watched one episode of Law and Order in her life and she thinks she runs the joint.

Santana: Listen here, puttana, Sage and I have done everything together and it's not going to change now. We both won that title. We both are champions. We're going to make sure of it, one way or another, whether you or anyone else in the locker room likes it or not.

Sage: Now that's a scoop for you.

Sage takes her glass and dumps the rest of the champagne onto Cherrywood's face before rudely shutting the door in her face, leaving Cherrywood both shocked and enfuriated by the Braxtons.

Free by Twin Atlantic blasts through the speakers as former Anarchy Ultraviolent Champion Blake Vendetta makes his way past the pyro and out to the stage. He acknowledges the fans on the way down the ramp before hopping on the apron and posing for the crowd.

Smith: And here is a man who was able to throw a wrench in the plans of YNG by defeating David GS for the Anarchy Ultraviolent championship!

Sound: Note how you forget to mention how quickly he Frosted that title back to David. David is a behemoth and this guy got lucky, clearly.

Smith: No, he took David to a limit and emerged victorious. I don't see why theres any reason he can't do it again tonight.

Free fades out as the crowd rises to their feet when the opening notes of Nevermore by Enemies of Reality blast through the PA system. A very confused, though enthusiastic, Bobino makes his way from backstage. He pauses for a moment to finish lacing up his boots before making his way to the ring.

Smith: And here comes the replacement for Morpheus in this match, Anarchy's number one draft pick, Bobino!

Sound: Unfortunate for the world champion, but rules are rules.

Smith: Unfortunate? It was underhanded! Its just the type of thing we can expect from Bryson. Anything he can do to even the odds for his protoges he will do.

Sound: Your own bias is showing, Smith, because thats called being good at what you do. You use buzzwords like devious and underhanded to imply that we should hate those guys, but Bryson's used his cunning and intellect to maneuver his team into a fantastic position, elevating everyone in the process!

Smith: You're delusional! You can sit here and try to justify his actions any way you want to, Sound, but at the end of the day what Bryson and YNG are doing are holding good people down under their thumbs for their benefit and there is NOTHING good about that!

Bobino enters the ring and poses for the crowd as Blake Vendetta nods to his soon to be opponent.

Naaaaa, Na, Na, Na
Wait till I get my money right.

Disposable (YNG Edit) by Burning Boarders blasts through the speakers as David GS enters from backstage, Anarchy Ultraviolent championship strapped around his waist and the rest of YNG following him. The four men pose atop the ramp and hoist their titles in the air as pyro erupts from the arena.


Smith: And here comes the champion, David GS! Accompanied to the ring tonight by Nick Bryson-

Sound: Sir Nick Bryson.

Smith: And I'm still in frank disgust at the depths YNG has sunk to tonight. Morpheus, Brooks, Nicholas Gray. I'm quite frankly worried for the two men in the ring that are scheduled to face David.

Sound: You would be, because you're a woman.

Smith: Har, har.

Sound: The belt may represent trash wrestling, but that doesn't mean the men behind it cant be sterling.

Smith: Whatever you say.

Bryson takes the Anarchy UV title and holds it high as David stands on the apron. When the champion enters the ring, Bryson steps down to the floor and takes his place. The referee looks at all three men before calling for the bell.

Smith: We're under way as the bell rings! David and Blake immediately charge each other, this feud has been brewing for a while! A flurry of fists from both men and neither is relenting! Get in there, Bobino! Help out Blake!

Sound: So much for impartiality, eh?

Smith: You're one to talk!

Sound: I am a bastion of broadcast integrity!

Smith: David is the first to get an advantage as a right briefly sends Blake to one knee! A knee from David to the jaw of the Mockingjay and Vendetta is back against the ropes! Whip from David sends Vendetta right into Bobino, who flips the Mockingjay over by instinct!

Sound: Bobino's best play is to let these guys demolish each other!

Smith: He may not have a choice! David marches past Bobino without even a look at the other challenger! Hes lifted Blake and throws him violently into the corner! Running elbow! Another elbow! He pulls back- NO! Vendetta pulls David forward, planting his face into the turnbuckle!

Sound: Bobino moves forward to engage!

Smith: Bobino lifts Vendetta backwards! Who's side is he on!

Sound: His own! Or should everyone go help your new favorite pet?

Smith: Thats not true, I- Vendetta lands on his feet! Oh my! Clothesline counter attempt- DUCKED! Bobino showing some of his agility there! He whips Vendetta- no counter! Vendetta whips Bobino! Bobino ducks another clothesline attempt as he rushes through! Vendetta bounces-

Sound: NO! He does not!

Smith: What the hell! Bryson hit Vendetta in the back with a chair! Vendetta falls to his knees!

Sound: Completely legal!

Smith: Bobino with a running knee to the face! Vendetta drops to the mat! Bobino celebrates-

Sound: Prematurely!

Smith: David GS is up! Charging clothesline drops Bobino to the outside! David is motioning to Bryson, whats happening!?

Sound: Look at the stage!

Matt Ashburn brings out a small group of fans, mostly attractive women, donned in 'Bobino #1" t-shirts and Jerseys. They immediately rush Bobino, followed by a few photographers. They pick up the first round draft pick and shower him with attention, which he immediately accepts, posing for photos with the group of 'super fans'

Smith: What the hell!

Sound: Hey, this is a wrestling match!

Smith: No, look at Bryson! What the hell!

As the referee tries to get the crowd to leave, Bryson grabs the chair again and spins it over, revealing a large cloth tied to the chairs head. He pulls a lighter from his jacket and flicks the switch, immediately igniting the chair.

Sound: OH! What the hell indeed!

Smith: BRYSON LIT THE CHAIR ON FIRE! He's tossed it into the ring!

Sound: David cought that with one hand!

Smith: David's holding that chair high! look at the pieces of flame drip from that object! Vendetta is slowly getting to his feet- OH MY GOD! NO!

Sound: This is unreal!

Smith: David hit Vendetta in the back of the head with that flaming chair! He's not letting up! He's swinging repeatedly! Look at the flames dance and he's aiming right for the head and back! Dear lord!

Sound: This is simply brutal!

Smith: David has swung that chair so hard and fast that the fire is being put out! Dear God, make him stop!

Sound: The referee is just now turning! Gee, I wonder if it was the heat or the repeated metal smashing sounds.

The referee turns and jumps as he is startled by the dwindling flame. When David has done adiquate damage he tosses the chair to the side and pins Vendetta by the side of the ring.

Smith: Finally! One, Two, Three! This is over!

The timekeeper table immediately gives bottles of water to the ref who pours them over Blake Vendetta, who covers his head with his arms.


David GS (3.76aps + 1.6avs = 5.36 total)
Bobino (3.375aps = 3.375 total)
Blake Vendetta (0.0aps + 0.0avs = 0 total)

Bryson instructs the ref to stop attending to Vendetta and put the Anarchy Ultraviolent Belt around the waist of David GS, who stands stoicly in the ring.

Smith: I can't believe what I've witnessed from YNG tonight. I am genuinely afraid for people in FMW, Sound, and we haven't had situations like this in a long time. I don't normally advocate things like this, but its looking more and more like YNG needs to be stopped.

Sound: How can you stop them, Smith!? Did you see what happened to supposed opposition tonight? These guys are monsters. I'm excited, personally and professionally. I can't wait to continue supporting them.

David exits the ring and is immediately followed by Matt. Bobino looks around and asks a celebratory Bryson if the 'Match is over'. When Bryson tells him yes, he shrugs. Bryson places his arms around two of the young ladies and encourages the rest of them to follow. The group begins to go back up the ramp, even Bobino, and the crowd exits backstage.
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PostSubject: Re: CATALYST RESULTS   Tue Nov 06, 2012 4:11 am

We go backstage to the doctor. He is examining the knee of Nick Gray, who is shaking in pain. Next to him is Damien Inferno.

Doctor: Well, the good news is that this is not nearly as bad as that Marcus Lattimore knee injury.

Inferno: So no broken bones?

Doctor: No. But there’s definitely some ligament damage.

Gray: Great. So… how bad?

Doctor: Not so bad. You’ll be back soon enough. Not next show, obviously. In fact, if I had to ballpark it, I’d say you might be back in time for Mount Vesuvius.

Gray: That long?

Doctor: You’ll need to get some scans to be sure. But it looks like you missed tearing the ACL or anything like that.

Inferno: So… what about our rematch?

Gray: I guess… I guess it’ll have to wait.

Inferno: I…

The doctor injects a needle into the leg of Gray. Gray grits his teeth, and breathes deeply. After a minute, he’s clearly stopped shaking.

Inferno: This isn’t it for you and me Gray. This isn’t the way this story ends.

Gray looks up at his partner. He smacks the back of his head and smiles.

Gray: Tell me something I don’t know.

Lights flash around the arena as Group 1 Crew’s “Keys to the Kingdom” plays over the speakers. Leviticus emerges from the stage to a chorus of disapproval from the crowd but he acknowledges nothing, his focus entirely on the ring.

Cherry: The following match is a C4 RULES THREE-WAY ELIMINATION match, and it is for the FMW C4 CHAMPIONSHIP! Elimination can only occur when a superstar submits, is disqualified or is knocked out. Each superstar has limited rope breaks allocated to them. Introducing first, weighing in at 198 pounds, from Kansas City and accompanied by GSW spokesperson Crusoe, LEVITICUS!!!!

Smith: Well do we have a match on our hands here or what? The C4 Championship of Skyler Striker is up for grabs, and both Leviticus and Hannibal Frost will be itching to take it for their own!

Sound: And that outcome is very, very likely! May we remind everyone that Striker has yet to force any opponent to submit as C4 Champion? He’s not worthy of the belt he’s holding if he can’t even do that!

Smith: Well I guess we’ll find out today.

Cherry: Next, from Memphis, Tennessee, weighing in at 232 pounds, he is HANNIBAL FROST!!!

Bon Jovi’s “Dead or Alive” hits and the Snowman appears at the top of the stage, cracking his neck from side to side and pumping himself up. He mouths off to Leviticus on his way to the ring and slides in, which sees Leviticus slide out and stand with Crusoe.

Sound: Frost has a lot to do to prove he’s still got what it takes! He’s had little to no momentum lately and was pretty much a passenger in his tag match victory on Ammunition.

Smith: But he’s been Champion before, let’s not forget.

Cherry: And finally, from Perth, Australia, weighing in at 217 pounds, he is the current FMW C4 Champion, SKYYYYLERRRRRRRR STRIKERRRRRRR!!!

The arena lights die and then reignite as Anberlin’s “We Owe This To Ourselves” kicks into gear. Striker hi-fives a few fans on his way to the ring, the C4 title around his waist but his eyes never leaving the ring. Frost sarcastically pretends to break his own neck but Striker’s eyes remain deadly focused.

Smith: The Champion arrives and looks like he’s ready for business!

Sound: But can he live up to the hype? Was Anwyl really no challenge at all? There are lots of questions being asked of the current C4 Champion!

Cherry: And, of course, our special referee for this match! Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Innovator himself, HOSTYYYYYYLE!

Hostyle waves to the crowd from the ring and smiles at Leviticus. Cherry holds the belt in the air and then passes it to the ringside staff, exiting himself. Crusoe motions for Leviticus to enter the ring but he hesitates as both Striker and Frost keep their eyes locked on him. Leviticus elects not to enter straight away and so Striker and Frost lock up.

Smith: Here we go! Striker and Frost testing each other out early on-

Sound: Here comes Leviticus!

Smith: It’s a trap! Striker and Frost see it coming, they grab Leviticus together and SLAM him to the mat with a double-arm drag!

Sound: Cheeky, but they’re clever mind games! The two of them lured Leviticus into attacking first and then dropped the charade at the perfect time!

Smith: The two of them now securing Leviticus in place on the mat and there’s one, two submissions!

Sound: Frost with the sharpshooter, Striker with the armbar!

Smith: They want Leviticus out and they want him out now!

Sound: Is this because they think he’s a threat, or because he’s associated with the GSW faction?

Smith: It could be both! Leviticus is struggling here! The Champion and Frost aren’t holding anything back!

Sound: Leviticus can’t move with both men holding him in place, no chance of a rope break for him!


Sound: That dirty cheater! Crusoe’s got the C4 belt and he’s going for Striker’s head, STRIKER DUCKS!

Smith: He had to break the hold to duck the cheap shot but he’s avoided a devastating blow there!

Sound: Leviticus now fighting Frost’s sharpshooter!

Smith: Striker’s on his feet and Crusoe’s trapped! Striker clotheslines him out of the ring!

Sound: Leviticus is crawling his way to the ropes! Frost still trying to put pressure on, all he can do is watch as Striker is forced to deal with Crusoe!

Smith: Obviously Hostyle can’t disqualify anyone as no-one was hit!

Sound: Striker’s backed up as Crusoe gets to his feet…

Smith: SUICIDE DIVE! Striker wasting no time making sure Crusoe stays down and out but hang on – both men are on the floor outside the ring!

Sound: Let’s see a quick replay of that… Crusoe caught Striker with the belt! As Striker dived onto him Crusoe took a swing and he NAILED Striker on the head with that belt, Striker’s got crimson! Hostyle hasn’t seen a thing!

Smith: Striker definitely bleeding but he seems to be okay, meanwhile in the ring Leviticus is pushing Frost closer to the ropes!

Sound: He’s there! Levi grabs the ropes and that’s one rope break down!

Smith: Frost holds on for a moment but the referee forces him to release the hold!

Sound: Leviticus now hauling himself out of the ring, and Frost can only look at this as a missed opportunity.

Smith: Well Striker has certainly seen the opportunity – he taps Frost on the shoulder and Frost turns around to a HUGE forearm!

Sound: Frost reels on the ropes from that and Striker doesn’t relent, grabbing Frost, REIMPLEMENTATION! Signature move from Striker there!

Smith: Keeping the momentum going from that Springboard impaler DDT, Frost in the centre of the ring and Striker is on the ropes, corkscrew moonsault!

Sound: NO! Striker misses as Frost rolls out of the way and Striker turns around, grabs Striker and there’s a triangle choke from the challenger!

Smith: Submission could end it early for Striker!

Sound: Frost yelling at Striker to tap out! Blood still pouring down Striker’s face from that earlier shot by Crusoe!

Smith: I don’t think Striker will go down that easily… he rolls Frost over, but it’s into a pin position!

Sound: A roll-up won’t do Striker any good here! This could be a mistake!

Smith: Striker hasn’t got the hang of C4 competition yet, perhaps, but hang on!

Sound: It’s a cloverleaf!

Smith: Striker transitions the roll-up into a cloverleaf submission! Frost now the one in trouble again and maybe we haven’t given Striker enough credit!

Sound: Frost struggling to get out of this one!

Smith: The Snowman is trying desperately to reach the ropes! He’s moving inch by inch!

Sound: Pressure being applied by Striker here as Frost does everything he can to get to that rope and use a rope break!

Smith: And… almost there… he’s – NO! It’s Leviticus!

Sound: Leviticus pulls the rope back and Striker hauls Frost back into the centre of the ring!

Smith: Leviticus slides into the ring now and he’s now teaming with Striker! Front chancery! He’s got it locked!

Sound: Frost now trapped in the same situation and there’ll be no interference this time!

Smith: Frost is struggling… HE TAPS! FROST TAPS! Hostyle makes the call reluctantly but there’s nothing he can do, Frost is out!

Sound: Frost is definitely out and now we’re down to Striker and Leviticus!

Cherry: Ladies and gentlemen, Hannibal Frost has been ELIMINATED!

Smith: Frost rolls himself out of the ring gingerly and now it’s down to two.

Sound: Striker’s face is streaked with blood, but he’s not shown any desire to give up here.

Smith: Leviticus goes straight at Striker but Striker ducks and there’s a roundhouse kick to Levi!

Sound: Levi ducks that and kicks Striker in the gut, goes for a suplex but Striker blocks it with his foot and grabs Leviticus by the neck!

Smith: Goes for the twist neckbreaker but Leviticus plants his feet and Striker can’t drop it, Leviticus rotates the two of them and SNAP suplex!

Sound: Some good anticipation by both men there!

Smith: Leviticus lifts Striker up and forces him against the ropes, goes for the whip and Striker holds on to the ropes at the other side!

Sound: He’s away again but Crusoe! Crusoe has Striker’s leg! Is Hostyle even watching?

Smith: Striker shakes him off but he turns back around and Leviticus is waiting! He whips a kick a Striker’s head but Striker ducks!

Sound: Striker caught by the second kick from Leviticus! Neither of these two men are big and as a result this battle is taking place at speed! Striker’s blood now stains Leviticus’ boot and you can see red on the mat!

Smith: Leviticus now lifts Striker up, Striker’s dazed, Leviticus takes a step back!

Sound: He’s about to pay Tribute!

Smith: Superkick coming and NO! STRIKER DUCKS!

Sound: Trouble here!

Smith: Leviticus turns and Striker nails him in the gut with a toe kick! Levi doubles over and Striker grabs him by the arms, lifts Leviticus’ feet onto the ropes!

Sound: He’s prepping him for FEAR! Striker’s going to have him!

Smith: NO! IT’S CRUSOE AGAIN! He grabs Levi’s feet and Striker can’t pull the move off!

Sound: Hostyle’s furious and he goes to have words with Crusoe but STRIKER! STRIKER DUCKS UNDER LEVITICUS AND SPEARS CRUSOE OFF THE APRON!

Smith: Striker taking the law into his own hands! He’s furious at Crusoe’s repeated interference in this match!

Sound: Striker turns around but Leviticus has recovered! Leviticus is there and sunset flip! Levi changes holds! SEVENTH SIGN! SEVENTH SIGN!

Smith: Crusoe has backed away but Striker’s now in real trouble! That crossface could see him lose the C4 title here today!

Sound: He’s right in the centre of the ring!

Smith: Is there any way he can make it to the ropes? He’s trying with everything he has! Just look at the determination in his eyes!

Sound: How can you even see his eyes through the blood across his face?!

Smith: He’s reaching! With everything he has, Striker is pulling himself closer to the ropes! Inch by inch, arm by arm!


Smith: Leviticus undoes all that hard work by Striker and now Striker is trapped in the centre once more!

Sound: Hostyle is paying close attention! Striker’s arm raises! HE’S GOING TO GIVE UP!

Smith: Look at Leviticus! He knows he’s won it! He can sense it!

Sound: Striker’s arm is wavering! IT HITS THE MAT!


Sound: Striker’s going to get out of it! He’s an inch from the rope-

Smith: CRUSOE!!!!!


Smith: Striker can’t take it! He’s put everything into that escape attempt as Crusoe just laughs! STRIKER TAPS!


Smith: Hostyle looks devastated but there’s nothing he can do! He calls it! This match is over, STRIKER TAPS and we have a new C4 Champion! Damn those cheating GSW bastards!

Cherry: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner and NEWWWWW C4 Champion, LEVITICUUUUUUUUSSSSSS!!!!

(Scores here)

Smith: Well if that’s not infuriating to Striker I don’t know what is!

Sound: But what a match! What a visual! That image of Striker fighting that crossface with blood pouring down his face is going to stick in my mind for a long, long time!

Smith: Leviticus couldn’t be more thrilled! Crusoe’s jumped in the ring with the belt and handed it to him – and he’s celebrating as if he beat Striker himself!

Sound: Well he certainly assisted Leviticus in the victory, there’s no doubt about that.

Smith: Leviticus holding that belt high in the air, but the crowd doesn’t appreciate it!

Sound: And the medics now come down to assist as Leviticus leaves, that C4 Championship in his hands.

Smith: Striker’s propped himself up against the ropes… he can’t believe it.

Sound: Leviticus and Crusoe stop at the top of the ramp and show their new trophy off for everyone to see! GSW and Leviticus have claimed the C4 Championship here tonight!


Leviticus and Crusoe pause as Striker slowly hauls himself to his feet. He turns every medic away and has been handed a microphone, the blood now drying across his features. The fringes of his hair have also been dyed red by the blood but it seems as though Striker barely notices any of it.

Striker: This isn’t over… Leviticus, mark my words! This is NOT over! I will NOT let it… let it end… let it end this way!

Crusoe and Leviticus can only snigger at Striker’s feeble attempts to regain some pride. Striker balances himself on the ropes facing the duo but is not done talking.

Striker: Leviticus… what you and GSW are doing… you’re a disgrace to wrestling. And I am not done with you, not by a LONG shot. Do you hear me? I will haunt you, Levi, I will become your nightmare, and I will reclaim what is mine, and when I do you will understand what it means to be ENDED inside this ring.

Leviticus is clearly not thrilled by this challenge and goes to walk back towards the ring, but Crusoe holds him back.

Striker: This is just the start, Leviticus. This is just the start of a dynasty. And when I look back at this dynasty I will remember who started all of this. I will remember that it started with you leaving me red in the ring, and I will laugh. I will laugh from the top of the mountain, Leviticus – the top of MOUNT VESUVIUS. It’s you and the mountain, Leviticus, you and the mountain. I will hunt you, I will climb the mountain and I will grab the torch, and there is NOTHING that will stand in my way!

With that, Striker collapses, falling back onto the mat, having apparently lost consciousness. The medics take over at this point and Leviticus and Crusoe look back one last time with smiles on their faces as they leave.

Smith: Statement of intent much?

Sound: He may have the statement, but GSW have the C4 Championship. We’ll be back soon!
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PostSubject: Re: CATALYST RESULTS   Tue Nov 06, 2012 4:11 am

Cherrywood:I’m joined now by Apostasy, who will shortly be challenging for the Utlraviolent Championship.

The crowd pops as Apostasy comes on screen in this backstage interview segment.

Cherrywood: Apostasy, you’re the heavy favorite for this matchup because of your experience in hardcore environments. But it wasn’t too long ago that you were competing for FMW’s greatest title.

Apostasy: It’s true.

Cherrywood: Honestly, would you prefer to be in the main event tonight instead of this match?

Apostasy: I would be in this match no matter what. Because I support Jack Boice, and I support his mission to bring back the Ultraviolent title – the original one, not that impostor that Nick Bryson created that doesn’t even go by UV rules – to Full Metal Wrestling and back to Corruption. If I had beaten Austin, I would be wrestling two matches tonight.

Cherrywood: Do you think that FMW would have allowed that?

Apostasy: Anyone in the know understands that I have a threshold for abuse that exceeds the threshold of most. It would have been an honor to attempt to hoist Full Metal Wrestling’s two most cherished prizes in the same night. But that’s not what happened.

Cherrywood: How closely will you be watching tonight’s main event?

Apostasy: Well, that depends on how long I’ll need to spend on the trainer’s table tonight. But I know this. Chris Austin is a hell of a competitor. Everyone knows this.

Cherrywood: He’s the heavy favorite to retain.

Apostasy: But Seth Rotunda is no pushover. That guy has taken me to the limit before, and if Chris gets distracted by this mystery GSW person, he’s going to be losing his title to Seth Rotunda.

Cherrywood: Good luck out there.

Apostasy smiles and waves as he walks towards the curtain.

The lights go out as a simple cymbal hit is repeated. The bassline to Muse’s “Futurism” hits as the video package for Apostasy begins to play. As the guitar squelches its first notes, a spotlight comes out on Apostasy, who has appeared at the entrance ramp with his hands in the air. The crowd erupts as he makes his way down.

Cherry: The following contest is an Ultraviolent rules match, for the CORRUPTION ULTRAVIOLENT CHAMPIONSHIP! Introducing first, the challenger from Cleveland, Ohio…. AAAAAAAAPOSTASYYYYYYYYY

Smith: One man, on a mission to take back one of Full Metal Wrestling’s crown jewels from the hands of Gold Standard Wrestling.

Sound: You must be proud of your protégé

Smith: I’m not a fan of hardcore wrestling. I think it’s utter rubbish. Truth be told, I’d much rather see my protégé competing for the C4 title. But that’s not the brand he’s on, and quite honestly he’s his own man. He hasn’t sought my advice on these sorts of things for awhile now.

Sound: I just have a bad feeling about this. I can see Apostasy winning easily… but you never know what kind of tomfoolery GSW might introduce to the mix, especially in a match with virtually no rules.

”Honkey Kong” by Apathy (ft. Vinny Paz) blares. Jeff Whitt, flanked by a neck-brace wearing Crusoe, makes his way onto the ramp holding his Ultraviolent title up high. He quickly makes his way down to the ring, ignoring the jeers of the crowd as he slides in.

Cherry: And his opponent from Fort Lauderdale, Florida… THE ULTRAVIOLENT CHAMPION… JEEEEFF… WWWWWWWWWWWHIT!

Smith: Crusoe still nursing that neck injury, from receiving a burning hammer from Apostasy on Corruption.

Sound: I’m sure he’s received plenty of flowers. An outpouring of sympathy for sure.

Smith: Sarcasm aside, I believe we’re set to go! Apostasy ties up with the champion, and quickly overpowers the champion with a high wristlock. Whitt ducking down, tries to go under and reverses into a hammerlock.

Sound: Not what I was expecting out of an ultraviolent match, but okay.

Smith: Apostasy shakes loose with an elbow, Whitt changes to an arm wrench. GREAT hip toss counter by Apostasy!

Sound: I can see you like the crisp technical work, Edible.

Smith: Apostasy grabs Whitt on the rebound… backbreaker STO! He holds on… HALF NELSON URANAGE SLAM!

Sound: Oh man, he’s got that half-nelson on, it could be time for the choke…

Smith: Apostasy working his arms under, but Whitt tries to keep himself turned face to face. Whitt putting up a guard… big elbow to the temple by Apostasy! And Apostasy leverages Levi to his stomach.

Sound: He’s on top of him… he’s got the choke on, can he flip it over?

Smith: Whitt trying to stay on all fours. Trying to get to his feet… CRUSOE WITH A FOREARM TO APOSTASY!

Sound: Well… that didn’t take long.

Smith: Whitt slips out… low blow to the challenger! Here’s a roll-up… ONE…TWO…NO!

Sound: Oh thank goodness!

Smith: Crusoe making his way to the outside. Whitt trying to shake off that choke attempt. Whitt picks up Apostasy. Apostasy blocks the snap suplex.

Sound: What is Crusoe pulling from under that ring?

Smith: Apostasy grabbing the ropes with his free hand. Big European uppercut by Whitt. Whitt turning his attention…

Sound: He’s got a chain! He’s throwing it in!


Apostasy massages his jaw as he examines the chain. The crowd roars as he wraps it around his fist and invites Crusoe into the ring. Crusoe, with a look of abject terror on his face, refuses the invite.

Sound: I don’t think I’d want any part of that, either.

Smith: I must protest, he really doesn’t need to resort to… PUNCHING WHITT IN THE FACE WITH THAT CHAIN!

Sound: For someone so militantly anti-hardcore, you certainly enjoyed that.

Smith: Apostasy throwing the chain down. He’s signaling for something.

Apostasy points to his “EM” tattoo, as he drags a staggered Whitt to his feet. He hoists Whitt onto his shoulders and points to ringside, where the announcers are stationed.

Sound: An ode to both of his mentors, it seems.


Sound: Crusoe breaking it up with a chair to the back of the challenger!

Smith: Apostasy trying to shake it off, pulling himself up in the corner. Whitt to the other corner, he’s going to swing for the fences.

Sound: Lookout!


Sound: There’s one!


Sound: TWO!

Smith: Apostasy pulls Whitt up… what strength! He’s up in a powerbomb position!

Sound: Well… that’s not the usual Triple Play…


The crowd roars as the dastardly Crusoe is dropped face first to the mat. Apostasy flexes his left arm and points to his EM tattoo.

Sound: Another tribute move to a mentor.


Sound: So much for the surprise attack.


Sound: TAP! DO IT!



Apostasy relinquishes the hold as ”Futurism” plays again. He rises to his feet as he is presented with his new title.

Sound: A dominant showing… and Full Metal Wrestling gets one over on Gold Standard Wrestling.

Smith: He shook off a chairshot, he shook off a low blow… nothing was going to stop Apostasy on this night.

Sound: Whitt might be in some serious trouble with his new boss.

Smith: The new boss who we haven’t seen any of yet…

[i]Apostasy climbs on top of the turnbuckle and proudly beats his chest and yells “F-M-W”. He pumps his fists to urge the crowd to chant, which they oblige.

Smith: And maybe, just maybe, this is the start of a great resurgence for FMW. The start of the counter-attack against Gold Standard Wrestling might have just started with Apostasy.

Sound: I certainly hope so. Folks… main event is next. Don’t go anywhere!
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PostSubject: Re: CATALYST RESULTS   Tue Nov 06, 2012 4:12 am

I have a dream today.

Quote :
Both men lay in the ring, exhausted. The crowd goes nuts ”Premeditated Murder" plays for the new champion.

Sound: Both men gave it absolutely everything. But Austin had the trump card, and nails the Class Dismissed!

Smith: Chris Austin has done it. Chris Austin has silenced any critics, including the harshest one of all – himself.

Sound: Take absolutely nothing away from Apostasy, that was probably the hardest Chris Austin has ever been pushed. Even from the likes of David GS, Christian G Smitten and more… Austin had to dig so much deeper tonight.

With an assist from the referee, Austin is able to pull himself to a seated position. He is handed the Full Metal Championship. Austin buries his face in his new title

I have a dream that one day every valley shall be exalted, every hill and mountain shall be made low, the rough places will be made plain, and the crooked places will be made straight, and the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together.

Quote :
"Premeditated Murder" by J.Cole sounds over the PA to a thunderous, positive reception. Chris Austin makes his way out, Full Metal Championship on his shoulder as he surveys the Vancouver crowd. He then proceeds down, making numerous fist-bumps to the fans and in general, being more upbeat than he has in years. He then gets to ringside and surveys the crowd again before climbing the top-rope and making an "It's Over" gesture, yelling proudly as the title is outstretched and cheers rain down upon him. He hops down and asks for a microphone, before he slowly sits down, Indian-Style, dead center of the ring. Austin prepares to speak but his intentions are drowned out by the crowd's "Austin! Austin!" chant. Still, the positive reception is something Austin has yet to become used to.

This is our hope. This is the faith that I go back to the South with. With this faith we will be able to hew out of the mountain of despair a stone of hope. With this faith we will be able to transform the jangling discords of our nation into a beautiful symphony of brotherhood. With this faith we will be able to work together, to pray together, to struggle together, to go to jail together, to stand up for freedom together, knowing that we will be free one day.

Quote :
Austin: I refuse to sit back on my laurels. I refuse to allow this championship to cloud my mindset. I will not let a man's gesture of goodwill define the Full Metal Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship. I will epitomize what it means to be a fighting champion. I may have the target around my waist or on my shoulder but I promise you, class... whoever steps up against your teacher will find themselves as the hunted. I will not run from anyone, I will not back down. I refuse to be anything but deserving of this championship.

This will be the day when all of God's children will be able to sing with a new meaning, "My country, 'tis of thee, sweet land of liberty, of thee I sing. Land where my fathers died, land of the pilgrim's pride, from every mountainside, let freedom ring."

Quote :
As Whitt charges forward for his face-stomping finisher, Austin rolls backwards onto his shoulders and thrusts his boots into the air. His feet connect with the charging Whitt’s chin, sending him down.

Hostyle: Now that… that’s a cool move I’ve never seen before.

Sound: Austin is impressing the master of innovation. I’m liking it.

Hostyle: Whitt trying to get up… OCCAM’S RAZOR! JUST LIKE THAT!

Sound: And Apostasy is grabbing Santana from outside of the ring. He’s keeping her out!



And if America is to be a great nation this must become true. So let freedom ring from the prodigious hilltops of New Hampshire. Let freedom ring from the mighty mountains of New York. Let freedom ring from the heightening Alleghenies of Pennsylvania!

Quote :
Smith: Apostasy climbs… setting up for that double play. BIG BACKDROP… AUSTIN LANDS ON HIS FEET!

Sound: What?

Smith: Austin knocks Apostasy down on the top rope. Big trouble now for Apostasy!

Sound: I am still amazed that Austin managed to flip and land on his feet from about ten feet above the ring.

Smith: Austin grabs Apostasy’s head with his left hand. He pulls Apostasy onto his shoulders… BURNING HAMMER!

Sound: He did that all with one good arm!


Cherry: Here is your winner and STILL Full Metal Champion… CHRISSSSSSS AUUUUUUSTINNNNN!

Let freedom ring from the snowcapped Rockies of Colorado!

Quote :




Let freedom ring from the curvaceous slopes of California!

Quote :
As Monroe leans over and shouts at Eastwood to stay out of his business, Rotunda sneaks into the ring behind him and levels him with a flying axe handle to the back of his head. The referee looks around nervously and reluctantly calls for the bell for the match to start.

Sound: And the match has only officially started. What a disgusting showing from Seth Rotunda and the Pack!

Hostyle: Rotunda picking up a dazed Monroe now. He’s setting him up… Rotunda Wreckage! The referee doesn’t want to do it but he has to. One… two… three. This one’s over!

The bell sounds again signifying Rotunda’s win as Eastwood and Prideman recover on the outside, grinning as they look at their dirty work. The crowd heavily boos this as Rotunda raises his arm, celebrating his dirty victory in the middle of the ring.

Cherrywood: Here is your winner… SETH ROOOTUUUNNNDDAAAAAA!

But not only that; let freedom ring from Stone Mountain of Georgia!

Quote :
Rotunda: You see, when you talk about what will make someone the best, you have to have something that nobody else has. You have to be the brightest, or the most cunning, or the strongest, or the most ruthless. Something that makes you stand out among the crowd as my good friend Jack here alluded too. Well, I've got something. Something that sets the pace for a standard.

Rotunda reaches into a pocket in his jacket and pulls out a small object. It shines briefly in the spotlight before becoming clear as he holds it up to the camera. It still shines, but its words are more legible now as he holds gently in his hand the FMW Gold Card.

Rotunda: What I have is a little bit of luck and a fantastic line of credit.

Eastwood: Don't leave home without it.

Rotunda: Consider this a warning to everyone. We're constantly watching you, so watch your back

Let freedom ring from Lookout Mountain of Tennessee!
Let freedom ring from every hill and molehill of Mississippi. From every mountainside, let freedom ring.

Quote :
Hostyle: GSW isn’t going to test their luck, they’re high-tailing it through the crowd… WAIT!

Sound: The hell? The Pack?

Hostyle: Eastwood, Prideman and Rotunda with chairs in hand. Apostasy eats a double chair shot from Prideman and Eastwood! Rotunda with a chair to the gut of the Full Metal Champion. And a chair to the face. Austin still standing… ROTUNDA WRECKAGE!

Sound: Somebody couldn’t just wait until Catalyst. And they attacked these two as they were staring down GSW.

Hostyle: Apostasy up, and he eats a Dreamkiller from Rotunda! And another chairshot sends down the former Abandoned champion!

And when this happens, when we allow freedom to ring, when we let it ring from every village and every hamlet, from every state and every city, we will be able to speed up that day when all of God's children, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual, "Free at last! free at last! thank God Almighty, we are free at last!"

I shoot the lights out
Hide til its bright out
Whoa, just another lonely night
Are you willing to sacrifice your life?

”Monster” by Kanye West hits. Seth Rotunda comes out in his usual boxing robe. Only instead of “Soon to be successful”, his robe reads “Soon to be champion” in sequins. The crowd boos as Seth shadow-boxes.

Cherry: Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for our MAIN EVENT! Introducing first, the challenger, from Swansea… SEEETTTTTHHH ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOTUNDAAAAAA!

Rotunda kneels at the bottom of the ramp, before showing off with a big uppercut as he drops his robe.

Smith: Well, Rotunda is surely not favored in this one. The young, brash upstart has been making some big waves as of late. But perhaps this is one check his talent won’t be able to cash. He has a tall order tonight, one Chris Austin.

Sound: You know, I think this is a classic trap match. Austin has to be confident. Why wouldn’t he be? But Austin has the still unknown mystery GSW member lurking in the shadows. It has to be on his mind.

Smith: Gold Standard Wrestling has promised a new member tonight. We still haven’t seen them make good. Was it all a ruse?

Sound: In any case, they’ve had some big success tonight. Capturing the C4 title as well as the new NeXt championship. Can I say again that I’m so glad that Apostasy beat Jeff Whitt? Because I really am.

The music cuts off as the crowd grows impatient. The crowd chants “Au-stin, Au-stin” as Rotunda shadow-boxes in the ring. They go nuts as the lights dim. Multi-colored strobes accompany a short instrumental. Austin makes his way out to a LOUD ovation. Austin fist bumps a few fans with his taped hands as he makes his way down to the ring.

Am I changing right before your eyes?
Becoming someone you don't recognize?
As if I was disguised, I'm on that sh-- as if I was the fly,
I'm touching skies, no puffing lie


Austin jumps on the ring apron. He pulls his hoodie off and throws his hands out to either side, motioning that “it’s over”. He holds his hoodie in one hand, his title in the other. Suddenly, Seth Rotunda hits a running axe handle smash, sending Austin off of the apron and into the barricade.

Smith: What the… what disrespect to the champion!

Sound: I guess we’re under way?

Smith: Rotunda mocking Austin with his own pose… but Austin doesn’t look happy.

Sound: Looks like Austin caught himself, that just pissed him off. Perhaps not the best of strategies for the challenger.

Smith: Austin into the ring. Boots from Rotunda, trying to stomp Austin down. Rotunda misses a legdrop to the back of the head… and eats a big elbow from Chris Austin.

Sound: Teach that young whipper-snapper some respect!

Smith: Austin up, the bell rings now that both men are on their feet. Austin with a kick… snap suplex! He rolls through… NORTHERN LIGHTS! And Austin rolling with it here… COMPLETES THE RADICALITY 101 WITH A BIG FISHERMAN’S SUPLEX! ONE…TWO-NO!

Sound: Class is in session!

Smith: Austin picks up the staggered challenger. BIG POWERBOMB INTO THE TURNBUCKLE!

Sound: Get rocked, chump!

Smith: Rotunda out into the waiting arms of Austin. Austin… NO! JAWBREAKER COUNTER!

Sound: Looking for that big belly-to-belly suplex to finish off the Big Bang Theory.

Smith: Perhaps some good studying by the challenger, softening up Austin’s jaw for his big punching finisher.

Sound: That’s a good strategy, I’d say.

Smith: Rotunda with a big lariat on Austin from the mat! He sprung up like a frog!

Sound: Interesting choice of simile…

Smith: Rotunda drops an elbow… here’s a pin. ONE…NO! Austin kicks out quickly.

Sound: Austin needing to re-find that momentum here.

Smith: Rotunda catches a kick from the recovering Austin. Austin misses with the enziguri! Rotunda has him by the ankle… shin-breaker! Now a reverse atomic drop… FLAPJACK! RISE OF ROTUNDA COMBINATION!

Sound: Both men might be of the same weight, but Austin clearly possesses an advantage in athleticism. Smart move here to keep the champ grounded.

Smith: Rotunda right back at it with a Boston crab hold. Rotunda not letting go of the legs of Chris Austin through those moves, and he’s wrenching on the champion’s back now.

Sound: Austin clearly not liking getting stretched out here… you have to wonder… did he overlook this kid?

Smith: I certainly hope not. I respect Seth Rotunda, and everything he’s done. But if I want one guy defending that Full Metal Championship against GSW, it’s Chris Austin.

Austin breathes hard and pulls himself towards the ropes. The crowd claps and stomps, trying to will him on.

Sound: I think we agree partner. Even if Chris doesn’t want to be that guy… FMW needs him to be it. I don’t think I’ve ever thought of Chris Austin as a hero… but he might just have to step into the hero’s role.

Smith: ROPE BREAK BY AUSTIN! Rotunda not letting go of that hold… finally forced to break it by the ref before the count of 5!

Sound: Rotunda with an early advantage here. He’s pressing the champion for all he’s worth.

Smith: Rotunda head fakes the ref… and gets a dropkick to the knee for his troubles!

Sound: Here’s the opening! You’ve got him on the ropes! Literally!


Sound: Leg, meet neck. Throat, meet lower ring rope. Face… meet apron. That… was a thing of beauty.

Smith: Rotunda reeling. Austin trying to stretch out that back… and now he begins to climb the top rope!

Sound: Risky business here!

Smith: Rotunda stumbling… AUSTIN WALKING THE ROPE… HE LEAPS!

Sound: NO!


Sound: And he dropped Austin right on the jaw again.

Smith: The challenger showing a surprising amount of anticipation. Who knew this student had done so much studying?

Sound: And now he’s fired up, prancing around.

Rotunda mimics Austin’s “it’s over” taunt once more, drawing the ire of the crowd. He shouts ‘YOU ABOUT TO GET WRECKED!’ as he prances about, waiting for Austin to get to his feet.

Smith: No shortage of confidence.

Sound: I think they call that ‘swag’, where he’s from.

Smith: Wales?

Sound: He’s Welch? There are black people in Wales?

Smith: That’s where Swansea is

Sound: I never knew that. I figured it was an African city of some sort. I guess I should have checked…


Sound: OH SHIT NO!



Smith: Austin just barely kicking out of that one! I thought we had a new champion!

Sound: He’s not out of it yet…

Smith: Austin is dazed. That move took a lot out of him. And the challenger is poised. He’s raising that fist high. He’s coiling into position. He’s shuffling into position as Austin stumbles to his feet.

Sound: C’mon champ, duck it!




Sound: TAP OUT! TAP!



Smith: Austin having to break the hold. That’s amazing. Rotunda had to stretch… against the hold, so it would hurt more… to move his leg in position and drag himself to that rope.

Sound: Austin thought he had him in the best spot in the ring, so far away from help. But… on the plus side… it’s hard to throw a knockout punch with a bum shoulder.

Smith: Austin getting back to his feet, but Rotunda rolls to the outside. Both men getting a bit of a breather here. Austin off the ropes… big dive to the outside as he knocks Rotunda into the barricade!

Sound: That’s not a move you see Austin do a lot. I think that speaks to just how confident Austin is. He said he doesn’t think Rotunda is in his league, and you can see Austin’s hardly even putting on his a-game right now.

Smith: Austin with a whip, and drops the challenger onto the steel steps with a toe hold! Austin quickly to the apron!

Sound: It’s poetry, watching this man work.

Smith: Running double stomp on the challenger! Austin stomps him into the steps!

Sound: That knocked the breath right out of him!

Smith: Austin with a headlock as he pulls the challenger back into the ring. Austin pulling Rotunda up… SOULCRUSHER!

Sound: And now he’s testing out that ankle. I think he’s looking for an exclamation point on this defense.

Smith: It could be time for the Razor…

The lights go out

Sound: Did someone forget to pay the bill?

”Been to Hell” by Hollywood Undead plays throughout the arena. The GSW logo lights the screen.

Smith: This could be him! This could be the mystery man!

Sound: Couldn’t he wait until after Chris Austin won?

The lights come back on as the word “SOON” is spelled out in gold letters on the Metaltron. Nobody appears on the entrance ramp. Austin looks slightly confused.

Smith: Soon? Does that mean we’re not getting him tonight? What a load of…


Smith: Rotunda with the Sleep Inducing Submission! He’s clutching onto Austin like he’s holding onto the edge of a cliff!

Sound: Austin got caught, he got distracted!

Smith: Austin trying to wriggle free… he kicks the ropes. Rotunda will have to… NO! BIG FULL NELSON SLAM!

Sound: Well, that’s one way to break a hold.

Rotunda falls to his knees. He breathes in deeply and throws his head back, opening his arms wide to the disapproval of the crowd.

Smith: Rotunda proving everyone wrong. He’s been most impressive. He’s so close to putting the champion away. And now he delivers a few elbows to the back of the head of the reeling champion.

Sound: He’s prodding Austin, checking for signs of life. Austin looks out of it.

Smith: Rotunda hooking the arms… THE RELEASE!



Sound: He’s looking to wreck him up! Austin overlooked him…


Sound: If Rotunda hits this, we’ve got a new champion!


Rotunda, holding on and looking for the spinebuster finish, clangs Austin’s back against the turnbuckle. He spins Austin around, but Austin slips out and jumps into the top rope legs-first. He performs a split-legged moonsault, using the momentum to strike Rotunda in the back of the head with his knees.

Sound: What the hell was that?

Smith: I have no idea but it worked! Rotunda turns, MISSES THE LARIAT! BIG KNEE TO THE GUT… CLASS DISMISSED!




Chris Austin (4.325 APS + 1.3 AVS = 5.625)
Seth Rotunda (4.075 + .3 AVS = 4.375)

Sound: Take absolutely nothing away from the challenger. Rotunda just put up one HELL of a fight. I thought he had Austin beat twice! He certainly proved to be a worthy competitor tonight.

Smith: Absolutely. Rotunda didn’t come in with much hype, but he showed everyone that he deserved this match. Even if Chris Austin didn’t think so, even if nobody thought so. WHAT A MATCH!

Sound: But the end result is the same as it ever was… Chris Austin coming out on top!

Smith: Austin perhaps nearly ended as a champion by his own over-indulgence. But nonetheless, he retains.

Austin raises his title high to the delight of the crowd. Suddenly the arena goes dark. A simple acoustic guitar riff, with a stomp and clap, plays over the arena speakers. The GSW logo shines on the Metaltron.

Smith: I think we’re about to find out who the mystery man is after all…

Sound: This song is familiar…

”You can run on… for a long time.
Run on… for a long time.
Run on… for a long time.
Sooner or later, gonna cut you down.
Sooner or later, gonna cut you down.

Smith: No…

The lights come on to reveal a man with his head down, his long brown hair obscuring his face. His fists come out on either side in a Jesus Christ pose, with GSW armbands on either side. He pops his head up as his name lights up on the Metaltron:


Johnny Cash’s “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” continues to play. Austin stares down Michaels from the ring. The crowd is stunned silent.

Michaels: It’s funny that not so long ago, you were clamoring for a match with me. But now that I’m here you seem… less than anxious. Why is that?

Drew walks down towards the ring, running his hands through his hair as he surveys the shocked look on the faces of the ringside fans.

Michaels: You’ve been saying that the talent here is crap, and that you wanted to face someone more established. Well, here you have the most decorated superstar in the history of Full Metal Wrestling. The only man to hold the C4, Ultraviolent and Full Metal Championships. You’ve had your wish fulfilled.

Smith: So… Drew Michaels attacked Austin last week? Why? Why is Drew Michaels here?

Michaels stops short on the ramp. He examines Austin, who has thrown down his Full Metal Championship and adopted a defensive pose. He eyes the crowd.

Sound: I smell an ambush coming. GSW have no shame, they’re desperate for attention and they…

Michaels: I actually agree with you that the talent here is… sub-par. That this place is rotting away at our feet. But you believe yourself to be this big fish in a small pond, the exception to that stink. You don’t believe that you’re part of the pestilence that has overtaken this once-proud company. But you might just be the worst offender. I see you there, quaking at the thought of having to face a real test. Because you know that you’re just as terrible as those who you routinely run down around here.

Austin shakes his head and motions for Drew to come in to the ring.

Michaels: I love the false bravado. I really do. But I see you checking for the exits. I see that you’re afraid of me.

Austin gets pissed and grabs a microphone from the ring announcer.

Austin: I’m not afraid of you. But I damn sure won’t get jumped by the goons in Gold Standard Wrestling that you’ve chosen to asso…

Michaels makes a throat-slash motion, and Austin’s mic cuts out.

Michaels: You don’t need to worry Chris. Nobody from GSW is going to lay a finger on you. Not even me. Because, unfortunately, after our little run in on Ammunition it’s been built into that contract. If I or anyone from GSW touches you, no more title shot. If you lay hands on me… you automatically forfeit your title. And the match to determine the new champion will be me versus an opponent of my choosing.

Austin throws the mic aside and picks up his Full Metal Championship.

Michaels: But I don’t want to face someone else, Chris. So I’m happy you managed to not fail against Seth Rotunda. But your poor performance only proves what I’ve been thinking, and I think everyone here has been thinking as well. Chris Austin, you may be the worst Full Metal Champion to ever exist.

Austin stays in the ring, his eyes locked on his future challenger. He seethes with rage.

Edible: Now that is a plainly false statement! He’s a great champion!

Michaels: You’ve been floundering about in the remains of what used to be a great federation. You’ve tricked yourself into thinking that you’ve grown into the best in the world, but in reality it’s just that your world has shrunk. You’ve been beating up on nobodies who wouldn’t even have had a contract when I was world champion, which you might remember as the time you were a mere midcard act.

Michaels smiles at this, which clearly has provoked Austin. Austin waves Drew into the ring, but Drew does not budge.

Michaels: I am here to right this ship. I am here to remove Full Metal Wrestling’s false messiah from his appointed throne of dirt. I am here to rebuild Full Metal Wrestling into a new age, a golden[b] age where only the best compete. And the weak, those like Chris Austin, will be weeded out.

Austin hoists his title high to the applause of the crowd. He smirks a bit as he shakes his head.

I can see you don’t agree. But I know you Chris. I know that that title is all that you ever wanted, because you felt that it would validate your existence. That it was the thing you needed to get the respect you always craved. But you know that as soon as I take that title away from you, you no longer get to call yourself the best. That I will prove to be correct, and that you will be considered the weak link – the man who led Full Metal Wrestling through its weakest period and ultimately to its destruction. That’s your legacy, Chris. And nobody will respect you for that.

Drew laughs as he drops the microphone. ”God’s Gonna Cut You Down” plays as he backtracks up the ramp.

Sound: I…

Smith: I can’t believe this. This has to be a bad dream.

Austin turns and nearly is decked by a wild right hand from Seth Rotunda.


Drew recoils in surprise as he sees Austin ruthlessly put to bed Seth Rotunda. Austin picks up his title as ”Premeditated Murder” hits.

Smith: The only thing I can say is… if there’s one man who has what it takes to beat Drew Michaels, it’s Chris Austin. He’s as ruthless as they come, he’s as talented as they come.

Sound: I have to agree… he can do it. He has to….

Austin looks out to the crowd with a pensive look. He looks down at his title, and looks back out again. He turns his gaze to Michaels on the ramp, and looks down again at his waist. He shakes his head up and down and claps his hands together, and begins to loosen up.

Sound: Right?

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Head Writer
Head Writer

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PostSubject: Re: CATALYST RESULTS   Sun Nov 18, 2012 2:55 am

Aaaannnndddddd... done.

It took entirely too long, I know. I'm as disappointed as anyone. But I really like what we put together here and I hope you did too.

IC response to come.
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PostSubject: Re: CATALYST RESULTS   Sun Nov 18, 2012 9:03 am

OOC: GREAT show. Worth the wait.

IC: Sage: I dedicate this title win of ours to all the naysayers out there who thought we'd just be a temporary eye candy ratings increase. We're still here and now, WE ARE CHAMPIONS.

Santana: Tonight was a great night for GSW. While Whitt may have lost and so did King, we dominated. My sweet Leviticus is champion. Drew Michaels is where he rightfully belongs. And we are the official Queens of FMW. And what does every Queen need? An official coronation of course!

Sage: We will be sending out invitations to our official Champion Coronation Ceremony later on in the week. If you don't receive one, well, it's probably because we don't want you there. Be sure to RSVP on time. We know how you all want to see us granted with our championship.

Sage: W - 3 L - 1 D - 0
Santana: W - 2 L - 2 D - 0
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PostSubject: Re: CATALYST RESULTS   Mon Nov 19, 2012 3:22 am

I seem to have showed up at an interesting time... There is a war going on to determine the very fate of this company... Some would come in and try to jump onto the winning team. That's not my style. I know that whatever side I end up on will win any war I'm in, and the only loyalty I have is to whoever signs my paychecks. So what I am going to do here is lay down the gauntlet... I challenge anyone to face me. Anyone. I don't care who you are affiliated with, and what you have accomplished. I don't expect anyone to beat down my door trying to get me to join their cause because none of you know me. It's a fact of life. So what I want, is a chance to show why I will be the most dominant performer in whatever this company ends up being. My actions will speak far louder than any words I can say right now... So let me ask the question... Who is going to be the first steppingstone on my path to immortality?
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FMW Abandoned Champion
FMW Abandoned Champion

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PostSubject: Re: CATALYST RESULTS   Mon Nov 19, 2012 6:56 am

Grimelli walks in, his newly one championship resting on his shoulder, and sees the new face issuing a challenge. He chuckles to himself and walks off again, patting his Championship belt all the while.
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PostSubject: Re: CATALYST RESULTS   Mon Nov 19, 2012 11:30 pm

With all due respect "champ"... Just because you get to carry around your shiny little title belt doesn't make you better than me... It just means I didn't get the chance to kick your ass yet.
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FMW World Tag Team Champion

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PostSubject: Re: CATALYST RESULTS   Tue Nov 20, 2012 1:06 am

Mark Johannson.

Nick Bryson.

Your days are numbered, motherfuckers.
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Head Writer
Head Writer

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PostSubject: Re: CATALYST RESULTS   Tue Nov 20, 2012 1:39 am

Apostasy is shown backstage carrying his new belt in his hands. He is fixated on it, and walks directly into Veronica Cherrywood. He recoils before smiling, as she composes herself for an interview.

Cherrywood: Well, congratulations on your new prize. How does it feel?

Apostasy: It feels... well... it's weird. I've been a champion before. But I was the champion of a fallen title... the Abandoned Championship. Now I've got this belt, this prize. It's one of the crown jewels of this company. Ex champions include Jaro, Bryson... even Drew Michaels. This right here... this is my greatest accomplishment yet.

Cherrywood: What will you be doing to celebrate?

Apostasy: Sleeping. As much as I can, really. But there's still work to be done.

Cherrywood: Come again?

Apostasy: You see, I targeted this belt because it too has seen a fall from grace. We now have two Ultraviolent champions, one of which doesn't even compete under Ultraviolent Rules. It's not enough that this title is no longer in the hands of Gold Standard Wrestling. My job isn't complete until there's only one, and that champion is a clear leader in this federation.

Cherrywood: Are you saying you plan on challenging David GS?

Apostasy: Maybe not just yet. But in due time. But more importantly, I plan on taking aim at something else... The Mount Vesuvius torch.

Cherrywood: The torch?

Apostasy: Indeed. That Pay Per View is next, and I fully plan on walking out of it with the torch and this title. The goal... to walk out of Ultimatum as your undisputed Ultraviolent Champion, and the new Full Metal Champion.

Cherrywood: Aren't you concerned that you're putting too much on your plate?

Apostasy: No. Not really. What I'm concerned about is that I'm not trying hard enough. That I'm beginning to rest on my laurels. That I'm not feeling challenged enough by steamrolling Jeff Whitt and his neckbraced manager. I've lived a lifetime of coasting, of getting by with what was given to me and simply enjoying things for what they are. But this... this right here is a taste of something more powerful than simply getting by. This... this is excellence. This is a legacy, one which I must live up to and enhance.

Cherrywood: Enhance?

Apostasy: There's an expression in this business. A title does not make a man. Man makes the title. The value that goes behind holding these prizes isn't the value of the gold it's cast in. It's not the aesthetic value of the faceplate. It's not what the belt will fetch on ebay. The value of this title is something that you put into it, and keep up. And I can promise you that when this is in my possession, there is nobody that is as willing or able to keep up its value.

Apostasy smirks for the camera and shoulders his new belt as he walks off.
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PostSubject: Re: CATALYST RESULTS   Tue Nov 20, 2012 2:19 am

So is this place full of cowards or what? I'm the new guy, throwing out challenges to the entire roster... There has to be someone, anyone, who wants to put me "in my place"... I am begging for somebody to step up to the plate. I mean, how hard can it be to shut me up?
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Drake Parker
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FMW Television Champion

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PostSubject: Re: CATALYST RESULTS   Tue Nov 20, 2012 9:11 am

Parker: I will give credit to Mr. King, I was decently sure that I'd shattered his spine, both legs and several ribs just before the show. Even surviving that is an impressive feat of determination, much less competing in a match less than 24 hours removed.
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PostSubject: Re: CATALYST RESULTS   Tue Nov 20, 2012 1:40 pm

Damien wrote:
Mark Johannson.

Nick Bryson.

Your days are numbered, motherfuckers.

They will get what's coming to them Damien. I'd help you in the ring but unfortunately I got fired. YNG, you haven't seen the last of Paul Brooks.
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PostSubject: Re: CATALYST RESULTS   Fri Nov 23, 2012 6:06 pm

Seth, don't sweat it.

Chris... well played. I'll see you around, champ.

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Full Metal Champion
Full Metal Champion

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PostSubject: Re: CATALYST RESULTS   Fri Nov 23, 2012 11:43 pm

Good evening, Class.

I have no comment about Seth Rotunda. I said I would destroy him. I merely beat him. I am not where I want to be as Full Metal Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion.

And with the recent developments of Drew Michaels returning, I have the following to say:


I begged, I pleaded, I bitched and I moaned for a match against Drew Michaels. I never got it. Now, just because he jumped me I'm supposed to bow to his whim? No. That's not how my class works. You want a Full Metal Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship match? Earn it.

Isn't that what you would have done, Drew? Tell people to earn it? No. You see, you were far too concerned with personal gratification that you furthered the abysmal level of prestige that this championship has. It has already been forced to take a backseat to the circle-jerk that is YNG. It has already seen itself look inferior to a group that until recently, hadn't done a damn thing of merit. That thing of merit? Pulled off by WOMEN, mind you.

I'm sick of it. And I am sick of this fed doing this to the supposedly most prestigious prize in this federation. I refuse to allow that to continue and if that means denying some over-entitled name brand bitch a title shot that HE HAS NOT EARNED then so be it.

If any of the "Powers that Be" try to force me into that match before it is deserved, then I will vacate this championship on the spot and effectively walk out on FMW. I will be damned if Drew, who denied me when I challenged him for sport, cuts in front of the people who have been attending class for an undeserved ass-whooping from yours truly. Seth Rotunda, as far as I am concerned, is the last person who will ever receive a FMW Championship match without truly deserving it, although he showed his talent and potential in defeat.

So, the Skylers, the Davids, the Eastwoods, the Apostasys? I implore you to step up and not allow a man to jump into the slots you have busted your asses for. I'm right here. I will not hide from those deserving.

Those who are not deserving? They will not be entertained until they graduate to a more honorable level.

Class Dismissed.
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Skyler Striker
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FMW C-4 Champion

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PostSubject: Re: CATALYST RESULTS   Fri Nov 23, 2012 11:49 pm

Trust me, Chris, you are not the only one with a bone to pick about Drew Michaels. I've got plenty to say to him.

But after tonight... let's just say that my focus is on the mountain that lies in wait. Utterly, totally. There will be nothing that gets in the way of that; not even Drew Michaels.
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PostSubject: Re: CATALYST RESULTS   Sat Nov 24, 2012 5:18 am

Santana: That's the Champ's way of saying "Someone try and knock Michaels down so I don't have to face him. I'm too scared." I'm so glad we have a strong, fighting champion representing us... not.

Sage: W - 3 L - 1 D - 0
Santana: W - 2 L - 2 D - 0
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PostSubject: Re: CATALYST RESULTS   Sat Nov 24, 2012 8:42 am

RCA wrote:
Good evening, Class.

I have no comment about Seth Rotunda. I said I would destroy him. I merely beat him. I am not where I want to be as Full Metal Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion.

And with the recent developments of Drew Michaels returning, I have the following to say:


I begged, I pleaded, I bitched and I moaned for a match against Drew Michaels. I never got it. Now, just because he jumped me I'm supposed to bow to his whim? No. That's not how my class works. You want a Full Metal Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship match? Earn it.

Isn't that what you would have done, Drew? Tell people to earn it? No. You see, you were far too concerned with personal gratification that you furthered the abysmal level of prestige that this championship has. It has already been forced to take a backseat to the circle-jerk that is YNG. It has already seen itself look inferior to a group that until recently, hadn't done a damn thing of merit. That thing of merit? Pulled off by WOMEN, mind you.

I'm sick of it. And I am sick of this fed doing this to the supposedly most prestigious prize in this federation. I refuse to allow that to continue and if that means denying some over-entitled name brand bitch a title shot that HE HAS NOT EARNED then so be it.

If any of the "Powers that Be" try to force me into that match before it is deserved, then I will vacate this championship on the spot and effectively walk out on FMW. I will be damned if Drew, who denied me when I challenged him for sport, cuts in front of the people who have been attending class for an undeserved ass-whooping from yours truly. Seth Rotunda, as far as I am concerned, is the last person who will ever receive a FMW Championship match without truly deserving it, although he showed his talent and potential in defeat.

So, the Skylers, the Davids, the Eastwoods, the Apostasys? I implore you to step up and not allow a man to jump into the slots you have busted your asses for. I'm right here. I will not hide from those deserving.

Those who are not deserving? They will not be entertained until they graduate to a more honorable level.

Class Dismissed.

I rather think you missed the point of Seth, and not I, cashing in the Gold Card, Chris.

I wanted to give a young man a chance that I never had. Yes, Seth may have lost, but frankly he'll be a better man for it. He knows now what it's like to go out on the big stage and lose. Time will only tell if what I sought to do is the actual end result, but so far, my plans are coming together better than I could have hoped. I can step up at any time I like. Preferably when your back is turned.

Also, in regards to Drew returning... I was right.


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Full Metal Champion
Full Metal Champion

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PostSubject: Re: CATALYST RESULTS   Sat Nov 24, 2012 12:23 pm

Skyler, if that is what you choose, then so be it.

Thing 1, go check your history. Last time Michaels and I faced off, he literally got his face kicked in.

Eastwood, I'm waiting. I'll warn you though, if you choose to attack me when I am not looking, the resulting title defense will be one of the most painful and embarrassing matches you've lost. And given your success at losing title matches, that's saying something.
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Sharpedo King
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FMW Abandoned Champion

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PostSubject: Re: CATALYST RESULTS   Sat Nov 24, 2012 7:21 pm

Looking towards the new Abandoned Champion, Sharpedo King looked at the title. Pointing at the belt, the Deep Sea Sensation swipes his hands across his waist. The attitude was evident that things were not over between Grimelli and the former Abandoned Champ.

SK: Shar! Shar! Sharpedo, shar!
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David GS
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FMW Anarchy Ultraviolent Champion

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PostSubject: Re: CATALYST RESULTS   Sat Nov 24, 2012 7:57 pm

Well, would ya look at that. I beat Bobino and Vendetta. Again.

Next, please.
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PostSubject: Re: CATALYST RESULTS   Sun Nov 25, 2012 1:42 pm

RCA wrote:
Skyler, if that is what you choose, then so be it.

Thing 1, go check your history. Last time Michaels and I faced off, he literally got his face kicked in.

Eastwood, I'm waiting. I'll warn you though, if you choose to attack me when I am not looking, the resulting title defense will be one of the most painful and embarrassing matches you've lost. And given your success at losing title matches, that's saying something.

I wouldn't give you the satisfaction, Chris.

After all, who says that a teacher's ever learned all his lessons? I've failed, yes. But I've got up and my skin's grew thicker for it. There's a lot more to learn in defeat than victory.

Maybe one day I'll have to educate you about the subject.

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PostSubject: Re: CATALYST RESULTS   Sun Nov 25, 2012 10:21 pm

Santana: I don't give a flying rat's arse about your last encounter, "Champ", you're running scared with your tail between your legs. It's about time GSW has taken out the trash that is you and your pitiful title reign. Sage and I, however, will be fighting champions and will carry our championship with pride and dignity and honour, just like the Royalty we are. Mwah.

Sage: W - 3 L - 1 D - 0
Santana: W - 2 L - 2 D - 0
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PostSubject: Re: CATALYST RESULTS   Mon Nov 26, 2012 12:49 am

People like you are why rapists are a necessary evil.

Abhorrent, vile, and inexcusable. But a necessary evil nonetheless.
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PostSubject: Re: CATALYST RESULTS   Mon Nov 26, 2012 2:50 am

Santana: And people like you are what motivate serial killers to do what they do. Just saying.

Sage: W - 3 L - 1 D - 0
Santana: W - 2 L - 2 D - 0
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PostSubject: Re: CATALYST RESULTS   

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